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Text Chapter 7: Guest at Prince Zheng¡¯s Mansion (Part 2)

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    "In the past year, you have worried me so much that I asked the prince several times, but he always said that he could not disturb your rest. Wen Wan, the imperial doctor said, are you really well?" the princess asked kindly and kindly.  Wen Wan nodded: "Basically, I'm better. The imperial doctor said that I need to take good care of myself for a year or two. When I'm done, the root cause of the disease will be gone. I won't get sick again in the future." "Amitabha, then  That's good. Treat the palace as your own home. If you are missing anything, please send someone to take good care of yourself." The princess felt relieved after hearing this.  "Yes, princess, you must take good care of your health. This year, the princess has prayed for the princess in front of Bodhisattva every day and has been vegetarian for a year. The princess really treats you as her own daughter."  A woman whispered beside her.  Wen Wan looked over and saw Concubine Wang and Concubine Feng sitting there, smiling lightly and saying nothing.  The person who spoke was something Wen Wan had never seen before.  But looking at the clothes she wore, I remembered the wedding Wen Wan attended before.  Needless to say, it must be this one.  Wen Wan took a look. She was not very beautiful, but she had a gentle and graceful temperament.  After Wen Wan heard this, she immediately stood up from her chair and gave a big blessing gift to the princess, and then gave a blessing gift to the concubines to express her gratitude. "The princess, the concubines." The princess said  , I'm worried about you. She is very grateful for your care." "This is Concubine Shen." When Wen Wan returned to her seat, the princess introduced the woman who just spoke to her.  He must be a close confidant of the princess, otherwise, he wouldn't be able to put in a good word for her.  Moreover, it is still so obvious.  Wenwan stood up to her.  He nodded as a greeting.  The princess was still very pleased with her gentle behavior.  "Sicong, Sihan, why don't you come here and apologize to sister Wenwan. Last time, it was Sicong and Sihan's recklessness that damaged your beloved Wenwan. This is something we prepared carefully, although it is not very expensive.  Please don¡¯t take it personally, Princess." Concubine Wang and Concubine Feng kept their postures very low.  They had already received the news, although Wen Wan had been recovering from illness in Zhuangzi for a year.  But the emperor still regarded her as a treasure.  Besides, the prince still needs her help now.  In addition to the prince's love for her, he must win her over no matter what.  Don't let the consequences of what happened before lead to future troubles.  Wen Wan looked at the two of them and wanted to apologize to her, but hurriedly stopped her, saying that she had not taken it to heart for a long time. "The princess said. We are all a family, how can there be an overnight feud. She also did something wrong that day. It was just an incident.  Little thing. Because she was young and ignorant, she ended up causing so much trouble for everyone. Now that it has been so long, the princess will be extremely ashamed if she mentions it.  If Princess Sihan really apologizes to her, the princess will feel even more uneasy." Her gentle attitude made the princess suspicious.  certainly.  Not to mention the princess, even the concubine Wang and Concubine Feng were also murmuring in their hearts.  The gap between front and back is too big.  Wen Wan looked at everyone¡¯s doubts and knew it was time to shift their attention.  Smiling, she asked Xia Ying to recount her words. "The princess said that she has been recuperating on Zhuangzi this year. She almost failed to hold on several times. After experiencing so many hardships, she kept reflecting on herself on Zhuangzi. She felt that that time, she was  It's really too willful. The princess said that if she had offended everyone before, please forgive her because she was young and could not get along in the end because of such a trivial matter.  Make it difficult for Uncle Zheng." Everyone understands the hidden meaning of Wen Wan's words.  She could not care about what happened before.  It's all for the prince's sake.  Please don¡¯t cause trouble for her anymore.  Although the princess was surprised in her heart.  