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Charm Latest chapter update list


Chapter 1 Nightmare IslandChapter 2 Survival InstinctChapter 3 Death ThreatChapter 4 Inner Island, looking for a new soul pet
Chapter 5 Thorn DemonChapter 6 Trap, Soul Catching PetChapter 7 Creatures beyond the ninth levelChapter 8 Racial Mutation, Moonlight Fox
Chapter 9 Soul Pact, Capturing the Mutated FoxChapter 10 The first battle, the Thorn DemonChapter 11 Growth, Second-Level Moonlight FoxChapter 12 Grinding, training, and improvement
Chapter 13 Provocation and fightChapter 14 New combat skill, tearing clawChapter 15 Full CentipedeChapter 16 The second level beats the third level
Chapter 17 The Nightmare ArrivesChapter 18 Encountering an Enemy by ChanceChapter 19 Tearing the Hundred-Eyed PalmChapter 20 Crisis arises
Chapter 21 Kill, the indifferent foxChapter 22 Ninth Level Flame TailChapter 23 It was Luo Chen who diedChapter 24 Soul Skill, Favoring Charm
Chapter 25 Chu Lian, Mo Xie¡¯s disguiseChapter 26 Deadly MoonlightChapter 27 Dual Attribute Soul CrystalChapter 28 The Cry of the Dark Night Demon
Chapter 29 The Deacon¡¯s AngerChapter 30 Bad news, decisive battle ahead of scheduleChapter 31 Chu Mu, the strongest hidden oneChapter 32 Dire Wolf, the Cruelty of the Butler
Chapter 33 Elimination, DeathChapter 34 Victory, unexpected crueltyChapter 35 The Last BattleChapter 36 If you¡¯re looking for death, I¡¯ll help you
Chapter 37 Advanced combat skills, moon bladeChapter 38 The murderer, Chu Mu!Chapter 39 Metamorphosis, the second stage of formChapter 40 Training, heading towards the Nine-Tails Mutation
Chapter 41 New Combat Skill, FlameChapter 42 Leaving Blue Nightmare IslandChapter 43 Water ElfChapter 44 Green Nightmare Demon Main Island
Chapter 45 Insufficient funds, hunting pets!Chapter 46 The Battle of the Second Soul PetChapter 47 Sky Blue Jade LuzhiChapter 48 Hunting the second-stage Gulla monster
Chapter 49 Ten-player melee eventChapter 50 Cao Yi¡¯s conspiracyChapter 51 Chaos TriggeredChapter 52 Instant kill, changing the situation
Chapter 53 The Fierce FoxChapter 54 Comparable to a warrior-level soul petChapter 55: Seizing the Shadow and Fixing the SoulChapter 56 Mark, Seal Breaking
Chapter 57 One vs. TenChapter 58 War Aura, Show of StrengthChapter 59 Declaration of war, the flames of war are burningChapter 60 Massacre (Part 1)
Chapter 61 Massacre (Part 2)Chapter 62 Massacre (Part 2)Chapter 63 White Demon Flame, Chu Mu¡¯s WrathChapter 64 Demonic flames burn Cao Yi
Chapter 65 A surprise appearance, the fifth stage White NightmareChapter 66 Chance of Life (Three in One)Chapter 67 Prison Island, three thousand people aliveChapter 68 The choice of surrendering to death (revised and new chapter)
Chapter 69 Unrecognized CreaturesChapter 70 Ice Falcon, Intermediate General LevelChapter 71 The little green insect¡¯s inexplicable angerChapter 72 Accidentally enters the habitat of the ice falcon
Chapter 73 Caterpillar pupatesChapter 74 Metamorphosis, giant insect chrysalisChapter 75 Ice Sky ElfChapter 76 Capture, new soul pet
Chapter 77 Top Ice TalentChapter 78 Fragment MapChapter 79 Dual Soul SummoningChapter 80 The potential of ice elves
Chapter 81 Blood Beast, Yang FamilyChapter 82 Enemies meet with swordsChapter 83 Four Stages of Bloodthirsty BeastsChapter 84 Racial Mutation, Arrogant Moye (Part 1)
Chapter 85 Racial Mutation, Arrogant MoyeChapter 86 Evil Flame Six-tailed Demonic FoxChapter 87 Soul Skill-Wind Dragon WrapChapter 88 Advancement, Five Mind Soul Warrior
Chapter 89 Chasing the Yang FamilyChapter 90 Update postponed to midnightChapter 91 The Trapped Beast (Part 1)Chapter 92 The Trapped Beast (Part 2)
Chapter 93 Secret Follow-up AssassinationChapter 94 Ice Wall, the Barrier of DeathChapter 95 Old wounds, betrayal of soul petsChapter 96 The colorful devil tiger escaped from trouble
Chapter 97 Star Swallowing WolfChapter 98 DisparityChapter 99 Phantom, fatal attackChapter 100 Soul Armor
Chapter 101 The Transformation of the Ice Sky ElfChapter 102 New Soul Pet, Demonic Tree WarriorChapter 103 Beauty in the RainChapter 104 Killing Cao Yi (Part 1)
Chapter 105 The evening chapter is postponed to the eveningChapter 106 Killing Cao Yi (Part 2)Chapter 107 Three YearsChapter 108 Monarch Level, White Nightmare
Chapter 109 Thunder Dream Beast of NightChapter 110 Insect World, God¡¯s EntrailsChapter 111 Battle in Baisi SkyChapter 112 The nightmare of broken dreams
Chapter 113 Angry Flames, Fusion of Double FiresChapter 114 Yang LengcangChapter 115 Emerging from the pupa, the ancient soul petChapter 116 Xiaoyu¡¯s words (remarks on launch)
Chapter 117 The initial thoughts of Chongmei StructureChapter 118 Sky Blue Hidden DragonChapter 119 Sky Blue Hidden Dragon VS Mysterious Unknown CreatureChapter 120 Split Hidden Dragon Egg
Chapter 121 Chong Mei is not a sidekick!Chapter 122 Treasure, Blood Eye MadnessChapter 123 If he is still alive, it may not be youChapter 124 Ice Sky Elf VS Blue Nightmare (Part 1)
Chapter 125 Ice Sky Elf VS Blue Nightmare (Part 2)Chapter 126 Title, Young Master Henghai NightmareChapter 127 Nightmare PalaceChapter 128 Young Master Luoyu, Yang Luosen
Chapter 129 One day, challenge five peopleChapter 130 Murderous weapon, invasion of cold poisonChapter 131 Killing, getting used to itChapter 132 The battle begins now
Chapter 133 The King of Prison Island Who Lost His SoulChapter 134 Evil Flame Six-tailed Demon Fox VS Blue NightmareChapter 135 The White Devil Devouring the NightmareChapter 136 Sixth Level Soul Armor Reward
Chapter 137 Miss Qin family, Qin MengerChapter 138 Commanding the Demon HorseChapter 139 Night Thunder Dream Beast, strong speedChapter 140 I, Chu Mu, am not dead, I am back!
Chapter 141 Today is Xiaoyu¡¯s birthday. I would like to say a few words to everyone by the way.Chapter 142 Today is different from the past, Chu Mu is strongChapter 143 Mo Xie Disdains to FightChapter 144 Abnormal Ice Sky Elf
Chapter 145 I¡¯m fine, but we have something going onChapter 146 Broken forest, forest thingsChapter 147 The Chu family¡¯s favorite, Mo YeChapter 148 Mo Ye fights tenaciously
Chapter 149 Soul Pet with Super Self-Healing Ability (Part 1)Chapter 150 Soul pet with super self-healing ability (Part 2)Chapter 151 Mo Ye VS Mo YeChapter 152 Abandoning Favor
Chapter 153 The Troubles of the Ethnic GroupChapter 154 Flame RescueChapter 155 New soul pet, Mo YeChapter 156 Let the entire Gangluo City tremble for itself
Chapter 157 Territory Crisis (Part 1)Chapter 158 Territory Crisis (Part 2)Chapter 159 Dark and windy night, murderous nightChapter 160 Sensational Auction House
Chapter 161 From the beginning, four chapters will be updated every day!Chapter 162 Let¡¯s have a bloody stormChapter 163 Demonic Tree DemonChapter 164 Mo Ye, a skill that makes opponents collapse
Chapter 165: Robbery and Killing of Yang Mantian and His Son (Part 1)Chapter 166 Robbery and Killing of Yang Mantian and His Son (Part 2)Chapter 167 Using the Yang Family¡¯s Money to Bid with the Yang Family (Part 1)Chapter 168 Using the Yang family¡¯s money to bid with the Yang family (Part 2)
Chapter 169 The aggressive eldest lady of the Chu familyChapter 170 Cleaning up the Chu familyChapter 171 Recommend primary competitionChapter 172 Just a bit tougher
Chapter 173: Establishing evidence, one chapter missingChapter 174 The weakest Chu Mu takes the leadChapter 175 Combination Instant KillChapter 176 Summon three, all die
Chapter 177 Someone wants to die, not the soul pet (Part 1)Chapter 178 Someone wants to die, not the soul pet (Part 2)Chapter 179: Fighting for family gloryChapter 180 The Yang Family¡¯s Mysterious Player
Chapter 181 You Yang family, I, Chu Mu, will kill each one who comes up.Chapter 182 The Yang family is in troubleChapter 183 Chu Mu, the King of Prison Island!Chapter 184 The Nightmare Master of Luoyu VS the King of Prison Island
Chapter 185 A showdown between gorgeousness and fiercenessChapter 186 The monarch, the White Nightmare, ignores the blue flame!Chapter 187 It¡¯s ridiculous? Mo also appears!Chapter 188 Continuous Rebirth, Fighting to the Death (Part 1)
Chapter 189 Continuous Rebirth, Fighting to the Death (Part 2)Chapter 190 Ghost Winged Bone Blood DemonChapter 191 Ghost Seal, Blood Demon SealChapter 192 The unknown old slave
Chapter 193 Destroy the Yang Family (Part 1)Chapter 194 Destroy the Yang Family (Part 2)Chapter 195 Destroy the Yang Family (Part 2)Chapter 196 Promotion, Eight Thought Soul Master
Chapter 197 Encountering a powerful enemy aloneChapter 198 Trying to kill but fleeingChapter 199 Even more famousChapter 200 Pingyuan Ancient City, Jiacheng
Chapter 201 A chance encounter with Princess JinrouChapter 202 The Decision of the WorldChapter 203 Battle of JiayuChapter 204 Exquisite dodge, excellent speed
Chapter 205 Perfect Warrior Level VS Perfect Commander LevelChapter 206 Blood-stained, Silver FoxChapter 207 The tail is the dignity of the fox!Chapter 208: Mutation, the Nine-tailed Flame Fox of Crown Flame!
Chapter 209 The evil eyes are terrifying and the mind and soul are controlled!Chapter 210 Aiming to be the strongest young generationChapter 211 The princess visits late at nightChapter 212 Kidnapping the Princess
Chapter 213 I still hope everyone understands this feelingChapter 214 Forbidden Territory, Get Rid of the Nightmare PalaceChapter 215 Sky Flame Ceremony, Killing the Soul MasterChapter 216 The ninth level of mystery, the mysterious forest world
Chapter 217 Night dream of hell, escape and fight backChapter 218 Trap, Feast of Demonic SpiritsChapter 219 The ancient trees in the sky, the crowning magnificenceChapter 220 Weird, half human and half pet
Chapter 221 Perfect Girl, Beloved of DefectionChapter 222 Earthly Evil Dream Demon, Horrible Dream TrapChapter 223 Demonic Night Dream, Double Dream (Part 1)Chapter 224 Demonic Night Dream, Double Dream (Part 2)
Chapter 225 Xia Guanghan¡¯s favorite, mourning Huang ShalomChapter 226 Inner darkness, soul backlashChapter 227 The first honor, I really hope everyone can help Xiaoyu get itChapter 228 Promoted to Soul Master and transformed into a White Demon!
