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Legend - Final Volume: Bai Qize Extra (Part 1)

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    Qi Ze remembered that when he was five years old, his great-grandmother celebrated her seventieth birthday.  This birthday was particularly grand and lively.

    If it is just a birthday party, it naturally has nothing to do with him.  But what concerned him was what happened after his great-grandmother celebrated her seventieth birthday.  Something big happened at home.  To be precise, a big event happened in their Bai family.

    Grandpa Bai Mingrui had been living in Haikou before his great-grandmother¡¯s birthday.  I won¡¯t leave after I come back this time.  After the birthday party for his wife and grandmother, the great grandfather gathered together the direct descendants of the Bai family from the age of five to fifteen and said that he would conduct an assessment on them.

    Father and mother were very happy when they got the news and said it was a rare opportunity.  When I sent him to go with his brother, I was told to behave well.  If you perform well, you will be able to follow your great-grandfather and great-grandmother, and you will benefit a lot throughout your life.

    They have a prosperous Bai family.  Although my great-grandmother only gave birth to the eldest grandfather and his grandfather.  But the two grandfathers gave birth to eleven sons.  His father is the third son of his grandfather Bai Mingjin, ranking seventh among the direct descendants of the Bai family.  There are thirty cousins ????so far, and this number is still growing.  He ranks twenty-first among his peers.

    Because of the Bai family's family motto, except for the eldest son and grandson who inherits the title, all other descendants must move out of the main house within three years of getting married.  So their family now lives in Jing'an Hutong.

    And because another family stipulates that direct descendants of the Bai family must at least have the title of Juren or above before they can serve in official positions.  His father Xuanxuan was a civil servant, but failed to pass the Jinshi exam several times. In the end, his father realized that there was no hope of taking the exam again and simply donated to become an official.  Now he is a seventh-grade official in Taipu Temple.

    The Bai family has a great reputation and is the most prominent family in the capital. There are even rumors that the princess mansion where great-grandmother lives is filled with gold.  But that was only limited to the main residence and the princess's mansion.  Their family of six lives in a five-bedroom house in Jing'an Hutong and lives a prosperous and healthy life.  It's good to compare with ordinary people, but it doesn't compare to the rich.

    Dad has been in Taipu Temple for several years, but he has never been successful.  Now I want to seek foreign employment.  It happened to coincide with the family's assessment.  Mother told him and his brother to behave well, saying that if he and his brother were liked by his great-grandmother, then his father would be able to find a good job.

    He was fully prepared, but the test was strange and completely different from what he had learned before.  It¡¯s not that he is arrogant. He started learning at the age of three and studied with his teacher for two years. His teacher often praised him for his intelligence.  But looking at these questions, I was so stunned that I didn¡¯t know how to answer any of them.  For example: There are 8 peaches on the table. You need to put these peaches into 5 pockets. Each pocket must have an even number.

    He didn¡¯t know why he was asked such a strange question, but he couldn¡¯t hand in a blank paper.  There are many questions, but the time is only two-quarters of an hour.  There was not much time for him to think carefully, so he just wrote whatever came to his mind.  Tested very poorly.

    There were a total of sixteen people who participated in the assessment, and only six were left after the assessment.  One by one, they entered a room and came out with expressionless faces.  When he arrived in the room, he saw a man with an expressionless face like a grandfather.  The man touched him for a while and then said to the grandfather on one side: "The bones are good."

    The uncle glanced at him, which made him panic.  It's just that the uncle didn't say anything more and let him go out.

    After leaving the yard, I thought I was going to send him home.  But he didn't expect that a maid took him to a courtyard.  As soon as he entered the yard, he saw flowers all over the yard.  An old man wearing black clothes was picking flowers from the flowers.

    He excitedly walked over to the flower picker and called out: "Great-grandmother." Although he only went to the Princess's Mansion during the New Year and festivals, and he always went in the morning and returned in the evening.  But he still recognized the old man as his great-grandmother at first sight.

    Great-grandmother smiled and waved to him: "Come, help great-grandmother pick flowers."

    Every time Qi Ze sees his great-grandmother, he always smiles. Looking at her makes people want to get close to her.  But he couldn't get close even if he wanted to.  My great-grandmother taught me the emperor, my uncle and my grandfather.  Later, he personally taught two uncles of the crown prince and two cousins ??who were about to inherit the title.  The great-grandmother stopped teaching the others, saying they found it too noisy and wanted to be quiet.

    He went up to help his great-grandmother hold the flower basket.  His great-grandmother cheerfully told him the skills of picking flowers.  He listened very carefully.

    He carried a flower basket and accompanied his great-grandmother into the house. Her great-grandmother began to prune the flowers, and then placed the pruned flowers in a vase: "Doing this with my great-grandmother, do you feel bored?" A five-year-old child  It was a time of excitement, and this old woman must have been bored by being with her.

