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Chapter 1952 Postscript It is in a certain time and space

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    The tall blue reeds swayed gently in the wind, and the ripples wandered quietly.

    Among the reeds, there is a hat woven with petals, long purple hair under the hat, and a young and cute smiling face.

    This smiling face is extremely delicate and charming, and the gleaming eyes are as smart and beautiful as the purest spring water.

    The little girl held the wadding of the blue reed in her hands, put her pink mouth close to it, and blew gently, and all the reed wadding flew up, like pieces of blue downy feathers, which was very beautiful.

    The little girl immediately burst out into heavenly laughter.

    "Mom, mom, look" The little girl ran out from the reeds and shouted excitedly towards a woman sitting on the grass.

    The trotting girl was surrounded by fluttering reeds, and she didn¡¯t know why. They were following her, surrounding her, and surrounding her, like a little princess protecting and supporting them.

    The woman on the grass sat there quietly. She had long purple hair that was as beautiful as a waterfall like the girl. Her long hair was scattered on the grass as she sat.

    She didn¡¯t pay attention to the little girl¡¯s play, she just raised her head slightly and looked up at the setting sun on the horizon.

    The little girl was very obedient and did not disturb her. After a while, she seemed a little tired from playing. She lay on her mother's lap cutely and curled up like a kitten.

    As the sun sets, the last ray of light disappears from the earth. The stunningly beautiful mother is thoughtfully placing her hand on the little girl¡¯s head, stroking her gently.

    "Si Concubine, we are going back."

    "Go back? Will you be able to see your father after you go back?" The little girl immediately smiled.

    "You don't have a father."

    "Mom is lying, I'm not a little girl who doesn't understand anything."

    "he died."

    "Lie, lie, lie!"

    "I'll take you to see him."

    ¡°Really???¡± The girl¡¯s eyes flashed immediately.




    In the dark night, a black demon fox covered in black was running very fast among the mountains of the earth.

    This handsome and evil demon fox sits on the back of a pair of purple-haired mother and daughter. The mother is so beautiful that she looks like a fairy who fell from the moon palace to the mortal world. The daughter is carved in pink and jade, delicate and cute.

    "Where are we going, mom?" the little girl asked, tilting her head.

    ãá minus 7 5z ho ng wen. co m ãá.  "The Ten Thousand Sky Dragon Abyss."

    The Dark Shang King ran very fast in the dark night, and the mountains disappeared behind him in the blink of an eye.

    The majestic mountains of Wanqiong Longyuan are right in front of you. The towering peaks are daunting. The Dark Shang King is very vigorous in leaping between the mountains and running towards the top of Wanqiong Longyuan.  .

    The top of the mountain is right in front of you. King Anshang stepped heavily on the top of the mountain, and the surrounding sand and rocks suddenly dispersed.

    There are time stones everywhere on the mountain top. It is said that the time stones are the remains of certain creatures. Their souls traveled through time and space, leaving their bodies here.

    "Where is daddy?" Little Si Concubine asked softly, as if she was afraid of disturbing something.

    Mother took Little Si Concubine's hand and slowly walked towards the edge of the mountain top, while King Anshang followed them loyally.

    Xiaosi's eyes have been looking for, and she has some expectations and even more nervous.

    She has been with her mother all these years. She knows that she has a relative who is as close as her mother, but she has never seen it.

    When we reached the edge of the mountain top, some messy stones and raised gravel made a slight sound.

    On the edge of the towering cliff, a figure is sitting there!

    "Xiao Siconcubine was stunned for a moment, looking at the man's back with some surprise.

    He sat there, like a stone sculpture, without any breath of life.

    He sat there as if he had been lonely for countless years, enduring the sun, wind, and rain.

    The moonlight lengthened his figure, and an inexplicable sadness poured into Little Si Concubine's heart, giving her an urge to cry.

    Is this man his father?

    But why was he sitting there motionless, as if he had lost his soul.

    "Hehe is the father?" Xiao Siconcubine asked timidly.

