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Romance - List of articles

Article name Latest Chapter Author word count Update Status
Beauty master Array Chapter 4861 Arrogant MoXieXiaoZhengTai 20706K 24-05-16 serializing
A gangster s affair Array Chapter 2266 Returning Carnage YeShiSan 18359K 24-05-16 serializing
Stunning temptation Array Text Chapter 1,337 Everyone is not simple ZhongReFeng 15592K 24-05-16 serializing
trump card Array Text Chapter 887 Never ends HaXie 7760K 24-05-14 serializing
Miracle heals the world Array Text Chapter 19 Fire TeChongJunYi 123K 24-05-14 serializing
Hero Office Array Text Chapter 5 Stingy old man WuXueJingLing 43K 24-05-14 serializing
Smart Industrial Empire Array Simple Four-axis Final Remarks HuLuCunRen 14702K 24-05-14 serializing
Korean Entertainment Dominator Array Actor Debuts Chapter 568 Is it over?  ! YunMuGuo 3345K 24-05-14 serializing
Super Cybertron System Array Volume 1 The Arrival of the System Chapter 172 Auction (Part 1) RuoRuoRuoDeRenA 1438K 24-05-14 serializing
Future strong Array Text Chapter 29: Making money is easy ZhuanBiXing 182K 24-05-14 serializing
peak of power Array Chapter 4: Fighting back with anger after being humiliated MengRuHongHuang 21828K 24-05-13 serializing
super policeman Array Text: Final Thoughts LiuHuaXianSheng 3348K 24-05-13 serializing
A person who is shameless is invincible Array Part 2: A brief glimpse into the door Chapter 18 Becoming sworn sisters (Part 1) AFu 1614K 24-05-13 serializing
Crazy Tai Sui Array Text Chapter 589 Postscript (Finale) ZuiAiChiLiangGao 5395K 24-05-13 serializing
Entertainment news promoter Array Volume 3: Fleeting Time Chapter 30: Heart Knot NianHuaYiKun 3327K 24-05-13 serializing
super wireless network Array Text Chapter 213: My heart is in the future (finale) XiaoHuoErShangBuQi 3735K 24-05-13 serializing
Super electric eel clone Array Text Chapter 274 Finely revised version XiaZhongCangJian 2519K 24-05-13 serializing
Super beautiful bodyguard Array Text Chapter 57: Hot Body XiaoYaoDeLiuLangHan 328K 24-05-13 serializing
Korean Entertainment: We Got Married Array Volume One Finale QingShuiZhuDouFu 6677K 24-05-13 serializing
Korean entertainment star journey Array Extra/Girls' Generation and Dangerous Boys Chapter 437 Couple Special [5] YanXiaoBei 3021K 24-05-13 serializing
The days when I lived with my sister-in-law Array Text Chapter 12 The wind is about to blow QinChangQing 4700K 24-05-13 serializing
Low profile warlock Array Text Chapter 778 I have returned to my true state! DuanDao 8648K 24-05-13 serializing
Egg King Array Text Chapter 671 Pain and Happiness (Complete) MengGuXiaoDaZi 5819K 24-05-13 serializing
bandit chieftain Array Text Chapter 023 Human Comedy ChengRenYinJi 183K 24-05-12 serializing
Star Korean Entertainment Array Text Chapter 529 A bad ending MoYLi 3565K 24-05-12 serializing
Huadu Demon Doctor Array Volume One: Entering the WTO Chapter 139: The Dust Has Settled HangDaoChi 1275K 24-05-12 serializing
Wonderful hands and benevolent heart Array Volume 1 Chapter 881 Space Age (Finale) YeDeXieHou 5468K 24-05-12 serializing
supreme evolution Array Volume 1 The Beginning of Evolution Chapter 99 Earth Elemental Body JiuXiaoWenDao 736K 24-05-12 serializing
The lovely wife is fierce Array Text Chapter 498 Invincible ZuiXiangNi 4135K 24-05-12 serializing
Rebirth of the Almighty Master Array Text: Final Thoughts LianQingFeng 10184K 24-05-12 serializing