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Comics - List of articles

Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
The arrival of the invincible king of heroes Array Text 476 St. Michael's College FengQiTianBian 3618K 24-02-26 serializing
fire blood Array Text Six Hundred and Twenty-Eight Finale ShuangYanCong 8006K 24-02-26 serializing
Online game gun god Array The Age of Chaos Chapter 679 Because He is the God of Guns ShiSiShiTu 5940K 24-02-26 serializing
Kill without mercy Array Text Chapter 578 A new beginning (finale) HuiMieGongJue 5366K 24-02-26 serializing
Online game vampire Array Volume 4 The Loneliness of a Group of People Chapter 10 Agreement ianJuBeiHou 3749K 24-02-26 serializing
Invincible Heroes: The End of the Road Array Text Chapter 1,603: Battle of Order! ShiYiNaoZhong 12272K 24-02-25 serializing
Online game: Xiao Ao Tian Xia Array Volume 5: Two Heroes’ Chaotic Alliance - Conclusion BanBuCangSang 9889K 24-02-25 serializing
Online Games Pet Paradise Array Text New book upload TianShiBaiLeiXiu 3264K 24-02-25 serializing
The reappearance of myths in online games Array Text Chapter 003 (Please recommend and collect) (Revised) JiangZiSe 5453K 24-02-25 serializing
C tan s Darkhammer Rhapsody Array 1. Walking in the Wasteland of Blood 3. Visiting the Sister of Akara NECRONXingShen 1079K 24-02-25 serializing
The Supreme Arcana of Online Games Array Volume One Single Chapter Announcement GuiYingHangZhe 12617K 24-02-25 serializing
super family Array Text Chapter 120 Regaining Ziliu WangWeiShu 1075K 24-02-24 serializing
coaching legend Array Volume 1 551 leaves JuXiCheng 4514K 24-02-24 serializing
Online game: Mage Glory Array Text Chapter 392 Argument NianLaFuYiNian 2500K 24-02-24 serializing
Online Games: Dominate the New World Array Volume Three: The Prince Consort of the Dynasty - Final Thoughts HuangJiJingShi 4586K 24-02-24 serializing
Summon total war Array Volume 1: A Difficult Beginning Chapter 4: Ascend to the Throne as Emperor! ZhuShengFuTu 5163K 24-02-24 serializing
The Heroes of Little People Array Text 38. I am intoxicated in a corner of Fuyuki FuBuZhengCheng 19468K 24-02-24 serializing
Online game Yin Yang Holy Emperor Array Volume 1, Episode 2: Storm in the Snowy Land!  Chapter 410 Thousand Shadows Jade! MoXianTianYa 2712K 24-02-24 serializing
Online games transform into gods Array Volume 5: The Way of Alchemy Chapter 75 Our Agreement (Final Chapter) GongChenLian 5843K 24-02-23 serializing
Beast Basketball Array Volume 4: The Golden Years Chapter 1015: Being in the same era as you is a kind of sadness XuanZhongTingYu 8612K 24-02-23 serializing
Rebirth of 1994: Football Storm II Array Volume 4 Dragon Fights in the Wild Chapter 300 Some people can’t sit still GuoNu 3877K 24-02-22 serializing
A legendary career Array Text Chapter 50 Challenging Leader Woma (3) YeWanHenHei 991K 24-02-22 serializing
court dancer Array Volume 3 Pink Rookie Chapter 48 Li Yanhan LeDeXiaoYao 915K 24-02-22 serializing
Heavy armored violent thief from another world Array Text Chapter 1716 Questions and Answers LanZhuLei 10877K 24-02-22 serializing
The True Dragon Secret of Online Games Array Text Chapter 147: When it comes to women, the promise must be made quickly Night_YeChen 996K 24-02-22 serializing
The Heroes of the Three Kingdoms: The Far People B Array Text The Fifteenth Dream: Prophet Wei Bu DaGeZiLaoShu 1817K 24-02-21 serializing
super point guard Array end LongKuQianLi 2553K 24-02-21 serializing
supreme Array Let it burn!  chbl northern division!  Chapter 5 The green wolf is ferocious!  (five) YiLianFengYue 2159K 24-02-20 serializing
The hero of the penalty area Array Volume 1: Heroes come and go, people pay attention. Chapter 325: Aguero, betrayed by everyone (Secon LinHaiTingTao 8671K 24-02-20 serializing
Global Game: Ten Billion Psionic Coins at the Star Array Chapter 813 Return to Blue Star DaiDaiDeHuoQiu 125K 23-10-09 serializing