Chapter 229 Half Demon Chu Mu VS Xia GuanghanChapter 230 Destructive Power, Triple Sky Flame CeremonyChapter 232: Open another single chapter and make a short summaryChapter 233 Xia Guanghan¡¯s Poisonous Oath
Chapter 234 Starlight Soul Pet, Honored DaughterChapter 235 Hot SoulChapter 236Chapter 237 Cold Beauty, Female Queen Liu Binglan
Chapter 238 Ice Extreme, the Source of Crime is Cold PondChapter 239 Traveling together, wandering brothers and sistersChapter 240 Purple-shirted dream beast, realized laterChapter 241 Landslide, the First Cold Pond
Chapter 242 Let me have some sleep, and I¡¯ll make up for yesterday¡¯s and today¡¯s at nightChapter 243 Spiritual objects should be fought overChapter 244 Sixth level cold pool, overlord soul petChapter 245 Killing means getting money quickly
Chapter 246 The Yang family in Luoyu, kill (Part 1)Chapter 247 The Yang family in Luoyu, kill (Part 2)Chapter 248 Ye WanshengChapter 249 Overlord, Centipede Giant Rock Demon
Chapter 250 Ye Qingzi, water heart heals heartChapter 251 Treasure, Level 8 Soul CrystalChapter 252 Are you really not interested in my sister?Chapter 253 Bing Liuli, Ice Sky Elf
Chapter 254 Chu Chen, who is better between you and Chu Mu?Chapter 255 The spark of adolescence, Chu XianChapter 256 Hundred Grains, Fruit of Eternal BloodChapter 257 I have sole control, you can summon me at will
Chapter 258 The Momentum of the Ice Sky ElfChapter 259 Single control challenges Chu Mu¡¯s three controls?Chapter 260 Chu Yue? Just follow the steps!Chapter 261 Invitation to Participate
Chapter 262 Sealed pet, self-destructionChapter 263 Cooperating with Ye Qingzi to fight against the masters of the Chu familyChapter 264 Chu Mu versus Chu Yue (Part 1)Chapter 265 Chu Mu versus Chu Yue (Part 2)
Chapter 266 Clear the field and resolve the battle!Chapter 267 A battle of high stakes, single control VS three controlsChapter 268 Kill Zi Senluo instantlyChapter 269 Three punishments, you can choose
Chapter 270 Guard in white, powerful master petChapter 271 Facing a powerful enemy, the princess joins the battleChapter 272 The arrogant, real Chu MuChapter 273 The Nine-tailed Flame Fox of Crown Flame VS the Cursed Seal Demon Fox of Ling Bing
Chapter 274 Awakening the White Nightmare, the evil princess!Chapter 275 White Demon Flame, Soul Master Chu MuChapter 276 The showdown between the monarch and the monarchChapter 277 Shocking the Mountain Top, Sky Flame Ceremony
Chapter 278 The princess¡¯s grudgesChapter 279: Insect plague, hibernation (Part 1)Chapter 280: Insect plague, hibernation (Part 2)Chapter 281 The horror of the ninth-stage monarch
Chapter 282 Trapped in desolation, transformed into a half-demonChapter 283 Nine-level sky flames, thousands of insects are wiped out! (superior)Chapter 284 Nine-level sky flame, thousands of insects are wiped out! (Down)Chapter 285 Devoured by the same race, the eight-winged demonic insect
Chapter 286 Spiritual Master Ye QingziChapter 287 Brave Sting HeartChapter 288 Abandoned City, Disaster in the NestChapter 289 New Year¡¯s Eve, Chong Mei¡¯s 100th Birthday, Fish Talk
Chapter 290 Insect Blood, Insect GutChapter 291 Entering the Demonic Insect Lair (Part 1)Chapter 292 Entering the Demonic Insect Lair (Part 2)Chapter 293 Eight Stage Six-Winged Demonic Insect (Part 1)
Chapter 294 Eight Stage Six-Winged Demonic Insect (Part 2)Chapter 295 Zhan Ye¡¯s new combat skill, Sky Split ClawChapter 296 Insect Eggs, Golden CoinsChapter 297 Lost Soul Pet, Missing Ye Wansheng
Chapter 298 Zhan Li Jie, Elemental GateChapter 299 Soul pet armed with 40 million gold coinsChapter 300 Brave Stinging Heart, Sixth Stage and Sixth LevelChapter 301 The Shaking Mysterious Heaven Monument (Part 1)
Chapter 302 The Shaking Mysterious Heaven Monument (Part 2)Chapter 303 The Monument WeepsChapter 304 The Road to the WorldChapter 305 Elemental Wall Painting
Chapter 306 Ice Sky Elf vs Ice Sky ElfChapter 307Chapter 308 Four Color Porcelain SpiritChapter 309 Soul Capture Successful
Chapter 310 Ghost KingChapter 311 Young Master of Soul PalaceChapter 312 Comprehension, Ice Sky ElfChapter 313 Colorful Dome Nanshan, Lord of Tianjing Peak
Chapter 314 Mid-mountain GrottoChapter 315 Flame Vortex, Flame ElfChapter 316 Ning¡¯s broken ice fieldChapter 317 The Trap of the Elemental Gate
Chapter 318 Escape, CrisisChapter 319 The Rock Guard GroupChapter 320 Transformation, Seven Stages of CondensationChapter 321 Cold Grinding Seal, Level 7 Ice Skill
Chapter 322 The Ghost King on the PeakChapter 323 Alone battle on the mountain peakChapter 324 Eight hundred rock guards!Chapter 325 Melee on the mountain peak, survival from desperate situation
Chapter 326: Kill in one piece, fierce and icyChapter 327 Sixth level and ninth level, the more you fight, the braver you becomeChapter 328 The King¡¯s Guardian, General Gangyan!Chapter 329 Melee combat in the air, Zhan Ye VS Winged Tiger (Part 1)
Chapter 330 Melee combat in the air, Zhan Ye VS Winged Tiger (Part 2)Chapter 331 The spiritual confrontation with the Ghost KingChapter 332 The Master of Tianjing Peak, the Overbearing KingChapter 333 Adventure, gliding on Tianjing Peak
Chapter 334 The monarch¡¯s terrifying pursuitChapter 335: Conquering War, Battle with the Ghost King (Part 1)Chapter 336: Conquering War, Battle with the Ghost King (Part 2)Chapter 337 The Surrender of King Gui Qiong
Chapter 338 Absolute superiority, monarch-level talentChapter 339 The conspirator, Yu HeChapter 340 Insolence in the Hall of Soul PalaceChapter 341: Kill first and tell later
Chapter 342 The Tenth Young MasterChapter 343 Poisoned Ye WanshengChapter 344 Yu He was releasedChapter 345 Beyond, leaving the city for a fight
Chapter 346 Qianmu City, Vampire WoodChapter 347 Vampire Wood Demon TrapChapter 348 The bloody nature of the jungle arousedChapter 349: Different Bloodline, Crown-Blooded Wood Demon
Chapter 350 Demonic Tree, Wooden Finger PrisonChapter 351 Mutated Blood SuckingChapter 352 The strongest absorption, life sucking (Part 1)Chapter 353 The strongest absorption, life sucking (Part 2)
Chapter 354 Killing streak, bloody demon tree warriorChapter 355 The end of the dark forestChapter 356 Swamp Corpse HandChapter 357 Chapter 230 Ring Sound Concubine
Chapter 358 Ancient Blue Demonic TreeChapter 359 Eighth Level Wood Soul CrystalChapter 360 The whereabouts of the Split Dragon EggChapter 361 The Level of Sky Blue Hidden Dragon
Chapter 362 Boundary City, Leaving CityChapter 363 Speed ??and dodge, leaving the city and chasing the cityChapter 364: The evil thing leaving the city (Part 1)Chapter 365: The evil thing leaving the city (Part 2)
Chapter 366 Night City HorrorChapter 367 Weird Demon ClawChapter 368 Thriller ConspiracyChapter 369 Infinitely dangerous events (number of chapters revised)
Chapter 370 The Transformation of the Demonic Tree WarriorChapter 371 Looking for the murderer on a rainy nightChapter 372 Demonic Tree, one versus ten (Part 1)Chapter 373 Demonic Tree, one against ten (Part 2)
Chapter 374 The Poison Effect of the Demonic Tree WarriorChapter 375: Beloved, Hundred MothersChapter 376 Green Hidden DragonChapter 377: Destroying Evil Creatures (Part 1)
Chapter 378: Destroying Evil Creatures (Part 2)Chapter 379 Hidden Dragon¡¯s White SilkChapter 380 The Master of BaimuChapter 381 Death City Chase
Chapter 382 The group of greedy insect monstersChapter 383 Underground Palace, Masked ManChapter 384 The gathering of forcesChapter 385 More calm? Than mentality?
Chapter 386 The villain Yu He, Holly¡¯s old woundsChapter 387 Whoever kills Duan Xinhe gets the dragon eggsChapter 388 An Arena Only for Big PowersChapter 389 Killing Yu He, the favor of Master Yu
Chapter 390 Looking for the Green Hidden DragonChapter 391 Beauty Night WhisperChapter 392 Conspiracy ShowdownChapter 393 Battle with Yu He in the Hall of the Old Site
Chapter 394 Shock Attack, Nine-tailed HammerChapter 395 Corpse Picture, Corruption of Corpse NatureChapter 396 The corpse system remains the same, suckingChapter 397 Yu He, Death
Chapter 398 Double ConspiracyChapter 399 Underground World, God¡¯s Guts (Part 1)Chapter 400 The evening update is postponed to the eveningChapter 401 Underground World, God¡¯s Guts
Chapter 402 Split Reproduction, Green Hidden DragonChapter 403 Race against timeChapter 404 White Eyes BurningChapter 405 Half Demon vs. Greedy Insect Monster
Chapter 406 The Green Hidden Dragon AwakensChapter 407 One of the Five Peaks, Xiao RenChapter 408: Losing one¡¯s heart and killing greedy foodChapter 409 Collision of forces, dragon and beast
Chapter 410: The Battle from the City, the Power of the Hidden Dragon (1)Chapter 411: Battle from the City, the Power of the Hidden Dragon (2)Chapter 412: Battle outside the city, the power of the stinging dragon (3)Chapter 413: The Battle from the City, the Power of the Hidden Dragon (4)
Chapter 414 The white magic flame under the ultimate battleChapter 415 Transformation under powerful enemies, Seven Stage MoyeChapter 416 Eighth level combat skill, Wusu Flame Fox FormationChapter 417 Strange Eyes, Demon Lord, Chu Mu
Chapter 418 From Jiuyou, the Evil LordChapter 419 Arrival, the Shocking Demon (1)Chapter 420 Arrival, the Shocking Demon (2)Chapter 421 Arrival, the Shocking Demon (3)
Chapter 422 Arrival, the Shocking Demon (4)Chapter 423 The Supreme Picture, Hidden Dragon and Half DemonChapter 424: Fighting against the tenth-level quasi-emperorChapter 425 The strongest soul pet lineup in the history of Li City
Chapter 426 Killing Soul Pet, Dimensional Demonic Flame SeaChapter 427: Memory plunder, sealed angerChapter 428 No one can leave aliveChapter 429: The fall of all the strong men, the shattering of the sky and the strange seal
Chapter 430 Man and Demon, Demon and ManChapter 431 Ice cold, deep pool fades away demonsChapter 432 Regarding the strange delay in updates in the past two daysChapter 433 The God of Nightmare Palace, Half-Demon
Chapter 434 The decisive battle in the world, the emperor¡¯s soul petChapter 435 The frightened bird, Xia GuanghanChapter 436 Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail BirdChapter 437: Breaking the cauldron and entering the valley
Chapter 438: The narrow path is full of vicious insects (Part 1)Chapter 439 Chapter 310 The narrow path is filled with vicious insects (Part 2)Chapter 440 Breaking through the narrow passage aloneChapter 441: Be the first to arrive, a gorgeous deception
Chapter 442 Women¡¯s Favorite, the Butterfly Tribe MonarchChapter 443: Treat me well, Nightmare PalaceChapter 444 One hundred million, the heart of the nine-tailed flame foxChapter 445 Competition without Age Restriction
Chapter 446 Young people VS middle-aged peopleChapter 447 Chu Chen, who is this person?Chapter 448 Opponent, the eighth-level female soul pet masterChapter 449 Soul Palace, Seven Figures of Holy Favor
Chapter 450 Decisive Battle, Hunting the Newcomer King (Part 1)Chapter 451 Decisive Battle, Hunting the Newcomer King (Part 2)Chapter 452: Gorgeous counterattack, RanmujingChapter 453 I used to kill people and hunt by the way (Part 1)
Chapter 454: Killing people before, hunting by the way (Part 2)Chapter 455: The strength ladder of the world's decisive battle.Chapter 456: Heading eastward, casting the net all the wayChapter 457 Tenth Level, Overlapping Heaven and Mysterious Realm
Chapter 458 Challenging the Limits of Combat, the Eighth Mysterious RealmChapter 459 Close to the perfect stage, the ninth stage of the terrifying wolfChapter 460 Shocking Leap Level BattleChapter 461 The time of death under the bloodthirsty madness
Chapter 462 Bloody Victory (Part 1)Chapter 463 Bloody Victory (Part 2)Chapter 464: One person in ten years, the throne of the worldChapter 465 The most powerful woman in the Soul Palace
Chapter 466 The invisible black hand, Xia GuanghanChapter 467 The second level is the strongest, hunting Wang XuChapter 468: Ancient Wasteland City, Ancient Wind SpiritChapter 469 Mo Xie¡¯s Transformation, the Eighth Stage Flame Fox
Chapter 470 Remarks on the recommendation! ! ! !Chapter 471: Broken Wall, Nine Snakes and LichensChapter 472: The King¡¯s Ghost Transformation, Absolute DefenseChapter 473 The ancient city, encountering the Demon Palace at night
Chapter 474 The second level is the strongest, Lu ShanliChapter 475: Evil eyes and demonic eyes, using the power to clear the wayChapter 476 Wind Spirit Guard, Ten StormsChapter 477 The power of destruction, level nine hurricane
Chapter 478: Sit back and wait, but there is a trapChapter 479: Update at night, not a foolChapter 480 Disturbing the Demon Palace Lu ShanliChapter 481 The chase of life and death in the yellow sand
