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Wuxia - List of articles

Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
Immortal jade dust Array Text Chapter 1910 The Final Battle WanMu 15995K 24-04-18 serializing
The Genius Leader of the Xianxia World Array Volume Five: Famous in the Great World of Conferred Gods Chapter 736: The Final Chapter - Coming fro CuiCanDeHuoYan 5542K 24-04-13 serializing
Pioneering Records Array Volume 5 Little Sumeru City Chapter 500 Variables [Chapter 500, please subscribe for the original ve DongFangBuBaiZhiDongFangBuBai 4125K 24-04-10 serializing
Near Penglai Array Volume 2: Across Wu and Yue Taking leave to prepare the outline! FangWaiYouXia 2207K 24-04-10 serializing
The Wilderness Array Volume 9: Winged Snake Lake Ji Ning Volume 24: Mist Rock Star Lord Chapter 10: Black Mist World God WoChiXiGongShi 13428K 24-04-09 serializing
The little farmer who walked out of the immortal t Array The Little Farmer Walking Out of the Immortal Tomb Chapter 1433: Are you stupid? DaFiu 13498K 24-04-08 serializing
Great Emperor of Immortal Kingdom Array Text Chapter 44 Time Stands Still GuanQi 9147K 24-04-08 serializing
Immortal of all realms Array Volume 6: Baolu Tianting Chapter 395: Butt Back Flat Sand and Falling Goose Pose (Part 2) Second upd DanSan 7910K 24-04-08 serializing
fairy mountain Array Text Chapter 299: Conflict outside the competition venue (seventh update!!) QiXingYuHeng 7239K 24-04-08 serializing
The Confucian Sage of Prehistoric Times Array Volume 1 Ancient Human Race Chapter 465 Infinite World TaoYuanXianRen 3443K 24-04-08 serializing
The Ancestor Wu Zhu Jiuyin s Biography Array Text Chapter 733 Finale XiaoXiaoYaoDao 6993K 24-04-06 serializing
Immortal of Six Paths Array Volume 8: Becoming Famous Chapter 430: Hongmeng Supreme (Grand Finale) YunTingFei 16783K 24-03-30 serializing
Game fairy tale Array Text Chapter 669 Xiao Buluan SiWangWaiKeYi 5632K 24-03-29 serializing
Chunyang Array 127 A little show of skill JingKeShou 3453K 24-03-25 serializing
Zhu Xian Array Text Episode 9 Chapter 7 Good Man Wild Dog XiaoDing 8469K 24-03-22 serializing
turtle fairy Array Volume Six: Goddess Lake Chapter 600: Generous (Part 1) GongChenQingXie 7422K 24-03-22 serializing
domineering Array Text Chapter 18 Dzogchen TaXueZhenRen 6984K 24-03-22 serializing
Lingbu Qingyun Array Lingbu Qingyun 5200 Text 755. A big drama (Part 2) JuLing 11618K 24-03-22 serializing
Indulgent Sword God Array Text Chapter 66: Unruly and unruly ShaZhuZhe 1316K 24-03-22 serializing
The great witch Qingyun Array Volume 2 The Destiny of Heaven and Earth 266 The Catastrophe that Erupted (1) ZhuiXingHZY 2649K 24-03-19 serializing
Demon King Array Volume 5 The Battle between Du and Qin Chapter 239 Xue Qing'er's Advancement MoShuShiYang 2074K 24-03-18 serializing
Feng Xing Ji Array Yuntai Chaos Chapter 55 Doubts DingHui 683K 24-03-18 serializing
Smiling proudly in the world Array Volume Six: Guan Feng Yun Lu Chapter 26: Old Love Is Hard to Break LanSeDaHai 5950K 24-03-18 serializing
Martial Arts Brigade Array Text Chapter 569 Changes SanXingErGuoTou 4687K 24-03-18 serializing
Born a fanatic Array Volume 1 Chapter 149 A coffin! LouCangLong 2119K 24-03-18 serializing
Xiu Shen Gaiden Array Volume 1: Forgetting Each Other in the Jianghu Chapter 3737: Becoming a Disciple of the Witch Taoist XiaoDuanTanHua 26300K 24-03-18 serializing
Xu Xianzhi Array Volume 7 Chapter 313 Sea Territory ShuiMengZhe 7865K 24-03-15 serializing
Taoist priests in Jin Yong s world Array Part One: The Divine Condor Chapter 235 Traveling Together XiaoShu 30873K 24-03-15 serializing
Dharma and Immortal Path Array Volume 2: Training on the Path to Immortality Chapter 206: The Power of a Sword PiHuPiDeLanMao 1888K 24-03-15 serializing
Taoist priests in Journey to the West Array Volume 3: The Gathering of Heroes Chapter 1129: Putting the Blame on DingGuGeXin 10098K 24-03-15 serializing