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Chapter 480 Ma Huayu

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    Boss Ma, whose real name is Ma Huayu, said with a smile on his face: "To be honest, it's a bit presumptuous to come here today. Originally, I just wanted to come and see it, but I have been collecting some high-quality antiques recently, and this thing on the table  The Meitian yellow seal and this Konoha lamp meet my requirements, so we have no choice but to compete, so please don't mind, Boss Meng."

    What Ma Huayu said is indeed nice. However, Meng Zitao is also a veteran. How could he not hear the perfunctory tone in his words? But this is not a problem. As long as the price offered by Ma Huayu is indeed higher than him, let Ma Huayu give it to him.  does not matter.

    So, Meng Zitao said: "Boss Ma, there is no need to be polite, but to be honest, I like these two things very much. Next, let's speak with our strength."

    Ma Huayu smiled at Meng Zitao: "Okay, let's first talk about this Konoha lamp. Please bid."

    Meng Zitao had already made up his mind. He raised his right index finger and made a gesture: "One million."

    The price mentioned by Meng Zitao made the He family take a breath. The price of the Tianhuang seal before was already a bit incredible to them. Now the value of a small bowl in their eyes is actually more than three times higher.  This was something they didn't expect at all, and for a moment they felt like they were in a dream.

    Similarly, Ma Huayu was also choked by the price Meng Zitao offered. Yes, the price Meng Zitao offered was indeed not too high, but it was already the highest price that could be offered on the market. If he sold things at this price  There will definitely be no profit if you buy it back.  He is a businessman, why would he buy unprofitable things?

    Ma Huayu feels that he has no profit, and Meng Zitao will definitely not have any profit, unless he is waiting for the appreciation, but the money earned from such appreciation is not cost-effective for him at all, and of course there is no need to spend this money.

    "Hey, what a fool." Ma Huayu was very disdainful of what Meng Zitao did. From his world view, in business, he was not a direct blood relative. How could he wrong himself so much?

    As for chasing a girlfriend, that¡¯s even more unnecessary. Women are what they want. If you have money, you can do whatever you want. If you waste hundreds of thousands of profits just to chase a girlfriend, you are actually no different from a fool.

    If Meng Zitao knew what Ma Huayu was thinking, he would definitely say, "We have different paths and we don't want to conspire against each other." In this world, how can people ignore family affection at all, unless they are the kind of particularly weird relatives?

    Ma Huayu said with a smile: "It seems that Boss Meng is bound to win. In this case, I won't take away others' favor."

    Meng Zitao smiled slightly: "Boss Ma, you are a customer, you can make an offer first."

    He didn¡¯t say how much the Konoha lamp cost, so he couldn¡¯t show his goodwill in front of the He family, so he didn¡¯t refuse when Ma Huayu asked him to make a price first, but Tian Huang¡¯s seal was different.

    Based on Meng Zitao¡¯s attitude, Ma Huayu felt that he had no need to raise a price at all, but how could he lose both the opponent and the battle?  So he gave a price that he thought didn't make much profit: "Two hundred and fifty thousand, I think this price can already reflect its value."

    As soon as Ma Huayu finished speaking, he saw disdain on the faces of the He family. After thinking about it for a moment, he understood the cause and effect. Meng Zitao must have mentioned the price of the Fangtian yellow seal before.  In comparison, of course I feel bad for him.

    This made Ma Huayu a little angry. He felt that Meng Zitao's doing this was no different from stepping on him to climb up. How could he suffer such a loss?

    After a few thoughts, Ma Huayu suddenly had an idea in his mind, so he immediately took out his cell phone in a pretentious manner: "Sorry, I'm going out to take a call."

    After saying that, he walked out the door.

    He Xiaomei immediately muttered: "Who are you, the big boss? Just now Xiao Tao clearly said that the price of this seal is 270,000 to 300,000, but when it comes to his mouth, it is only worth 250,000, respectively.  He¡¯s just a profiteer.¡±

    He Liang was very embarrassed after hearing this, but he was the one who brought the person. No matter what, he would definitely have to defend himself: "Sister-in-law, Boss Ma's price is indeed lower, but he is a businessman and cannot pay the highest price."  Buy the things at the market price, right? You are also a businessman, so this is unrealistic, right?"