    But Mingrui must ask her to keep a child by her side.  Said that the old couple were too lonely.  Having a child around is caring.

    Wen Wan knows what Mingrui means.  And Bai Shinian often complained in his ears that the mansion was a little deserted.  Wen Wan has other ideas about the territory that Mingrui is expanding.So I followed Mingrui's wishes.  Mingrui said that this child has good qualifications, Mingrui said yes, and Wen Wan naturally did not doubt this child's qualifications and potential.  But, we have to look again.

    Qi Ze hurriedly shook his head: "No." Seeing his great-grandmother smiling, he thought that his great-grandmother didn't believe him: "Great-grandmother, really, it is Qi Ze's great blessing to be able to accompany my great-grandmother!" As long as it is the Bai family  Who doesn¡¯t respect and love my great-grandmother?  My great-grandmother is the pillar of the Bai family. Being able to accompany my great-grandmother is something no one else can ask for!

    Wen Wan touched Qi Ze's head and smiled: "Silly boy, you are my great-grandson. What a blessing it is to be with me. Don't say stupid things in the future." The tree has big branches, and there are too many children and grandchildren below.  According to her request, after three years of marriage, they were let go and lived in the belly.  Some people have done well after moving out, while others have not done so well.  But these children and grandchildren are not parasites, they all have a job.  Having a secure life and having enough food and clothing is enough.

    Qi Ze¡¯s face turned red.

    After a while, the grandfather came back.  He looked at his grandfather as if he were looking at a strict and sharp grandfather, feeling a little scared.

    Great-grandmother said happily: "Old man, is Qi Ze afraid of you?"

    The grandfather used to be a serious man, but now he frowned and looked at him after listening to the grandmother's words: "Am I so scary?"

    He nodded reflexively.

    When my great-grandmother saw him nodding, she was overjoyed: "You say you are scary, but you still don't believe me. It even scares the children just by looking at you."

    The grandfather looked at him dissatisfied and said, "Go back!"

    His heart sank, and he bravely said, "Master, I want to learn from my great-grandmother." He really wanted to accompany his great-grandmother!  Grandma Tai was the most famous scholar in the Qi Dynasty. He could learn many things from Grandma Tai.  Not to mention anything else, the two cousins ??who will inherit the title in the future are both outstanding in both talent and martial arts.

    The grandfather was very angry when he heard his rebuttal, and his face darkened: "Come here, send him back." As soon as he finished speaking, a maid walked in from outside.

    He held his great-grandmother¡¯s hand, he really didn¡¯t want to leave.  Although the master of ethnic studies is very good, how can he compare with following my great-grandma?

    Great-grandmother smiled and patted his hand and said: "Ignore your great-grandfather, he is like this. But you have been out for such a long time, it is time to go back. Otherwise, your parents should worry."

    Qi Ze opened his mouth several times, but in the end he said nothing more.  When he went back, his mother asked him a lot of questions, and he answered them all.

    Mother heard later that the master was unhappy with him.  He hates iron but cannot make steel: "Tell me how I taught you! If I didn't ask you to behave well, how could you not listen to the master's words?"

    Although his father was disappointed, he comforted him and said, "It's nothing. As long as you work hard and study hard, you will be able to take the imperial examination in the future."

    Mother muttered: "Can it be the same" Before she could finish her words, she was stopped by her father.

    What Qi Ze didn't know was that after he left, Bai Shinian asked Wen Wan, "Do you like this child?" This child was quite clingy to Wen Wan.

    Bai Shinian guessed that Wen Wan had other motives for agreeing to Mingrui this time.  Except for the two great-grandsons who will inherit the title in the future, Wen Wan refused to take her with him because it was too noisy.  Of course, Bai Shinian also knew the real reason.  That is Wen Wan believes that at this age, she should enjoy life and does not want to work hard for her children and grandchildren.

    ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????: "Let's see and talk about it later!" After a short contact, this child is quite good.  Although he is a bit aggressive, he can be taught.

    Bai Shinian thought about it for a moment and said nothing more.  He is different from Wen Wan, who believes that children and grandchildren will have their own blessings.  Now that you are old, you should enjoy life, but Bai Shinian hopes that the family can continue to prosper for a long time.  So it is very destined for the cultivation of future generations.  Seeing Mingrui come in, he hurriedly asked: "How was this assessment?"

    Mingrui nodded: "They are all pretty good." The two mansions have very strict requirements for their heirs. They have hired martial arts masters to teach these children since they were young, hoping that they will be good at both culture and martial arts.

    Of course, the two brothers are both civil and military men.  However, the atmosphere does affect people. In the past few decades, in addition to the heirs who have been cultivated with both civil and military talents.  In the end, due to the influence of their principals, the Marquis of Shenwu emphasized martial arts and the Marquis of Wencheng emphasized literature.