But he still smiled and said, "How could it be possible? It was our fault to damage Wenwan's beloved thing that day. Since you have said it, let's not mention it. Si Cong, Si Han, you must follow more  "Wen Wan learns." Wen Wan shook her head, saying that she didn't understand anything, so she shouldn't let the two of them learn from her.  However, her gentle words made Concubine Wang and Concubine Feng feel much better about her.  Even Sicong's dislike of Wenwan has decreased a lot.  The group of people saw that Wen Wan was unwilling to talk about what happened at Zhuangzi.  They also picked some interesting things to talk about.  Among the several people, Concubine Shen was the most active one.  She kept chirping non-stop, and her voice was the loudest in the room.  Wen Wan secretly wondered if this woman talked too much.  Wen Wan pretended to be very attentive and listened to everyone's conversation.  When the atmosphere was at its most favorable, Jiayi walked in from outside and said, "Princess, Doctor Zhang is here." As soon as he said this, everyone in the room looked very strange.  This is great, who called the imperial doctor?  Everyone looked at Wen Wan and wondered why the imperial doctor was called here. Didn't this obviously mean that?  The princess shot everyone in a circle, and everyone immediatelyHe bowed his head and said nothing.  After hearing this, Wen Wan lowered her head, with a sharp flash in her eyes.  However, it is also fleeting.  As soon as he entered the palace, he called the imperial doctor.  What does this mean? People who are afraid that their illness is not easy to deceive need to confirm it.  And Wen Wan was very sure that the imperial doctor called here must not have given her uncle a chance to breathe.  Moreover, it is very likely that he is from King Zhao.  Since she returned to the capital that year, only two people have treated her.  One is Imperial Physician Wang and the other is Imperial Physician Ye.  These two people were both the emperor's grandfather's exclusive doctors.  So, it is impossible to reveal anything about her medical condition.  When others see the pulse cases written by the two of them, they have also carefully written them.  But what it really is, no one knows except a few people.  But now, if this imperial doctor really asks for a pulse.  Once her pulse condition comes out, it will definitely arouse others' suspicion.  A person who has just recovered from a long illness, and her current condition.  These imperial doctors are not good at covering up, and they will know that there is a problem with just a handful of them.  I don¡¯t know who the brainless person came up with this bad idea.  When Princess Zheng heard this, she was very angry.  For a person who has just recovered from a serious illness to visit someone else's house, and the relationship is so delicate, coupled with his gentle temperament and sensitive and suspicious nature, this move is really rude.  According to Wen Wan's temperament, he might have to throw away his sleeves again.  Princess Zheng looked at Wen Wan carefully and saw that Wen Wan did not care about the arrival of the imperial doctor, although there was anger in her eyes.  But there was still a faint smile on his face.  She felt a little relieved.  This child was so sensitive before, but he didn't expect this. Although he was still unhappy, at least he didn't throw away his sleeves like above.  That's good, at least there is room for maneuver.  Princess Zheng breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, Wen Wan has indeed improved a lot this year.  Otherwise, he would cause trouble in the palace both times.  When the news spreads, it will definitely be said that Princess Huanggui and Prince Zheng's palace are not on good terms.  When the news reached the emperor, he also had a very bad impression of the palace.  Since Imperial Physician Zhang is over sixty, he doesn¡¯t have any taboos.  I had never seen that imperial doctor Wen Wan before.  Her special doctor.  They are the two most skilled physicians in the Imperial Hospital, Imperial Physician Wang and Imperial Physician Ye.  As for Dr. Zhang, his medical skills were only inferior to these two.  However, Wenwan looked at him.  It cannot be concluded that he is the wife of Concubine Xian and King Zhao.  But, no matter who it is, be careful.     certainly.  This person also made many contributions during the last plague incident.  This is the first time I've seen him.  He looks in his sixties, with a slight beard on his chin, which is gray and white.  There was peace on his face.  Wearing a green gown, his back was slightly arched.  