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The gentleness of rebirth Latest chapter update list


Text 1. RebirthText 2. Farm lifeText 3. SicknessText 4: The vicious stepmother
Text 5: EscapeText 6. Being soldText 7. GrievanceText 8: Maid
Text 9: Anlehou MansionText 10: HandymanText 11: The fight between the maidsText 12: The third lady is back
Text 13: Meet the wifeText 14. Amber becomes auntText 15. The fate of slavesText 16: King Zheng
Text 17: Life hangs for a momentText 18: King ZhaoText WedgeText 19. Testing and acting
Text 20. BanquetText 21. The turning point of fateText 22. Final words about identityText 23: Questioning
Text 24. DisputeText 25: VerificationText 26: Packet swapText twenty-seven, jade pendant
Text 28. Clarify your identityText 29: EmperorText Thirty: Checking into Prince Zheng’s MansionText 31: Life in Prince Zheng’s Mansion
Text 32. Anjia apologizesText 33. Receive apology giftsText Thirty-four: LearningText Thirty-five: Choosing Jewelry (Part 1)
Text 36: Picking jewelry (Part 2)Text Thirty-Seven: PunishmentText Thirty-Eight: Night MarketText Thirty-nine: Uncle
Text Chapter 40: Visitors from the Taira familyText 1: Get togetherText 2: FamilyText 3. Lotus Garden
Text 4: ConflictText 5: ContradictionText 6: Nemesis (Part 1)Text 7: Nemesis (Part 2)
Text 8: GrievanceText 9: FightingText 10: It’s good to have a backerText 11: Meeting the Emperor’s Grandfather for the First Time
Text 12: DoubtsText 13: Wenwan asks whyText 14: Attending the birthday banquetText 15: The Emperor’s Birthday Banquet
Text 16: Your Majesty the PrincessText 17: Reactions from all partiesText 18: Looking for opportunitiesText 19: The impact of identity changes
Text 20: FiefdomText 21: Princess Fuhui’s dowry listText 22: The Blessed Princess of Our LadyText 23: Donate money to the clan
Text 24: EnlightenmentText Twenty-five: FarewellText 26: Named Family PosterText Twenty-Seven: Incense, Handsome Young Man
Text 28: Mid-Autumn FestivalText 29: Transferring titles and dividing families (Part 1)Text Thirty: Transferring titles and dividing families (Part 2)Text Thirty-one: Boudoir Studies
Text 32: PoisonText Thirty-three: New Year’s Eve CeremonyText Thirty-four: PlayfulnessText Thirty-five: Golden Whip Kaifeng
Text Thirty-six: Chinese New YearText Thirty-seven: PromiseText 38: Happy New YearText Thirty-nine: The divorce incident
Text Chapter 40: Qingshui’s marriage comes trueText 41: Copybook IncidentText 42: What good people cannot doText 43: Rejection of marriage
Text 44: ApprenticeshipText 45: LearningText 46: The teacher’s reputationText 47: An’s clever words
Text 48: The teacher’s classmatesText 49: Doll and Toy StoreText Chapter 50: Mr. visits the patientText 51: Attending a banquet
Text 52: Listening to OperaText Chapter 53: TroubleText 54: Post incident exposedText 55: Sad
Text Chapter 56: Follow-up to the Copybook IncidentText Chapter 57: The Copybook Incident is CompletedText 58: Dragon Boat FestivalText Chapter 59: Thunder caused by tax payment
Text Sixty: The shop was smashed and the workshop was burned downText 61: Add makeup to clear waterText 62: RefugeText Sixty-three: Ten Mile Village
Text Sixty-Four: Generating IncomeText Sixty-Five: Pastoral LifeText Sixty-six: Show off tea artText Sixty-Seven: Grandma Rong’s Abacus
Text Sixty-eight: Wenwan's new home, the Xu family meets fellow villagers as guestsText Sixty-nine: The Xu family is in dangerText Seventy: Xia Ying’s teachingsText Chapter 71: Gentleness makes a lot of money
Text Chapter 71: Return to Pingfu to celebrate the New YearText 72: Adoption eventText Seventy-three: Zhuangzi has many happy eventsText Seventy-Four: Violent Conflict
Text Chapter 75: Adultery is everywhereText Eighty: New membersText Chapter 76: Opening a RestaurantText Chapter 77: Ping Xiangxi was beaten
Text Seventy-Eight: Vacation VillageText Chapter 79: Adoption of ShangtangText 81: Debunking rumorsText 82: Preparing to build a resort
Text Chapter 83: Time Travel Fans Causing TroubleText Chapter 84: Qingshui gives birth to a girlText 85: Poor colleaguesText 86: Wen Wan is implicated
Text 87: CriticismText Chapter 88: A reward in disguiseText Chapter 89: Princess Fuling’s visitText Ninety: Designing Princess Fuling
Text 91: Beautiful gardens with beautiful sceneryText 92: Appreciating chrysanthemumsText ninety-three:Text 94: Wen Wan is plotted by the Rong family
Text 95: The King of Zhou protects his shortcomingsText 96: The Rong family’s retributionText 97: Qing Shui’s grievanceText Ninety-eight: Clear water and separation, gentle method
Text Ninety-nine: Potatoes and sweet potatoes, gentle soft knivesText 100: Taking Wenwan as his wifeText 101: Prince Hao’s MansionText 102: Prince Nan'an
Text Chapter 103: The Su family is a guestText Chapter 104: Master Ping Er returnsText One Hundred and Five: The Second Master’s TroubleText Chapter 106: The second master sells his daughter
Text One Hundred and Seven: Preserved EggsText Chapter 108: Qing Shui remarriesText One Hundred and Nine: Big GamblingText One Hundred and One: Best Friends in Ancient Times
Text 111: Reactions from various companiesText 112: CompetitionText 113: Public joyText 114: Playfulness
Text 115: Shangtang’s Lower PavilionText 116: Passed the Shangtang ExaminationText 117: Shang Tang’s marriageText 118: Transformation
Text 119: Happy AcademyText One hundred and twentyText 121: TravelText Chapter 122: Playing
Text 123: Guessing riddles and composing poemsText Chapter 124: Catch the ducks and put them on the shelvesText Chapter 125: Controversy over leaked poemsText Chapter 126: Wen Wan is drunk
Text Chapter 127: Wen Wan was beatenText Chapter 128: The teacher is backText Chapter 129: An’s panicText One Hundred and Thirty: The Fifth Master Acquires a Second Room
Text Chapter 131: Qingci was dismissedText Chapter 132: Escape from the summer heat (I don’t like it very much)Text One Hundred and Thirty Three: Happy HolidaysText Chapter 134: Looking for a sister-in-law among ladies