    Before seeing it, she was always looking forward to it and excited, but when she actually saw it, she started to be afraid again.

    "Yeah." She was expressionlessContinued, this little girl slowly became the most important person in Yusuo, and he could not tolerate any harm to her.

    Whether she can accept it or not is up to Chu Mu. Yusuo doesn¡¯t need Chu Mu to take on this responsibility at all. She just agreed to Xiaosi Concubine to see him.

    "Mom, hehe doesn't seem to like me." Xiao Siconcubine said in a very low voice.

    She hid behind Yusuo and never dared to come out.

    The man in front of him is his father, but this father has a pair of lonely eyes and a serious and cold face, which makes it difficult for people to get close to him.

    She was a little scaredthis father was not as charitable as she imagined.


    Chu Mu glanced at the little girl who looked to be only five or six years old, and looked into her timid and unfamiliar eyes.

    He wanted to turn around and leave. He needed some time to slowly accept this fact.

    But suddenly, for a moment, his heart was touched.

    The little girl¡¯s eyes look very much like a person, and this person is her childhood self

    Chu Mu clearly remembers that when his mother Liu Binglan appeared, he hid behind Chu Tianmang because this woman made Chu Mu feel strange and refused to be approached by others.

    At this time, the little girl¡¯s eyes were very much like her own at that time.

    She was actually looking forward to seeing her father, because Chu Mu remembered that she also wanted to see her mother at that time

    Like a reincarnation, Chu Mu suddenly found himself reenacting the story of his father and mother, and inexplicably united with a person of the opposite sex who was difficult to accept and had no emotional basis

    Liu Binglan¡¯s indifference and silent turning back at the beginning caused Chu Mu¡¯s heart a very serious wound, so that Liu Binglan later needed to put in more efforts to repair it.

    If Liu Binglan had not remained silent at that time, but had smiled, then Chu Mu would have thought that was the most beautiful smile in the world, and it would have been deeply ingrained.

    ????????????????????????? So what now?


    ãá 7*5 ãá.  For a long time, a slowly, stiff smile appeared on Chu Mu's tear-stained face.

    This smile is the ugliest smile Yu Suo has ever seen, but it can still be regarded as a smile

    Yu Suo said nothing, just looked at Chu Mu quietly.

    ¡°Let her come over and I¡¯ll talk to her,¡± Chu Mu said.

    "You guys talk." Yusuo didn't say much, turned around and left.

    The little concubine stood there for a long time, still not daring to step forward.

    Chu Mu didn¡¯t say much, he just sat on the edge of the cliff again.

    After a while, Xiaosi Concubine finally took small steps and walked to Chu Mu's side quietly.

    She imitated Chu Mu and sat on the edge of the cliff, with a pair of white and moving calves dangling gently on the high cliff.

    "Why are you crying?" Xiaosi Concubine asked cautiously.

    "Something very important is lost." Chu Mu said.

    "Will you cry if you lose it?" Xiao Siconcubine asked, tilting her head.

    "Yes. Everyone can do it," Chu Mu said.

    "Oh." Little Si Concubine nodded as if she understood, and said, "I will cry even if my mother is gone."

    "Didn't she abuse you?" Chu Mu asked.

    "Mom is the best mother, she never bullies me." Xiao Siconcubine said seriously.

    "Oh, I can't really tell." Chu Mu muttered.

    "She said that my father was a bad guy and she always lied to me and said that I didn't have a father. Then she said that my father was dead, and my mother was really the same. Such a grown-up person wouldn't even tell a lie."

    "" Chu Mu was suddenly speechless.

    "Miss you!" Yu Suo's extremely dissatisfied voice came from not far away, with a bit of coldness in her voice.

    The little concubine hurriedly covered her mouth, not daring to speak any more, but her eyes flickered slyly at Chu Mu, as if she was feeling unspeakable joy after sharing some secret with Chu Mu.

    "Where have you been all these years? Why aren't you with your mother?" Little Si Concubine continued to ask Chu Mu.

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