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Fantasy - List of articles

Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
Food boss Array Work related Chapter 467 (End) FengYuZhongDeChenAi 4847K 24-02-29 serializing
Energy Group Array Text Chapter 1878 Zhang Shuang is dead YouYuDeShiLianRen 38129K 24-02-29 serializing
Thief incarnation Array Volume 1 Final Thoughts XueDingENiu 4297K 24-02-29 serializing
abyssless earth Array Text Chapter 1,434 Finale LuShuYiGe 12851K 24-02-28 serializing
Rhapsody of the Demon Reiner Array Volume 2: March of the Demons Chapter 252 Miracle Reappears HuLuoBu 1373K 24-02-28 serializing
The school beauty’s personal expert Array Chapter 11457 YuRenErDai 69475K 24-02-28 serializing
hunting peak Array Volume Four Four Soul-Capturing Shura Chapter 72 The Fierce Power of the Witch LaShuiChaoRen 4376K 24-02-27 serializing
Fantasy Sword Gucheng Array Volume 3: Smoke and Clouds of Weicheng Chapter 57: Severing the Robe of Justice (1) YanGuiWu 841K 24-02-27 serializing
Thunder Array Text Final words PiaoMiaoFeng 3817K 24-02-27 serializing
All-tech summons from another world Array Text Chapter 737 The ultimate battle in the universe! GuYanCangLang 5759K 24-02-27 serializing
Lord of all sources Array Text Chapter 346 You forced me to XiaoFengZangYue 2650K 24-02-27 serializing
Abyss Knight Array Volume 2 The Age of Mythology 333333 MoLiYunYan 10359K 24-02-26 serializing
Weiyang Continent Array Work related face slap announcement MingChe 2670K 24-02-26 serializing
Tianyan bloodline Array Volume 5: Nine Nether Winds, Chapter 581: Sinister Plot AnYeFeiGe 5721K 24-02-26 serializing
dragon picture Array Brother Smoking 36 Zichen’s New Dragon Lord (Final Chapter) yeyu 7535K 24-02-26 serializing
Urban Vulcan Array Related Works Hagen is ashamed of the flower-thrower GeBenHaGen 410K 24-02-26 serializing
The Great Emperor Array Chapter 585: Creation of Heaven and Earth (Grand Finale)! BaiYuRuZhou 4447K 24-02-26 serializing
Lily Story in a Parallel World Array Volume 8 Knowledge Rental Chapter 1 Summer Heat NaHuaXingSu 2515K 24-02-26 serializing
heart of space Array Part Six Plane Attack Chapter 471 Finale NaFengWeiRan 3641K 24-02-26 serializing
Super exchange system Array Volume 2 Chapter 405 ZhiWuCaiMiao 4516K 24-02-26 serializing
Ghost Fox Liao Zhai Array Part One: White Crow Chapter 113: Su Niang XiangLaShuTiao 1573K 24-02-26 serializing
my lord is eternal Array Volume One Chapter 260 Retreat DongFangLiuXing 2650K 24-02-26 serializing
world apocalypse Array end?  Chapter 2 Hidden Mission Bing·Xuan 18K 24-02-26 serializing
Fighting for a Future from Another World Array Volume 2: Howling is a tiger emerging from the forest, Chapter 525: The sky is stained with blood LinBaTianXia 6931K 24-02-26 serializing
Wu Ta Ba Huang Array Volume 1 Chapter 817 It’s dawn [Ending] YuHunYiDuan 5975K 24-02-25 serializing
Dragon rider on bicycle Array Text Chapter 62 The Stevenson Family YaoMaoDeLaoShu 495K 24-02-25 serializing
divine code Array Volume 1 Chapter 627 Wedding ZhuangPoNaQiang 5375K 24-02-25 serializing
interstellar master Array Luo Huang Chapter Volume 5 (One Piece) 077 Dust War KunYu 4480K 24-02-25 serializing
The strongest overlord in history Array War in the Wasteland 275 Invasion of the Undead (8) BanChengYanYu 3881K 24-02-25 serializing
Super Logistics Company Array Volume 1 Super Logistics Company Final Thoughts SongXiaoShuang 1959K 24-02-25 serializing