The head is slightly lowered.  Bowed to everyone in the house.  Looking at it, you can tell that his behavior is very sophisticated.  The princess smiled gently and asked, "Mr. Zhang, who invited you here." Dr. Zhang lowered his head and said hurriedly, "It was the third master who invited the old man to come over and said that he would diagnose the princess. The third master said that he was trustworthy in the old man's skills.  I wonder if the princess can agree." Princess Zheng was very upset after hearing this.  And everyone looked at Wen Wan.  Wenwan glanced at Princess Zheng, and then looked at everyone in the room.  Finally, she looked at the imperial doctor whom she didn't recognize. His expression was not as angry as everyone expected, but he just smiled.  Nothing expressed.  However, Xia Ying was very angry and said in a very stiff tone, "The princess's illness has always been diagnosed by Dr. Wang. If there is any hindrance, Dr. Wang will be asked to come and see the princess. I won't bother Dr. Zhang."  Xia Ying spoke forcefully.  This made Doctor Zhang look very unhappy.  "One sentence made everyone in the room laugh.  ??Smiled gently.  He moved towards Xia Ying for a while.  Xia Ying was a little reluctant, but she still followed Wen Wan's instructions and said, "The Princess said. She knows that Doctor Zhang is highly skilled in medicine, but her disease has always been treated by Doctor Wang. Therefore, she can no longer change the prescription arbitrarily, in case something goes wrong."  If there is any conflict, she will have to suffer. So, please forgive me, Doctor Zhang." This was said very politely. Taking the pulse is not just for medical treatment.  Since you are seeing a doctor, it is natural to prescribe a prescription.  The things inside are very particular.  Wen Wan said this to give Doctor Zhang some face.  "The princess is serious and the ministers don't dare to do it," the imperial physician Zhang said with a look of fear on his face. Wen Wan's words contained a layer of metaphor.  It's time to get a prescription, something went wrong.  But it's murder.  Dare to do anything to her, unless he wants to kill the whole clan.  Xia Ying still didn't say anything when she saw the people in the room. "The princess said, thank you Third Master for your concern. When I see Third Master again, I will definitely thank him in person. However, since this disease is treated by Dr. Wang, he should be treated exclusively by Dr. Wang."  , and you cannot change the imperial doctor at will." Everyone was stunned after hearing this.  They really didn't expect that Wen Wan could handle the matter like this.  I thought Wenwan would walk away or get angry.  Seeing that everyone was silent, Concubine Shen thought about changing the topic.  He smiled and said, "Princess, princess, concubine happened to be here yesterday."??Somewhat uncomfortable.  Just as Dr. Zhang arrived, I showed him to my concubine.  Don't know how?  " Princess Zheng smiled and said, "Well, I'll trouble Dr. Zhang.  " Doctor Zhang took Concubine Shen's pulse, and surprise flashed across his face, "Congratulations to Concubine Shen, Congratulations to Concubine Shen.  The concubine is pregnant, it has been more than a month.  Concubine Shen asked in surprise, "Really?"  Doctor Zhang, what you said is true. Do I really have a child?  " Doctor Zhang touched his beard and said with a smile, "Concubine, don't worry, it's absolutely true.  Moreover, the concubine's pregnancy is extremely stable, so she will just need to pay a little more attention to it in the future.  " All the orioles and swallows in the room gathered around. There was a loud voice of congratulations. Wen Wan could tell that there were some who were jealous, some who were envious, some who were thoughtful, and some who lowered their heads and couldn't tell what they were thinking.  Wen Wan sat on the stool and didn't say a word. She must be a fool to believe in coincidence. Although the face of this woman just now was full of surprise, most people would raise their hands when they heard the news.  She couldn't help but touch her belly. But this woman didn't. It was clear that no matter who set it up, she was involved in the scheme. She smiled bitterly in her heart.  The court, even this small backyard, was full of intrigues. No matter who instigated the impetuous third cousin, she was involved in this matter. Wen Wan felt that it was very boring.  Get ready to drink tea. If it weren't for Uncle Zheng's face, he would have thrown away his sleeves and left. Well, I think it's better to come to Prince Zheng's house less often.  