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Fantasy - List of articles

Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
Ancient Supreme Array Chapter 2982 Still as miserable as before! LiangChuXianChou 21632K 24-07-18 serializing
fox sword Array Volume 1 The Chaos of Da Qi Section 19 Martial Spirit NaXian 199K 24-07-18 serializing
Throne of All Nations Array Text Chapter 1,632: Throne of All Races (Grand Finale) HongMengShu 13883K 24-07-18 serializing
Immortal Dharma King Array Volume 1 Chapter 215 The Second Star! XiaoShiShui 1785K 24-07-18 serializing
Angrily trampling the sky Array Text Chapter 76 The mysterious call NuXingTian 653K 24-07-18 serializing
Invincible Yaozun Array Text Chapter 1029 Yaozun (Final Finale) DunRouDaGuoCai 8734K 24-07-18 serializing
The emperor comes to the nine heavens Array Volume 2: Troubles in the Imperial City Chapter 194 The Final Chapter!  (Please give me flowers!) KongShen 12865K 24-07-18 serializing
The sage of Confucianism and Taoism Array New book "The Life Hunter" released YongHengZhiHuo 24751K 24-07-18 serializing
Arcane Reborn Array Volume 2: "Legend of Science and Demon Scholar" 9999 Finale-1 LaoSao 1815K 24-07-17 serializing
Arms gangsters in another world Array Text I'm back, and I won't let you down this time!  ! LieRiYaoJiaoYang 1122K 24-07-17 serializing
Gods and Demons Array Text Chapter 1,374 Canonization (Finale) JiuDangJia 13011K 24-07-17 serializing
Crazy defeat system Array Volume 1: Seeking Defeat Chapter 211: Half a Dream XinShi 3203K 24-07-17 serializing
Star Martial Arts Frenzy Array Text Chapter 0502 Finale HuaTong 7059K 24-07-17 serializing
Choosing Tian Ji Array Text Postscript MaoNi 9794K 24-07-17 serializing
The first ancestor in history Array 1.Kang Nanhua BaYueFeiYing 15117K 24-07-17 serializing
Mage s Eye Array Text Chapter 145: Strong man, please stay! ErDouXianYu 1182K 24-07-17 serializing
big monkey Array Chapter 802: A new era JiaYuBuShiGui 7668K 24-07-17 serializing
Throne of All Realms Array Text Chapter 1,758 Entering the Cave QiYueHuo 13503K 24-07-17 serializing
Peerless war ancestor Array Text Chapter 1244 Qingtian War Ancestor YunLaXingChen 10846K 24-07-17 serializing
prehistoric time Array Text Chapter 549 Three Thousand Avenues All Returned to One (Grand Finale) JingMoJieZou 6297K 24-07-17 serializing
Wu Ling Tian Xia Array Text target=_blank Chapter 2507 Going Home (Finale) TuiFeiDeYan121 22933K 24-07-14 serializing
Tai Shang Zhang Array Text written at the end of the book XuGongZiShengZhi 12806K 24-07-14 serializing
Shenwu Cangqiong Array Text Chapter 232 Ending GongChangJiuHu 8399K 24-07-14 serializing
Heavenly genius Array Chapter 4904: Eternal Silence Enters Small Perfection!  superior NianHuaYiXie 39667K 24-07-14 serializing
Demon King System Array Volume 2 The Outside World Chapter 408 Postscript XiYingKong 2616K 24-07-13 serializing
Iron Throne Array Text Chapter 360 Lord of the Azure Throne 13 MoLiDeHuoYan 3290K 24-07-13 serializing
Supreme God of War Array Text Chapter 394 The world reopens (finale) DaXueBeng 3864K 24-07-13 serializing
Dragon of the Steam Age Array Text Chapter 248 Baiju City BanYiQingTing 1778K 24-07-13 serializing
Interstellar Hunter Country Array Burning Falling Stars Finale Speech of "Star Hunter" XinJing 5886K 24-07-13 serializing
The ugly queen is very cool and arrogant Array Text Chapter 384 Finale LingLongRuYu 2267K 24-07-13 serializing