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Chapter 476 Suicide

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    "Brother, I also know that I did waste a lot of money on antiques in the past, but I have learned from it now. Haven't I been recharging myself in the past two months?"

    "Hey!" Song Peng sneered back: "In two months, you dared to buy furniture worth millions. After a year, are you going to buy antiques worth tens of millions?"

    "Hey, aren't you being arrogant? I also saw that these furniture are good, so I bought them. Did I spend money randomly during this period? Okay, they are urging me, you can decide whether to borrow it or not."

    "I won't borrow it!" Song Peng refused.

    ¡°That¡¯s okay, I¡¯ll ask the youngest to borrow it.¡±

    "How dare you!" Song Peng roared: "Song Colin! Are you willing to make your uncle angry to death?"

    Song Peng's words also made his cousin angry: "What are you saying, oh, I will make my dad angry if I buy antiques? Is it possible that I will only be beaten in the eyes! Let me tell you, I still have this furniture  Must buy it!¡±

    Song Peng also wanted to say, "I love you so much," but at this time, he had not lost his mind because of his anger. Thinking of his uncle, he could not let his cousin suffer a big loss, so he could only suppress the anger in his heart: "You are here now.  where?"

    "Why do you ask?"

    "Do you still need more money?"

    The other party muttered, reported an address, and asked Song Peng to hurry up.

    After hanging up the phone, Song Peng smiled bitterly at everyone: "I don't know what evil I did in my previous life to end up with such a cousin."

    Xiao San said: "Maybe I really missed it this time."

    Song Peng sneered and said: "Don't you know how unreliable he is? He actually threatened me to go to the youngest to borrow money. Can I borrow his money? If it weren't for my uncle's face, I wouldn't  I don¡¯t want to pay attention to him!¡±

    Speaking of this, Song Peng said to Meng Zitao: "Shopkeeper Meng, if it's convenient for a moment, can you help me with the sales? I really don't know much about furniture. It's not far away, just in the suburbs. It takes about four seats to get there.  Ten minutes by car.¡±

    Meng Zitao nodded and said, "Okay."

    "Thank you, let's set off now"

    Song Peng drove himself and took Meng Zitao and the army to the place where Song Colin said.

    When he arrived at the place, Song Peng inquired with passers-by and came to a house.  Song Peng stepped forward and knocked on the big iron door, and immediately someone in the yard shouted: "Who is it!"

    "Is Song Colin inside?" Song Peng asked loudly.

    "Wait a moment."

    After a while, someone came over and opened the door, and Song Peng also saw his cousin standing in the yard.

    Meng Zitao followed behind, but felt a little uncomfortable, because he always felt that the man who opened the door looked at him and others with evil intentions.

    Meng Zitao still believed in his sixth sense, so he became alert.

    Walking into the courtyard, Meng Zitao took a look at Song Colin. He was in his sixties, a bit fat, and looked kind-faced, which was different from what he thought before.

    Song Kelin first introduced everyone. The owner¡¯s name is Luo Si. He is a young man in his thirties, with a short crew cut and sharp eyes. The other person who opened the door said he was his cousin.

    But Meng Zitao felt that the two looked nothing alike, and it was hard to say whether they were cousins ??or not.  In addition, Luo Si gave him an even worse feeling, and he also had an evil aura about him. He really didn't look like a good person.

    "Okay, now that the people are here, can we give money?" Maybe it was because he had waited for a long time, and Luo Si's attitude was a little impatient.

    Song Peng said with a smile: "To tell you the truth, I don't really approve of my cousin's eyesight. Can you let us take a look first? If there is no problem with the things, then we will definitely pay you immediately."

    Song Peng's request was normal, and Luo Si couldn't object. He muttered "trouble" and pointed to the Eight Immortals table next to him and said: "You guys take a look at this table first, I will take you there later."  There is also a cabinet in the room."

    Song Peng nodded to Meng Zitao, and then Meng Zitao went over to take a look.

    During the period, Song Peng also asked about the origin of the things. Luo Si said that the things used to belong to the landlord's family. Later, when the landlords were divided, the table and cabinet were given to his family and they have been kept until now.

    For Meng Zitao, there is no accurate reference for any origin story. The authenticity of something depends on his own eyesight and supernatural powers.

    The square table can be called the Eight Immortals, Six Immortals or Four Immortals table depending on its size.  Although not single-purpose, it is often used on dining tables.  The name is obviously related to the number of people who can sit around it.

    ??Next to his cousin, he pressed a few points on his body and asked, "Tell me, why Luo Si committed suicide."

    "Cousin Luo Fourth" felt that the pain in his body suddenly eased greatly. Then he heard Meng Zitao's question and quickly shook his head: "I don't know, I really don't know."

    Meng Zitao said coldly: "You are his cousin, but you don't even know this? Believe it or not, I told you that you can't live or die? I'll count to three. If you don't tell me, don't blame me.  "

    "Cousin Luo Si" completely believed that Meng Zitao's methods could be achieved, which made him so scared that he almost wet his pants and hurriedly defended: "Brother, I am not Luo Si's cousin, I'm just pretending. If you don't believe me, ask other people."  ."

    "then who are you?"

    "My name is Luo Bo. We are all just friends of Luo Si. He and I are both from this village. If something happens, Luo Si will call us to come over and help us get some food and drink. As for other things, we don't care.  of."

    Meng Zitao snorted coldly: "Then according to what you say, you don't understand Luo Si's matter?"

    Luo Bo wiped the cold sweat from his forehead: "It can't be said that he doesn't understand everything. He looks very heroic, but in fact he is a little weird at heart. He won't tell us more about some things. We just eat and drink, so we don't know how to  Ask more.¡±

    Meng Zitao looked at Luo Bo deeply for a while. Judging from his expression, his words were very credible, so he then asked: "How many times have you done this kind of thing today?"

    Luo Bo said: "I have participated three times and this is the fourth time."

    Meng Zitao said: "In other words, are there others that you didn't participate in?"

    "I don't know much about this." Luo Bo was afraid that Meng Zitao would misunderstand him, so he quickly said: "Luo Si went out for three years before. I don't know if he has done anything like this in the past three years. Here, I believe he should  That¡¯s it a few times.¡±

    Meng Zitao asked unexpectedly: "Has anyone died?"

    "No, no!" Luo Bo shook his head like a rattle: "We are just trying to make a living. At most we can only make money, but we would never dare to kill anyone."


    "It's absolutely true. If you don't believe it, ask other people. Besides, there are so many of us, we can't even survive entering the police station."


    Next, Meng Zitao asked a few more questions. From the surface, it seemed that people like Luo Bo did not know about Luo Bo's more secretive things, and it didn't seem like there had been a murder case.

    "Boss Song, have you called the police?" Meng Zitao asked.

    "Call the police." Song Peng said: "In addition, I also said hello to my friend, Luo Si's relative will not end well."

    Meng Zitao nodded. Luo Si dared to do this kind of thing. This relative of his had "indispensable contributions" and of course he could not let it go.

    Song Colin looked at Luo Si, then quickly turned around and said, "Since these people don't know what Luo Si has committed, why would Luo Si commit suicide? Is he a wanted murderer? But  It shouldn¡¯t be, it¡¯s really strange.¡± (Remember the website address:
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