Chapter 482 Accidentally enters the terrifying wolf landChapter 483 Only by fighting can you surviveChapter 484 A fierce battle that must be wonChapter 485 Eighth Stage, Demonic Night Dream (Part 1)
Chapter 486 Eighth Stage, Demonic Night Dream (Part 2)Chapter 487 Moonlight, blood, fierce battleChapter 488 The spoils after the bloody battleChapter 489 The mysterious back sand area, no one has set foot in it
Chapter 490 Complete restraint, the power of the ghost kingChapter 491 Crazy scorpions on all sides, sand bone basinChapter 492 Abnormal young masterChapter 493 The third echelon that is difficult to cross
Chapter 494 Killing Thousands, Surprised the Strong OneChapter 495 Royal Mo Ye, subverting the hierarchyChapter 496 The devil of the soul pet world, Qin Ye!Chapter 497 Devil¡¯s Experience, Desert Wanderer
Chapter 498 Return and fight Luopeng againChapter 499 The Rock King, the Violent Ghost KingChapter 500 The Rock King, the Violent Ghost King (Part 2)Chapter 501 Eighth Level High Level, Thunder Dream Beast of Night
Chapter 502 The Seven Holy Lands of the Soul Palace, the Wind-Binding Domain (Part 1)Chapter 503 The Seven Holy Lands of the Soul Palace, Wind-Binding Domain (Part 2)Chapter 504: Giant Painting of Weeping Monuments, Distant MemoryChapter 505 Four wind belts, unknown world
Chapter 506 The Lord of Wind, the Wind-Binding Spirit!Chapter 507 Shuttle between life and death, level ten wind!Chapter 508 The inner demon attacks, the battle of perseveranceChapter 509 Accidentally Captured Mature Wind-Binding Spirit
Chapter 510: Noon update slightly postponed to eveningChapter 511 The weird young man, Chu MuChapter 512 Advanced Ling Bing, Eighth Stage NingChapter 513 The opportunity to regain the young wind-binding spirit
Chapter 514 Exchange, meeting an old friend by chanceChapter 515 The Chu brothers reunited in a different placeChapter 516 The Exile of the Chu Family, Chu TianqiChapter 517 Luoyumen, Business Alliance, Soul Alliance
Chapter 518 Eighth Level New Soul Skill (Part 1)Chapter 519 Eighth Level New Soul Skill (Part 2)Chapter 520 Cumulative promotion, eighth level and fifth levelChapter 521 Dark Night, Action (Part 1)
Chapter 522 Dark Night, Action (Part 2)Chapter 523 Immortal Immortal Queen, Ye QingziChapter 524: The Ye Family¡¯s Big Enemy, Shen YichengChapter 525 Mysterious Potion, Memory Liquid
Chapter 526 Helpless Ye QingziChapter 527: Furious, Chu Mu (Part 1)Chapter 528: Furious, Chu Mu (Part 2)Chapter 529 Bloodthirsty Demonic Tree vs. Demonic Poison Ivy
Chapter 530: Fight to the death vs. the ninth-level monarch (Part 1)Chapter 531: Fighting to the death vs. the ninth-level monarch (Part 2)Chapter 532 Deepen the hostility and save Ye WanshengChapter 533 Shen Yicheng? Just kill him
Chapter 534: Losing one¡¯s heart and killing the abyssal beastChapter 535 Soul Alliance Secret Artifact, Remembrance LiquidChapter 536 The reputation of Fengyun shocked the worldChapter 537 Mo Xie VS Wind Binding Spirit (Part 1)
Chapter 538 Mo Xie VS Wind Binding Spirit (Part 2)Chapter 539 Strength, Spirituality, WisdomChapter 540 Soul washing, memory erasureChapter 541 Soul Pet Master, Chu Mu
Chapter 542 Wind-Binding Sanctuary, embarking on a new experienceChapter 543 Cooperating with the Wind-Binding SpiritChapter 544 Ancient Feng Road, Tribe of WindChapter 545 Million Level, Soul Pet Empire
Chapter 546 Tears of the Wind Spirit, Nine Levels of Binding Wind Spirit (Part 1)Chapter 547 Tears of the Wind Spirit, Nine-level Wind Spirit Binding (Part 2)Chapter 548 New Favorite, Wind-Binding Spirit (Part 1)Chapter 549 New Favorite, Wind-Binding Spirit (Part 2)
Chapter 550 Defender, Chu MuChapter 551 Mo Xie, Thirteen YanmingChapter 552 Li Hong, Lord of the Throne for Ten YearsChapter 553 The first realm, fighting beasts
Chapter 554: Commander-level difficulty, complete transformation of creaturesChapter 555 Collision, Ghost King and Bone Edge BeastChapter 556 The first realm, challenge of honorChapter 557 Beast Fighting Challenge with Increasing Difficulty
Chapter 558 There are three chapters today, at ten o'clockChapter 559 Peak Commander, Tenth Stage Flame BirdChapter 560 The third wave of fighting beasts, terrifying wolvesChapter 561 A familiar group battle
Chapter 562: The Roar of the Final Fighting Beast (please vote for additional chapters!!)Chapter 563 The fourth wave, the unbeatable beastChapter 564 Can be knocked down, but cannot be defeated (Part 1)Chapter 565 Can be knocked down, but cannot be defeated (Part 2)
Chapter 566 Can be knocked down, but cannot be defeated (Part 2)Chapter 567 The sound of victory, the highest glory!Chapter 568 The hug after the war, the beauty¡¯s heart is in panicChapter 569 The second realm, Hunting Di Holy Sanctuary (Part 1)
Chapter 570 The second realm, Hunting Di Holy Sanctuary (Part 2)Chapter 571 The defecting girl¡ªpeople, favor?Chapter 572 The mystery of Tisheng, there is only one directionChapter 573 Dreaming back to the sea of ??flowers, the terrifying enchanting girl
Chapter 574: Overlapping Flames, Triple BurningChapter 575 Withered Holy Blue Flower, Looking for CluesChapter 576 In the Holy Land, the Green Hidden Dragon suddenly appears!Chapter 577 The Soulless Dragon Clan
Chapter 578 May, ah, ah, rushChapter 579: Famous all over the world, Chu Chen in the Soul PalaceChapter 580: Twelve years, one sentence makes it clearChapter 581 The mastermind behind the scenes, the defecting girl
Chapter 582: The devil¡¯s guardian, never let anyone go (1)Chapter 583: The devil¡¯s guardian, never let anyone go (2)Chapter 584: The devil¡¯s guardian, never let anyone go (3)Chapter 585: The devil¡¯s guardian, never let anyone go (4)
Chapter 586: The devil¡¯s guardian, never let anyone go (5)Chapter 587 Hidden Strong Man, Luoyu Sect Jiang Zhi (Part 1)Chapter 588 Hidden Strong Man, Luoyu Sect Jiang Zhi (Part 2)Chapter 589 Gate of Death, seconds under the strange eyes (two in one, please vote!)
Chapter 590 Communication with everyone and new update arrangementsChapter 591 Dangerous Person, Chu MuChapter 592 High Monarch, White Devil (Part 1)Chapter 593 High Lord, White Nightmare (Part 2)
Chapter 594 The Seventh Realm, Cruel Crossing the BoundaryChapter 595 New Companion, Princess JinrouChapter 596 Open the net and wait, Zuo XiaoChapter 597: Jungle killing, who will win (Part 1)
Chapter 598: Jungle killing, who will win (Part 2)Chapter 599 Alone into hostilityChapter 600 Unknown Lord, Temporary TrapChapter 601 Killer Leader, Shen Yicheng
Chapter 602 A killer with a higher realm than a killerChapter 603 Appears, the defecting girlChapter 604 Escape, Hostage Exchange (Part 1)Chapter 605 Escape, Hostage Exchange (Part 2)
Chapter 606 The Flame of Anger, the Power to Destroy MountainsChapter 607: Three major pets, taking orders in times of crisis (Part 1)Chapter 608: Three major pets, taking orders in times of crisis (Part 2)Chapter 609: Three major pets, taking orders in times of crisis (Part 2)
Chapter 610 Thousand-footed Centipede, Maze CaveChapter 611 The abyss of the cave, a plague of centipedesChapter 612 Emperor-level power, the terrifying Lord (Part 1)Chapter 613: Emperor-level power, the terrifying Lord (Part 2)
Chapter 614 Abyss, thousands of centipedes suddenly appearChapter 615: War, war! (superior)Chapter 616: War, war! (middle)Chapter 617: War, war! (Down)
Chapter 618: Law of Survival, Mo Ye ClanChapter 619 Tenth Stage, the Outbreak of High Lord Zhan YeChapter 620 The dying king, sitting on a mountain of corpsesChapter 621 The Peak Monarch Awakens the Ancient Beast Soul
Chapter 622 The dawn of death, sweeping away a quarter of the abyssChapter 623 Killer? Not even the residue!Chapter 624 Treasure, Level 9 Soul ArmorChapter 625 Chen Lake, contestants fighting! (superior)
Chapter 626 Chen Lake, contestants fighting! (Down)Chapter 627 The powerful White Nightmare scares the meleeChapter 628 1 billion compensation, shady Chu MuChapter 629 Tianshou Mountain, an unknown adventure
Chapter 630 The Eighth Realm, Prisoner Hunting GroundChapter 631 Xia Guanghan, return tenfoldChapter 632 Special layout, players, prisonersChapter 633 Rock Rainbow Bridge, a wolf in front and a tiger in the back
Chapter 634: The prisoner¡¯s head is the reward for breaking through (Part 1)Chapter 635: The prisoner¡¯s head is the reward for breaking through (Part 2)Chapter 636 Flashing 200 million gold coins, eighth-level prisoner Cai JiChapter 637 This rule is a great opportunity to make money
Chapter 638 Level 9 Prisoner, Duan XinzeChapter 639 The sword-winged lion was lost and Shang Heng was seriously injuredChapter 640: Killing prisoners, mass killing of wind-bound spiritsChapter 641: Destroy prisoners, mass killing of elements (Part 1)
Chapter 642: Destroy prisoners, mass killing of elements (Part 2)Chapter 643 Bloody nature, killing prisoners in anger (Part 1)Chapter 644 Bloody nature, killing prisoners in anger (Part 2)Chapter 645 Bloody nature, killing prisoners in anger (Part 2)
Chapter 646 Chu Mu¡¯s real main lineup?Chapter 647 Sixteen prisoners, all destroyedChapter 648 Chu Mu is too honestChapter 649 The signs before Mo Xie¡¯s mutation (Part 1)
Chapter 650 Signs before Mo Xie¡¯s mutation (Part 2)Chapter 651: Greedy Insect Monster, Level 9 Prisoner (Part 1)Chapter 652: Greedy Insect Monster, Level 9 Prisoner (Part 2)Chapter 653 Battle, ninth-level prisoner Duan Xinze
Chapter 654 Thousand Mothers, Chongrong, and the Greedy KingChapter 655 The battle is resolved within one minuteChapter 656 I will accept your billion heads!Chapter 657 The enemy is approaching, Xia Guanghan is competing
Chapter 658: The evening update is postponed to evening, the previous chapter has been correctedChapter 659: On the verge of breaking out, Li Hen comes to the rescueChapter 660: Enemy winds, attacking from all sidesChapter 661 The white devil¡¯s special ability, swallowed by the same race
Chapter 662 Warm-up in the form of massacre, wild beast battleChapter 663: Battle of the same clan, one white devil versus three (Part 1)Chapter 664 A battle between the same clans, one white devil versus three (Part 2)Chapter 665 The power I longed for in the past is very close!
Chapter 666 Ten Years of Throne, Initial Qualification for NominationChapter 667 The battle for the top of Tianshou Mountain, the collision of forcesChapter 668 Challenge the two strongest people in Nightmare PalaceChapter 669 The super auxiliary flow that shocked the audience (Part 1)
Chapter 670 The super auxiliary flow that shocked the audience (Part 2)Chapter 671 Soul Palace? White Nightmare? A summons that dumbfounded the entire audienceChapter 672 The Nightmare among the NightmaresChapter 673 "Ominous", the white devil that no one dares to control
Chapter 674: Breakthrough and Promotion, Seven Thoughts Soul Master (Part 1)Chapter 675: Breakthrough and Promotion, Seven Thoughts Soul Master (Part 2)Chapter 676 14 billion, a huge harvestChapter 677 The heir to the throne of the Soul Palace, the tenth young master
Chapter 678 The Birth of Chu MuChapter 679 The Existence Beyond the EmperorChapter 680 Chu Tianmang, the sealed second favoriteChapter 681 The ninth realm begins
Chapter 682: Death pervades the immortal cityChapter 683: A commanding creature, a tenth-level high monarchChapter 684 Two Mo Ye? Intermediate ninth level? Ten sections?Chapter 685 In ten minutes, the entire army was wiped out!
Chapter 686 Altar Square, a sculpture that comes to life!Chapter 687 The Battle of the Strongest in the Second Echelon (Part 1)Chapter 688 The Battle of the Strongest in the Second Echelon (Part 2)Chapter 689 will be updated in about two hours
Chapter 690 Awakening, the carved stone guards of the entire square (Part 1)Chapter 691 Awakening, the carved stone guards of the entire square (Part 2)Chapter 692 The Disaster of Thousand Lords, Self-SealingChapter 693 Thousands of enemies, solitary shadow!
Chapter 694 The trap that seals the worldChapter 695 One person, one foxChapter 696 The battle between the three main petsChapter 697 The world is burned to the ground, Lord Flame of the Seven Sins Fox!
Chapter 698 Sin Flame Totem, World Flame LotusChapter 699 Racial Disaster, Angry Sinful FoxChapter 700 The seal under the seal!Chapter 701 Dawn of Death, fight and kill the royal family Mo Ye!
Chapter 702 Power plunder, crazy white devilChapter 703 Use your death to vent my emotionsChapter 704 In front of the emperor, the monarch is just a reptileChapter 705 Seal of Sin, Lord Yan¡¯s second power!
Chapter 706 Ultimate Skill, Yanjun Purgatory (Part 1)Chapter 707 Ultimate Skill, Yanjun Purgatory (Part 2)Chapter 708 Ultimate Skill, Yanjun Purgatory (Part 2)Chapter 709 Now, who controls whose life and death?
