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Historic - List of articles

Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
Fight for hegemony Array Volume 1: The Border Town of the Empire Final Chapter: Fighting for Hegemony ZhiBai 13181K 24-04-24 serializing
Young Master Biao’s War of Resistance Array Volume 2 Hard Work Chapter 15 China-Myanmar Transportation Command LaBoSanGe 1212K 24-04-24 serializing
Infinite military base Array Volume 2: My Country Finale XiFangZhiZhu 11148K 24-04-19 serializing
Beiyang 1917 Array Volume 3 Far East Story Chapter 978: The song ends and the people stay together DaPengJinChiMingWang 11577K 24-04-19 serializing
Qianming Array Part 3: Bloodshed: The Finale: The Glory of the Empire XiFangZhiZhu 6028K 24-04-19 serializing
Han Shimou Array Volume 2: Unpredictable Final Chapter: Unification of the World ZuoJingGuanTianDeQingWa 16728K 24-04-19 serializing
Yan Liang  the Tyrant of the Three Kingdoms Array Text Chapter 1,108 A New Era (Finale) XianZhenDouWei 10753K 24-04-19 serializing
Rebirth of the war years Array Volume One: On the Songhua River, Final Chapter: The Founding of the People's Republic of China (The LiuWaiHuaRuJin 31406K 24-04-19 serializing
Zhuding Array Text Chapter 754 XieZiDeMoNai 9688K 24-04-18 serializing
I am the God of War in Anti-Japanese War Array Text Chapter 22 Countdown FengXueYunZhongLu 23339K 24-04-18 serializing
Chao s Water Margin Array Text Chapter 527 Chao Family’s World (Grand Finale) CangJianWeng 5065K 24-04-16 serializing
Industrial Ming Dynasty Array Volume 1 Songjiang Mansion Chapter 390 Final Chapter XiaoJiuJianZhuo 3873K 24-04-13 serializing
Song Xiao Array Volume 1 The War in the Northwest Chapter 81 Ending QinGe 4307K 24-04-13 serializing
My career in the Republic of China Array Text Chapter 238 Protecting Tengyun City QianJinDing 5811K 24-04-13 serializing
Tyrant Liu Zhang Array Yizhou Xiaoxiao Dancing Chapter 050 Divine Calculation BuSiJianChen 9281K 24-04-13 serializing
Iron Blood 1933 Array Volume 1: The Arms Dealer’s Feast Chapter 140: Brothers DongFangSheng 3046K 24-04-13 serializing
Traveling through the late Qin Dynasty Array Volume 3, Chapter 17: The Relatives between Wei and Chu DianYa36v 2478K 24-04-11 serializing
Beiyang world Array Text 117. The Final Chapter of the Iron Curtain Era ZhunGaErDaoWang 2357K 24-04-11 serializing
Wanfu Array Volume 3: Cao Xinbing’s concluding remarks and new book YiHou 2838K 24-04-10 serializing
Red Alert: The Republic of China Array Red Alert: The Republic of China Text Chapter 678 Finale HuaLiDeXuWei 8171K 24-04-10 serializing
Zhu Chongba in the late Ming Dynasty Array Zhu Chongba at the end of Ming Dynasty Volume 1 Concluding Remarks SanShiErBian 5303K 24-04-10 serializing
Three Kingdoms: Demons and Chaos Heroes Array Related Works Epilogue I am at ease, the clouds are rolling Yun Shu MoXinLunDao 4289K 24-04-10 serializing
Epic Legendary Conquest Array Text Section 17 Battle of Ramis City (5) FengJianCangYue 3051K 24-04-10 serializing
Rebirth of the Spanish Empire Array Text Chapter 534 Pretending to advance westward LaoShuHeDaMi 4475K 24-04-10 serializing
The absurd prince of a generation of foolish kings Array Volume 2: Xiaoguo Rebellion Chapter 55: Apology is Justifiable LaNanDaiLv 1167K 24-04-10 serializing
infinite escape Array Volume 2 Mechanical Enemy Chapter 230 Ending NaFengWeiRan 1697K 24-04-10 serializing
The Han Dynasty sealed the territory Array Chapter 246 The prosperous trade routes in the Western Regions ZhuangBuQue 3576K 24-04-09 serializing
Jiangshan national color Array Volume 1: Under the Seven Thousand Mountains Chapter 53: Famous Flowers under the Moon XingFuLaiQiaoMen 7749K 24-04-09 serializing
The most powerful soldier in the Three Kingdoms Array Volume 1: A man is born in troubled times, and he should rule the roost in troubled times. Chapter 3 LuZhouYu 11124K 24-04-09 serializing
Rise of America 1620 Array Text Chapter 1470 Purpose HuQuJuZhen 13843K 24-04-09 serializing