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Chapter 409 No impression

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    It turned out that the person who stole the painting was none other than Yun Dingsong's only disciple. Ever since he learned that Yun Dingsong had obtained Guo Xi's "Autumn Mountain Travel Picture" from Shi Yulin, he had become greedy.

    After that, Yun Dingsong¡¯s apprentice and Yun Dingsong¡¯s nanny stole the painting with the help of the nanny while Yun Dingsong was too tired from admiring it for too long.

    Here, I want to explain Yun Dingsong¡¯s family situation. His wife passed away due to illness a few years ago, and his children have settled in other places. His apprentice helped find the nanny at first. Later, he learned from the police that the nanny was looking for him.  By that time, the other party had already had evil thoughts in his heart.

    Fortunately, the other party is more interested in wealth than life, otherwise there will be many opportunities in the past few years.

    As for why Yun Dingsong¡¯s apprentice was caught, it was because he was unlucky. The amount of sleeping pills the nanny gave Yun Dingsong was not enough. Yun Dingsong realized something was wrong and called the police in time.

    By this time, Yun Dingsong¡¯s apprentice had already disposed of the painting and was preparing to abscond abroad. When he went to the airport, he happened to be recognized by Yun Dingsong¡¯s friend and informed the police that he had been arrested.

    After that, Yun Dingsong insisted that he had not stolen it, but he could not explain some things. In the end, he stayed up for two days and could only tell the truth.

    However, because Yun Dingsong sold the painting directly to a black market merchant, the painting had changed hands several times in two days, and with their methods, it was very difficult to find it.

    After that, Yun Dingsong and Shi Yulin kept trying to find the painting, but there was no news. Until two days ago, Yun Dingsong got the news that the painting seemed to be in Ling City, so he rushed here.

    Originally, Yun Dingsong was going to ask a friend for help, but he didn¡¯t expect that the other person died in a car accident at this juncture.

    After hearing what happened, Meng Zitao and the others couldn't help but sigh, "It's hard to guard against thieves day and night. The ancients never deceived me."

    At this time, Wang Zhixuan and Meng Zitao also understood what they meant, and they probably wanted to ask them to investigate to see if there were any clues about the painting.

    Everyone was silent for a moment, and Wang Zhixuan said: "This is a stolen item after all, and the owner has some concerns."

    Yun Dingsong said: "We also know this. Now we just want to buy the painting back. It doesn't matter if we spend 10% more. And we don't need to know who the owner is."

    "Then do you know any clues about this?" Meng Zitao asked.

    Yun Dingsong said: "We received news earlier that the thing is in the hands of a collector named Cao on your side."

    "A collector named Cao?"

    "Yes, this person is relatively famous and can be regarded as a collector in the true sense."

    Meng Zitao and Wang Zhixuan looked at each other a little, because there are collectors named Cao in Ling City, but when it comes to true collectors, there is really no collector named Cao who can match it.

    What kind of collector is a collector?  Many people ideally define a person as a permanent collector as a collector.  But if we really follow such strict standards, there will be very few domestic collectors. Even seniors such as Wang Jiqian and Qian Jingtang, who have been in the ranks of collectors for decades, will not be able to comply with this rule.  , was also thrown out easily.

    Therefore, collectors in China are now divided into two categories.

    The first type is what is mentioned above. Of course, if nothing is sold and only can be entered but not taken out, that is a bit absolute.

    For example, in famous foreign museums, about 2% of their collections are eliminated every year. The purpose of elimination is just to make room for more valuable collections and to have more energy to collect the best treasures.

    The other group holds the opposite opinion. They sell collections, firstly, to realize the flow of funds; and secondly, it is also a process of eliminating the rough and extracting the essence, leaving better ones, and pouring out funds to buy better things.

    For example, if an antique is bought for 50,000 yuan and sold for 1 million yuan; if it is bought for 1 million yuan and sold for 10 million yuan, this shows that the collector has a discerning eye.  This is also the true test of a collector¡¯s success.

    These two views can be said to be justified by the public and by the mother-in-law. However, although the definition of collectors is not clear, people who collect one or two antiques and works of art are definitely not counted.  Once the collection reaches a certain amount, it must be kept in a suitable venue. Setting up a museum or art gallery has become a craze in the past few years and continues to grow.

    ??Whether you are running a private museum or art gallery, or you are rich and like to have fun alone, and find a place to collect your collections. No matter what the situation is, Meng Zitao and Wang Zhixuan have never heard of it.The total value is about 200,000 yuan. Even if Hu Yuanliang changes his fortune, the money lost will be just drizzle to Meng Zitao.