The whole aura between herself and Prince Zheng's Mansion is not right. Could it be that she has to put all her efforts into dealing with Concubine Xian and Prince Zhao, but then she still has to deal with the thoughts of these people in Prince Zheng's Mansion? She only knows that they are fine.  Fighting in the inner house. He didn't have the intention or the time. Qi Yan in the front yard got the news and scolded Qi Mu angrily, "What are you trying to do? Why did you ask the imperial doctor?"  Wenwan's health has just improved, and she avoids this the most.  You didn't mean to let her go against the palace.  Have a lot of dissatisfaction?  you do this delibrately?  " Qi Mu raised his eyebrows, "Brother, don't you think your father's attitude towards his Wen Wan cousin is very strange?  Not to mention others, am I surprised?  Except himself.  Others basically can't see their cousin.  this will.  If someone happens to want to take advantage of me, then I will take advantage of them.  Anyway, I've been doing things without any brains.  My father knew it, so he just scolded me.  " Qi Yan held back his anger and said, "What do you want to say?  If you have something to say, just say it. There is no need to hide it in front of me.  " Qi Mu showed a strange expression, "Brother, you didn't notice that there was a shallow mark on cousin Wen Wan's hand.  it's here.  "Qi Mu marked the position on his hand. Qi Yan looked at his expression and asked strangely, "What does this mean?  If you have anything to say, just say it and don't hold back on me?  What's wrong with that?  " Qi Mu smiled meaningfully, "Our cousin is a wonderful person.  I just looked at it accidentally and saw such a mark on her hand.  Although the traces are very light.  But it didn't disappear completely.  Brother, you know, I like riding and shooting very much.  I'm on this.  I won¡¯t explain it thoroughly, but I still have a certain understanding.  elder brother.  Don't look at me like that.  I tell you with absolute certainty.  Only people who often use bows and arrows will have such marks.  It¡¯s just that the marks on my cousin¡¯s wrist are much lighter.  It's probably because it's well protected, so it's hard to see.  However, no matter how well you protect it, it will leave traces.  " Qi Yan was dumbfounded. However, he quickly came back to his senses and said, "You mean it.  Cousin Wen Wan is not sick at all, but, but" Qi Yan couldn't continue what he said next. If Wen Wan could even practice bow and arrow, what else could be wrong? Qi Mu said with a smile, "Originally, I  Just doubtful.  But now I heard that my cousin was unwilling to have her pulse checked by the imperial doctor.  This is basically true.  I just don¡¯t know, what on earth is my father doing?  My gentle cousin, what on earth are you doing on Zhuangzi?  " When Qi Yan heard this, he immediately interrupted him and said, "As long as you know this.  Never tell anyone again.  Don't even talk about it to the mother and concubine.  I guess that this matter is not the father's intention, but the emperor's grandfather's intention.  Since it was what Grandpa Huang meant, he couldn't say it out loud.  Otherwise, if it spreads, it will cause discord between the cousin and the palace.  It will ruin the big things for my father.  " Qi Mu nodded, "Of course I know this, so I will tell you alone.  But, brother, looking at my cousin, I seem to have a good impression of Xiaoliu.  If nothing goes wrong, the father will probably marry his cousin into the palace.  The most likely ones are Lao Wu and Xiao Liu.  You have a good relationship with your cousin Wenwan.  Say more good things about Xiaoliu in front of her.  I don't want my gentle cousin to marry that sinister fifth child.  ¡± Qi Yan couldn¡¯t help laughing"Why not you?" Qi Mu didn't like Wen Wan at all, and said cheerfully, "Wen Wan is too smart and has tricks. In addition, my father loves and follows her no matter what. I really marry him."  , I don't want to do anything in the future. I probably won't even be able to keep a maid. I don't want to find such a powerful wife and be left to death.  Six. Anyway, Xiao Liu is thin-skinned and has a better temper than me. "Qi Yan couldn't help but laugh when she looked at his appearance.  Actually, there was something Qi Mu didn't say.  This younger brother likes martial arts, and his biggest wish is to be a battlefield warrior.  With his father's attitude, he would not marry his cousin to Qi Mu.  