    He Xiaomei said: "Humph, when we do business, we never make more than 30,000 to 50,000 yuan per transaction."

    He Liang said: "The antique industry is different. The price is already very high. If a seal like yours is sold in the antique market, not to mention 250,000, it would be good to get 200,000. If you don't believe me, just ask.  Boss Meng."

    He Xiaomei waved her hand: "So what if it's normal, I already told you,This is our family's business. If you come to participate in it, all you will do is useless.  "

    At the end of the sentence, she glanced at He Xingbao, which made He Xingbao's expression even more embarrassing.

    At this time, Ma Huayu walked in from the door with a smiling face: "Everyone, I wonder if you have any plans to send these two antiques to the auction? My friend called just now. He is here  Our auction company has a series of discounts due to its fifth anniversary. If you can send them for bidding, you can waive some fees, which is much more cost-effective than the market price."

    Meng Zitao is very clear about Ma Huayu's calculations. It is good to go to the auction, but you also have to look at which auction you go to. For big auctions like Christie's, of course, the final profit may be higher, but it also depends on luck.  , bad luck, it¡¯s not cost-effective yet.

    If it is a pheasant auction company, let alone that. Even if some fees are waived, if it is sold at a low price, it will be a huge loss.

    So, Meng Zitao asked with a smile: "Boss Ma, I wonder which auction company your friend works for?"

    Ma Huayu smiled and said: "Huijia, Huijia Auction Company in Quancheng. This is one of the top ten auction companies in the country and has a great influence on the domestic auction market."

    Meng Zitao had also heard of the auction company Ma Huayu mentioned, but when it came to the top ten in the country, he had never heard of it. It was probably selected by some so-called professional organization that he had never heard of in China.  of.

    As soon as Ma Huayu finished speaking, He Wanyi said: "Boss Ma, I'm sorry, my boyfriend has an antique auction company in his name. Even if we want to go to the auction, we don't need to bother your friend."

    He Wanyi¡¯s words caused a sudden silence in the courtyard. Everyone was surprised by Meng Zitao¡¯s identity.

    Ma Huayu was the first to come to his senses. He recalled it carefully and did not expect that there was a figure like Meng Zitao in the domestic auction world. However, he was still cautious and politely asked the name of Meng Zitao's auction company. The impression was that there was  A little, but he didn't understand.

    For Ma Huayu, the auction company he didn't understand was definitely not a leader in the industry, and it was not from the same place. He actually didn't care much, but then again, he might be able to use it someday.  After getting Meng Zitao, there is no need to offend Meng Zitao anymore, so he is ready to temporarily cease all activities.

    Ma Huayu smiled and cupped his hands: "Boss Meng is really young and promising. In that case, I won't say more. However, I suggest that you attend Huijia's anniversary auction if you have time. This time they  For the anniversary celebration, many seniors in the industry have been invited. Not surprisingly, Mr. Zheng Anzhi will also be present"

    Hearing this, Meng Zitao quickly interrupted Ma Huayu: "Boss Ma, I'm sorry to interrupt you, did you say Mr. Zheng will attend the auction?"

    "Yes, that's what my friend said." Of course Ma Huayu didn't answer any calls just now, but he did get this news from his friend before.

    Meng Zitao said: "Boss Ma, to tell you the truth, Mr. Zheng is my master. I have never heard of him participating in this auction. I wonder if your friend made a mistake? I hope you can  Confirm it, of course, I will confirm it with my master right away."

    For Ma Huayu, all the surprises that Meng Zitao brought him just now were not as shocking as the fact that Meng Zitao was Zheng Anzhi's disciple.  At the same time, he immediately remembered that he had indeed heard that Zheng Anzhi had accepted a closed disciple. It seemed that his surname was Meng and he was not very young.  (Remember the website address:
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