    Seeing that Wen Wan remained silent, Mingrui asked carefully, "Mom, do you like Qi Ze?" He hoped that his mother would like Qi Ze, so that there would be another pillar in the family in the future.  When it comes to teaching children, even if he has ten people, he can't do half as much as a mother.  Of course, Mingrui didn't mean to teach Wenwan personally, as my mother didn't have so much experience at such an old age.  He hoped that his mother would keep this child by his side and have a subtle influence on him.

    Wen Wan did not answer Mingrui¡¯s words, but asked: ???Who did you pick?  "

    Mingrui picked two, both of whom had the same qualifications and potential as Qize.  Wen Wan didn't say anything after hearing this, but Bai Shinian said, "Bring it here tomorrow so that me and your mother can have a look." Due to his career, Bai Shinian still likes his grandsons and great-grandchildren who take the martial arts path.

    Wen Wan has become immune to Bai Shinian¡¯s decades of male chauvinism.  Taking advantage of Bai Shinian's face, he said: "Since your father wants to see it, then bring him over and have a look."

    I met the two children the next day, and Wen Wan also thought it was good.  These children are all well-educated, and Mingjin is still very poor at educating them.  But you have to look again at who you want to keep by your side: "Let it go for now."

    What Qi Ze didn¡¯t expect was that the next day there were rumors that his great-grandmother was interested in him.  Keep him by your side.  He was very happy after hearing this, and his parents were also very happy.

    On this day, my grandmother also sent someone to let them return to the Hou Mansion.  My grandmother is as kind as before, but she is an eldest aunt, but she is extraordinarily enthusiastic.  Even the cousins ??in the eldest house looked at him highly.

    ¡°My great-grandmother didn¡¯t send anyone to pick him up that day, so he felt a little disappointed.  The next day, I also went to ethnic studies early in the morning.  You can't miss a day in your studies.  When the blood sugar level reached, the other cousins ??asked him if he was really attracted by his great-grandmother.

    He thought about his great-grandmother's love for him and the joy in his parents' words.  There was no denying it at the moment.  Not denying it is actually admitting it.  For this reason, he was envied and envied by his cousins.

    The Bai family¡¯s direct concubines are strictly divided. The direct descendants have a school, and the concubines are not among them.  And because they all live separately, there is no actual conflict of interest, and the learning atmosphere of ethnic studies is very good.

    Wherever there are people, there will be strife.  After hearing the news that Qi Ze would go to the princess's mansion, everyone was envious and wanted to have a good relationship with him.  But time passed day by day, and there was no news from the Princess's Mansion.  Everyone slowly thought that Qi Ze was lying.  His attitude towards Qi Ze also became more subtle.

    Qi Ze waited day by day, and finally found out that he was alienated and isolated. The feeling of loss in his heart was self-evident.  This state is directly reflected in learning.  The husband had to talk to Qize's father.

    It is very humiliating for parents to have a conversation with their parents.  As a result, Qi Ze faced the wall and thought about his mistakes for the first time since he became sensible.

    The eldest brother secretly came over to visit him. Seeing his expression, he persuaded him: "Qi Ze, the Bai family's family motto is that the sons of the Bai family don't rely on heaven, but on themselves. The master relied on his own ability to become a marquis in the end, and it was also because of his talents that he became a prince.  The prestige of the Bai family today. Qi Ze, how can you be the son of the Bai family when such a small thing has knocked you down? "This ancestral precept was written by Bai Shinian. It is written in the first article and is also the core of the ancestral precept.

    Qi Ze said nothing.

    Qi Ling thought for a while and then said: "Qi Ze, as long as you work hard, study hard, pass the imperial examination and pass the imperial examination, and pass the first-level exam in the future, your future will be excellent like the second uncle. Qi Ze, don't get into a dead end." Ming Ming.  Jin's second son inherited his intelligence and was Tanhua Lang.  Now that he has been released from foreign service, he is now a fourth-grade official, and his future is limitless.  It is the goal that everyone strives for.

    Qi Zhe thought quietly for a night, and his mentality became stable.  After I came out, I went back to school and worked hard to build a good relationship with my cousins.  Slowly, everything seemed to be back to normal again.  Only Qi Ze himself knows about the internal changes.

    During the Chinese New Year, Qi Ze followed his parents to the princess's mansion.  During the holidays, all the direct descendants in the capital go to the princess's mansion to celebrate the New Year.  This day was particularly lively.

    Qi Zhe looked at his great-grandmother sitting in the upper position from a distance.  My great-grandmother was still so kind, with a joyful smile on her face.  But to him, his great-grandmother was far, far away.

    After dinner at midnight, after everyone left, the mansion became deserted.  Bai Shinian complained to Wen Wan and said, "It's all you, we must separate our families. If we are all so lively together every day." Bai Shinian would occasionally complain about Wen Wan.  Everyone went out, and the house was extremely deserted.