In the main room, Wen Wan faced everyone's words again. Although she didn't show any anger, her face was calm.  It takes a while.  A maid outside shouted, "The prince is back." As soon as he said this, everyone in the room, including the princess, stood up.  Wen Wan looked at it blankly.  When she came back to her senses, she realized belatedly that she was the only one still sitting in the whole room.  He also stood up quickly.  In the past, she and Prince Zheng were neither old nor young.  Where can there be such rules?  It seems that Uncle Zheng has absolute authority in the palace.  King Zheng walked into the house.  Seeing Wen Wan sitting up from the chair.  Seeing Wen Wan, Leng Jun's face softened a lot.  Before she could say anything, she heard the news that her concubine was pregnant.  King Zheng didn't show much joy on his face, but the expression on his face softened a lot.  In this dynasty, people believed that having more children means more blessings.  King Zheng is no exception.  "I really didn't expect it. As soon as the princess came over, Concubine Shen diagnosed the happy pulse. The princess is really the lucky star of the child in the concubine's belly. Concubine, don't you think so?" Sicong looked at it.  He smiled at Wen Wan and said with a very bright smile.  Last time, just for a chessboard, Wen Wan made all of them embarrassed.  And she was imprisoned in a Buddhist temple by her father for a year.  this time.  Concubine Shen slapped Wen Wan in the face nakedly, and she didn't believe it.  Wenwan can endure it.  It was also a good opportunity to use Wen Wan's hand to dampen Concubine Shen's arrogance.  Don't think that you can do whatever you want with your father's favor.  Breaking out about her pregnancy at this juncture, huh, what are you thinking, treating everyone as a fool.  Wen Wan glanced at Sicong, and then at King Zheng.  Everyone else looked at Wen Wan and Prince Zheng's expressions.  Especially Concubine Shen, she realized that from the beginning to now, Wen Wan didn't seem to have congratulated her!  Seeing everyone looking at him, Wen Wan smiled and made a few moves.  Xia Ying's face looked a little ugly.  He said forcefully, "Concubine Shen, the princess said, congratulations to you. But I didn't bring anything out today. I'm sorry." King Zheng looked at Dr. Zhang on the side again, although no one told him what was going on.  .  But King Zheng's eyes flashed with a sharp look.  If there is no ghost in this.  Then he was in vain.  But this was only a matter of a moment.  King Zheng said calmly, "Take good care of her. Princess, please take more care of her." At this point, King Zheng did a very good job.  In the backyard, it is dominated by the princess.  No matter what happened, as long as it was not a matter of principle, he would not interfere in the affairs of the inner court.  Of course, Princess Zheng did not disappoint him, and nothing happened that violated his principles in so many years.  Although some things are always a little flawed, they also have their own little thoughts.  But as long as the overall situation goes well.  King Zheng always turned a blind eye.  "The prince, the princess, the prince, the second master, the fifth master, and the sixth master are all here." After saying that, several people walked in.  He saluted the prince and princess, and then gave a flat salute to Wen Wan.  She returned the gift with a gentle smile.  Wen Wan looked at her cousins ??and her uncle's sons, all of whom were outstanding.  Caixue, it¡¯s not bad to have two in it.  Cousin Qi Mu, the third child, is very good at martial arts, but he has a firecracker temper.  People are aggressive and violent.  The others are also gentle and talented types.  However, the third cousin did not come in this time.  Wen Wan thought about the servant's reply just now, and guessed that this third cousin was being used as a gun.  Of the sons of Uncle King Zheng, only the second and fourth sons have never been seen.  This time when I saw the second child, he looked a little indifferent.  The second child, Qi Ji, only nodded slightly even when facing Wen Wan.  His expression was equally cold.  As for the fourth child, he has been raising him because of his poor health.  King Zheng looked at the sons who came in, "This is your cousin. I was in a hurry last time and didn't see you. Your cousin is alone in the capital. You should take care of her in the future." Wen Wan saw King Zheng's words fall,  Everyone in the room reacted strangely.  It was funny and touching in my heart, she was like this, who would dare to bully her, unless they didn't want to live anymore.  