Text Chapter 135: A bolt from the blueText Chapter 136: The old lady is so angryText Chapter 137: Ping’s mother’s funeralText Chapter 138: Ping’s mother’s funeral (2)
Text Chapter 139: Mao No. 1 Scholar’s ??PlanText One Hundred and Forty: Shang Tang’s MarriageText Chapter 141: Shang Tang’s marriage (2)Text One Hundred and Forty Two: The Young General
Text Chapter 143: Unlucky WenwanText One Hundred and Forty-Four: BoldText Chapter 145: The imperial court suffered a great disaster and the emperor fell ill.Text 146: Hoarding food
Text 147: Hoarding food (2)Text 148: InterviewText One Hundred and Forty-Nine: The Emperor was MovedText One Hundred and Fifty: Take advantage of the situation
Text Chapter 151: The Emperor’s InspirationText 152: Donate enthusiastically to King Zheng for disaster reliefText One Hundred and Fifty Three: The Wrath of the King of ZhouText 154: Mother Hua’s teachings
Text 155: Teacher’s PraiseText 156: King Zheng’s joys and sorrowsText 157: Prepare for a rainy dayText 158: The Wise Concubine (Part 1)
Text One Hundred and Fifty-Nine: The Wise Concubine (Part 2)Text One Hundred and Sixty: The Wise Concubine (Part 2)Text 161: Virtuous ConcubineText 162: Yu Feiyang’s unwillingness
Text 163: Business also has meaningText One Hundred and Sixty-four: Famous all over the worldText 165: Plague (Part 1)Text 166: Plague (Part 2)
Text One Hundred and Sixty Seven: Frightened HorseText Chapter 168: Four Great GuardsText Chapter 169: BeheadingText One Hundred and Seventy: Accusation (Part 1)
Text 171: Accusation (Part 2)Text 172: PromotionText One Hundred and Seventy-Three: Grand Bachelor, Grand GeneralText 174: Reunion
Text One Hundred and Seventy-Five: Golden Phoebe BoxText 176: Three generations dining togetherText Chapter 177: Conversation between uncle and nephewText 178: King Zhao enters Beijing (Part 1)
Text 179: King Zhao enters Beijing (Part 2)Text One Hundred and Eighty: King Zheng’s GriefText Chapter 181: Princess SiyueText Chapter 182: Fighting for favor
Text One Hundred and Eighty Three: One Man ShowText One Hundred and Eighty-Four: EmergenciesText 185: CounterattackText One Hundred and Eighty Six: Trap (Part 1)
Text One Hundred and Eighty Seven: Trap (Part 2)Text 188: FrightenedText One Hundred and Eighty-Nine: Reflection (Part 1)Text One Hundred and Ninety: Reflection (Part 2)
Text One Hundred and Ninety-One: Reflection (Part 2)Text One Hundred and Ninety Two: MurderText One Hundred and Ninety-Three: Angry (Part 1)Text 194: Angry (Part 2)
Text One Hundred and Ninety-Five: Nightmare (Part 1)Text One Hundred and Ninety Six: Nightmare (Part 2)Text One Hundred and Ninety Seven: Nightmare (Part 2)Text One Hundred and Ninety-Eight: Avoidance (Part 1)
Text One Hundred and Ninety-Nine: Avoidance (Part 2)Text Two Hundred: Avoidance (Part 2)Text 201: Wenwan’s conjectureText 202: Return to Beijing (Part 1)
Text 203: Return to Beijing (Part 2)Text 204: Return to Beijing (Part 2)Text 205: Choice (Part 1)Text 206: Choice (Part 2)
Text 207: Choice (Part 2)Text 208: Exquisite chessboardText 209: Sadness (1)Text Two Hundred and Ten: Sadness (2)
Text 211: Sadness (3)Text 212: Sadness (4)Text Two Hundred and Thirteen: King Chun’s Suggestion (Part 1)Text 214: King Chun’s suggestion (Part 2)
Text 215: Planning (Part 1)Text 216: Planning (Part 2)Text 217: King Zheng’s requestText 218: The Emperor’s Thoughts (1)
Text 219: The Emperor’s Thoughts (2)Text Two Hundred and Twenty: The Emperor’s Thoughts (3)Text 221: Fulfillment (Part 1)Text Two Hundred and Twenty-Two: Fulfilled (Part 2)
Text 223: National TreasureText Two Hundred and Twenty Four: Hall of FanghuaText 1. Transformation (Part 1)Text Chapter 2: Transformation (Part 2)
Text Chapter 3: Yan Qixuan (Part 1)Text Chapter 4: Yan Qixuan (Part 2)Text Chapter 5: New CourtyardText Chapter 6: Dandy (Part 1)
Text Chapter 7: Dandy (Part 2)Text Chapter 8: Alternative TeachingText Chapter 9: Jade TabletText Chapter 10: Awakening
Text Chapter 11: Making fun of Yan QixuanText Chapter 12: BingyaoText 13: NonsenseText 14: Transaction
Text 15: Yan Qixuan’s doubtsText 16: Gambling HouseText 17: Throw moneyText 18: Entering the game
Text 19: Wenhan PavilionText 20: Being in the limelightText 21: Stepping StoneText 22: Catching the police
Text 23: Gossip about fainting vegetablesText 24: Reality (Part 1)Text Twenty-Five: Reality (Part 2)Text Twenty-Six: Rice Bucket
Text 27: Luo ShouxunText 28: Beijing AcademyText 29: Cao SongText Thirty: Relief
Text 31: Beating someone (Part 1)Text 32: Beating people (Part 2)Text Thirty-three: Get a good horseText Thirty-four: Poetry Competition (Part 1)
Text Thirty-five: Poetry Competition (Part 2)Text Thirty Six: Dong Zheng WeiText Thirty-Seven: Watching a Opera in the Theater (Part 1)Text Chapter 38: Watching a Opera in the Theater (Part 2)
Text Thirty-Nine: Watching a Opera in the Theater (Part 2)Text Forty: Fight (Part 1)Text 41: Fight (Part 2)Text 42: Pain (Part 1)
Text 43: Pain (Part 2)Text 44: ProvocationText 45: Competition (Part 1)Text 46: Competition (Part 2)
Text 17: Contest (Part 2)Text 48: Both civil and militaryText 49: Become famousText 50: Oolong
Text 51: Popular itemsText 52: Popular items (Part 2)Text 53: Be vigilant (Part 1)Text 54: Be vigilant (Part 2)
Text 55: Second placeText 56: JuneText 57: Summer vacationText 58: Alliance
Text 59: Divine ComedyText Sixty: TeasingText Sixty-One: Chasing StarsText Sixty-two: Birds cited
Text Sixty-three: Visiting the patientText Sixty-Four: Cuju (Part 1)Text Sixty-Five: Cuju (Part 2)Text Sixty Six: Cuju (Part 2)
Text Sixty-seven: Poor Yan QixuanText Sixty-Eight: The Anger of Duke PingText Sixty-Nine: Boating in the RainText Seventy: Cold
Text 71: Peach Blossom WineText 72: Huangjue TempleText Chapter 73: Mrs. Fang professes marriageText 74: The Enlightened Master
Text Chapter 75: Blessings are profound and precious beyond wordsText Chapter 76: King Zheng was beatenText 77: Chen BoqingText Chapter 78: Infighting in the Zhenguo Palace
