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Legend - Final Volume Bai Qize Extra (Part 2)

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    The imperial study was very quiet, so quiet that only the ticking of the clock could be heard.

    Mingjin was silent for a long time and then said: "The island is thousands of miles away from Daqi, and there is no harm to Daqi. Why are you so stubborn." He couldn't understand Lingcheng's stubbornness.  This island cannot be taken back, and it will not harm the territory of Daqi.

    Ling Chang's attitude is very clear: "As the commander of the navy, Bai Mingrui is his duty to open up new territories. But he seeks personal gain and wants to establish an independent kingdom. This is something I am determined not to allow." There is no emperor.  I can tolerate the ambition of my ministers.  Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that Bai Mingrui rebelled.  He didn't want Bai Mingrui to die, but Bai Mingrui must hand over all the islands; and he must also hand over the embezzled property.

    Mingjin finally knew that he wanted to take back everything in the Bai family.  I'm ready to stand up to the blank family: "The island was a deserted island back then. My eldest brother spent countless energy and manpower and spent more than 40 years building it. Now you want my eldest brother to give it up. Do you think it is possible?" If it is possible?  That's funny.

    Mingjin doesn¡¯t care about the island.  But it does not hinder his understanding of the island.  It can be said that apart from naval affairs, his eldest brother focuses all his energy on the construction of the island.  My mother also has the right to support her eldest brother and give all her money to him to build the island.  Handing over the island now is equivalent to giving the emperor more than 40 years of hard work by my mother and eldest brother.  It's a really good idea.  No wonder I say that the most greedy people in the world are emperors, because they like to sit back and enjoy their gains.

    Seeing Lingcheng's attitude, Mingjin didn't say much at the moment: "I want to see my brother." Fortunately, he has regarded Lingcheng as his brother for so many years.  But I didn't expect that my mother would turn her back on her just a few months after her death.  Brother is right, only brothers are reliable.  Emperors are vampires, and they will drain you of all value before letting you go.

    Lingchen thought for a moment and agreed.

    Mingrui has a special status. He is not locked up with other prisoners. He has a small separate cell, which is considered special treatment.  Mingjin looked at his elder brother who was sitting quietly in the cell reading a book, with tears streaming down his face.

    Mingrui looked at Mingjin and smiled slightly: "Take good care of yourself." In Mingrui's eyes, Mingjin is like a child who will never grow up.

    Mingjin put away her tears and choked up: "Brother, don't worry. We were born together, and we will die together." With his parents gone, only his eldest brother is left.  If his brother is gone, he will be left alone, and he will be lonely alive.  If he can't save his elder brother, then he will die with him.

    Mingrui smiled and nodded: "Okay, let's live together and die together." Having parents like his father and mother, and a younger brother who is willing to live and die with him, he will not lose in this life.

    Mingjin returned to the mansion and asked his entourage to look at the study door.  He entered the study and opened the secret passage. There were already three people waiting there.

    These three people are the backbone of the Bai family: "Second master, how is the eldest master?"

    Mingjin slapped her hard on the desk: "Ling Chang, you ungrateful bastard." Her mother treated her like a son.  But now that Mom has not passed a hundred days, he is going to kill his brother and destroy the Bai family.  As expected, everyone in the royal family is cold and ruthless.  Also, how could a person who could attack his own brother let go of their brothers and their family?

    The staff were also worried and suggested that Marquis Shenwu compromise.  Mingjin shook his head. He would not compromise on this matter because there was no room for compromise.

    The reason why the emperor took action at this time was because Wen Wan and Bai Shinian had passed away, and the descendants of the Bai family had returned and gathered in the capital.  The emperor seized an opportunity. If Mingrui did not compromise, the Bai family would have to cut off their descendants.  It's a pity that Mingrui doesn't like this.  Compromising now means that the Bai family's last escape route has been cut off.  I would rather die now than be slaughtered at will.  What's more, Mingrui was determined that the emperor would not dare to kill him.

    The emperor¡¯s intention is clear, and the ministers below him have acted upon the situation, and some have added insult to injury.  There are more and more rumors about impeachment, and big things are being trumpeted as if the sky is falling.

    Not to mention there are thousands of Bai family members, there are also hundreds of direct descendants of Wen Wan.  There are one hundred and eight crimes that can be listed here.

    Mingrui is indifferent to these people, and he just wants to kill or cut them into pieces as you please.  Mingrui's appearance made the emperor angry. He was so angry that he pushed all the papers on the desk in the imperial study to the ground.

    The emperor met Mingrui and asked, "Where did Qi Ze go?" Everything was clearly under surveillance, but Qi Ze was missing.  I haven't found it after searching for so many days.

    Mingrui glanced at the emperor lightly: "He went where he should go."

    The emperor was furious: "Are you considering me so I don't dare to kill you?"