Chapter 710 Xia Guanghan cannot escape deathChapter 711 The medicine to cure Qingzi, the crystallization of the internal organs of Di ShenghuaChapter 712: Heading to the Tenth Realm (Part 1)Chapter 713: Heading to the Tenth Realm (Part 2)
Chapter 714 Dead Forest Tower, the Sealed Wind-falling DragonChapter 715 The second level of torture, relax?Chapter 716 The Invincible Monarch, Fallen into the Wind Dragon and Fighting against the Green Hidden DragonChapter 717: The bloody light appears in the sky, the Blood Beast King of the Immortal City
Chapter 718 The transformation of the dragon, the bloodline of the emperor, and the birth of the little hidden dragon (Part 1)Chapter 719 The transformation of the dragon, the blood of the emperor, and the birth of the little hidden dragon (Part 2)Chapter 720 Immortal Spring Water, Five Times Growth SpeedChapter 721 Puppet, the nature of the defecting girl
Chapter 722 Heiyun Slope, a real girlChapter 723: The evening update will be postponed to tomorrow, so don¡¯t wait.Chapter 724 Vientiane City, where the defected girl isChapter 725: Outrage of resentment, undying till death
Chapter 726 The competition comes to an end, Chu Mu has gained a lotChapter 727 Emperor System, SpiritChapter 728 The Hall of Glory, attracting everyone¡¯s attentionChapter 729 The emperor¡¯s camp, Chu Mu¡¯s allies
Chapter 730 Chu Mu is imprisoned in Tianxia CityChapter 731: Bolt from the blue, God listens to threatsChapter 732 Tianting, are you still alive? (superior)Chapter 733 Tianting, are you still alive? (Down)
Chapter 734: Planning, Killing and SilencingChapter 735: The plan within the plan, the insidious Tian TingChapter 736 Becoming the enemy of the entire soul allianceChapter 737 The update will be late today at noon
Chapter 738 Half Demon in the World (Part 1)Chapter 739 Today¡¯s update will be in the eveningChapter 740 Half Demon in the World (Part 2)Chapter 741 Half Demon in the World (Part 2)
Chapter 742 A half-demon with consciousness (two-in-one, please give me your final monthly vote)Chapter 743 A half-demon leaving the city? Half a demon in the world?Chapter 744 Chu Mu¡¯s Emperor¡¯s Reserve TeamChapter 745 Return to the West
Chapter 746 The mighty first-order little Hidden DragonChapter 747 The Chu family¡¯s seven-color city, hidden dangers of famineChapter 748 Ethnic Group, Tribe, EmpireChapter 749 Return to the Family
Chapter 750 Luoyumen has other intentionsChapter 751 A huge first-level tribeChapter 752 The high-level monarch is the second favorite lineupChapter 753 The Servant Level Legion Attacks
Chapter 754: Little Hidden Dragon, killing the slave-level legionChapter 755 Dragon Soul Pearl, ghost type?Chapter 756: Great Disaster, Bloody SunsetChapter 757 Standing alone, the power of the devil tree
Chapter 758 Whose Demonic Tree Warrior?Chapter 759: Watching with eager eyes, the soul emperor¡¯s pawnChapter 760 Terror is entrenched and the trapped Seven Color CityChapter 761 Peak Monarch, Demonic Tree Warrior
Chapter 762 Seven Color City, Great Migration (Part 1)Chapter 763 Seven Color City, Great Migration (Part 2)Chapter 764: Man Valley, Seven Colored City of Life and Death (Part 1)Chapter 765: Man Valley, Seven-Colored City of Life and Death (Part 2)
Chapter 766 Leveling the mountains, the totem of Lord FoxChapter 767: Fighting against the Leopard Tribe (Part 1)Chapter 768: Fighting against the Leopard Tribe (Part 2)Chapter 769 The chapter will be released at noon and in the evening
Chapter 770: Barbarian Leopard Emperor, Emperor VS Emperor (Part 1)Chapter 771 Barbarian Leopard Emperor, Emperor VS Emperor (Part 2)Chapter 772 The collision of emperors under the starry skyChapter 773 The First Emperor Killed
Chapter 774 Moon-curtained cave sky, rich spiritual sourceChapter 775 30,000 spirits, developed!Chapter 776 The westernmost territory of the human domainChapter 777 Beyond the boundary city, Chu Tianheng¡¯s excitement
Chapter 778 The Western Border versus the Western SwampChapter 779 30,000 people must be silencedChapter 780 The missing spiritual sourceChapter 781 Natural and man-made disasters, Crisis in Mangu
Chapter 782: Realm Lord¡¯s Conspiracy, Chu Family¡¯s DoomChapter 783 Nightmare Palace Female Spiritualist, Qian QinChapter 784 Furious, Chu MuChapter 785 Strengthening the Emperor¡¯s White Nightmare
Chapter 786 Soul ConfrontationChapter 787 Emperor, White Devil!Chapter 788Chapter 789 It¡¯s time for you to die
Chapter 790 There is a power outage, the update will be lateChapter 791 Chu Mu¡¯s Battle with the Two Soul Emperors (Part 1)Chapter 792 Chu Mu¡¯s Battle with the Two Soul Emperors (Part 2)Chapter 793 Purgatory, Burning and Killing the Abyssal Beast Emperor
Chapter 794 Realm Lord? Door owner? How can we not killChapter 795: Hunted down in half the city, the Realm Lord will surely dieChapter 796 Death is not a pity, the black-hearted world masterChapter 797 A strong man and a wanderer
Chapter 798 New update instructionsChapter 799 New Territory City, Seven Color CityChapter 800 The master of ghost hunting in the last century, half human and half beloved?Chapter 801: Surpassing the Emperor will not be out of reach
Chapter 802 God-like young man, Chu MuChapter 803 Little Hidden Dragon¡¯s Ghost Skills (Part 1)Chapter 804 Little Hidden Dragon¡¯s Ghost Skills (Part 2)Chapter 805 The ancient city of Wo where powerful people gathered
Chapter 806 Stepping into the forbidden territory, thousands of mountains and valleysChapter 807 Wuling Point, compressed glazed cryoliteChapter 808 Rebirth, Guli¡¯s resurrectionChapter 809 Demonic Insects and Maggot Legion
Chapter 810 A shocking blow, instantly killing the Demonic Insect EmperorChapter 811 The occupied fourth soul covenantChapter 812 Mysterious and unknown, the birth of the ghost dragonChapter 813 The battle of the little hidden dragon, powerful self-healing
Chapter 814 Feeding on souls to strengthen the ghost dragonChapter 815 Lu Zideng, the Lord of the Yuan Realm and one of the Five SummitsChapter 816: To attract good friends, a pet trapChapter 817 The surprise appearance of millions of demonic insect legions
Chapter 818 The mantis stalks the cicada, but the oriole follows behindChapter 819: A plan within a plan, a gorgeous stolen treasure (Part 1)Chapter 820 How can you make me feel so embarrassed?Chapter 821: A plan within a plan, a gorgeous stolen treasure (Part 2) (number of chapters revised)
Chapter 822 Unlimited reward, missing princessChapter 823 The titular princessChapter 824: Retreat in April, promoted to Soul Emperor!Chapter 825 Big banquet, Fang Li provokes
Chapter 826 The mysterious female master, Liu BinglanChapter 827: One Hundred Thousand Spirit Information, Celestial Ice!Chapter 828 Tranquil woods, enchanting fragranceChapter 829 Flower Soul Pet Master, Xiang Yunyun
Chapter 830 Unknown Enemy, Mysterious High EmperorChapter 831 The manipulated high emperorChapter 832 Liu Binglan, awkward meetingChapter 833 The twenty-year-old soul emperor, don¡¯t be deprived of his talent
Chapter 834 Chu Mu, the traitorous daughter, the battle between mediocrity and excellence!Chapter 835 War, Hundred Years of HibernationChapter 836 Chu Mu has a guilty conscienceChapter 837 Underground Hall, Lost Prison
Chapter 838 The female prisoner whose identity cannot be disclosedChapter 839 Prisoner Princess, JinrouChapter 840 The next chapter will be updated in the evening, around twelve o¡¯clockChapter 841 The ancient house in the rotten city, the ghost emperor breaks the seal
Chapter 842 Hundreds of ghosts roar together, a vicious placeChapter 843 Turmoil in the Immortal City, Seal Rebellion (Part 1)Chapter 844 Turmoil in the Immortal City, Seal Rebellion (Part 2)Chapter 845: A powerful rider tramples the big seal in shock
Chapter 846 Shocking conspiracy, hunting the worldChapter 847 I want to say it, I want to say it! !Chapter 848 The Mother of Soul Palace, Cruel ChoiceChapter 849 Immortal Chaos, Dragon in Sheep¡¯s Clothing
Chapter 850 Seven Star Demon Suppression Monument, Immortal Guardian GodChapter 851 Ghost Hidden Dragon, a gorgeous instant kill!Chapter 852 The only exit, the Demon Suppression MonumentChapter 853 Space reflection, reflection spring
Chapter 854 A duel far beyond the peak of human combatChapter 855 Do you want Xiaoyu to update more today?Chapter 856 Another instant kill, a shocking reversal!Chapter 857 Kill with pleasure, kill with pleasure! !
Chapter 858 The strength surges again, the Emperor Ghost Dragon!Chapter 859: So this battle is so important?Chapter 860 The coldness traveling through space, the blood-stained spring poolChapter 861 I can save the world, but I can¡¯t sacrifice!
Chapter 862 Heart Fluctuation, The Disaster Spider Emperor¡¯s Terrifying PerceptionChapter 863 Monument of Demon Suppression, Awakening the Holy Pet Ming Immortal Bird (Part 1)Chapter 864 Monument of Demon Suppression, Awakening the Holy Pet Ming Immortal Bird (Part 2)Chapter 865 The Holy Pet Fairy Bird vs. the Disaster Spider Emperor
Chapter 866 The mission of awakening Xuan Zhe¡¯s holy favorChapter 867 Star marks, attacks across spaceChapter 868 The Underground Palace Lady Killer, Leng LianChapter 869 Do you know whose demon fox is more powerful?
Chapter 870 Provoke the defecting girlChapter 871 The murderous giant, the blood-judging wolf emperorChapter 872 Ancient Will, Inheritance of Holy GraceChapter 873: Hooked on a big fish
Chapter 874: Closing the net and killing the redheadChapter 875 Hunting the Blood Trial Wolf Emperor (Part 1)Chapter 876 Hunting and Killing the Blood Trial Wolf Emperor (Part 2)Chapter 877 It¡¯s the middle of the month, can you all bear to watch Chong Mei slide down!
Chapter 878 The upcoming peak emperor decisive battleChapter 879 The awakening of burning life!Chapter 880 The young man who faces the ruler of darknessChapter 881 Holy pet, giant, war breaks out!
Chapter 882 Half Demon, Night Emperor? Who is the master! (one)Chapter 883 Half Demon, Night Emperor? Who is the master! (two)Chapter 884 Half Demon, Night Emperor? Who is the master! (three)Chapter 885 Half Demon, Night Emperor? Who is the master! (Four)
Chapter 886 Peak Melee, Holy Pet VS Giant (Part 1)Chapter 887 Peak melee, Holy Pet VS Giant (Part 2)Chapter 888: Tear the Ghost Emperor to pieces and pursue the Night EmperorChapter 889 The leader of the seven holy beasts, the beast of ten thousand dynasties!
Chapter 890 Candidate for the Throne, Chu MuChapter 891 Resentment surges, and a war breaks out in the Immortal City!Chapter 892 The daughter of Demon Emperor Bai Yu, Bai JinrouChapter 893 Half-demon Baiyu, the sleeping hero!
Chapter 894 Xiaoyu wants to explode again today, please do your best!Chapter 895 The Strongest Half-Demon in History (Fourth update, please vote for me!)Chapter 896 The top ten numbered seals, the sleeping world (Part 1)Chapter 897 The top ten numbered seals, the sleeping world (Part 2)
Chapter 898 Pointing to the Sky Ice Stone, the Frozen Demon EmperorChapter 899 Update at noon and put it in the eveningChapter 900 Bai Jinrou, twice resurrectedChapter 901 Man and demon, the father¡¯s cry of sorrow!
Chapter 902: The same race is violent and angry, the white devilChapter 903: Resentment is hard to eliminate, burn down the palace of the king of the world!Chapter 904: Involuntarily, transformed into a half-demonChapter 905 Demonic Mask, Human Heart
Chapter 906 The battle between half demons, Bai Yu, Chu Mu!Chapter 907 The blue giant, the dragon of the sky!Chapter 908 Battle, Sky Blue Hidden Dragon, Half Demon BaiyuChapter 909 A showdown between the blue dragon and the evil demon!
Chapter 910 The depth of the soul, the buried flameChapter 911 Dark Sky Sea World, City of StormsChapter 912 Tianji¡¯s Warrant, Soul Emperor GirlChapter 913 The mysterious king of the race
Chapter 914 A little girl with special affinityChapter 915 Silver Demon!Chapter 916 Disdain to take actionChapter 917 The World Lord Tree, the Spirit of All Creatures
Chapter 918 Ji Nu fights the devilChapter 919 Is this a forbidden area or a human area?Chapter 920 The direct descendant of the clan ancestor, Crown Phoenix KingChapter 921 Chapter 5: Asking for votes and Xiaoyu¡¯s thanks
Chapter 922: Plane Convection, Space HourglassChapter 923 Loss, new lifeChapter 924 Boundary Monument on the Second DayChapter 925: Weeping on the Monument, Reshaping Memory (Part 1)
Chapter 926: Weeping on the Monument, Reshaping Memory (Part 2)Chapter 927 New race, half-demon Chu MuChapter 928 Exploded! ! ticket! ! !Chapter 929 Equal Soul Pact
Chapter 930 The magnificence of white, Snow CityChapter 931Chapter 932 The fuse, Chu MuChapter 933 Ice Veil Rift Valley, Snow Demon Cave
Chapter 934 It¡¯s September, the charm cannot be fleeting.Chapter 935 The ghost is still there!Chapter 936: Strengthening from Warrior Level to Emperor¡¯s CondensationChapter 937 Qiankun Ice Gate, Tianji¡¯s attempt
Chapter 938 The fourth update is here! Please vote again!Chapter 939 Zhonghuang Ning VS Gaohuang Blizzard Demon (Part 1)Chapter 940 Zhonghuang Ning VS Gaohuang Blizzard Demon (Part 2)Chapter 941 Ning is promoted to the High Emperor!