Text 79: Luo Shouxun and Hua MeierText Eighty: Poetry MeetingText 81: AccidentText 82: Encounter with perversion
Text 83: Open your mouthText 84: ThrillingText 85: MurderText 86: Blackmail
Text 87: AftermathText 88: SequelaeText 89: Sequelae (Part 2)Text Ninety: Yan Qixuan was cheated
Text 91: OpportunityText 92: Take actionText Ninety-three: Wonderful writing brings flowers to lifeText 94: Yan Qixuan’s hesitation
Text Ninety-Five: Yan QixuanText 96: Luo Shouxun’s troublesText 97: Talking about Princess HuangguiText 98: Lord Rabbit
Text Ninety-nine: Outing (Part 1)Text One Hundred: Outing (Part 2)Text One Hundred and One: Outing (Part 2)Text 102: Painting (Part 1)
Text 103: Painting (Part 2)Text 104: A different kind of giftText 105: Ping Xiangxi visits the patientText Chapter 106: The arrogant father and son
Text One Hundred and Seven: Letter of Engagement (Part 1)Text One Hundred and Eight: Letter of Engagement (Part 2)Text 109: The Cao family is a guestText Chapter 11: The gentleness of anger
Text One Hundred and Eleven: Nan Ke YimengText 112: Siyu’s thoughtsText 113: Yan Qixuan’s confessionText 114: Yan Qixuan’s confession (Part 2)
Text 115: Worry (Part 1)Text 116: Worry (Part 2)Text 117: Haijia CollegeText 118: The emperor’s promoter
Text 119: Warmth (Part 1)Text One Hundred and Twenty: Warmth (Part 2)Text 121: Peak Showdown (Part 1)Text One Hundred and Twenty Two: Peak Showdown (Part 2)
Text One Hundred and Twenty Three: Peak Showdown (Part 2)Text 124: Harmony (Part 1)Text 125: Harmony (Part 2)Text 126: Harmony (Part 2)
Text 127: Luo Family (Part 1)Text Chapter 128: The Luo family is a guest (Part 2)Text Chapter 129: Zhen GuogongText One Hundred and Thirty: Bai Shinian’s words
Text 131: Painted Boat (Part 1)Text 132: Painted Boat (Part 2)Text Chapter 133: The request of a stunning beauty (Part 1)Text One Hundred and Thirty-Four: The Request of the Peerless Beauty (Part 2)
Text Chapter 135: The Request of the Peerless Beauty (Part 2)Text Chapter 136: Talking about Bai ShinianText Chapter 137: Sharing the same bedText One Hundred and Thirty-Eight: Hopeless (Part 1)
Text One Hundred and Thirty-Nine: Hopeless (Part 2)Text One Hundred and Forty: Travel (Part 1)Text 141: Travel (Part 2)Text 142: Promise
Text One Hundred and Forty Three: FarewellText 1: ReturnText 2: Return to BeijingText Three: Entering the Palace (Part 1)
Text 4: Entering the Palace (Part 2)Text Chapter 5: GatheringText Chapter 6: Guest at Prince Zheng’s Mansion (Part 1)Text Chapter 8: Family
Text Chapter 9: ProposalText 10: Dinner PartyText 11: Annual Banquet (Part 1)Text Chapter 12: New Year’s Banquet (Part 2)
Text 13: Show your power (Part 1)Text Chapter Fourteen: Showing Power (Part 2)Text 15: Prime Minister’s doubtsText 16: Su Xiang’s doubts (Part 2)
Text 17: Prince Zhao’s Mansion (Part 1)Text 18: Prince Zhao’s Mansion (Part 2)Text Chapter 19: Preparing for Marriage (Part 1)Text 20: Preparing for Marriage (Part 2)
Text 21: Preparing for Marriage (Part 2)Text 22:Text 23: Lantern Festival (Part 1)Text 24: Lantern Festival (Part 2)
Text 25: Lantern Festival (Part 2)Text 26: AssassinationText Twenty-seven: Assassination (Part 2)Text 28: Assassination (Part 2)
Text 29: The Emperor refuses to marryText Thirty: Plan (Part 1)Text Thirty-one: Plan (Part 2)Text Thirty-Two: Ruyu’s Wedding (Part 1)
Text Thirty-three: Wedding (Part 2)Text Thirty-four: Discovered (Part 1)Text Thirty-five: Discovered (Part 2)Text Thirty Six: Discovered (Part 2)
Text Thirty-Seven: Purchasing a Betrothal GiftText 38: Confirmation (Part 1)Text Thirty-nine: Confirmation (Part 2)Text Forty: passing away
Text 42: Woman with a big bellyText 42: Being shot while lying down (Part 1)Text Chapter 43: Shot while lying down (Part 2)Text 44: Princess Zheng’s birthday (Part 1)
Text 45: Princess Zheng’s Birthday (Part 2)Text 48: Conflict (Part 2)Text 46: Princess Zheng’s birthday (Part 2)Text 47: Conflict (Part 1)
Text 49: Secret Hand (Part 1)Text Fifty: Secret Hand (Part 2)Text 51: Secret Hand (Part 2)Text 52: Self-rescue (Part 1)
Text 53: Self-rescue (Part 2)Text 54: Huang Lian (Part 1)Text 55: Coptidis Coptidis (Part 2)Text 56: Go home
Text 57: Sadness (Part 1)Text 58: Sadness (Part 2)Text 59: Sadness (Part 2)Text Sixty: King Zheng’s anger
Text Sixty-One: Qualitative Change (Part 1)Text Sixty-Two: Qualitative Change (Part 2)Text Sixty-three: Crying (Part 1)Text Sixty-Four: Crying (Part 2)
Text Sixty-five: Xia Yao’s AdviceText Sixty-Six: Yan Qixuan’s SorrowText Sixty-Seven: RealityText Sixty-Eight: Xu Zhongran’s Plan
Text Sixty-nine: Cleaning (Part 1)Text Seventy: Cleansing (Part 2)Text 71: TrustText 72: Battle Plan
Text Chapter 73: Betrothal Gift (Part 1)Text 74:: Betrothal Gift (Part 2)Text 75:: Betrothal Gift (Part 2)Text Chapter 76: Shang Tang gets married (Part 1)
Text Chapter 77: Shang Tang gets married (Part 2)Text Chapter 78: Shang Tang gets married (Part 2)Text 79: Miscellaneous Things (Part 1)Text 80: Miscellaneous Things (Part 2)
Text 81: Miscellaneous Things (Part 2)Text 82: Defeat (Part 1)Text 83: King Zheng’s past (Part 1)Text 84: King Zheng’s past (Part 2)
Text 85: CommunicationText 86: Crops (Part 1)Text 87: Crops (Part 2)Text 88: Crops (Part 2)
Text 89: The Mighty Tiger Army (Part 1)Text Ninety: The Mighty Tiger Army (Part 2)Text 91: The mighty tiger army (Part 2)Text 92: A complicated situation (Part 1)
Text Ninety-three: A complicated situation (Part 2)Text 94: Gentleness is dislikedText Ninety-Five: Poisonous Tea (Part 1)Text Ninety-Five: Poisonous Tea (Part 2)
Text Ninety Six: Poisonous Tea (Part 2)Text Ninety-Seven: Life in the PalaceText Ninety-Eight: Prince NingText Ninety-Nine: The Heart of an Emperor (Part 1)
Text One Hundred: Emperor’s Heart (Part 2)Text 101: The Heart of an Emperor (Part 2)Text 102: The decline of the Hua familyText 103: Thoughts
Text 104: Begging for mercyText One Hundred and Five: QuarrelText One Hundred and Six: OpportunityText 107: Flower poison