    Mingrui glanced at Ling Chang, with a smile on his lips: "It's not today that you want to kill me."Thoughts that arise.  However, do you really dare to kill?  Don¡¯t forget, my mother hasn¡¯t even lived a hundred days.  "

    The emperor looked at Mingrui fiercely. When facing others, he was always a deep and invisible figure.  But facing Mingrui, he couldn't control the anger and fear in his heart.  If Bai Mingrui and Bai Qize don't get rid of each other, he is afraid that the prince will not be able to suppress the situation, and the world will have to change his surname.

    Mingrui seemed to see through his mind: "Don't worry, I'm not interested in the chair under your butt. I have what I want to do, and what I do won't hinder you."

    Ling Chang smiled sarcastically: "Doesn't it hinder me? I'm afraid that on the day of my funeral, the world will change your Bai family's surname."

    Mingrui listened to Lingying's words and said calmly: "I once swore in front of the emperor's uncle that I would be loyal to the royal family all my life. So, you don't have to worry about the Bai family rebelling. As for the island, it is the root of our Bai family.  I am determined not to give it to you."

    Lingcheng sneered: "Since you won't rebel, why build an independent island? What you said and what you did are completely different things."

    Mingrui looked at the emperor with a sneer on his face: "When the birds are gone, the good bows are hidden; when the cunning rabbits are dead, the lackeys are cooked. It is such a simple truth that I don't need to tell you again! My mother has dedicated her life to Daqi, how can she do it for future generations?  It is impossible for the descendants to find a place to settle down. My mother has made the greatest contribution to the world. But my mother has not wanted anything and has been staying quietly in the princess's palace. Emperor, you should know that my mother is not a saint.  , It's just that she likes a peaceful and peaceful life, and doesn't like killing evil people. Otherwise, it won't be me if I become a prisoner. "If my mother didn't like killing, what would happen if I won this world.  But what my mother said makes sense. Once the world is in turmoil, the people will be devastated and countless more crimes will be committed.  He is not a person who likes killing by nature, he just doesn't want to be eaten by mermaids.  Later, he looked for a foolproof escape route and gave up on this idea.  He went to build his island wholeheartedly.  It can also be regarded as seeking a way out for his descendants.  Mother understands what he means and will fully support him.

    Lingcheng¡¯s expression suddenly became complicated. He knew that what Mingrui said was true.  Back then, my aunt held the world's wealth and was admired by people all over the world. Mingrui also held an army of hundreds of thousands.  The Bai family really has the intention to rebel, and with the support of my aunt, the world may be in chaos: "Then what do you want?"

    Mingrui sneered in his heart: "It's not what I want now. It's what you want? If you are really worried that we will rebel, I can leave the capital and Daqi with my children and grandchildren. But if you want to kill everyone, I don't mind creating more.  Kill the evil, my mother is gone, even if the world is in chaos, she can't see it. "I just hope you won't regret it when the time comes."  If you want his life, you have to pay a huge price.

    Ling Chang's eyes flashed with murderous intent.  But he knew that Mingrui was not threatening him.  Although my aunt doesn't like power, she cherishes her life.  For this reason, my aunt has built a huge force.  And this power is now in Mingrui's hands.

    Lingting now feels that this emperor is really a loser.  He was controlled by his aunt before, but now he is afraid of Bai Mingrui.  That's all for being restrained by his aunt, but being restrained by Bai Mingrui, he really vomited blood.

    The bank¡¯s income in recent years has been much lower than before. As for the commercial bank, Bai Mingrui returned an empty shell.  All the funds inside have been transferred away.  The person who takes over doesn't have that much energy and can't bring him back to life.  Therefore, the trading house will collapse soon.

    The emperor became furious just because he knew this.  Otherwise, he would not take action at this juncture: "If you can hand over the military power, embezzled money, and Qi Ze, I can agree to your request."

    Mingrui sneered.  The abacus is very good, but do you think he is a fool?

    Mingjin doesn¡¯t know how the two of them negotiated.  Mingjin only knew that under his operation, his brother was finally released.

    Mingrui could only smile helplessly when he saw his younger brother who cried when he was sad and cried when he was happy.  He is really spoiled by his parents and he is over sixty years old, but he still cries easily.  I was in tears.

    Qi Ze left the capital and went straight to Haikou.  When we arrived in Haikou, we took a boat to the island.  But when we arrived at Huidao, we boarded a merchant ship again within half a day.

    After sailing for more than two months, we finally arrived at our destination: Sansou Island.

    When we arrived at Wuyou Island, we realized that the island was as big as two provinces.  After more than 40 years of development, Wuyou Island has begun to take shape.  However, there are still many areas that need improvement.  The great grandfather sent him here because he hoped that he would use what he learned in the construction of the island.

    On the island, he got news from the capital.  The disaster of the Bai family has been eliminated this time, and no title has been reduced. However, the descendants of the Bai family, Ding You, have all resigned from their posts, whether they were civil or military.