    Wen Wan chuckled: "Old man, where there are people, there are rivers and lakes. Occasionally, when we get together, we will naturally be affectionate and warm. If we stay together for many years, how much trouble can we afford. I would rather have a few days of sincere and happy gatherings than a few days.  Face those troubles every day. It is better to live a quiet life for two days when you are old." Sons, grandsons, great-grandsons, and later grandsons will all marry and have children, adding up to a family of several hundred.  It's a decent place to live in a mansion, but the problem is that there are three women in one drama, so many women don't want to cause trouble to her to death.  She doesn't want it anymore.

    Bai Shinian remained silent. He comes from a big family.  I know that living together will cause a lot of trouble.  It's big so it's good to handle it this way.  But sometimes I feel a little lonely.

    Wen Wan chuckled softly: "If you feel lonely, let the eldest brother and the second son move in." Wen Wan still asked the two sons to move in.Satisfactory.  Grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc., Wen Wan would not agree to let them live here.  No matter how filial a grandson or great-grandson is, they are not as close as a son.

    Bai Shinian was naturally very happy to see Wen Wan let go.  Mingrui and Mingjin were surprised when they got the news.  Although they would occasionally stay overnight in the princess's mansion in the past, my mother did not let them go and let them live in the mansion.  Immediately, he ordered people to pack up his things and move them to the princess' mansion.  The two brothers lived back in their old yard.

    When Wen Wan heard that her two sons had come over so quickly, she laughed and said, "These two kids." Even at such an age, they are still acting in such a fast-paced manner.

    Years later, Mingrui finally couldn't help but ask Wen Wan: "Mom, have you decided?" If mother was not willing, he would personally teach his two grandchildren.

    Wen Wan handed a piece of information to Mingrui.

    After reading through the pages, Mingrui looked at Wen Wan: "Mom, did you choose Qize?"

    Wen Wan nodded: "Well, during this period of inspection, everything is good. The two you chose are also very good. Train them well and they will be able to take over your class in the future."

    Mingrui looked at Wen Wan and said, "I want someone who can take over from my mother." If there is a successor who is as good as his mother, then he has nothing to worry about.

    Wen Wan smiled softly and said, "That's God's blessing." Wen Wan felt that Qi Ze's qualifications and potential were very good, and he also had a good character.  Generally, when a child encounters something like this, it takes some time to adjust.  But Qi Ze adjusted so quickly, which proved that this child was a talent.

    Wenwan is very optimistic about this. Everyone will encounter setbacks. The key is whether they can get up when they encounter setbacks.  Qi Zhe is very good. If he is given time to hone and she is there to guide him, he might be able to become the person Mingrui wants.  Wen Wan said maybe it¡¯s because many things are uncertain.  For example, the emperor almost died several times.  If it were not for luck, one would not be able to sit on the Dragon Throne.

    Mingrui's face showed joy: "Mom, how do you plan to train Qize?"

    Wen Wan smiled softly: "This kind of thing cannot be rushed. Mingrui, if God bless, Qi Ze really teaches according to my wishes, then Da Qi is not suitable for him." What Wen Wan meant, if  When Qize grows, it should be put on an island for construction.

    Mingrui was stunned for a moment, then became a little embarrassed: "Mom, I'm afraid" He was afraid that Qi Zhe couldn't control it.  After all, it was his uncles and cousins ??who passed by.  These people are all capable. Of course, if they are not capable, he will not let them go.

    Wen Wan smiled softly: "He can only go if he has the ability to control others. Otherwise, there is no need to send him there." Wen Wan wanted to train Qi Ze according to her own wishes.  Let Qize's vision not be limited to the present, but look to the future.  Only by taking a broader view and not limiting ourselves to immediate interests can we be better able to unite all the forces that can be united.

    Mingrui nodded.  He is not limited to the fact that the person in power must be his grandson.  The same goes for Mingjin's grandson. As long as he has this ability, he can build their island better.

    Qi Ze did not expect that when he returned home that day, the atmosphere at home was completely different.  The servants all had a look of joy on their faces.  Everyone who saw him called out: "Master."

    Mother cried with joy when she saw him: "Qi Ze, your great-grandfather sent a message. He said that your great-great-grandmother likes you and asked you to go and accompany your great-great-grandmother. From now on, you should fulfill your filial piety by your great-great-grandmother's side." The uncle sent the message saying that when Qi Ze comes back,  Just sent it over.

    It took Qi Ze a long time to come back to his senses.  What's going on? This happened all of a sudden in the past three months. His first reaction was that he sent the wrong message: "Mom, is it wrong?"

    The seventh lady patted the non-existent dust on his body and said, "This can be a mistake. Come, go into the house and change a set of clothes." When she said this, the bully was a little choked with words.

    Qi Ze felt bad: "Mom, what happened?"

    Mrs. Qi was happy and sad at the same time. She was happy that her husband's job had been settled and her son could stay with her grandmother. She had a good future.  What¡¯s sad is that my husband has gone abroad to work, and it will be a few years before I see my son again.