Text One Hundred and Eight: Movement (Part 1)Text 109: Movement (Part 2)Text Chapter 11: Thinking about the passing of the monthText 111: Princess Zhao’s Revenge
Text 112: Princess Zhao’s Revenge (Part 2)Text 113: Two tigers fightingText 114: Another proposal for marriageText 115: Drunk
Text 116: Zhong Qianzhi’s decisionText 117: Downfall of the Jiang Family (Part 1)Text 118: Downfall of the Jiang Family (Part 2)Text 119: Narcolepsy (Part 1)
Text 120: Narcolepsy (Part 2)Text 121: Sloppy old manText 122: Bai Shinian’s speculationText 123: Old Man Mu’s awkwardness
Text 124: The final counterattackText 125: FarewellText 126: Final AdviceText 127: The last day
Text 128: Survival from desperate situationText 129: Detoxification (Part 1)Text 130: Detoxification (Part 2)正文 一三一:苏贵妃的秘密
Text 132: Posthumous titles and promotionsText 133: Bai Shinian returns to BeijingText 134: Offering prisonersText 135: Shang Qi’s marriage (Part 1)
Text 136: Shang Qi talks about marriage (Part 2)Text 137: Little Black BoxText 138: Meeting Bai Shinian on the Road (Part 1)Text 139: Meeting Bai Shinian on the Road (Part 2)
Text 140: We cannot let the soldiers shed tears after they have shed blood.Text 141: Disposal of disabled soldiersText 142: Bai Shinian meets King ZhengText 143: Bai Family
Text 144: Bai Shinian’s worriesText 145: Bai Shinian asks for an audience (Part 1)Text 146: Bai Shinian asks for an audience (Part 2)Text 147: Bai Shinian asks for an audience (Part 2)
Text 148: Yan Qixuan closed the roomText 149: Death of Mr. Luo LiuText 150: Bai Shinian asks to see you againText 151: Bai Shinian’s awe
Text 152: Worshiping Queen ShengyuanText 153: The second day of August is an auspicious dayText 154: Incense burning at Yuquan Temple (Part 1)Text 155: Incense burning at Yuquan Temple (Part 2)
Text 156: Incense offering at Yuquan Temple (Part 2)Text 157: Three encounters with substitutesText 158: Preventing disaster for Bai ShinianText 159: Preventing disasters for Bai Shinian (Part 2)
Text 160: Assassin (Part 1)Text 161: Assassin (Part 2)Text 162: Assassin (Part 2)Text 163: Miss Ding (Part 1)
Text 164: Miss Ding (middle)Text 165: Miss Ding (Part 2)Text 166: Substitute Marriage (Part 1)Text 167: Substitute Marriage (Part 2)
Text 168: See you againText 169: RecognitionText 170: Hair knotText 171: Promises in Drunk Dreams (including Emperor Lin’s reward and Shibi’s update)
Text 172: Promises in Drunk Dreams (Part 2)Text 173: UntitledText 174: Soft Knife (please ask for more updates from Pink)Text 175: Shock
Text 176: Escape (Part 1)Text 177: Escape (Part 2)Text 178: Thatched shedText 179: Awakening from a dream
Text 180: Bai Shinian takes a concubineText 181: A plan within a plan (Part 1)Text 182: A plan within a plan (Part 2)Text 183: Warmth
Text 184: Return to the PalaceText 185: Bai Shinian’s sadnessText 186: The ultimate move (Part 1)Text 187: Killing Move (Part 2)
Text 188: The ultimate move (Part 2)Text 189: Technique (Part 1)Text 190: Technique (Part 2)Text 191: Technique (Part 2)
Text 192: King Zhao was trapped (Part 1)Text 193: King Zhao was trapped (Part 2)Text 194: Planning (Part 1)Text 195: Planning (Part 2)
Text 196: Intercede for Bai ShinianText 197: Goodbye Bai Shinian (Part 1)Text 198: Goodbye Bai Shinian (Part 2)Text 199: Goodbye Bai Shinian (Part 2)
Text Two Hundred: Bai Shinian’s ConcentrationText 201: Two birds are happy with each other?Text 202: Yan Qixuan’s resistanceText 203: King Heng returns to the capital
Text 204: Old Duke’s 60th Birthday (Part 1)Text 205: The old Duke’s 60th birthday (Part 2)Text 206: Provocation comes to your doorText 207: Windfall
Text 208: Ping Xiangxi goes to jailText 209: Telling the truth (Part 1)Text 210: Telling the truth (Part 2)Text 211: Telling the truth (Part 2)
Text 212: Ending (Part 1)Text 213: End (Part 2)Text 215: Fight back (Part 1)Text 214: Jiang Yunyun
Text 216: Fight back (Part 2)Text 217: BorderText 218: The right to persuadeText 219: Ping Xiangxi in prison
Text 220: Final wordsText 221: Yan Qixuan’s marriage ended (Part 1)Text 222: Yan Qixuan’s marriage ended (Part 2)Text 223: Ping Xiangxi is released from prison
Text 224: King Zheng is assassinatedText 225: Assassination of King Zheng (Part 2)Text 226: The death of the virtuous concubineText 227: The Emperor’s Vacation
Text 228: Establishing the Crown PrinceText 229: The hardest job in the worldText 230: Miscellaneous things 23 (please ask for pink tickets for more updates)Text 231: The second daughter
Text 232: Bai Shinian’s demon mothText 233: Help each other (please ask for pink for more updates)Text 234: LubricantText 235: Leak (Part 1)
Text 236: Leaking Secrets (Part 2)Text 237: Leak (Part 2)Text 238: Great IdealsText 239: Goodbye Yan Qixuan in the restaurant (Part 1)
Text 240: Goodbye Yan Qixuan in the restaurant (Part 2)Text 241: Yan Qixuan’s weddingText 242: The Heart of the EldersText 243: Birthday banquet (please ask for pink)
Text 244: Death of the Emperor (Part 1)Text 245: Death of the Emperor (Part 2)Text 246: SickText 247: Recuperate from illness
Text: Fighting for favor (Part 1)Text 2: Fighting for favor (Part 2)Text Three: Leaving the Palace (Part 1)Text 4: Leaving the Palace Part 2 (please ask for more pink)
Text 5: The Honorable Princess’s MansionText Six: The Theory of Concubinage (Part 1)Text 7: The Theory of Concubinage (Part 2)Text 8: Coming out of the mountains
Text 9: GatheringText 10: Restaurant opening (Part 1)Text 11: Restaurant opens (Part 2)Text 12: House fight (please ask for pink votes for more updates)
Text Thirteen: Secret AccountText 14: Guo YuerText 15: Disdain (please add more pink)Text 16: Something happened in the restaurant
Text 17: BankText 18: Dong Zheng Wei returnsText 19: Stock splitText 20: Sea area
Text 21: Hairdressing Ceremony (Part 1)Text 22: Haircut Ceremony (Part 2)Text 23: The Number One ScholarText 24: Fraudulent incident (Part 1)