    This time Qi Ze finally knew that the emperor not only wanted to take back the trading houses and naval power; he also planned toThe Bai family is raising them like rice bugs.  If you keep the rice bugs, they will become waste.

    He stood high in the building.  Looking at the bustling crowd below, I finally understood the great grandfather¡¯s painstaking efforts.  No matter how strict the Bai family rules formulated by the great-grandmother are, if those in power cannot tolerate the Bai family, the Bai family will only decline.  Grandpa does not want the descendants of the Bai family to be like other wealthy families in the capital.  The ancestors are famous, and the descendants of the descendants are either living in a state of intoxication or in decline.

    ????????????? For this reason, my great-grandfather put great effort into building this island.  Here, in this vast land, they are the masters, the ones who control the destiny of others, instead of being ants whose destiny is controlled by others.

    ??Building an island, no, it should be an independent kingdom. This is a passionate and exciting thing.  But slowly, many problems were exposed during the construction process.  But his uncle and the others did not agree with his views, and the friction increased.

    When he was depressed, he finally opened the box left by his great-grandmother.  His great-grandmother left him a thick stack of notes.

    There is a letter in the box.  After he opened it and looked at it, he was extremely shocked.  In the letter, my great-grandmother said that she was actually born in a world where there was no emperor, monogamy, and everyone was equal.

    People there can go to heaven and earth.  Some people have set foot on the moon, and some have gone tens of thousands of meters deep into the ocean.

    My great-grandmother told many things, and at the end of the letter, she hoped that she could lead her family to be at the forefront of the times.  To build a country unlike any other.

    After he put down the letter, he looked at the blue sky.  It turns out that my great-grandmother is a person from the future.  No wonder my great-grandmother has so many novel ideas and is so different.

    Since then, when he encounters difficult problems, he likes to read the notes left by his great-grandmother.  Great-grandmother's notes cover many things.  For example, agriculture, military, medical skills, etc. are all involved.  My great-grandmother said that society is progressing, and as a leader, you must keep pace with the times.

    While he worked hard to repair those shortcomings, he also tried his best not to cause friction with his uncles and tried to resolve the matter peacefully.  Slowly, his prestige grew higher and higher, and he gained the respect and recognition of everyone.

    In the fifth year after he arrived on the island, the emperor died.  Half a year later, he got news that the great grandfather would arrive on the island.

    A year later, he went to Haikou to pick someone up.  I was surprised to find that not only the uncle came over, but also his grandfather.  The strange thing is that only the two grandfathers came here, not the other direct descendants of the Bai family.

    Grandpa said with a smile: "They are used to the capital. Everyone has their own way, let them go!" The real situation is that the descendants of the Bai family are now scattered everywhere.  It is unrealistic for all the hundreds of family members to move to the island.  Besides, Mingrui had no intention of asking them to follow him.  The large branches of the tree, scattered throughout, also have their benefits.

    Mingrui doesn¡¯t plan to go back this time.  He is already seventy years old and is ready to live his whole life in this land he created with his own hands.

    Mingjin came here with Mingrui to take a look.  Mingjin's initial idea was to come and take a look, stay for a while and then go back.  He had always heard about this island at home.  But I haven't seen it once.

    But after staying here for a while, I felt more relaxed than ever.  Here, there is no need to be wary of those calculations. Everything is taken care of by the children and grandchildren.  Although the material conditions are not as good as those in the capital, we can still get by with make do.  Of course, another important reason is that he knows that his brother does not plan to return to the capital.  Then he would have to go back alone.  He has been a brother for so many years, and now he can't bear to leave his brother behind.

    Mingrui smiled and said: "Yes, we are all old men, and we have one and a half feet in the coffin. If we were separated here, we would never see each other again in our lives."

    Mingjin thought about it for a long time and finally decided not to leave.  However, Mingjin said with emotion: "Brother, it would have been great if my father and mother could have come here back then!" It's not that the emperor didn't want to let him go.  But my father is in poor health and cannot withstand the bumps.  It takes a year to come back and forth, and my mother dare not leave my father to come to the island alone.  This is also the only regret that my father and mother have.

    Mingrui smiled and said, "Dad and mother can see it from the sky."

    Qi Ze looked at his eldest grandfather and his own grandfather from one side, and they still had such a good relationship despite their age.  I couldn't help but sigh in my heart, this is what brothers should be like.  Love each other and support each other.

    The great grandfather is the real favorite on the island, and no one dares to disobey the great grandfather.  But the great grandfather entrusted this heavy responsibility to him.  With the great support of his great grandfather, he was able to do things like a duck in water.

    He knew that even if he devoted his whole life, he would never be able to create the world that his great-grandmother described.  But he believes that as long as future generations continue to pass on this spirit, one day they will??Souyou Island will become a country of freedom, equality, fairness and justice.

    The extra chapter is finished (to be continued. Please search Piaotian Literature, the novel will be better and updated faster!)
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