    When Qi Ze heard that his parents were going to work abroad, he immediately asked hurriedly: "When are you going? Are your brother, sister, and brother going with you?" Don't let him stay in the capital alone!

    Mrs. Seven shook her head: "Not so fast. Don't be afraid, your eldest brother won't follow. He will still be in the capital." The daughter and youngest son are to be taken there.  As for the eldest son, he will be dismissed in two years. Now is a critical moment in his studies. Where can he follow him to work abroad?  Where can I find a gentleman from Beijing?

    Although Qi Ze was reluctant to give up, his father was still very happy because he got a good job.  However, Qize felt a lot of pressure as he thought about going to the princess's mansion, thinking about his enigmatic great-grandmother, and his grandfather who didn't like him.

    When he arrived at the princess's mansion, he faced his great-grandmother again.  The great-grandmother didn't smile, she just looked at him standing quietly.  ThatThe eyes like the deep sea made his teeth chatter in fear, his legs and feet were cold, and his whole body was covered in cold sweat.

    I don¡¯t know how much time passed, but he heard his great-grandmother ask with a smile: ¡°Are you scared?¡± His little face turned pale with fright.  But to be able to reach this point, my mental quality is pretty good.  At least Wen Wan has passed the test.

    Qi Ze nodded involuntarily.  After nodding, I realized that I was pregnant.

    Wen Wan looked at Qi Ze and couldn't help but laugh.  This kid is a bit stupid.  But it's better to stay still: "Qize, when you come to Grandma's side, you have to be prepared to endure hardship. If you are afraid of hardship, you can regret it now. Once you start, you will never have the chance to regret it. You are also six years old this year.  , you can make a decision." Although Wen Wan knew Qi Ze's answer, she still couldn't help but ask it first.  Wenwan hopes that the child will do so willingly rather than being forced.

    Qi Ze didn¡¯t know why.  But I have been taught since I was young that family honor is more important than anything else.  His great-grandmother is willing to teach him, which is his blessing.  He can endure hardships and hardships.  Qi Ze nodded immediately without thinking: "Great-grandmother, I am not afraid of suffering."

    Nodding gently: "Remember what you said today."

    Qi Ze took a day off, and starting from the next day, he followed his great-grandmother to the study.  He thought that his great-grandmother would impart some knowledge to him, but he did not expect that his great-grandmother would just hand him a few books: "Read these books and understand them thoroughly. After reading them, write down your thoughts."

    He looked at the thick books in his hands, and then looked at his great-grandmother who was walking out.  Staring at the ceiling speechlessly.  What kind of trouble is this? See it for yourself, do you still want to understand it thoroughly?  He is only six years old.  Consider him a child prodigy!

    Although he is not a child prodigy, the great-grandmother treats her as one.  There is no way, the task must be handed in within the specified time.  If you fail to complete the task, you have to face the wall and think about your fault.  After much deliberation, he had no choice but to bite the bullet and go to his grandfather for help.

    How do you know, when you hand in your homework?  But his great-grandmother looked at him and said: "If you have any problems in the future, go to your great-uncle, not your grandfather. He himself knows only a little about these things, so don't teach you to know a little about them too." Mingjin is still in Daqi now.  Famous.  It's a pity that Wen Wan wants Qi Ze to follow a different path of literature.  And although Mingjin is involved in family affairs, Mingrui is far superior to him in terms of martial arts success.

    While Qi Ze was still stunned, Wen Wan said, "Starting from tomorrow, I will learn Kung Fu from my master." Mingrui said that Qi Ze had a good foundation and had been practicing martial arts since he was three years old. However, the Marquis of Wencheng emphasized culture over martial arts.  Learned all the different things.

    Qi Ze let out a cry.  But there was no room for him to refute, so he started practicing martial arts from the next day.  Compared with the severity and harshness of the current masters, the requirements of the previous martial arts masters were child's play.  What Qi Ze didn't know was that the martial artist who taught them before was just to help them strengthen their bodies and prepare for self-defense, so naturally he wouldn't be too strict.  Now this master wants to teach him to become a master, and the requirements are naturally higher for different purposes.

    This master tortured Qi Ze to death.

    Qi Zhe was so busy in the following days that he forgot the time.  All he could think about was to complete the task well, not to be reprimanded, and not to dwell on the problem again.

    Until one day, his great-grandmother asked him to go home.  He just realized that he had been away from home for two months.  This day flies by so fast.

    When I went back, my mother was shocked when she saw her son, who seemed to be another person.  Holding him with tears in her eyes: "Ze'er, what's going on? What's going on?"

    Can he say that he was abused by his master?  It's a pity that he couldn't say anything: "Mom, it's okay. I accidentally dropped it when I was practicing."

    My mother is a girl from a scholarly family. After hearing this, she immediately objected: "Why do you want to practice martial arts? Tell your great-grandmother that you don't need to practice martial arts to take the imperial examination in the future."