Text 25: Fraudulent incident (Part 2)Text 26: The Princess Matches the Number One ScholarText Twenty-Seven: Various plotsText 28: Refuting Rumors (Part 1)
Text 29: Refuting Rumors (Part 2)Text Thirty: Wenwan=FuxiText Thirty-one: One, two or three cents of silverText 32: Yiyuan
Text Thirty-three: IncidentText Thirty-Four: Life hangs by a thread (Part 1)Text Thirty-five: Life hangs by a thread (Part 2)Text Thirty Six: Life hangs by a thread (Part 2)
Text Thirty-Seven: Thunderous MeansText Thirty-Eight: Xiaoqiying enters BeijingText Thirty-Nine: Book of PunishmentText Forty: Inspiration
Text 41: The Emperor wakes upText 42: HopeText 43: Exchange a life for a lifeText 44: Heartache
Text 45: Pain (Part 1)Text 46: Pain (Part 2)Text 47: The Queen’s ThoughtsText 48: Cold
Text 49: Begging for mercyText 50: RecuperationText Chapter 51: Ping Xiangxi is imprisoned againText Chapter 52: Shang Tang is angry
Text 53: CuckoldText 54: Return to BeijingText Chapter 55: The royal princess rejuvenates the countryText 56: Returning the favor
Text 57: Ping Xiangxi’s nightmareText 58: Beauty Trap (Part 1)Text 59: Beauty Trap (Part 2)Text Sixty: Reputation
Text Sixty-one: YuxiuText 62: ItalyText Sixty-three: Qingshan gets marriedText Sixty-Four: Liulicang
Text Sixty-five: The passing of the old manText Sixty-six: ClanText Sixty-seven: Brother YuanText Sixty-eight: The incident of Jade Show falls
Text Sixty-Nine: The Emperor recoversText Seventy: A sudden danceText 71: Cao Song’s unwillingnessText 72: Vomiting blood
Text Seventy Three: UntitledText 74: Reminiscing about the past, when I was youngText Chapter 75: The emperor ransacked his familyText Chapter 76: Family separation
Text Seventy-seven: Yutong VS Qi FengText Chapter 78: Stomp it to pieces and feed it to the dogText 79: Death of Guo TongText Chapter 80: Yan Qixuan asks for marriage
Text 81: BitternessText 82: IgnoreText Chapter 83: The most fierce woman in the worldText 84: Ridiculous things
Text 85: Wen Wan is frightenedText 86: Beautiful SnakeText 87: Rejection of marriageText 88: Gentle wavering
Text Chapter 89: Life-saving grace should be repaid with one's own bodyText 90: ConditionsText 91: Reasons for rejectionText 92: Indifference
Text Ninety-three: The east wind comesText ninety-four:: Zhuangzi (strange chapter, don’t enter if you don’t like it)Text Ninety-Five: Leaks in Prince Chun’s MansionText Ninety-Six: Absolute Righteousness
Text Ninety-Seven: Volume EscapeText 98: The King of Zhou is exiledText Ninety-nine: Chain storesText One Hundred: Gentle Fear
Text 101: HeartbrokenText 102: Gold JewelryText One Hundred and Three: Five Houses in DestitutionText One Hundred and Four: Planning
Text 105: GovernanceText 106: SufferingText 107: Saving dowryText Chapter 108: Asking for a son or daughter
Text 109: Reminiscing about the pastText One Hundred and Ten: AuctionText 111: Pretending to be sickText 112: Qinger = Gentle
Text Chapter 113: The first signs of seizing the direct descendantsText Chapter 114: Gentle criteria for choosing a mate (please support Pink)Text 115: Wen Yue (Part 1)Text 116: Wen Yue (Part 2)
Text 117: Be waryText Chapter 118: If you dare to cheat, become a eunuchText 119: Tax ReformText 120: Xu Zhongran proposes marriage
Text 121: Xu Zhongran proposes marriage (Part 2)Text 122: Xu Zhongran proposes marriage (Part 2)Text 123: Women’s Medical CollegeText 124: Xu Zhongran’s engagement
Text 125: PingtongfuText 126: Hai ShilinText Chapter 127: The teacher wants to get a wife?Text 128: Temperament Beauty
Text Chapter 129: Song Luoyang marries a wifeText One Hundred and Thirty: WillfulnessText Chapter 131: Bai Shinian’s letterText Chapter 132: Foresight
Text Chapter 133: Wen Wan is a great painterText One Hundred and Thirty-Four: Ling ChangText One Hundred and Thirty-Five: AutumnText One Hundred and Thirty-Six: Hai Shilin’s Number One Scholar
Text One Hundred and Thirty-seven: The Emperor’s DeterminationText 1: Brother Fu catches ZhouText 2: Choosing a son-in-lawText Three: Choosing a Son-in-law (Part 2)
Text 4: Ye Xun’s encouragementText 5: Yao was divorcedText 6: Bai Shinian returns to Beijing (Part 1)Text 7: Bai Shinian returns to Beijing (Part 2)
Text 8: Death of QingshanText 9: Talking about FuxiText 10: Ye Xun’s suggestionsText 11: See each other (see_an reward He Shibi and add more)
Text 12: Meeting Part 2 (see_an rewards He Shibi and adds more)Text Thirteen: Not MarryingText 14: Meeting (see_an rewards and adds more gems)Text 15: Enter the scoundrel (Xia Yintang rewards He Shibi with more updates)
Text 16: Scoundrel (Part 2)Text 17: The Emperor’s Guilt (see_an rewards Langyuan Fairy Flowers for more updates)Text 18: Children are the trouble of happinessText 19: Three levels
Text 20: Competition (Pink 120+)Text 21: Competition (Part 2)Text 22: Competition (Part 2)Text 23: Making Difficulties (Part 1)
Text 24: Making Difficulties (Part 2)Text 25: AgreementText 26: Want military powerText 27: Naval power
Text Twenty-Eight: Marriage GrantText 29: NonsenseText Thirty: Death of An (see_an Langyuan Xianpa 4+)Text Thirty-one: Heart to Heart with Xia Yao (Part 1)
Text Thirty-Two: Conversation with Xia Yao (Part 2)Text Thirty-three: DowryText Thirty-Four: Dating (Part 1)Text Thirty-five: Date (Part 2)
Text Thirty Six: Dating (Part 2)Text Thirty-seven: Hunting (Part 1)Text Thirty-Eight: Hunting (Part 2)Text Thirty-Nine: Sense of Belonging
Text Forty: Premarital Phobia (Second Update)Text 41: Add makeupText 42: Makeup giftText Forty-Three: At the Wedding (Third Update 360 ??Pink+)
Text 44: A Grand Wedding (Part 2)Text 45: A grand wedding (Part 2)Text 46: Bridal Chamber (Part 1)Text 47: Bridal Chamber (Part 2)
Text 48: The bridal chamber (Part 2)Text 49: Beauty (Part 1)Text Fifty: Beautiful (Part 2)Text 51: Xipa Troubles (Part 1)
Text 52: Xipa Troubles (Part 2)Text 53: Thank youText Chapter 54: Entering the genealogy ancestral hall to reveal secretsText 55: Who is more important, wife or son?
