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Chapter 1055 Resurrection from the dead, Nirvana pupa

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    "Master Xia Hua, hurrysave my soul pet!" Bin Liao's face turned pale.

    Any one of these five soul pets is regarded as life by Bin Liao. The death of any one of them will be a fatal blow to Bin Liao.

    ??Suffering the mental impact of death, Bin Liao's spirit cooled down a little at this time, and he truly realized that the dream of death in the sky was by no means an ordinary master-level creature!

    Xia Zhixian did not panic, but calmly issued an order to Queen Qiongdie!

    The Butterfly Queen swooped down along the gray sky and appeared beside the bone-white Cloud-Stepping Abyss Beast before it landed.

    The Queen Butterfly flapped her wings gently, and countless colors flew, like countless ribbons, quickly wrapping the Cloud-Stepping Abyss Beast.

    The Cloud-Stepping Abyss Beast was already huge. After being heavily wrapped in colorful silk threads, it turned into a huge colorful cocoon and landed on the cushioning vine forest woven by the ten flower girls on the ground.

    The colorful cocoon is translucent, and you can see that the life breath of the dying Cloud Stepper Beast suddenly stopped, and the thin life began to thicken!

    What is even more astonishing is that within the colorful cocoon, countless blood threads began to appear on the dense white bones of the Cloud-Stepping Beast. These blood threads crisscrossed and formed the complete blood vessels of the Cloud-Stepping Beast.

    Immediately afterwards, viscera and pieces of meat grew around the blood vessels and veins, leaving his lower body, which was only white bones, starting to heal crazily at a speed visible to the naked eye!  !

    Seeing this scene, Bin Liao finally forced a look of reassurance on his face. He had already felt the tendency of the soul contract to be broken just now. I am afraid that as long as Xia Zhixian's healing is slower, his Cloud-Stepping Abyss Beast will be destroyed.  His life is definitely at stake!  !

    Bin Liao has never dealt with the flower hero Xia Zhixian before, but today he has seen this woman's ability to come back from the dead, and he admires this flower hero even more in his heart!

    But Chu Mu, who was standing far away, was surprised for a long time.

    Chu Mu glanced at Ye Qingzi, who had secretly followed him not long ago, and asked, "The Cloud-Stepping Abyss Beast must be dead. How can that woman still save it?"

    Ye Qingzi had just arrived. She did not see Dead Meng perform his skills. She only saw the corpse of the Cloud-Stepping Beast falling from the sky. However, even she did not expect that the Cloud-Stepping Beast, which had almost turned into a corpse, would actually be killed.  That flower hero Xia Zhixian was saved!  !

    "This kind of healing ability is very close to the art of resurrection, and it is still a creature of such a large size" Ye Qingzi said.

    Ye Qingzi¡¯s healing limit is to allow a dying creature to retain its breath. Even in a situation like the Cloud-Stepping Abyss Beast, where half of the body has been cut off and all the flesh is cut off, there is no possibility of resuscitation.

    Flower Emperor Master Xia Zhixian not only revived it, but even made it recover quickly. This healing ability can only be described as terrifying!

    "That is one of the most powerful auxiliary skills among the butterfly tribe, Nirvana Chrysalis. It is said that after reaching the master level, the main organs are attacked. As long as it is used in time, there is a possibility of saving lives. In addition, its effect is not just that of saving lives.  It's simple, please look carefully" The blind old man understood the situation of the battle through Chu Mu's description.

    After chatting with Chu Mu, the blind old man followed Chu Mu to pursue Death Dream. He seemed to have already expected that Death Dream would fight Xia Zhixian and Di Ji.

    Chu Mu nodded and stared at the colorful chrysalis!

    The recovery speed of the Cloud-Stepping Abyss Beast is very fast. From the time when it was on the verge of death to the moment when its flesh and blood are fully restored, it only takes a few skills to release.

    By now, the skin of the Cloud-Stepping Abyssal Beast has begun to grow!

    For some reason, Chu Mu discovered that when the Cloud-Stepping Beast grew its skin, there seemed to be something more in its skin


    Suddenly, the Cloud-Stepping Abyss Beast let out a roar of pain and anger inside the big insect cocoon!  !  !

    The strong four hooves have recovered again, more like being put on sharp-edged armor, becoming more powerful!  !

    The cocoon began to crack, and the Cloud-Stepping Beast frantically used its claws to tear off all the remaining worm threads, and crawled slightly on the ground like a crossbow ready to be fired!  !


    The ground shattered into pieces, and hundreds of streets sank. The Cloud-Stepping Abyss Beast rose from the ground, jumped into the sky, and rushed towards Death Dream again!  !  !

    Seeing the wild and domineering Cloud-Stepping Abyss Beast soaring into the sky, Bin Liao was stunned!

    The dying Cloud-Stepping Beast remained intact in this short period of time, which already made Bin Liao feel extremely uncomfortable.At this moment, the road in front of me gradually becomes dim

    "What's going on?" Suddenly, the flower girl realized something was wrong, because she felt like she was standing still no matter how much she ran.


    The Hoshino Demon Pony passed through the thick darkness and suddenly appeared in another gloomy alley.

    If the flower girl had consciously looked back, she would have been surprised to find that it was a long distance away from where she was just now. She was running in a direction that would have made it impossible for her to reach here!

    The flower girl was stunned and looked at the young man and woman and an old man who looked like a blind man in front of her with confusion.

    At this time, the young man took a few steps forward, and a pair of evil and awe-inspiring eyes made the flower girl tremble. This man made her feel like Her Royal Highness, mysterious and extremely dangerous!  !  !

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