Chapter 942 Be my teacher? dream!Chapter 943 The strength of the Ye family brothers and sistersChapter 944 Qiankun Ice Gate, Ice Mirror WorldChapter 945 Mental Destruction, Land of Nightmares
Chapter 946 Advancement, Gao Nian Soul Emperor!Chapter 947 Female War Goddess, Female Crazy God?Chapter 948 The epitome of the mythical landChapter 949 Ice Spring, Peak Emperor¡¯s Spiritual Energy (Chapter Number Revised)
Chapter 950 Encountering the Wind Cave again, the danger of five hundred metersChapter 951 Cruel Zone, Death PlaneChapter 952 The Sudden War in Snow CityChapter 953 The entanglement is endless
Chapter 954 He is almost becoming a saint!Chapter 955 Who is that person?Chapter 956 Who is the Peak White Nightmare?Chapter 957 More? Please vote!
Chapter 958 A hidden master? Call me Mr. Chen!Chapter 959 How strong is it!Chapter 960 You are also ants in my eyesChapter 961 A decisive battle between thousands of people, who will be in charge of Snow City?
Chapter 962 Wu Jue, Qin WuChapter 963 Two Ideals for MenChapter 964 Like the threshold of heaven, dominating levelChapter 965 Guarding, Qin¡¯s battle!
Chapter 966 The decisive battle between the soul masters and legionsChapter 967: Don¡¯t wait for tonight¡¯s update, I¡¯ll make it up tomorrow.Chapter 968 The disparity in strength, how to make up for it?Chapter 969 Cannibalizing the enemy and changing the situation of the war (Part 1)
Chapter 970 Cannibalizing the enemy and changing the situation of the war (Part 2)Chapter 971 I will change the situation of the war on behalf of your soul master army!Chapter 972 Atonement Changes, the Fox of Forgiveness (Part 1)Chapter 973 Atonement Changes, the Fox of Forgiveness (Part 2)
Chapter 974: Vote some monthly votes for Xiaoyu!Chapter 975 Why doesn¡¯t the monarch dare to kill the emperor!Chapter 976 The Soul Alliance was defeated like a mountainChapter 977 Victory! !
Chapter 978 Snowy Night Carnival!Chapter 979 Searching at night, the other side of the demon spiritChapter 980 Battle of Dream Beasts (Part 1)Chapter 981 Battle of Dream Beasts (Part 2)
Chapter 982 The Demon Spirit Island Master¡¯s ApprovalChapter 983 Nightmare Empire, East Nightmare TerritoryChapter 984 Meaningless stationeryChapter 985 Ning Man¡¯er¡¯s Enemy (Chapter number revised)
Chapter 986 The strongest young man?Chapter 987 Chu Mu VS Ye Wansheng?Chapter 988 The evening update is postponed to tomorrowChapter 989 The Ghost King fights the Demon Tiger
Chapter 990 One is more defiant than the other (Part 1)Chapter 991 One is more defiant than the other (Part 2)Chapter 992 What a speechless holiday.Chapter 993 Who is more calm?
Chapter 994: Medicine shortage, Zhu DynastyChapter 995 The crucial first placeChapter 996 Aren¡¯t you demonized?Chapter 997 Lingzai, Ye Qingzi¡¯s dream
Chapter 998 The Battle of Spiritual ArtsChapter 999: Competition (Part 1)Chapter 1000: Competition (Part 2)Chapter 1001 Incomprehensible style
Chapter 1002 God-like existence in the human realmChapter 1003 The second master of Nightmare Palace, Shen QiuChapter 1004 Cultivate feelingsChapter 1005 I¡¯m afraid he won¡¯t send someone to kill me
Chapter 1006 Despicable tournament!Chapter 1007 Killing in the NightChapter 1008 Creatures with three main attributesChapter 1009: Not in the habit of keeping people alive
Chapter 1010 The Finals of the Spiritual Arts BattleChapter 1011 The final refiningChapter 1012 The Dignity Taken OffChapter 1013 Today, a killing spree (Part 1)
Chapter 1014 Today, a killing spree (Part 2)Chapter 1015: Let¡¯s help Xiaoyu build a Chu Mu!Chapter 1016 Here is your guillotine!Chapter 1017 Phantom, the Seven-Life Red Flame Demonic Fox
Chapter 1018 Moonlight, a weapon for killing!Chapter 1019 The highest race, Queen Tian Ting Snake!Chapter 1020 Don¡¯t tolerate others being the strongestChapter 1021 The space storm tearing apart the plane
Chapter 1022 The update may be delayed, it will be released at about two o'clockChapter 1023 I will also wear a maskChapter 1024 Allow me to reintroduce you to Zhu ChaoChapter 1025 The lower half demon Chu Mu!
Chapter 1026: Weeping on the Monument, the Face of TimeChapter 1027 3 million wordsChapter 1028 Who killed him? Why don't you go down and ask?Chapter 1029 Sorry, Xiaoyu can only update normally
Chapter 1030: A lifetime apart, a stranger nearly twenty years laterChapter 1031 What does it mean to have an unusual relationship?Chapter 1032: A mysterious winged creature passed by with surpriseChapter 1033 Elf butterfly, dancing with fragrance
Chapter 1034: A level that cannot be dealt with?Chapter 1035 Crown becomes the sea, black elf butterflyChapter 1036 A lost life, a butterflyChapter 1037 Qingzi, will you marry me?
Chapter 1038 The monthly ticket is so slipperyChapter 1039 Black Elf Butterfly EmpireChapter 1040 Wedding night, the most beautiful thing in my heartChapter 1041 Only exists in the sky, the goddess of flowers
Chapter 1042 The defecting girlChapter 1043 The Flower Emperor of the Four Heroes, Xia ZhixianChapter 1044 The strong man two hundred years agoChapter 1045 It is hiding aside
Chapter 1046. Fourth update tomorrow. Please vote for me.Chapter 1047 Black and White, Death ButterflyChapter 1048 Influx, black butterfly tideChapter 1049 The legendary creature, the dream of death
Chapter 1050 The Supreme of Darkness and WingsChapter 1051 Must get it!Chapter 1052 I lack a wing soul petChapter 1053 Dominator, the strongest assistant!
Chapter 1054 Blooming, Death Rose (please vote for me)Chapter 1056 Nightmare Death BladeChapter 1057: Creatures in the Second Soul PactChapter 1058 Human territory? The kingdom of flower demons!
Chapter 1059 The bright poisonous flowerChapter 1060 The city is full of demonic flowersChapter 1061 Destined EnemyChapter 1062 Silver Demon, Holy Blue Flower Lady
Chapter 1063 A group of bandits, the Nightmare Legion!Chapter 1064 The battle between Holy Blue and Evil Silver (Part 1)Chapter 1065: First anniversary, there will be a meeting tonightChapter 1066 Rescue from the dead dream!
Chapter 1067 Taste the Blood of Emperor JiChapter 1068: Severely Injuring the Defected DaughterChapter 1069 Dancing on Fire in Xiangrong City (Part 1)Chapter 1070 Dancing on Fire in Xiangrong City (Part 2)
Chapter 1071 Even if you win, you must saluteChapter 1072: Got stuck, postponing the update announcementChapter 1073 Dream of Death, Nirvana and ReincarnationChapter 1074 Next stop, Vientiane City
Chapter 1075: Insect-infested LandChapter 1076 Super Emperor, Black War TigerChapter 1077 Blood Barbarian Hidden DragonChapter 1078 Mo Ye, fighting the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon alone
Chapter 1080 Fighting to the DeathChapter 1081 Trampling the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon (Part 1)Chapter 1082 The update is postponed until that point in the eveningChapter 1083 Trampling the Blood Barbarian Hidden Dragon (Part 2)
Chapter 1084 Plains, VillagesChapter 1085 The person carrying the Green Hidden DragonChapter 1086 Poison Wilderness Nie YunbinChapter 1087 Vientiane City, Vientiane Altar
Chapter 1088 Main Soul PalaceChapter 1089 Fair CompetitionChapter 1090 Strengthening the Ice Sky ElfChapter 1091 The War of the Younger Generation
Chapter 1092 These two people are definitely not pureChapter 1093 Demon Realm, the Phoenix Clan¡¯s RelicsChapter 1094 He is the leader!Chapter 1095 Nie Yunbin¡¯s conspiracy
Chapter 1096 Battle of the main hall, Dark Mist SnakeChapter 1097 The update is postponed until that time in the eveningChapter 1098 Mirror SpaceChapter 1099 Teasing the Enemy
Chapter 1100 The situation is tenseChapter 1101 Hiding deeplyChapter 1102 The dying nightmare ancestorChapter 1103 Nightmare Jedi
Chapter 1104 The four-fingered skeleton giant hand sealChapter 1105 On that day, he turned into a half-demon!Chapter 1106 Update on October 1Chapter 1107 The Nightmare Ancestor appears!
Chapter 1108 Of course I want to fight!Chapter 1109 Provoking the Three White NightmaresChapter 1110 The White Nightmare using his dominance skillsChapter 1111 Four chapters are presented, please decisively ask for votes!
Chapter 1112 Why should I be loyal to Nightmare Palace?Chapter 1113 Destroy this old monster today!Chapter 1114 Crazy Devil, White Devil¡¯s WrathChapter 1115 Devouring the Ancestor of the Nightmare Demon
Chapter 1116 The update is postponed until that point in the eveningChapter 1117 A heinous crime?Chapter 1118 Rectifying the Nightmare SanctuaryChapter 1119 When will they return?
Chapter 1120 The sealing tower breaks the imprisoned soul petChapter 1121. There are too many young pets to fit in!Chapter 1122 Eight Thoughts Soul EmperorChapter 1123 Special Cultivation Method
Chapter 1124 Di Ji¡¯s conspiracyChapter 1125Chapter 1126 Mu Qingyi on the runChapter 1127 The Soul Alliance¡¯s Provocation
Chapter 1128 I¡¯ll just deal with itChapter 1129 Underground King, Yi JunChapter 1130 Two major forces confront each other!Chapter 1131 You are too weak
Chapter 1132 The Seven Sins Fox Fights the Green Hidden Dragon (Part 1)Chapter 1133 The Seven Sins Fox Fights the Green Hidden Dragon (Part 2)Chapter 1134 Nine-tailed HangingChapter 1135 Facing Xiong Mo Ling
Chapter 1136 The White Devil Fights the Tai'er GiantChapter 1137 Is this person really Chu Fangchen?Chapter 1138: Pierce the sword and defeat the giantChapter 1139: Scare off the Soul Alliance Army
Chapter 1140 A pleasant afternoonChapter 1141 One day, you have to learn to be independentChapter 1142 Cloud Gate GuardsChapter 1143: Got stuck, update postponed
Chapter 1144 People from Dark Sky SeaChapter 1145: Jumping out of the stoneChapter 1146 Ning Maner was kidnappedChapter 1147 Dominator Level, Galaxy
Chapter 1148: Xinjiang Reunion, Phantom Bird SlaughterChapter 1149 He will definitely look for youChapter 1150 Thunder Wasteland, Valley of FormationChapter 1151 Thunder Giant
Chapter 1152 Weird Formation ValleyChapter 1153 The Giant Mountain of the Phoenix ClanChapter 1154 Sorry, tonight¡¯s update is postponed to tomorrowChapter 1155 Thousands of armies march through
Chapter 1156. Valley of Formation, giant seal?Chapter 1157: Dreamlike, fire and rain from the skyChapter 1158 Above the fire clouds, Lord Thunder forgives sinsChapter 1159 This is terrible. Please give me your monthly vote! !
Chapter 1160 Death Dream, Lord LeiChapter 1161 Lei Jun Purgatory, a blind corner in the fantasy worldChapter 1162 Butterfly travels, mysterious shuttleChapter 1163 Reborn from the ashes, Crown Phoenix King
Chapter 1164 Deadly Thunder, Thunder Nirvana (Part 1)Chapter 1165 Deadly Thunder, Thunder Nirvana (Part 2)Chapter 1166 New Life, Phoenix EggChapter 1167 Birth, Little Dream of Death
Chapter 1168 No one likes to be aloneChapter 1169 A little farewell is better than a weddingChapter 1170 Blood-stained Queen¡¯s Palace (Part 1)Chapter 1171 Blood-stained Queen¡¯s Palace (Part 2)
Chapter 1172 Mo Ling, I¡¯m here to take your lifeChapter 1173 The Emperor, Wu KuangChapter 1174 A duel between two peopleChapter 1175 Breaking the Face
Chapter 1176 Sanctuary, Black TigerChapter 1177 Exactly 1000 chapters, please vote for meChapter 1178 It¡¯s hard to kill someoneChapter 1179 The Ice King
Chapter 1180 Fight against the Tai'er giant againChapter 1181 Another Dominator!Chapter 1182 The power of ancient beast soulsChapter 1183 White Nightmare? Silver Demon?
Chapter 1184. On the 29th, please give me five chapters and monthly votes! !Chapter 1185 Have you finished your last words?Chapter 1186 It has become a king, let¡¯s fight!Chapter 1187 One vs. Two
Chapter 1188 Two Corpses Trampled Underfoot (Part 1)Chapter 1189 Two Corpses Trampled Underfoot (Part 2)Chapter 1190 Chapter five is completed! Please vote! !Chapter 1191 The alliance leader¡¯s soul pet!