Text 56: Newlyweds (two into one)Text Chapter 57: Eat soft rice (please ask for pink in the third update)Text 58: Wedding gift (540, 600 pink +)Text 59: Butler (sixth update, 660 pink +)
Text Sixty: Part 2 of the Housekeeper (two in one)Text 61: Conversation between husband and wifeText Sixty-Two: Layoffs (fourth update, please give me pink)Text Sixty-three: Return to the door (see_an Langyuan Xianpa 5+)
Text Sixty-Four: Entering the Mirror Garden for the First Time (yayaxhhylangyuanxianpa 1, 2+)Text Sixty-five: Considerate (yayaxhhylangyuanxianpa 3, 4+)Text Sixty-six Thoughts (Third update, please give me pink)Text Sixty-seven: Jealousy (yayaxhhylangyuanxianpa 1, 2+)
Text Sixty-eight: It’s rare to be confused (yayaxhhylangyuanxianpa 3, 4+)正文 六十九:温婉郡主=弗溪公子(上)Text 70: Princess Wenwan = Young Master Fuxi (Part 2)Text Chapter 71: Many people are sick
Text 72: Confession (two in one, please be pink)Text Chapter 73: Reunion after many years (I will add more updates for Feng Kuang and Shi Bi)Text Chapter 74: Reunion after many yearsText Chapter 75: Being scolded at a dinner party
Text Chapter 76: Gentle and considerate daughter-in-lawText Seventy-Seven: DisappointmentText Chapter 78: New Year’s House FightText Seventy-nine: Things about the Bai family
Text Eighty: Depressed Bai Shinian (second update)Text Chapter 81: Meet Ye Xun (Midnight Pink 960/1020+)Text 82: Candlelight DinnerText Chapter 83: Travel (Second update pink 1080/1140+)
Text 84: Alternative style (third update)Text 84: Honeymoon (Part 1)Text 85: Honeymoon (Part 2)Text 86: Untitled
Text Chapter 87: Beating the Golden Bough in AngerText Chapter 88: Husband and wife quarrelText Chapter 89: Taking concubines (two in one, asking for pink)Text Ninety: Trouble (Part 1)
Text Ninety-one: Trouble (Part 2)Text 92: Cousin Arrives (Part 1)Text 93: Cousin Arrives (Part 2)Text Ninety-Four: Submissive
Text 95: Reconciliation (Part 1)Text 96: Reconciliation (Part 2)Text 97: Reconciliation (Part 2)Text 98: Couple gossip
Text Ninety-Nine: Initiative (Pink 1320/1380+)Text 100: Solving doubtsText One Hundred and One: Disappointment AgainText 102: Confession
Text 103: LongingText Chapter 104: The show beginsText 105: Qi Liniang (Part 1)Text 106: Qi Liniang (middle)
Text 107: Qi Liniang (Part 2)Text One Hundred and Eight: Three Requests (Part 1)Text One Hundred and Nine: Three Requests (Part 2)Text Chapter 11: Wen Wan VS Qi Liniang
Text 111: GiftText 112: Xia Yao shows off her power again (Part 1)Text Chapter 113: Xia Yao shows off her power again (Part 2)Text 114: Xia Yao shows off her power again (Pink 1440/1500+)
Text Chapter 115: Show affection and fall in love (second update)Text Chapter 116: Show off your affection (Third update, please be pink)Text Chapter 117: The Eve of Farewell (Fourth Update)Text 118: Farewell
Text 119: Hidden dangers (two chapters combined into one, please be pink)Text 120: Confirmed (fifth update)Text Chapter 121: Big Fat SonText 122: Coveting (Second update)
Text 123: Trivia (Part 1)Text 124: Original intentionText One Hundred and Twenty-Five: Tossing (first update)Text Chapter 126: The turning point in life (Second update, please give me pink)
Text 127: Morning sickness (Pink 420/480+)Text Chapter 128: Suffering from morning sickness (pink 540/600+).Text 129: Morning sickness (Part 2)Text One Hundred and Thirty: Hidden Danger (Second Update)
Text Chapter 131: SuccessorText 132: CuckoldText Chapter 133: The Furious Emperor (Second update, please give me pink)Text Chapter 134: Pull out the carrot and leave a hole
Text Chapter 135: Good luck? (First update)Text 136: Happy Personal PText Chapter 137: Waste snacksText Chapter 138: Thorne
Text Chapter 139: Frugality or luxury?Text One Hundred and Forty: Children and In-lawsText 141: PregnancyText Chapter 142: It’s hard to be a matchmaker (Second update, please be pink)
Text One Hundred and Forty Three: Industrial TransferText Chapter 144: The poor generalText 145: TwinsText Chapter 146: Pingshangtang rises to great heights
Text 147: Unlucky Bai ShinianText 148: Hats of Too Many Colors (Part 1)Text 149: Too Many Colored Hats (Part 2)Text One Hundred and Fifty: The Woman Behind the Successful Man
Text 151: Bai Shinian’s nightmareText 153: ProductionText 154: Dystocia (Part 1)Text 155: Dystocia (Part 2)
Text 156: TwinsText Chapter 157: Weird BossText one hundred and fifty-eight:Text one hundred and fifty-nine:
Text One Hundred and Sixty: Mingrui, MingjinText One Hundred and Sixty-one: Washing ThreeText 162: Crossing the lineText One Hundred and Sixty Three: Dust to dust, dust to dust
Text one hundred and sixty-five:Text one hundred and sixty-six:Text 169: Two small python robesText One Hundred and Seventy-One: The Emperor’s Uncle
Text One Hundred and Seventy-Four: Children’s MusicText Chapter 175: Smart Brother RuiText 176: Poor Brother Jin (second update)Text Chapter 177: Ye Xun who stirs up dissension
Text Chapter 178: Genealogy?Text One Hundred and Seventy-Nine: Asking for MoneyText Chapter 180: Meier’s toleranceText Chapter 181: A woman’s heart cannot be hurt
Text 182: GenealogyText One Hundred and Eighty Three: Fierce BladeText Chapter 184: The baby who loves his motherText 185: New Year’s Day (Part 1)
Text 186: New Year’s Day (Part 2)Text 187: Three red envelopesText one hundred and eighty-nine:Text One Hundred and Ninety: Do Good Deeds
Text One Hundred and Ninety-one: Layoffs (Part 1)Text 192: Layoffs (Part 2)Text one hundred and ninety-three:Text 194: Hygiene
Text Chapter 195: A letter from home is worth ten thousand goldText One Hundred and Ninety Six: BanquetText One Hundred and Ninety Seven: Secret (Part 1)Text One Hundred and Ninety-eight: Secret (Part 2)
Text One Hundred and Ninety-Nine: Peach Blossom Forest (Part 1)Text Two Hundred: Peach Blossom Forest (Part 2)Text Two Hundred and One: Xia Yao’s HeartbeatText Two Hundred and Two: Palace Selection (Part 1)
Text Two Hundred and Three: Palace Selection (Part 2)Text Two Hundred and Four: Medicinal BathText two hundred and five:Text two hundred and six:
Text Two Hundred and Seven: Sickness (Part 1)Text Two Hundred and Eight: Sickness (Part 2)Text Two Hundred and Nine: Strange Powers and Chaotic GodsText Two Hundred and One: The Queen’s Crisis