    Dad¡¯s face turned dark at that time.  Although his father was a Marquis of Wencheng, he also took the imperial examination route.  But his ancestors and his grandfather all came from the military. Looking down on martial artists does not mean looking down on their ancestors. That is forgetting their roots: "What are you talking about? There is no place for you to interfere in grandma's teachings to Qi Ze. Are you living a too stable life outside?"  "

    My mother stopped talking at that time.  In the Bai family, great-grandmother's prestige is greater than that of great-grandfather.  No one dared to say anything bad about my great-grandma.

    After sending his parents away, he and his brother were left alone in the capital.  My brother is busy, and so is he.  He was as busy as a horse, spinning non-stop without stopping for a while.

    Two years passed in the blink of an eye, and he finally satisfied his great-grandmother.

    But his great-grandmother said to him: "Wait for the two sons to go to the study and listen to the lectures with the emperor and grandson." If you want to become a qualified leader, these educations are also essential.

    Qi Ze studied day and night for the past two days.  Of course, day and night is just Qi Ze's own perception.  Compared to having two days off every month, Wenwan attaches great importance to the balance between work and rest.  It¡¯s just that Qize himself doesn¡¯t want to?When we go out to play, Wen Wan takes him by her side and teaches him through words and deeds.

    In this year, Qi Ze went to the palace to study with the prince and grandson.  Go every morning and come back at night.  After I came back, I told my great-grandmother what my husband taught me.  Then he expressed his feelings.  Gentle request, digest what you learn that day and make it your own.

    The pressure on Qi Ze to study with the prince and grandson is not high.  Be careful of frame-ups by these people, and avoid their attempts to solicit and spy on you.  This is not an easy job.

    He studied with Confucianism in the palace for three years. When he was eleven years old, his great-grandmother asked him to return to the princess's mansion.  He was given a book.  The title of the book is "Romance of the Three Kingdoms". It is a book about men competing for the world. It is very interesting.  He was instantly attracted.

    As usual, great-grandmother asked him to write about his experience after reading a chapter.  My great-grandmother's education method was very strange. She did not give him lectures like her husband did, but only let him experience and understand from books.  Then I would give my opinions on his insights and analyze them for him. This time was no exception.  The difference is that now I learn Qigong from my grandfather in the morning, learn it by myself in the afternoon, and follow my great-grandmother in the evening.  Following my great-grandmother was not about listening to lessons, but practicing calligraphy.

    Three years later, he passed the provincial examination for children and was going to prepare for the national examination.  But the great-grandmother shook her head and directly donated an official position to him and let him go to the Ministry of Personnel.

    "The strange thing is that every time he came home from the official department, his great-grandmother would ask him what he had learned that day.  One question can be extended to countless questions. He was asked every day and was left speechless.  I have no choice, I don't want to stand there like a piece of wood in embarrassment when being asked.  Just study more carefully.  If you don¡¯t understand, just ask or read the book.

    Two years later, he arrived at the Ministry of Household Affairs and was promoted.  Of course, going through what happened at the beginning again.  It¡¯s just that now I have experience and know where to start.  A year later, he was transferred to the Ministry of War.  In this way, after repeated training, the official position was abnormally promoted to a higher level every year.  When he reached the back, he was already numb.

    At the same time, he suffered a series of assassinations.  There are assassins, there are poisoners, all kinds of things.  After he came back from hell again.  Great-grandmother went to the palace.  These dangers have since disappeared.

    When his father and mother returned to Beijing, his position was already a fourth-rank official position, which was higher than that of his father.  He is less than 20 years old and of the fourth grade, and he is not from a serious academic background.  If a tree is beautiful in the forest, it will be promoted by sealing it.  Although he claims to be competent, he can do better than those with a serious academic background.  But he is not qualified enough.  Now that great-grandmother is here, no one dares to say anything.  But when great-grandmother leaves, there will definitely be a storm in the Bai family.

    Although my parents were worried, they were also very happy.  This time his parents came back for his marriage.  The girl came from a well-known family and was a lady. He had met her several times and he was very satisfied with her in every aspect.

    His wedding was held in the princess's mansion.  This was incomprehensible to many people, including himself.  As far as he knew, neither grandpa nor eldest grandpa held weddings at the princess's mansion.  He's kind of the only one.  But when great-grandmother spoke, everyone had no choice but to obey.

    The wedding was very lively and he was very happy.

    He never expected that his great-grandmother would pass away just a few days after her eighty-fifth birthday.  There was no recruitment at all beforehand.  On the same day, my grandfather also passed away.

    The passing of great-grandmother and great-grandfather is equivalent to the collapse of the pillar of the sky for the Bai family.  The most direct manifestation is that after great-grandmother was buried, the great-grandfather and grandfather moved out of the princess's mansion.  They each returned to their own mansions.

