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The new book "Dragon Shepherd" has been released!

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    Hello everyone, I am Yu Tiantian. I haven¡¯t seen you for a long time. I am sending a message this time just to tell you:

    My new book "Dragon Shepherd" has been released!

    "We have cattle herders, shepherds, and dragon herders here. Well, they are also called dragon herders."

    "There are three types of dragons in this world: ancient dragons, blue dragons, and giant dragons."

    "This world has the Ice White Dragon, the Darkborn Tyrannosaurus, the Gilded Fire Dragon, the Zhanchuan Dragon, the Griffin Flying Dragon, the Green Forest Dragon, the Fierce Crocodile Poison Dragon, and the Moon-Dreading Tyrannosaurus"

    "There is always a dragon that suits you!"

    &#29306&#22914&#32&#108&#105&#110&#103&#115&#104&#117&#102&#97&#110&#103&#46&#99&#111&#109&#32&#29306&#22914&#12290Now the fish sky and  The pseudonyms of Luan are officially merged. From now on, you can call me Yu Tiantian or Luan Pangpang.

    I¡¯m very sorry to all the readers who are waiting for my return. I receive private messages from you in different ways almost every day.

    I have told everyone before that I will write another pet novel.  "Dragon Shepherd" is the best apology to everyone.

    Chongmei¡¯s painstaking efforts made me deeply feel my own shortcomings. After six years of hard work, I thought I could truly write a work in the summoning and pet genre.

    "Dragon Shepherd"

    ãá reduce 75zhongw ãá.  Introduction:

    Any creature on this continent has a chance of transforming into a dragon.

    It is said that every life has its own dragon gate. After jumping over it, it is like the sun and moon in the sky, dazzling and brilliant.

    The same is true for people.

    A person¡¯s Dragon Gate lies in transforming into a Dragon Shepherd.

    Look around for those little spirits that are about to turn into dragons, and tame them into unparalleled dragon kings!


    Mi He Mi.  Fish Sky: "If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment in the Dragon Shepherd book review, and remember to bookmark and recommend it!"

    "Yes, at 8pm on March 15th, that is, at 8pm tonight, I will be broadcasting live on Penguin Esports to chat with you. I know you have a lot to ask, and there are also a lot of small iron-made items to give.  I¡¯ll see you then!¡±

    (Remember the website address:
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