Chapter 1192 Declaration of war, fire and water are incompatible!Chapter 1193 War in the Vientiane RealmChapter 1194 December, please vote! !Chapter 1195 Heading to the East
Chapter 1196 Sneak Attack on QuanchengChapter 1197 Ambush encounteredChapter 1198 Group Resurrection?Chapter 1199 Capture Quancheng
Chapter 1200 Chapter 1020 Little Dead Dream Fights the Heavenly SnakeChapter 1201 Chu Mu, the King of the World?Chapter 1202 Sporadic Island, Big and Small DragonsChapter 1203 The God of Prison Island
Chapter 1204 Who is more elusive?Chapter 1205 The Battle of Long LuanChapter 1206 Funeral in the Sky (Part 1)Chapter 1207 Funeral in the Sky (Part 2)
Chapter 1208 The Hermit in DongkuanglinChapter 1209 Ten Thousand Years Curse!Chapter 1210 The Legend of the Seven Sins FoxChapter 1211 Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes
Chapter 1212 Alliance Leader Ling ChanChapter 1213 Fruit of life, emergency treatmentChapter 1214 Ancient, the Lost GardenChapter 1215 Demonic Tree Empire, Ten Thousand Eyes Demonic Tree
Chapter 1216Chapter 1217 The resurrected wood elementChapter 1218: Hiding incidentChapter 1219 The Fall of Snow City
Chapter 1220: Got stuck, this chapter is postponed to MondayChapter 1221 Capturing Xiongfu Xia ZhixianChapter 1222: Shocking change, Wanxiang City fell!Chapter 1223 Betrayer!
Chapter 1224 Prince, come to Lengchuan!Chapter 1225 Life or Death UncertainChapter 1226 All armies were wiped out in ashesChapter 1227 The leader appears
Chapter 1228 Awakening the Seven Figures Saint KingChapter 1229 The last position of honor, Ming Zun!Chapter 1230Chapter 1231 Even if you are alone, you must fight
Chapter 1232 Death DocumentChapter 1233 The main pet returns!Chapter 1234 The main pet returns, please vote! ! !Chapter 1235 Destruction of all armies, racial disaster (Part 1)
Chapter 1236 Destruction of all armies, racial disaster (Part 2)Chapter 1237 The flag of blood!Chapter 1238 Three chapters are presented, please voteChapter 1239 Blood Road!
Chapter 1240 Ten minutes, one drop of the axChapter 1241 The two chapters will be delivered together at 11 o'clockChapter 1242 Kill the Tai'er giant instantly!Chapter 1243 Poison Chapter 1058 The Three Strongest Enemies
Chapter 1244 I just want to kill one personChapter 1245 I¡¯m in a dilemma, I can¡¯t update tonightChapter 1246Chapter 1247 Bleeding Hourglass
Chapter 1248 The King in the Blood Pool, the Blood Demon TempleChapter 1249 The stele weeps and Guli recoversChapter 1250 Zhan Ye who drives the enemy crazy (Part 1)Chapter 1251 Zhan Ye who drives the enemy crazy (Part 2)
Chapter 1252 Defeat the Ghost Eye Blood Demon TempleChapter 1253Chapter 1254 Bai Yu, Qi with Ice EyesChapter 1255 Kill me? you think too much
Chapter 1256 Sorry, stuck again~Chapter 1257: One hundred thousand soul alliance troops? Millions of fairy butterflies!Chapter 1258 This monster must be taken awayChapter 1259 Di Ji, Chu Mu¡¯s soul pet?
Chapter 1260 I said, you will become a slaveChapter 1261 Three chapters completed, please vote for me!Chapter 1262: Holy Flower Demon Flame ShowdownChapter 1263 Flower Demon Empire? Nightmare Empire!
Chapter 1264: Sweeping away the Flower Demon Legion!Chapter 1265 The evil thoughts of the second soul covenant!Chapter 1266 The ancestor of the flower system, the queen of good and evilChapter 1267 Evil King and Half Demon VS Good and Evil Queen (Part 1)
Chapter 1268 Evil King and Half Demon VS Good and Evil Queen (Part 2)Chapter 1269 Danger level, medium master!Chapter 1270 The illusion of good and evil!Chapter 1271 A fierce battle is coming
Chapter 1272 Evil Slaughter BeastChapter 1273 Good and evil, the source of powerChapter 1274 I need to trouble everyone to help Xiaoyu deposit his tickets.Chapter 1275 The Seven-Picture Saint King Arrives
Chapter 1276 Slaughter, Slaughter BeastChapter 1277 The White Devil advances!Chapter 1278 Evil Tomb, Dark ConfinementµÚ1279Õ »÷°ÜÍÀ¾ÊÞ£¬»÷°Üç±²û
Chapter 1280: Both sides suffer, the final ambitionChapter 1281 The huge silhouette in the sky and the afterimage of the Sky FoxChapter 1282 Racial mutation, the wrath of the Fox Emperor!Chapter 1283 Nether Fox Lord, Purple Emperor!
Chapter 1284 Trample her and her arrogance togetherChapter 1285 Four chapters are here, please vote! !Chapter 1286 The computer is broken, update notification todayChapter 1287 Purple Emperor, the nightmare is coming!
Chapter 1288: Subduing the Good and Evil Kao (Part 1)Chapter 1289: Subduing the Good and Evil Kao (Part 2)Chapter 1290 It hurts, today¡¯s update noticeChapter 1291 Humanoid soul pet?
Chapter 1292 Tears of prideChapter 1293 A belated victory for an eraChapter 1294 Summary of the yearChapter 1295 Queen? She became a slave
Chapter 1296 Okay, the ventilation is overChapter 1297 New Year, first request! ! !Chapter 1298 Creatures Escaped from the Seal TowerChapter 1299 The mysterious glacier man
Chapter 1300 Fighting the Lost Garden AgainChapter 1301 Low Dominant Level Mysterious ObjectChapter 1302 Dominant Level Demonic Tree WarriorChapter 1303 Dominate the Demonic Tree VS Thousand Eyes King
Chapter 1304 A rare compromiseChapter 1305 The Demonic Tree is Powerful against Two Dominators (Part 1)Chapter 1306 The Demonic Tree is Powerful against Two Dominators (Part 2)Chapter 1307 The low-level master, the demon tree warrior!
Chapter 1308 Can humans also be regarded as soul pets?Chapter 1309 Human SubraceChapter 1310 Beyond Cloud GateChapter 1311 King Chu!
Chapter 1312 Uncapped outbreak, please voteChapter 1313 Who allows you to step into my territory?Chapter 1314 The Yunmen invadersChapter 1315 Battle, the top four of Yunmen
Chapter 1316 It¡¯s good to be strong, but only three?Chapter 1317 The Battle of the Dominator, the Demonic Tree Warrior?Chapter 1318 Chu Mu is such a monsterChapter 1319 Say "one" sincerely and seriously
Chapter 1320 The evil ghost takes revenge, the ghost sickle stingsChapter 1321 Li Kuangdeng¡¯s wrath to massacre the cityChapter 1322 An unknown deathChapter 1324 Private Territory
Chapter 1325 A mysterious object that has entered the Soul Master levelChapter 1326 New update noticeChapter 1327: Catch some and bring them back to improve future generationsChapter 1328 Independent Bet!
Chapter 1329 Servant-Level Human RaceChapter 1330 Soul Puppet, Demon SpiritChapter 1331 The computer crashed againChapter 1332 Guangtong Mysterious Realm, Soul Pet Empire
Chapter 1333 The swamp world, the swamp fish demon!Chapter 1334: Corpse Control, Crazy Corpse LegionChapter 1335 Demon Spirit CompetitorChapter 1336 Sorry, this chapter will be postponed again
Chapter 1337 Zhan Ye, promoted to quasi-dominator!Chapter 1338 Demonic Spirit? Very easy to deceiveChapter 1339: Flower Shadow Kill, kill six masters instantly,Chapter 1340 The Great Hunt, the Battle of the Top 100
Chapter 1341 Emperor-level demon spirits appear!Chapter 1342: Sit back and wait, monsters big and smallChapter 1343 Silver Demon, oriole behindChapter 1344 Dragnet, dominate the lineup
Chapter 1345 Fighting alone against the crowd, the mad demon Bai Yu (Part 1)Chapter 1346 Fighting alone against the crowd, the mad devil Bai Yu (Part 2)Chapter 1347 Two Demons in the WorldChapter 1348 Demon¡¯s Nightmare
Chapter 1349 Demon Locks, Divided into Five HorsesChapter 1350 The Terror DemonChapter 1351 Didn¡¯t meet the devil? You are so lucky!Chapter 1352 The Mu Dynasty
Chapter 1353 Crown Phoenix NirvanaChapter 1354 Sixth level city, WenchengChapter 1355 The Fairy Ice Curse Seal Demon FoxChapter 1356: Resurrection from the dead, the flower of helplessness
Chapter 1357 The eldest lady of the Mu family?Chapter 1358 The demon spirit absconds and the city is closed.Chapter 1359 The Lord, the leader of the demon spirits!Chapter 1360: Net of Light, Disaster Is Coming
Chapter 1361 This chapter is postponed until tomorrowChapter 1362 Demonic Spirit of Anger, Spiritual TsunamiChapter 1363 Princess Mononoke (Part 1)Chapter 1364 Princess Mononoke (Part 2)
Chapter 1365 At the end of the month, please vote! ! !Chapter 1366 City of RefugeChapter 1367 Cloud Realm Protector, Stone Winged DragonChapter 1368 Purple Emperor, the giant tail under the demonic clouds
Chapter 1369 Breaking out of the siegeChapter 1370 A battle, Mo Xie fights the pterosaur (Part 1)Chapter 1371 A battle, Mo Xie fights the pterosaur (Part 2)Chapter 1372 Crown Phoenix King, reborn in the flames of war
Chapter 1373 Charming the whole city, the Queen of Good and Evil (Part 1)Chapter 1374 Charming the whole city, the Queen of Good and Evil (Part 2)Chapter 1375 Escape from WenchengChapter 1376 The top creature in the soul pet world
Chapter 1377 Forty-six cities, Cloud City!Chapter 1378 The wanted Chu TianmangChapter 1379 February, please vote for Chapter 4! ! !Chapter 1380 Hidden dangers in the New Moon Land
Chapter 1381 Shenzong RecruitmentChapter 1382 The Shadow of the World, the Dark SectChapter 1383 Shenzong AssessmentChapter 1384 Chapter 4 completed, please vote!
Chapter 1385 Hunting the Blood-Drinking DemonChapter 1386 The Dark Sect Hunter!Chapter 1387 Yusuo, escape planChapter 1388 Spiritual confrontation, ferocious female devil
Chapter 1389 Promotion! Soul Kills Chu MuChapter 1390 The Guardian of the PastChapter 1391 The update will be postponed~Chapter 1392 The Shen Sect and the Dark Sect dominate the battle between demon spirits
Chapter 1393 Lu Yuqin¡¯s domineering attitudeChapter 1394 I want an independent territory! (superior)Chapter 1395 Chapter 1191 I want an independent territory! (Down)Chapter 1396 Soul Gathering Ghost Dragon (Part 1)
Chapter 1397 Soul Gathering Ghost Dragon (Part 2)Chapter 1398 Cloud Realm IntruderChapter 1399 Battle in the Southern Forbidden TerritoryChapter 1400 Corpses everywhere, killing dragon
Chapter 1401 Preparing for war, Tianshan YunmenChapter 1402 The first battle, the half-demon Bai Yu!Chapter 1403 No one is allowed to take away her soul!Chapter 1404 Half-Demon Baiyu vs. Wencheng City Lord (Part 1)
Chapter 1405 The update will be postponedChapter 1406 Half-Devil Baiyu fights against the Lord of Wencheng (Part 2)Chapter 1407 Half-Devil Baiyu fights against the Lord of Wencheng (Part 2)Chapter 1408: Threatening in the womb
Chapter 1409 Lord of the Stars, Liu BinglanChapter 1410 The Starry Sky Summons, Lord of Six ChensChapter 1411 Starry Sky Elling, Controlling Star TrajectoriesChapter 1412 The second half-demon!
Chapter 1413 The update will be postponed again~Chapter 1414 High Overlord, War Beast!Chapter 1415 Flower Fairy, Flower Queen? Good and Evil Kao!Chapter 1416 The Domineering Ancestor of Flowers (Part 1)
Chapter 1417 The Domineering Ancestor of Flowers (Part 2)Chapter 1418 The strong man from the frontier!Chapter 1419 Little Hidden Dragon, Dragon Roars Tianshan!Chapter 1420 Three chapters are given, please give me monthly votes!
Chapter 1421 The Crazy Ghost AttributesChapter 1422 The last battleChapter 1423 Nine-tailed Netherworld Purple Emperor!Chapter 1424 Mo Xie, have a good fight!