    He really couldn¡¯t bear to leave the place where he had lived for fifteen years.  But this is the Royal Courtyard, and the great-grandmother has a special status, and they are not qualified to live there.

    He has his own house and places his wife in the house.  And he has been following the great grandfather.  Because of this, he had a personal understanding of the Bai family's plight.

    The Bai family has been prominent for too long, and its big tree attracts the wind.  Now that my great-grandmother is gone, no one can suppress her anymore.  After my great-grandmother waited for a hundred days, there were as many memorials to impeach the Bai family as locusts.

    Grandpa said jokingly to him: "You don't have to wait a hundred days. The art of an emperor lies in checks and balances. In the past, with your great-grandmother here, the Bai family benefited too much. Now, the emperor wants to take it back."

    He knew that the uncle was talking about the interests of the trading company.  The Bai family has accounted for 40% of the company's dividends in recent years, and receives a large amount of money every year.  The descendants of the Bai family did not use this huge wealth.  All this wealth was invested in the construction of the island.

    He thought that the great grandfather would hand over the trading company to the royal family and nothing would happen for the time being.  No matter what, my great-grandmother also had a nurturing kindness towards the emperor.  Unexpectedly, the great grandfather shook his head when he heard what he said: "You are too immature." Talking about feelings to the emperor is courting death.  His mother was able to have a relationship with the emperor because her and the emperor's uncle's lives were connected.

    Qi Ze fell silent.  Not so much childish??, let alone saying that he did not believe that the emperor would be so ruthless and determined.  You must know that great-grandmother has just celebrated the seventh day of the seventh lunar month and has not yet passed the 100th day.  We must kill the Bai family.

    The reality is always cruel.  Someone said in a book that the Bai family intended to rebel, and the evidence was conclusive.  This piece of information has already reached the emperor's imperial records.

    The great grandfather said to him: "If nothing goes wrong, the emperor will surround Shenwuhou in at most an hour."

    What he had been worried about finally happened, and he felt at ease: "Grandpa, what do you need me to do?"

    The uncle asked him with a smile: "Aren't you afraid?"

    He shook his head and said: "Not afraid." He had experienced life and death several times, and he was well prepared for this day.  I just didn't expect it to come so quickly and suddenly.

    Mingrui smiled.  He was not surprised that the emperor would do this.  He had also long expected the emperor's visit.  But his mother's death was too sudden and caught him off guard.

    Lingcheng is a generous person and was very kind to their brothers in the past.  But the person sitting in that position never believes in himself and no one else.  In the past, my mother was here and could suppress him.  Let him not dare to touch the Bai family.  But now that the mother who was weighing on him is gone, he naturally wants to take these things back.  The emperor wants to take back the wealth and military power.

    There was a smile on Mingrui's lips. If he wanted to take back his money and military power easily, it would depend on whether he agreed or not.  Mingrui said to Qi Ze, "Qi Ze, you have to do something now."

    Qi Ze immediately stood up: "Grandpa, tell me."

    The grandpa handed him a box: "This box was left by your great-grandmother to me, and she said that she would give it to you on the day you leave. If you have any difficulties when you get there in the future, it will not be easy to deal with."  You can open it and take a look, the things inside will be helpful to you. "

    He was stunned: ¡°Grandpa, where do you want me to go?¡±

    The uncle smiled and patted his shoulder: "Your great-grandmother spent fifteen years training you to be your successor. She originally planned to let you leave the capital and go there after a few days. But I didn't expect that.  Your great-grandmother passed away too suddenly, and now she can only take advantage of the chaos. "The focus of the Bai family is not in the capital.  Mingrui just understands that the Bai family's focus is in the capital, but they will be dealt a blow.  No matter what, unless there is a real rebellion, there is no way it can resist thousands of troops.

    Qi Ze shook his head: "No, I want to go through the difficulties with everyone." How could he leave everyone and run for his own life at this critical moment of life and death.

    Mingrui said with a smile: "Nothing will happen to the Bai family. The most serious thing is to be demoted to a commoner. And you must leave the capital now. Otherwise, you will never be able to step out of the capital for the rest of your life." Ling Chang is the mother-in-law.  After training, no one knows his mother's abilities better than Ling Chang.  Qi Ze was also trained by his mother herself. Qi Ze was even better than Ling Chang back then in terms of qualifications and potential.  The emperor knew very well that Qize would be assassinated.  But my mother is here and can protect her. Now that my mother is gone, no one can protect her and leave.

    Fortunately, the emperor did not dare to kill Qiqi blatantly when his mother was alive, but just in case, he had asked Qi Ze to follow him since his mother passed away.  Now the only way to let this child leave is to take advantage of the chaos, otherwise there are only two ways waiting for Qi Ze.  Either be killed, or become a caged bird, like his mother.