Text Two Hundred and Eleven: SurveillanceText Two Hundred and Twelve: The Timid Ling Chang (Part 1)Text Two Hundred and Thirteen: The Timid Ling Chang (Part 2)Text Two Hundred and Fourteen: Military Power in Haikou
Text Two Hundred and Fifteen: The Exiled QueenText Two Hundred and Sixteen: Couples who share the same bed but have different dreamsText Two Hundred and Seventeen: PearlText Two Hundred and Eighteen: Holly’s Man
Text Two Hundred and Nineteen: The favored He familyText Two Hundred and Twenty: White-Eyed WolfText Two Hundred and Twenty Two: PlayboyText Two Hundred and Twenty-Four: Playground
Text Two Hundred and Twenty-seven: Qin LaowuText Two Hundred and Twenty-Eight: The Eve of Grasping Zhou LiText Two Hundred and Thirty: Catching the Week (Part 1)Text Two Hundred and Thirty One: Catching the Week (Part 2)
Text Two Hundred and Thirty Two: Three generations without marriageText Two Hundred and Thirty-three: After all the hardships, happiness comes (see_an Heshi Bi+)Text Two Hundred and Thirty-Four: WeaningText Two Hundred and Thirty-Five: Bai Shinian had an accident (Part 1)
Text Two Hundred and Thirty Six: Bai Shinian is seriously injured (Part 2)Text Two Hundred and Thirty-Seven: Bai Shinian is seriously injured (Part 2)Text Two Hundred and Thirty-Eight: Beginning and EndText Two Hundred and Thirty-Nine: Wife, I’m leaving, take care of the child
Text Chapter 140: Mother and son fell ill together (Part 1)Text Chapter 141: Mother and son fell ill together (Part 2)Text 142: Wake up (Part 1)Text 143: Wake up (Part 2)
Text One Hundred and Forty-Four: Final SpeechText 145: After the rain, the sky is sunny (big chapter, please pink)Text Two Hundred and Forty Six: Everyone is having a hard timeText Two Hundred and Forty-Seven: Untitled
Text Two Hundred and Forty-Eight: Arriving at the Border Town (Part 1)Text Two Hundred and Forty-Nine: Arriving at the Border Town (Part 2)Text Two Hundred and Fifty: Nursing CareText Two Hundred and Fifty One: Borrowing Medicinal Materials
Text Two Hundred and Fifty Two: Secret HandText Two Hundred and Fifty Three: Assassination (two in one, big chapter)Text two hundred and fifty-four:Text Two Hundred and Fifty Six: Concubine Qi Huang
Text Two Hundred and Fifty Seven: FeelingsText Two Hundred and Fifty Eight: TsunamiText Two Hundred and Sixty: Commercial Bank Crisis (Part 2)Text Two Hundred and Sixty-one: Promoted to Grand Marshal
Text Two Hundred and Sixty Two: Comeback (Part 1)Text Two Hundred and Sixty Three: Comeback (Part 2)Text Two Hundred and Sixty-Four: Comeback (Part 2)Text Two Hundred and Sixty-Five: In Charge (Part 1)
Text Two Hundred and Sixty Six: Taking Charge (Part 2)Text Two Hundred and Sixty-seven: In Charge (Part 2)Text Two Hundred and Sixty-Eight: RecruitingText Two Hundred and Sixty-Nine: The troublesome Jin Xiaobao
Text Two Hundred and Seventy: Return of Xia YingText 171: Shopkeeper Ni DaText 172: Secret LoveText One Hundred and Seventy-Three: Killing the Goose to Get the Egg
Text Chapter 174: Visiting as a guestText One Hundred and Seventy-Five: Visiting as a Guest (Part 2)Text Chapter 176: Ye Xun was beatenText One Hundred and Seventy-Seven: Seller Zi
Text 1: The storm is rising (Part 1)Text 2: The storm is rising (Part 2)Text 3: Publishing a bookText 4: Another hit (Part 1)
Text 5: Another hit (Part 2)Text 6: Calculation (Part 1)Text 7: Calculation (Part 2)Text 8: Calculation
Text 9: Powder appears (Part 1)Text 10: Making a grand debut (Part 2)Text 11: Muddy the watersText 12: Death of Mr. Xu (Part 1)
Text 13: Death of Mr. Xu (Part 2)Text 14: Xia Xian returnsText 15: PremonitionText 16: Things come to light (Part 1)
Text 17: Things come to light (Part 2)Text 18: ReasonsText 19: CruelText 20: Cruelty (Part 2)
Text 21: Teachers and studentsText 22: Human HeartText 23: Happy eventText 24: Brother Fu is lost
Text Twenty-five: Mingjin was cheated (two chapters combined into one, please be pink)Text 27: Teacher-student ceremonyText 28: Test (Part 1)Text 29: Test (Part 2)
Text Thirty: Brother Fu returns homeText Thirty-One: The Emperor’s VacationText Thirty: Year (Four Chapters Unite, Asking for Pink)Text Thirty-three: Mountain Climbing (Part 1)
Text Thirty-Four: Mountain Climbing (Part 2)Text Thirty-five: Eccentric MotherText Thirty Six: Pretty BoyText Thirty-seven: Xia Yao gets married (Part 1)
Text Thirty-Eight: Xia Yao’s Wedding (Part 2)Text Thirty-Nine: Xia Yao’s Wedding (Part 2)Text Chapter 40: The Duke of Zhen Guo passed away (please protect the pink color)Text 42: Ye Xun’s determination
Text 44: Depressed Bai ShinianText 46: Suffering (Part 1)Text 47: Suffering (Part 2)Text 49: Run away (Part 2)
Text 50: Be filial to your childrenText 51: Pastoral Life (Part 1)Text 52: Pastoral Life (Part 2)Text 54: Hidden dangers of the mighty tiger army (Part 1)
Text Chapter 56: Doting on concubines and destroying wivesText Chapter 57: Visiting the doorText 57: Getting marriedText 58: Brother Fu’s request
Text Chapter 59: Nian Niang’s Ming RuiText Sixty: BarrierText 61: ClothesText Sixty Three: Golden Egg
Text Sixty-Four: Sir Arrives (Part 1)Text Sixty-Five: Sir Arrives (Part 2)Text 66: Poor people must be hatefulText Sixty-Seven: Taking Children Shopping
Text Sixty-Eight: Master ArrivesText Sixty-nine: The incident happenedText Seventy: TeamText Seventy-one: Happiness
Text 72: Xia Yao is sickText Seventy-three: Something happened (Part 1)Text seventy-four:: Something happened (Part 2)Text Chapter 75: Something happened (Part 2)
Text Seventy-six: Follow-upText Seventy-seven: The real murdererText 78: Execution (Part 1)Text Seventy-nine: Missing
Text 80: The joke is not seriousText 81: Something happened to Ling ChangText 82: Dark clouds are gatheringText 83: Crying (two into one, please pink)
Text Chapter 84: Furious (basket, blue, big, and clan jade+)Text Chapter 85: The father who neglected his dutyText Chapter 86: The Death of Xu Jingqiu (Scroll forward 999 degrees to Dahe Shibi+}Text Chapter 87: Xia Yao’s bad idea
Text Chapter 88: Kissing and kissing (two become one, please be pink)Text 89: Death of Fang Yutong (Part 1)Text Ninety: Death of Fang Yutong (Part 2)Text Ninety-One: Rare Relaxation