But there is still a need to respond to King Zheng's words.  You took the initiative to go forward and give blessing gifts to several cousins.  Although I have just met a few cousins, this meeting is considered a formal meeting.     SeveralEveryone returned the gift.  The cousins ??are all very nice, and each of them prepared a small gift for Wenwan.  Even Master Liu, Qi Feng, who is two months younger than Wen Wan, is also prepared.  Of course, Wenwan also prepares gifts.  Except that my eldest cousin¡¯s gift is a little more outstanding.  The value of other people's gifts is basically the same.  This is understandable. Firstly, Qi Yan is the eldest son, and secondly, the relationship between the two is closer than others.  The concubines were very satisfied with Wen Wan's impartiality.  Unexpectedly, after getting sick, people become more enlightened.  Prince Zheng was sitting in the first place, looking at Wen Wan with a tired look on his face, "What's wrong? Are you feeling tired? You're going to be tired. Go back to your courtyard to rest for a while. Come back when you have lunch." In Prince Zheng's Mansion  Here, there was an order from King Zheng.  The green courtyard where Wen Wan lived before has been reserved for her.  Just for Wenwan to come here and have a place to rest.  Wen Wan smiled and shook her head.  Qi Yan smiled and said, "Father, Wen Wan looks much better. Don't let Wen Wan stay alone in the courtyard all the time. Sicong, Sihan, Wen Wan is alone, you should stay with her more."  Si Cong and Si Han both nodded in agreement.  Wenwan shook his head and said no.  Seeing that Wen Wan was unwilling, King Zheng followed her.  Sit directly at the top.  After asking Wen Wan a few more questions, and seeing Wen Wan say it was good, he started to ask how his sons were doing with their recent studies.  Everyone in the room looked at the two of them.  Does this mean that the prince actually regards Wenwan as a member of his family?  Of course, everyone was just making plans in their hearts, and did not dare to ask. In fact, King Zheng just asked a few simple questions.  Of course, they also come one by one in order of size.  The second child's answer was quite satisfactory.  Lao Wucai learned well, and King Zheng was quite satisfied.  Compared with the previous two, Lao Liu stumbled when he answered, and when he talked about nervousness, sweat broke out on his forehead.  King Zheng frowned.  Wen Wan looked at the slightly chubby baby face, which was almost wrinkled into a bun.  He couldn't help but pursed his lips and smiled.  King Zheng has absolute authority in the palace.  When he spoke, no one dared to interrupt.  So Wen Wan's performance is very abrupt.  Everyone looked at Wen Wan eagerly.  Look at King Zheng again.  Seeing the gentle look on his face, King Zheng was not angry. He just asked in a gentle voice, "Wan'er, what's wrong?" Seeing King Zheng's question, Qi Xuan asked with a smile, "Father, my cousin studied under Song Luoyang.  Mr. Song, he is also very talented. I have always heard about it, but I have never seen it before. I wonder if I have this opportunity?" Wen Wan said with a smile, "Fifth Master, she has no talent at all.  It's just a rumor. She only knows two words." After hearing this, Qi Xuan felt indescribable disappointment.  When Qi Yan saw Wen Wan not answering his father, but answering Lao Wu, there was something strange in his heart.  But when he saw his younger brother standing there pitifully, he smiled and said, "Wen Wan, I just saw you smiling when my father was taking the exam for Primary 6 in school. What fun thing did you think of?" Wen Wan heard this,  He stood up laughing.  Write a line of words in King Zheng's hand.  After King Zheng knew what Wen Wan had written, he couldn't help but laughed and cursed, "You girl, you can think of everything. Why is there nothing you dare not think of?" What Wen Wan wrote was, look at my cousin's wrinkles  She has a small face, like a white and tender bun, and I really want to pinch it twice. ? ? Here¡¯s the explanation: This chapter has more than 7,000 words, combined into one.  Yesterday I told you that there might be five updates today, and now I can tell you that there will definitely be five updates today.  Everyone worked hard, and I tried my best too.  As long as permission is allowed, maybe six updates.  Here, I also continue to ask for your pink votes to support me and help me create a record.  thank you all.  (To be continued)
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