Chapter 1425 Flame wave, destroying glaciers!Chapter 1426 In an independent land, offenders will be punished!Chapter 1427 Treasure of the Crescent Moon LandChapter 1428 Contest for the Earth
Chapter 1429 Shenzong Immortal MountainChapter 1430 Western Sect LeaderChapter 1431 Lu Fengnan¡¯s dangerChapter 1432 Constant Trouble
Chapter 1433 The Holy Wind Tunnel Leading to the Qiankun Ice GateChapter 1434 Ancient creature, Jiao Man!Chapter 1435 The Land of Two Monuments, the Land of Crescent Moon?Chapter 1436 This chapter is postponed to midnight in the evening
Chapter 1437 Changes in the New Moon LandChapter 1438 I am sleeping and the world is sleeping!Chapter 1439 After the solar eclipse, disaster reigns!Chapter 1440 Today¡¯s Update Announcement
Chapter 1441 Ocean Adventurer, Sang YingChapter 1442 Night, where are you?Chapter 1443 The ocean is untamable and dominates the seven-level giant wavesChapter 1444 Three chapters have been sent, please vote for me
Chapter 1445 The ship on the other side of the dark sea worldChapter 1446 Maritime forces, Wupan Navy! !Chapter 1447 The seventh soul covenant, broken?Chapter 1448 The Burial Place of Pride
Chapter 1449 Cliff Demon Tomb, the Tomb of Demon SpiritsChapter 1450 Blood Cliff, Demon Tomb Zhongdao!Chapter 1451 It¡¯s the beginning of the month, calling for monthly votes!Chapter 1452 Mysterious objects everywhere, an island of treasures
Chapter 1453 Lianchi, the demon!Chapter 1454 Promotion, Zhong Nian Soul KillerChapter 1455 Meeting Zhao De againChapter 1456 Chu Mu alone can equal an army of thousands!
Chapter 1457 Battle with the Navy Legion!Chapter 1458 Sweeping Zhao De¡¯s Marine Corps (Part 1)Chapter 1459 Sweeping Zhao De¡¯s Navy (Part 2)Chapter 1460 Step out of dignity and momentum (Part 1)
Chapter 1461 Step out of dignity and momentum (Part 2)Chapter 1462: Life Void Armor, defeating Haitong (Part 1)Chapter 1463: Life Void Armor, defeating Hai Tong (Part 2)Chapter 1464 Crack in the cliff, the second demon tomb!
Chapter 1465 Walking with Death, Corpse TombChapter 1466 Road to Hell: Guardian, the Other SideChapter 1467 Road to Hell: The Powerful Demon with Angry HornsChapter 1468 Road to Hell: Second Guardian, Three Roads
Chapter 1469 Road to Hell: Shadow Beast, Dark ReaperChapter 1470 Sorry, I forgot to make an announcementChapter 1471 The Road to Hell: No Retreat, the Army of Crazy CorpsesChapter 1472 The road to hell, the River of Forgetfulness, the middle-rank sinful fox!
Chapter 1473 The Road to Underworld: Nether Fox Lord VS Sinful Fox Rock EmperorChapter 1474 The Road to Underworld: Kuangsha, Purple Flame, Two Foxes FightingChapter 1475 The Road to Hell: The King in My Heart is Immortality!Chapter 1476 The Road to Underworld: The Strongest Demon Spirit, Underworld
Chapter 1477 The Road to Hell: A Desperate BattleChapter 1478 Chapter 4 Completed Vote Request and New Update AnnouncementChapter 1479 Road to Underworld: Night and UnderworldChapter 1480 The Road to Hell: The Old Tanuki
Chapter 1481 Night, the strong man who stands to the end (Part 1)Chapter 1482 Night, the strong man who stands to the end (Part 2)Chapter 1483 The return of night!Chapter 1484 Son of Henghai
Chapter 1485. Three chapters completed. Please vote for me.Chapter 1486 Searching for mysterious wealthChapter 1487 Flying to the land of the new moon, the speed of night!Chapter 1488 Crossing the New Moon Land in One Night
Chapter 1489 Main Warehouse Space Ring? (Corrected number of chapters)Chapter 1490: Seek abuse on yourself, don¡¯t blame othersChapter 1491 The White Nightmare General¡¯s GuardChapter 1492 Crescent Navy!
Chapter 1493Chapter 1494 Crown City, the Ninth Step Naval CastleChapter 1495 Dark Sea, Rampant PiratesChapter 1496 This chapter will be updated in the evening
Chapter 1497 The Girl Who Swears to Protect to the DeathChapter 1498 Dark Island, Pirate¡¯s NestChapter 1499 Everyone has their own agendaChapter 1500 Take advantage of the situation
Chapter 1501 Crescent Navy VS Dark Sea PiratesChapter 1502 Absolute wood defense, magic tree fortressChapter 1503 The demon spirits are slaughtered, leaving no trace behindChapter 1504 Crush, Sweep
Chapter 1505 Facing the Pirate Leader Zhuo QingChapter 1506 The Brutal Corpse GeneralChapter 1507 The unique undead leader!Chapter 1508
Chapter 1509 The Black Nightmare Appears!Chapter 1510 The Nightmare with the Highest Bloodline!Chapter 1511 Stepping into the land of WupanChapter 1512 The Girl in the Palace
Chapter 1513 Losing one¡¯s own power?Chapter 1514 Okay, another postponement announcementChapter 1515 Leaving the PalaceChapter 1516 Crystal Luan City
Chapter 1517 The intolerable sheep entering the tiger's mouthChapter 1518 Chu Mu¡¯s hero saves the beautyChapter 1519 The whereabouts of the seeds of the World Lord TreeChapter 1520 The Last Silent Forest
Chapter 1521 World Lord TreeChapter 1522 Set off to the Silent ForestChapter 1523Chapter 1524 Ning Maner¡¯s escape route
Chapter 1525 Heaven Monument, Pointer of Time and SpaceChapter 1526 Shenzong¡¯s revenge!Chapter 1527: Going crazy, the black nightmare arrives!Chapter 1528 The evil spirit shrouding Lincheng
Chapter 1529 Immortal PowerChapter 1530 Ambush in Silent Fortress CityChapter 1531 Fortress City on the Edge of Silent ForestChapter 1532 Guardian of Silent Forest
Chapter 1533 Dead Tree and GirlChapter 1534 Xiaoyu wants to say three things!Chapter 1535 The battle in Silent Forest!Chapter 1536 Intruder! Ning Man'er's anger
Chapter 1537 The last guardian race!Chapter 1538. Three chapters completed. Please vote for me! !Chapter 1539 I didn¡¯t have time to kill youChapter 1540 Enemies meet, Chu Mu fights Zheng Wu
Chapter 1541 Feng Ying¡¯s oath to protect him to the death!Chapter 1542 The ultimate good, the origin of evil!Chapter 1543: Rushing in from the sky, the Silver NightmareChapter 1544
Chapter 1545 Black Flame, Demonic Cloud! highest bloodlineChapter 1546Chapter 1547 Five ghosts, ghost blood formation!Chapter 1548: Dark knife, green and black!
Chapter 1549 Soul Devouring, Black BloodChapter 1550 Half silver, half black!Chapter 1551 Ten million words, ten million clicks!Chapter 1552 Black and White, Two Evil Demons!
Chapter 1553 Fight to the fullest, fight to the point of insanityChapter 1554 The coldness that goes deep into the bone marrow, the two evil demons!Chapter 1555 Immortal level, lambs slaughtered at willChapter 1556: Finished coding while standing, please vote for me! !
Chapter 1557 The left hand of darkness, crushed into corpse sand!Chapter 1558 The update will be postponed!Chapter 1559 Dark Fire, Torment of the Soul!Chapter 1560 Black Flame, this is it
Chapter 1561 The smile that eliminates the hazeChapter 1562 World Lord Tree SeedChapter 1563 Death Dream, advance independently!Chapter 1564 Night, immortal level!
Chapter 1565: One hour, traveling through the new moonChapter 1566Chapter 1567 The update will be postponed!Chapter 1568
Chapter 1569 A battle between the disciples of the old man YunmenChapter 1570: Fighting for the Main CityChapter 1571 The peaceful Queen of Good and Evil?Chapter 1572 A high reward for winning a smile
Chapter 1573 Leader CompetitionChapter 1574 Saint? everlasting blessingChapter 1575 Guangyue Palace, Saint YuChapter 1576 Update Announcement
Chapter 1577 Men are all so meanChapter 1578 The bloody murder between the Monument Weeper and the Fake Monument WeeperChapter 1579 Invisible KingdomChapter 1580 Restore the third update!
Chapter 1581 Romance that beats allChapter 1582: Countless times of soul searching and dreamingChapter 1583 Human leader level powerhouseChapter 1584 The Battle of the Leaders
Chapter 1585 Hundreds of years of fighting left behindChapter 1586: I¡¯m stuck. Let¡¯s start with two chapters today.Chapter 1587 Chu Mu competesChapter 1588 There is only one chapter left today.
Chapter 1589 Yingu, the Holy Land of CultivationChapter 1590 Whoever is dissatisfied can go out and fightChapter 1591 I¡¯m not used to ordering until the endChapter 1592 Chapter 1364 Take away your souls together
Chapter 1593 The Invincible Master, the Poisonous Beast with Sky EyesChapter 1594 Zhan Ye¡¯s Stage (Part 1)Chapter 1595 Zhan Ye¡¯s Stage (Part 2)Chapter 1596 Zhan Ye¡¯s Stage (Part 2)
Chapter 1597 Escape without fightingChapter 1598 Vigorous and dullChapter 1599 The second monument weeper!Chapter 1600 Heavenly Horned Beast, Sky-Breaking Horn
Chapter 1601 War Fox Born for WarChapter 1602 Han Erxing was defeated!Chapter 1603 Update postponedChapter 1604 The price of angering Chu Mu!
Chapter 1605 So what if I kill him (Part 1)Chapter 1606 So what if I kill him (Part 2)Chapter 1607 The purest evil spiritChapter 1608 Death of Han Erxing
Chapter 1609 Quasi-immortal vs. quasi-immortal!Chapter 1610 True and false, dreams at nightChapter 1611 Dark Star strikes to defeat Tang ZhuoChapter 1612 Liu Binglan is attacked
Chapter 1613 Hidden Eye Royal FamilyChapter 1614 Please ask for monthly votes! ! !Chapter 1615: Get marriedChapter 1616 The Monument Weeper, the Xuanmen Wizard
Chapter 1617 Lu Kongtong¡¯s provocationChapter 1618 You need to be dealt withChapter 1619 Provoking the entire Xuanmen disciplesChapter 1620 The last ten hours, please vote for me
Chapter 1621 The weeper of the fake monument, Gu XishaChapter 1622 In the last half hour, can you give Xiaoyu 20 votes?Chapter 1623 Heavy responsibility, strengthChapter 1624 Yingu, the third level of Kun
Chapter 1625Chapter 1626 The Yingu creature attacks!Chapter 1627 Taking turns guardingChapter 1628: Roar, I demand a monthly ticket!
Chapter 1629 The evil scorpion comes to the cityChapter 1630 Black and White DevilChapter 1631 One is more warlike than the otherChapter 1632 Head of Navy!
Chapter 1633 Immortal, Ghost King (Part 1)Chapter 1634 Immortal, Ghost King (Part 2)Chapter 1635 The update of this chapter is delayedChapter 1636 Guarding for Twenty-five Days
Chapter 1637 The whereabouts of NaihehuaChapter 1638 Light Cloud, Phoenix Nest of LightChapter 1639 The superior fox, the Seven Sins Fox Light King!Chapter 1640 Thunder Formation, Light Formation, Seven Sins Fox?
Chapter 1641 King of Light and Little Demon FoxChapter 1642 The demon fox clan is extinctChapter 1643 Witch Lin MenglingChapter 1644 Space Collapse
Chapter 1645 Saving the King of LightChapter 1646 Update Announcement and Recent SituationChapter 1647 Yin Gu ConspiracyChapter 1648: Enemies are extremely jealous when they meet
Chapter 1649 Wu Yunlong¡¯s joiningChapter 1650 Dark Sect, TianlanChapter 1651 The Sealed King of LightChapter 1652 Sin Fox Monument Weeper
Chapter 1653 Domineering Wu YunlongChapter 1654 Fighting the Six Fires!Chapter 1655 Dark Maze, Dream RulesChapter 1656 Calm Fox, strike from behind!
Chapter 1657 The Snake Dragon Faction AttacksChapter 1658 Space Burial (Part 1)Chapter 1659 Space Burial (Part 2)Chapter 1660 Battle against the Snake Dragon Sect
Chapter 1661 Update delay~~~Chapter 1662 Battle against the Snake Dragon Sect (Part 2)Chapter 1663 The cunning golden snake dragonChapter 1664 Death Zone, Space Black Hole
Chapter 1665 Don¡¯t be impulsive!Chapter 1666 Dark Sect, TianlanChapter 1667: Die together, the crazy dark sectChapter 1668 Broken, space abyss!
Chapter 1669 Buried alive in the navyChapter 1670 The sky is falling and the earth is fallingChapter 1671: Unprecedentedly Strong, Head of State!Chapter 1672 The Head of State¡¯s Life-Chasing Talisman
Chapter 1673 There is only killing in the eyes!Chapter 1674: The Old Enemy of the Monument WeaverChapter 1675 The devil, the flower girl, and the stranger suddenly appear! (superior)Chapter 1676 The devil, the flower girl, and the stranger suddenly appear! (Down)
Chapter 1677 Lieyin Valley, Qi of Holy Light!Chapter 1678 Do something crazyChapter 1679 Yin Gu¡¯s resentment condenses!Chapter 1680 The roar of traveling through the planes!
Chapter 1681 The creature that controls the solar eclipse!Chapter 1682 Bailong, the strongest judgeChapter 1683 The Seven Sin Fox, the King of Darkness!Chapter 1684 The Three Leaders Fight the Dark King (Part 1)
Chapter 1685 The Three Leaders Fight the Dark King (Part 2)Chapter 1686 Hundreds of Immortal Powerful MenChapter 1687 The War of Independence in Ming City (Part 1)Chapter 1688 The War of Independence in Ming City (Part 2)
Chapter 1689 Mo Xie¡¯s little followerChapter 1690 Update postponed~~~¡¤Chapter 1691 Purple Vientiane CityChapter 1692 Ye Qingzi was hidden?