    ????????????????? Moreover, Meng Zitao¡¯s principle is not to trust those who are suspicious, but not to trust those who are employed. Since he already knows Hu Yuanliang very well, and Wang Zhixuan endorses him, there is nothing to worry about.

    After that, he asked Hu Yuanliang to help guide Zhu Xinyue, and things in the antique store were basically smoothed out.

    Business is relatively calm this afternoon, but this is the business of antique shops, otherwise there would be no such old saying.

    With Hu Yuanliang, Meng Zitao felt much more relaxed. When he stayed in the store, he basically only had to drink tea and read a book. After that, he could deal with the factory affairs with peace of mind.

    When it was nearly four o'clock, Lao Niu came to the door with someone, saying that this person had something to sell and asked Meng Zitao if he wanted it.

    The man who sells things is nicknamed Hardware. According to Lao Niu, it¡¯s because he has five gold teeth inlaid in his mouth. He is actually a broker, which means that he just sells goods to buyers.

    What Hardware brought was a pen washer made of southern red agate.

    As mentioned earlier, some people say that southern red agate is the ancient "red jade", but what the ancient "red jade" is is also a matter of opinion.

    Leaving aside this point, southern red agate is a unique sub-gemstone variety in my country. It has an oily texture and is rarely produced.  In addition to being made into handicrafts and jewelry, southern red agate can also be used as medicine. The ancients believed that it can nourish the heart and blood.

    This piece of southern red agate wash is huge in size, red and white in color, like a rainbow or a halo.  To create momentum according to the shape, it is carved into the shape of natural Ganoderma lucidum and the cavity is carefully dug.  The outer wall is engraved with Ganoderma lucidum in high relief and openwork. It is huge and plump. The canopy is plump and plump. It is also carved with peach and bat, which is a homophonic pronunciation and has the auspicious meaning of good fortune and longevity.

    After Meng Zitao's appraisal, it should be a work from the early Qing Dynasty, and the texture and carving are very good, so it is considered a good thing.

    Meng Zitao said: "This thing is really good. I wonder how much it costs?"

    Hardware thought for a while and said: "Shopkeeper Meng, I have admired your name for a long time. Let me give you this number. What do you think?"

    Meng Zitao saw that the hardware was asking for 150,000 yuan. This price was quite good, and since the other party offered this price, he must be someone who knew the market better. In this case, he agreed without counter-offering.

    Wujin was very happy to see Meng Zitao agreeing. Afterwards, Meng Zitao asked Wuduo for his opinion and transferred the money to him.

    Since it was the same local bank, the arrival time was very fast. After a while, Hardware received the text message from the bank.

    Hardware took back the mobile phone and said with a smile: "Shopkeeper Meng, I wonder if you are interested in the palace curved screen from the Yongzheng period?"

    "The palace curved screen?" Meng Zitao was a little surprised.

    The curved screen is a foldable multi-leaf screen.  It is movable furniture with no fixed display position. There are hooks between each door, which can be folded at will. It can be opened when in use and folded and stored when not in use. It is characterized by being light and flexible.  For the above reasons, this type of screen usually uses lighter wood as the frame, and the screen center is decorated with paper or silk, and is painted or embroidered with landscapes, flowers and birds, celebrity calligraphy, etc., which has a high literati taste.  Some curved screens are decorated with lacquer paintings, with various patterns carved on them, using various workmanship and techniques.  Since paper and silk are difficult to pass down to the present day, most of the existing works handed down from the Ming Dynasty are made of wood and lacquer, and screens made of paper and silk are extremely rare.

    Curved screen is also called "soft screen". It is different from hard screen in that it does not use a base, and the number of screen fans is composed of even numbers.  There are at least two or four fans, and up to dozens of fans.  Some are framed with hardwood, while others are framed with brocade.  The brocade-wrapped wooden frame is made of lighter wood, and the screen center is different from the seated screen. It is usually embroidered or painted on silk or paper with various landscapes, flowers, figures, birds and beasts, etc.  Generally speaking, screens with seats are heavier and curved screens are lighter.  In terms of display, screens with seats are often displayed in an important position in the middle of the room and are relatively fixed.  This is not the case with curved screens.  In the palace, this kind of screen was mostly installed in the main hall of each palace, with thrones, tables, incense sticks, palace fans and other objects in front of the screen.  In this way, the screen at the back blocks people's sight and highlights the furnishings in front of the screen, creating a solemn and solemn atmosphere.  (Remember the website address:
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