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Wuxia - List of articles

Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
Journey to the West in heaven from nine to five Array Chapter 1340 Play me?  Leeks finally become a leek box XueShanBaiShu 8702K 23-09-28 serializing
Wind rises and peace Array 1002. Goodbye, Lord Chunhe BaGuiShaoNian 5947K 23-09-26 serializing
Tiexian successor in the city Array Chapter 3294 XiaoXiaoYu 21288K 23-09-26 serializing
Drunken fairy gourd Array Chapter 2034: Apology ChengShiZhouGong 13361K 23-09-26 serializing
I have a mobile phone in Dantian Array Chapter 1337 White Insect Lord DanQiTianXia 11936K 23-09-26 serializing
Huashan Sword God Array Chapter 209 209. Self-admittance and invitation JinYeChiHuoJiangLin 4055K 23-09-26 serializing
The days of leisurely farming in the wilderness Array Chapter 919 The water control discussion group came into being LaiBuJiYouShang 6487K 23-09-14 serializing
benxian is here Array Chapter 666 The lazy man who teaches others the sword ShouZhaoMaoShuiJiaoDeYu 6435K 23-09-14 serializing
take the phone to cultivate immortals Array Chapter 397 Trapped in Senluo Palace QiuYuBanXieYang 3748K 23-09-14 serializing
Tianbu Jiuzhong Array Chapter 1342 Real gold is not afraid of fire YinWenXun 9200K 23-09-14 serializing
All Heavens Duoyun Road Array Chapter 242 Killer QingCongKe 4323K 23-09-14 serializing
Being an undercover agent does not speak martial a Array Chapter 384 Arrangement CangBuYu 2706K 23-09-14 serializing
see in the world Array Chapter 142 Listening to books in the teahouse DanWen 4926K 23-09-14 serializing
Mortal cheats and cultivates immortals Array Chapter 567: The sky is falling apart (again) FangYou 3936K 23-09-14 serializing
Abandon the universe Array Chapter 1370 The Earth Clan surrendered EShiLaoWu 8550K 23-09-14 serializing
meow emperor biography Array Chapter 62: Going out in two days YiJiaoZhiZhu 3892K 23-09-14 serializing
Dao Lord is not easy to mess with Array Chapter 670 Dinner LangTunHuYan 6189K 23-09-14 serializing
Lou B Array Chapter 516 Hiding Identity ShouWangFanChen 22824K 23-09-14 serializing
My only way of righteousness and evil Array Chapter 1151 The Three Envoys of the Dragon King: Minghuang (all ordered for additional updates) LanHeiMoSe 14831K 23-09-14 serializing
After becoming a doctor Array Chapter 580: A young girl playing the harp, a green mountain with a white head (please vote for me) HuYouA 5343K 23-09-14 serializing
Unparalleled Soul Seal Array Chapter 409 Who killed the soul-eating beast? CongXiaoQueGai 5567K 23-09-14 serializing
Big Data Cultivation Array Chapter 3259 New Space ChenFengXiao 17858K 23-09-14 serializing
Huo Chen Guang Ji Array Chapter 20 Soul and Body Rebirth MoChengXueJi 698K 23-09-14 serializing
Heavens Practice Manual Array Chapter 173 Juntian Dao Kingdom ZuiJianLingFeng 3351K 23-09-14 serializing
It all started with Hengshan Sword Crazy Array Chapter 83 Using yourself as bait BaXiaKe 5489K 23-09-14 serializing
Taishang Totem Array Chapter 947 Wandao Jueqing Sect ShuiWaHuoWa 7538K 23-09-14 serializing
Honghuang: Shoot and kill the nine golden crows at Array Chapter 46 Destruction of Styx YanYuQingFeng 1398K 23-09-14 serializing
Rebirth of the City: I am the Immortal King Array Chapter 454 A big apology? HuaYu 13329K 23-09-14 serializing
Jiupinxian Road Array Chapter 1078 Immortal Level Methods ChenCang 8996K 23-09-14 serializing
immortality Array Chapter 2755 Hunyuan Great Realm Bell TaiYiShenShe 19375K 23-09-14 serializing