Chapter 1693 Encounter in Hantan CityChapter 1694 Wedding Ceremony (Part 1)Chapter 1695 Wedding Ceremony (Part 2)Chapter 1696: June, I am asking for monthly votes! !
Chapter 1697 Wedding Ceremony (Part 2)Chapter 1698 Unfavorable to Ye QingziChapter 1699 Hidden dangers in the New Moon LandChapter 1700 An urgent letter
Chapter 1701 Ice City DisasterChapter 1702 Jiao Ren wakes up?Chapter 1703 Disaster, monsters all over the glacier!Chapter 1704 Ice City, City Lord Bingli
Chapter 1705 Rescue from Millions of MonstersChapter 1706 People who ignore the iceberg monsterChapter 1707: Open a way for three thousand people in distress!Chapter 1708 Bagua Demon Flame Picture!
Chapter 1709 The ministers of the ancient dragon manChapter 1710Chapter 1711 Ten Thousand Healing TechniquesChapter 1712 The courage of the Crescent Navy!
Chapter 1713 Fierce Battle with the Extreme Sky Ice BeastChapter 1714 Giant Bones and Ice Body, Obliterating Heaven Seal!Chapter 1715 The Dark Portal, Attack of Crows!Chapter 1716 Intermediate immortal level ice soul crystal
Chapter 1717 Ye, promoted to low-level immortality!Chapter 1718 Invitation letters from two royal familiesChapter 1719 Absolute right to speakChapter 1720 Space Castaways
Chapter 1721 Old love rekindled?Chapter 1722 The Blood Pattern Infection of NightChapter 1723 will be updated at six o¡¯clock in the eveningChapter 1724 She is nature¡¯s darling
Chapter 1725 The creatures occupying the East China Sea of ??the Sea Tribe!Chapter 1726 Monster Clan, Sea Clan, the same civilizationChapter 1727 A living fishmanChapter 1728 Sea Clan, Huangquan!
Chapter 1729 Henghai Little Bully, Huang QuanChapter 1730 The water soul pet who fell in love at first sightChapter 1731 Weird UnderworldChapter 1732 The fifth heaven monument
Chapter 1733 KissChapter 1734 Unknown Heavenly Palace, White DragonChapter 1735 Frozen ocean, maritime battlefield!Chapter 1736
Chapter 1737 The demoted Xiao HuangquanChapter 1738 I will bear the mistakes it makesChapter 1739 Postponing today to tomorrowChapter 1740 Royal Raiders
Chapter 1741 Independent City HechengChapter 1742 The chief coach of the royal family, Yu FengdiChapter 1743 Mrs. Fire¡¯s TargetChapter 1744 The survival of the Crescent Land?
Chapter 1745: Racial civilizations other than humans?Chapter 1746 Blackpan Insect EpidemicChapter 1747 Mountain rain hits, New Moon disasterChapter 1748 Royal Thief
Chapter 1749 The ability to lieChapter 1750 Migration to the New Moon Land?Chapter 1751: New Moon Land, racial independence?Chapter 1752 Does Heavenly Palace really exist?
Chapter 1753 Crusade ResolutionChapter 1754: Humans who are full and holding onChapter 1755 Sea of ??ExileChapter 1756 The blood-eating iron whale clan should be punished
Chapter 1757 Update postponed to tomorrowChapter 1758 Meet the Catastrophe SirenChapter 1759: Catastrophe and life-threatening situation in the underwater cityChapter 1760 Haiying Formation, Hundreds of Soul Pet Eggs
Chapter 1761 High Immortality, Seven-headed Sea Serpent KingChapter 1762 Battle with the Sea Snake King!Chapter 1763 The supreme ruler of the Nine SeasChapter 1764: The Eight Diagrams Confused Tu, severely damaging the Snake King!
Chapter 1765 Xiao Huangquan¡¯s PardonChapter 1766 War in the Crescent LandChapter 1767 Ten Thousand Years Roulette, Thousand Years EraChapter 1768 The Hai Clan sends troops to assist
Chapter 1769 The Identity of Another KingChapter 1770 Today¡¯s update will be released tomorrowChapter 1771 Sea area? No need for protection.Chapter 1772 We can fight!
Chapter 1773 Sanctuary, Nightmare Dynasty!Chapter 1774 A woman with split personalityChapter 1775 The flattened Nightmare MountainsChapter 1776 Sneaking into the Alliance Military Camp
Chapter 1777 Disaster, Dark King! (superior)Chapter 1778 Disaster, Dark King! (Down)Chapter 1779 One City, One Man (Part 1)Chapter 1780 One city, one man (Part 2)
Chapter 1781 Nirvana, awakening from the dream of deathChapter 1782 I can¡¯t find the power supply anywhere.Chapter 1783 Destroy one hundred thousand corpses! (Sent here, please vote for me!)Chapter 1784 The fatigue is over, it¡¯s time to give it a try!
Chapter 1785 One person, one butterflyChapter 1786Chapter 1787: Fight against the six mastersChapter 1788 If you can¡¯t let him live, just pay homage to him
Chapter 1789 Blood Rose in the Enemy ArmyChapter 1790 Awakening the Nightmare Army!Chapter 1791 Nightmare, killing stageChapter 1792 The battlefield is divided, the flower demon army
Chapter 1793 The army retreats!Chapter 1794 Yunmen fallsChapter 1795 Take revenge on them! !Chapter 1796 Evil Host
Chapter 1797 The Power of Advanced ImmortalityChapter 1798 Attack on Tianxia CityChapter 1799 The Sea Legion surfacedChapter 1800 The Seventh Naval Department was inexplicably destroyed
Chapter 1801 Immortal Level 7 Tsunami!Chapter 1802 Giant Turtle Beast, Ba XiaChapter 1803 The sea comes back, disaster!Chapter 1804 The soul covenant is opened, the favor of the underworld
Chapter 1805 Underworld¡¯s new favorite, leader Chu Mu!Chapter 1806 Battle of Underworld (Part 1)Chapter 1807: Battle of Underworld (Part 2)Chapter 1808 Update postponed to tomorrow
Chapter 1809 The Sea of ??Sinking, the Power of the UnderworldChapter 1810 Capturing the Deputy Chief of the Navy AliveChapter 1811 Leader level? Let the leaders come out and talk!Chapter 1812 Explosive Killing, Cruel Madman
Chapter 1813 Armistice? Don't even think about it! !Chapter 1814: Mountains and oceans, the power of the underworld!Chapter 1815 Tomb of Death, Destroying the CityChapter 1816 People from Heavenly Palace
Chapter 1817 Uprooting a city!Chapter 1818 The battle to engulf the enemy city!Chapter 1819 Anger, madness that tears the world apartChapter 1820 Zhan Ye Rise, Higher Immortality (Part 1)
Chapter 1821 Three chapters are presented. Please vote for me at the end of the month.Chapter 1822 Zhan Ye Rise, Higher Immortality (Part 2)Chapter 1823 The second war beast Mo YeChapter 1824 The city of destruction under the black hole
Chapter 1825 The heir to the monument!Chapter 1826 Protect to the death!Chapter 1827 Chapter 1580 The Culprit of Silent ForestChapter 1828 The clan chant of demon spirits
Chapter 1829 The ghost goddess from ancient time and spaceChapter 1830 Ghost Guarding BarrierChapter 1831 The city is still there, you must get thereChapter 1832 The Dragon Clan is Proud
Chapter 1833 Styx crusade, killing thousands of troops in angerChapter 1834 Survival, the city of all things!Chapter 1835 Update postponedChapter 1836 The Dark Emperor, the Deadly Shadow
Chapter 1837 Ning Maner¡¯s murderous intention!Chapter 1838Chapter 1839 Vientiane City after the warChapter 1840 The Living Princess
Chapter 1841 Bai Jinrou wakes upChapter 1842 It was just a kissChapter 1843 Unknown Land, Evil TempleChapter 1844 The first creature born in the world
Chapter 1845 The mark conveyed by the immortal levelChapter 1846 Space Energy FragmentsChapter 1847 Heading to the Heavenly Palace (Part 1)Chapter 1848 Heading to the Heavenly Palace (Part 2)
Chapter 1849 Day and Night Roulette (Part 1)Chapter 1850 Day and Night Roulette (Part 2)Chapter 1851: Got stuck~~Chapter 1852 The Bloodiness of Heavenly Soil
Chapter 1853 Totem Believing Girl!Chapter 1854 The Terrifying Heavenly PalaceChapter 1855 Totem TempleChapter 1856 Documents recorded for thousands of years
Chapter 1857 Liu Binglan¡¯s life experienceChapter 1858 The ever-changing daughter, motherChapter 1859 It will be around 7 o'clockChapter 1860 Theft of Divine Dew
Chapter 1861 Tiangong Imperial GuardChapter 1862 The Tower of Ten Thousand TowersChapter 1863 Empty Forbidden PalaceChapter 1864 Strengthening Yusuo
Chapter 1865 Hua Yan, the ancestor of good and evilChapter 1866 The soul contract is terminated!Chapter 1867 Postponed until tomorrowChapter 1868 Embracing Evil
Chapter 1869 Yusuo¡¯s cry on the monumentChapter 1870 Leaving Heavenly PalaceChapter 1871 A year of snowChapter 1872 Emperor Huangquan
Chapter 1873 Chu Mu¡¯s hunting teamChapter 1874: Clean up the weepers for youChapter 1875 The true face of the solar eclipse!Chapter 1876 Stealing the Power of the Solar Eclipse
Chapter 1877 Twin sisters, Yu Suo Yu¡¯s concubineChapter 1878 Twin Fate (Part 1)Chapter 1879 Twin Fate (Part 2)Chapter 1880 Heavenly Palace Catastrophe
Chapter 1881 No mistakes allowedChapter 1882 Reborn, the Queen of Good and Evil! !Chapter 1883 Tiangong Dragon GroupChapter 1884 The Head of Ten Thousand Dragons, Long Ji
Chapter 1885 DragnetChapter 1886 The last glimmer of hopeChapter 1887Chapter 1888 The Impossible Enemy
Chapter 1889 It woke upChapter 1890 Peak Immortality, Bone Demon GiantChapter 1891 Asking for a day offChapter 1892 The end of Jiao Ren¡¯s awakening!
Chapter 1893 The battle between father and son!Chapter 1894 Fate Dou MoyeChapter 1895 Underworld, underworld!Chapter 1896 Demon God, Ancient Jiao Man!
Chapter 1897 Long Ji, Jiao Demon!Chapter 1898 The Monument Weeps, the Power of the Solar Eclipse!Chapter 1899 Soul Contract RepairChapter 1900 Heavenly Palace, Ten Thousand Years of Rebellion
Chapter 1901 The first chapter today! !Chapter 1902 Refining the Power of the Red Fire SunChapter 1903 Breaking through the embarrassment of strengthChapter 1904 Soul Pact
Chapter 1905 The red fire in the earth of all thingsChapter 1906 Chapter 1653 Demon God, Evil Dragon!Chapter 1907 Birth, the strong man of the tenth eraChapter 1908 Sunshine, Black Sea
Chapter 1909 The drowned human soilChapter 1910 Are you the devil?Chapter 1911 The demon enters the worldChapter 1912 Invitation Letter from Heavenly Palace
Chapter 1913 There will be three chapters on the 8thChapter 1914 The strongest enemy, timeChapter 1915 Fallen Human EarthChapter 1916 Just in time, there is someone to kill
Chapter 1917 Ten pets gather togetherChapter 1918 Emperor HuangquanChapter 1919 The Lifespan of the WorldChapter 1920 Naihe, Jiuyou, Yincao!
Chapter 1921 The true face of TiangongChapter 1922 The anger of the strong men of the Nine AgesChapter 1923 Mother¡¯s RequestChapter 1924 The demon lair under the heavenly city
Chapter 1925 Cutting off the lifeline of TiangongChapter 1926 Son of Black Fire SunChapter 1927 Bai Yu whose soul was stolenChapter 1928 Totem Goddess Dai Qing
Chapter 1929 The Heavenly Palace Destroyed Four TimesChapter 1930 Ten Thousand Years Roulette Level Phoenix AncestorChapter 1931 The Collapsed Heaven MonumentChapter 1932 Devil¡¯s Habits, Yu Tian
Chapter 1933 The melee in the Heavenly Palace!Chapter 1934 Update postponed to tomorrowChapter 1935 Red Fire Heart!Chapter 1936 Falling from the stars to human earth
Chapter 1937 One Billion Heavenly DemonsChapter 1938 Flying towards the red fire sunChapter 1939 He must be fightingChapter 1940 Eternal Imprisonment
Chapter 1941 The Red Fire Sun with No ExitChapter 1942 No Chu MuChapter 1943 Let¡¯s call you MoyeChapter 1944 The Sky of Fishes
Chapter 107 The most beautiful in my heartChapter 441 The gap between five people and one personChapter 483 The pursuit in the yellow sandChapter 498 The Royal Family War, Subversion Stage!
Chapter 524 I have something to do temporarily, postpone it until eveningChapter 557 will be updated in the evening and will be released tomorrowChapter 700 The battle fate of the three main petsChapter 980 The Soul Alliance will be defeated like a mountain!
Chapter 1039Chapter 1238. Destruction, racial disaster (Part 2)Chapter 1353 Uh, sorry, I¡¯ll update this chapter tomorrow.Chapter 1522 A strange combination of circumstances
Chapter 1952 Postscript It is in a certain time and spaceThe new book "Dragon Shepherd" has been released!Chapter 1055 Resurrection from the dead, Nirvana pupaChapter 1079 If you¡¯re not completely dead, you¡¯ll be fine
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