    Seeing Qi Ze shaking his head desperately, Mingrui said with a smile: "You should believe that Grandpa can protect the Bai family." He was sure that the Bai family would not be destroyed.  First of all, Lingcheng had to worry about his reputation. He was raised and trained by his mother. If he destroyed the Bai family, he would be an ungrateful person and would leave a mark in the history books.  In addition, after so many years of preparation, Ling Chang really wanted to completely wipe out the Bai family, so he had to weigh whether he could afford the consequences.  Of course, Mingrui would not say these words to Qi Ze.

    Qi Ze is struggling.

    Mingrui took a deep look at Qi Zhe and said, "Let's go. I'll have someone take good care of your parents. As for your wife, I'll send someone to send her there in a while." Maybe he won't be able to see this in his lifetime.  A child.

    Qi Ze doesn¡¯t want to leave, but he can only obey the grandpa¡¯s arrangements.  He couldn't let his great-grandmother and great-grandfather's hard work go to waste.  He had the little box with him at the moment.  He left the Shenwuhou Mansion through the secret passage.

    Half an hour after Qi Ze left the Hou Mansion, Shenwu Hou Mansion was surrounded by soldiers.  This time the Xiaoqi camp besieged Shenwuhou Mansion.

    Mingrui looked at the commander of the Xiaoqi Battalion and smiled faintly: "If you don't want to die an ugly death in the future, just tell your subordinates not to touch the people of my Bai family." Unexpectedly, Lingyang was more ruthless than he thought.  I thought it would be a shock at most.  Unexpectedly, the house was ransacked directly.

    The commander of Xiaoqi Camp has also ransacked many homes, but most people are frightened when faced with home raids.  Because ransacking their homes means they fall into the dust.  Can??Marquis Shenwu is a strange person. He is not afraid at all at this point.  Under Mingrui's indifferent eyes, the commander of the Xiaoqi Battalion finally said: "I am following orders." He said this, but he still didn't know what he was doing.  No one knows the background of the Bai family.  If he lets his subordinates go, it is not impossible that he will be retaliated against in the future.

    It was only after Mingrui was imprisoned in Tianlao that he found out that the emperor had only surrounded the Shenwu Houfu and had not touched the Wencheng Houfu.  Mingrui smiled faintly, Ling Chang deserved to be the emperor for more than thirty years, and he did this very beautifully.

    Mingjin knew that the emperor had captured Mingrui, and immediately went straight to the palace.  When he saw the emperor, he said angrily: "You want to kill my brother?" His relationship with Ling Chang has been good over the years.  And because Ling Chang concentrates on writing books, the relationship has always been very good and they get along very harmoniously.

    Lingting was wearing bright yellow clothes. His more than thirty years as an emperor had long trained him to remain calm.  Now seeing that Mingjin could still speak to him with such an expression, he didn't know whether to sigh or sigh: "As long as he can hand over his military power to the island, he will be fine." Mingrui would not  If something happens, the people of the Bai family will be fine.

    Lingchen knew that Mingrui was an extremely ambitious person before he became emperor.  But this ambition is only limited to his wanting to be a generalissimo.  But the facts proved that he was wrong, very wrong.  He later learned how ambitious Mingrui was.  He actually wanted to break away from the Qi Dynasty and establish an independent kingdom.  This is something that no emperor can tolerate.

    If it had been anyone else, he would have killed him long ago.  But this person happened to be Bai Mingrui.  With his aunt covering him from behind, he couldn't even move.

    He could only watch as Mingrui invested a large amount of resources into the island. The island was getting better and better, and now it has become a complete individual.  And this area that should have belonged to Da Qi has now become the territory of the Bai family.  Nothing could make him feel more useless than this.  What made him even more angry was that Mingrui tried every means to get his aunt to teach Qi Ze.

    No one knows his aunt¡¯s abilities better than him.  He didn't know how Qi Ze, who was taught by his aunt, would grow up in the future.  But he knew that he was a terrible person and would pose a huge threat to his descendants.

    He originally wanted to kill Bai Qize.  But after Qize was assassinated, his aunt said to him: "You can do whatever you want in the future. But don't touch them during my lifetime. Let me live a happy and peaceful old age." It is enough to protect him during his lifetime.  .  When she gets old, whether they can protect themselves depends on their own abilities.

    He promised his aunt at that time.

    ¡°My aunt and uncle taught him and raised him, but they never made a request to him in so many years.  This was the first and only time I made a request to him.  He couldn't refuse, both emotionally and rationally; secondly, if he didn't agree, and his aunt would no longer remain neutral for the sake of her children and grandchildren, and completely lean towards Mingrui, it would be a disaster for Daqi.  He knew very well how much energy his aunt had.  Once his refusal offends his aunt, and her aunt fully supports Bai Mingrui, the world will be in chaos.

    Now that his aunt is gone, he has nothing to worry about anymore.  (To be continued. Please search Piaotian Literature, the novels will be better and updated faster!)
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