Text 92: Smallpox (Part 1)Text Ninety-three: Smallpox (Part 2)Text 94: Mingrui’s injuryText Ninety-five: Something happened to the Huwei Army (Part 1)
Text Ninety-six: Something happened to the Huwei Army (Part 2)Text Ninety-seven: Something happened to the Huwei Army (Part 2)Text Chapter Ninety-eight: Heart-wrenching words (yayaxhhy, leader of the alliance, and his clan jade are updated).Text 99: Audition (Part 1)
Text 100: Audition (Part 2)Text One Hundred and One: Prison VisitText 102: Desolate GodText 103: Case closed
Text Chapter 104: Another newcomer (two into one, please be pink)Text Chapter 105: The storm breaks out againText 106: SinText One Hundred and Seven: Political Commissar
Text 108: Unhappy retributionText Chapter 109: Asking for mercy (fourth update, asking for pink)Text One Hundred and One: BookText Chapter 111: I want to be a big one, not a small one
Text 112: TemptationText Chapter 113: A personal expedition by the imperial commander? (Fourth update, please give me pink)Text 114: Mother and son, brothersText 115: Artillery
Text 116: Yu JingText 117: ComparisonText 118: Learn to swimText Chapter 119: Guan Erlang arrives in Beijing
Text One Hundred and Twenty: Brother BitingText 121: Military AffairsText Chapter 122: Brothers, good brothersText Chapter 123: People who like to break rules
Text Chapter 124: Someone in the DPRK is easy to doText Chapter 125: Mingrui leaves BeijingText 126: Little ManText Chapter 127: Quarrel
Text 128: GuidanceText Chapter 129: Good intentionsText one hundred and thirty:Text One Hundred and Thirty-Two: Remove the Fire from the Cauldron (Part 1)
Text Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-Three: Drawing Fire from Under the Cauldron (Part 2)Text Chapter 134: Mingjin’s futureText Chapter 135: Mingjin wants to be the beauty scoutText Chapter 136: Ping Shang Tang is released from prison
Text 137: Children’s Matters (Part 1)Text Chapter 138: Children’s Matters (Part 2)Text 139: HaikouText One Hundred and Forty: Fairy Island
Text Chapter 141: The Old Prime Minister’s Birthday (Part 1)Text Chapter 142: The Old Prime Minister’s Birthday (Part 2)Text 143: Duke ZhongguoText One Hundred and Forty-Four: Private Affair
Text 145: GiftText 146: Withdrawal of engagementText Chapter 147: The despised gentlenessText 148: Grief and Anger
Text One Hundred and Forty-Nine: Jie YuanText Chapter 148: Re-engagementText Chapter 151: Husband, SonText 152: Heavy snow
Text 153: Snow disasterText Chapter 154: The ruling and opposition parties were shockedText Chapter 155: Wen Wan is leaving Beijing (two into one, please be pink)Text Chapter 156: Mingjin leaves Beijing
Text 157: Staying in BeijingText One Hundred and Fifty Eight: The Emperor’s Personal ExpeditionText One Hundred and Fifty-Nine: The War BeginsText One Hundred and Sixty: Drought (two into one, looking for pink 0
Text 161: The brothers’ worriesText 162: Unaccustomed to the climateText Chapter 163: Japanese pirates come backText 164: Point General
Text One Hundred and Sixty-Five: The Emperor is Seriously InjuredText 166: Xia Ying’s trump cardText 167: The Queen is coming backText 168: The Queen Returns
Text One Hundred and Sixty-Nine: Various FightsText One Hundred and Seventy: Secret PurposeText One Hundred and Seventy-one: Death of the EmperorText 172: Critical illness
Text Chapter 173: Xia Ying’s requestText 174: Whether to ascend the throneText Chapter 175: Mingrui Mingjin had an accident (Part 1)Text Chapter 176: Mingrui Mingjin had an accident (Part 2)
Text Chapter 147: Mother and son connect heartsText 148: YixuanText One Hundred and Forty-Nine: HardeningText One Hundred and Fifty: The Prince is Poisoned (Part 1)
Text Chapter 151: The Prince is Poisoned (Part 2)Text 152: A pot of porridgeText one hundred and fifty-three:Text Chapter 154: Death of the Fifth Prince
Text Chapter 155: The Sixth Prince ascends to the throneText One Hundred and Fifty Six: Changing GeneralsText Chapter 157: The situation is urgentText Chapter 158: Soldiers siege the Princess’s Mansion (Part 1)
Text Chapter One Hundred and Fifty-Nine: Soldiers Siege the Princess’ Mansion (Part 2)Text One Hundred and Ninety: Death of the Second PrinceText One Hundred and Ninety-one: Princess RegentText 192: Qi Qiu
Text One Hundred and Ninety-Three: The Weirdest Peace Talk in HistoryText Chapter 194: Wenwan takes powerText 195: Governance with gentlenessText One Hundred and Ninety Six: Courtiers in Misery
Text One Hundred and Ninety Seven: InterrogationText Chapter 198: The sad aftermathText One Hundred and Ninety-Nine: FavoritismText Two Hundred:: Prisoner Interception
Legend - Final Volume Two Hundred and One: The Master Behind the ScenesLegend Chapter-Final Volume Two Hundred and Two: Obedience and DisobedienceLegend - Final Volume 203: Good NewsLegend - Final Volume 204: The Prince Awakes
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Legend - Final Volume Two Hundred and Ten: ConcealedLegend - Final Volume Two Hundred and Eleven: Great VictoryLegend - Final Volume Two Hundred and Twelve:Legend Chapter - Final Volume Two Hundred and Thirteen: Confession (please ask for more pink)
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Legend - Final Volume Two Hundred and Forty-Six: Talking about Children and MarriageLegend - Final Volume Two Hundred and Forty-Seven: VacationLegend - Final Volume Two Hundred and Forty-Seven: VacationLegend - Final Volume Two Hundred and Forty-Eight: Appreciating the Scenery
Legend - Final Volume Two Hundred and Forty-Nine: MarquisshipLegend - Final Volume Two Hundred and Fifty: BanquetLegend Chapter - Final Volume Two Hundred and Fifty One: The Marriage is SettledLegend Chapter - Final Volume Two Hundred and Fifty One: The Marriage is Settled
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Legend - Final Volume Two Hundred and Sixty-Four: The Passing of Ping Xiangxi (Part 1)Legend - Final Volume Two Hundred and Sixty-Five: The Passing of Ping Xiangxi (Part 2)Legend - Final Volume Two Hundred and Sixty-six: Wen Wan is in comaLegend - Final Volume Two Hundred and Sixty-Seven: Awakening
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Text Chapter 7: Guest at Prince Zheng’s Mansion (Part 2)   
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