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Comics - List of articles

Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
The mage arrives Array Volume 1 Autumn 732 Golden Eye 4 ShuiDaoShiSanDian 6753K 24-05-13 serializing
Who will compete with in the green field? Array Text more details JiuHuoJiang 6384K 24-05-13 serializing
King of cards Array Text Statement FeiR 633K 24-05-12 serializing
Book of Loli Plunder Array Volume 3 "EVA" Final Chapter My name is Matou Hao! FangXiaNaZhiXiaoLuoLi 4460K 24-05-12 serializing
03The rebirth of second place Milicic Array First Time in the NBA Chapter 32: Dream Realization (Final Finale) FengBuShiChu 1294K 24-05-12 serializing
legendary agent Array Volume 3 Or Leap into the Abyss 702 End JuXiCheng 6323K 24-05-12 serializing
Tang Sengzhi Array Text Chapter 292, The Complete Book of Great Dao Happiness Completed LanBoShui 2980K 24-05-12 serializing
Rebirth of the Martial Era Myth Array Text Chapter 722, The Supreme Martial Era Lingtian Martial Ancestor JiangZiSe 4742K 24-05-12 serializing
Data training system Array Text Chapter 604: The Holy Cave of Mount Wei (Part 1) DuYiKe 7839K 24-05-12 serializing
Infinite Martial Arts New World Array Volume One: First Martial Arts Experience Chapter 160: Immortal?  monster? SanJiangShui 3640K 24-05-12 serializing
Online game super national treasure Array Text Chapter 1387 Plague loveXiaoQi 9053K 24-05-12 serializing
Meng Niang Martial Arts World Array Text No. 129: Cuteness, martial arts competition to recruit a bride SanShiErBian 10266K 24-05-12 serializing
The king of positioning output Array Volume 1: Godlike Enemies Chapter 43 Who is the hero?  (six) ZhongErDaShu 3195K 24-05-12 serializing
legendary point guard Array Text Chapter 27 This is my virginity! XiaoAiShen 5795K 24-05-11 serializing
League of Legends: Who to Fight with? Array Volume 1 Chapter 1069 It’s all a calculation Luan 10438K 24-05-11 serializing
The great fantasy of online games Array Volume 5: Supreme of the Heavenly Ranking is back, try to write as many words as you can YiYiYi 3353K 24-05-11 serializing
death throne Array Chapter 731 Chapter 17 and 18 YuMin 8420K 24-05-11 serializing
My name is Blitz Array Text Chapter 786: First level catch!  【First update】 JiQiRenBuLiCi 7009K 24-05-11 serializing
God-level hero Array Text Extra of new book: Bai Fumei applies for sales manager position DaYanGang 18864K 24-05-11 serializing
My last name is Ferguson Array Text Chapter 611 Boom! MoDeLiangJia 7832K 24-05-11 serializing
Starting from Jin Yong’s martial arts Array Volume 2 A Hundred Years' Regret 006 Passing on the Art (Part 1) ZhuiXingHZY 7147K 24-05-11 serializing
tenth Array Volume 4: Premier League Storm 225. Liverpudlians are celebrating LongMenKe 10088K 24-05-11 serializing
I am friends with the system Array Text Chapter 443 The Brood JiuJianJiuJiu 5446K 24-05-11 serializing
death reincarnation game Array Text Chapter 591 no zuo, no die (fourth update) HuangJinHaiAn 9055K 24-05-11 serializing
Online games: The strongest in the three realms Array Volume 1 Rebirth Chapter 867: Difficult Choices ZhuTuTongMian 8753K 24-05-11 serializing
Post-martial arts era Array Volume 1 Chapter 42 The Wind in the Night HanYuQingLiang 6645K 24-05-11 serializing
Football king training device Array Text Chapter 7 Jurgen Klopp HuangShangMoMoSui 13105K 24-05-11 serializing
The villain of the world Array Volume 1: Immortality Chapter 63: Bet (Please collect) HanShuBuZhiNian 3772K 24-05-11 serializing
Online game Silence of the Lambs Array Volume 2: Invisible Guild Chapter 348: Vicious Eyes ChenMoBuShiDiDiao 4939K 24-05-10 serializing
Basketball Beidou Array Roulette of Destiny Chapter 193: The Power of Overlord JieJiaoDeFengChe 4574K 24-05-10 serializing