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Chapter 116 Xiaoyu¡¯s words (remarks on launch)

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    You can search "Chong Mei" in Baidu to find the latest chapters!

    It will be available soon!  !  !

    It has been a month and a half since "Chong Mei" has been written. I have been immersed in writing it and haven't really communicated with my friends. Now I just want to say something to everyone when it is released.

    Many readers of "Chong Mei" are also considered old friends of Xiaoyu, from the rough and astringent "It's a God" with a strong magical atmosphere, to the mysterious and charming "Yueyue Blood", to this unique book  In the style of "Chong Mei", you are all supporting Xiaoyu and watching Xiaoyu grow step by step. It feels like I can hear you saying in my heart at any time, "Don't worry, I'm still here"


    It¡¯s obvious that requests for votes for ¡°Chong Mei¡± are very infrequent. If you don¡¯t reach out to ask for votes, it doesn¡¯t mean that Xiaoyu doesn¡¯t want them, and they value it very much!

    First of all, I would like to thank those friends who vote for "The Charming" every day. I have said before in my review of "Yueyuexue" that it is easy to vote for a few recommendation votes for a book, but for a book every day, I would like to express my gratitude.  Voting a recommendation vote for the book is a kind of unremitting support that can move Xiaoyu!

    Friends who are rewarded, I¡¯ve made you spend money again~~~~~~~

    Every time he sees a reward, what Xiaoyu is happy about is not just the extra RMB, but the recognition from a book friend. This recognition is reflected by the red numbers

    I read book reviews every day, and I was shocked by the attentiveness of several book friends.

    The friend who not only compiled all the information on "Yue Yue Blood", but also compiled the information on "Chong Mei", which has a very large amount of information; the friend who often gives comments and comments, and at the same time corrects my mistakes, correcting them to the smallest detail.  There are friends who are all blushing; those who leave a comment every day when they vote; those deep-water bosses who never comment, but suddenly post a wonderful comment in the middle of the night

    There are many, many friends. Thank you very much for your evaluation, which allows me to keep a clear head at all times to code. After coding, I can reflect on it. At the same time, I can feel your recognition and support for Xiaoyu¡¯s book

    There is the largest group of people, they are called "silent supporters".  Your silent support makes it difficult for Xiaoyu to express it in words, so Xiaoyu can only thank you silently


    "Chong Mei" is a slow-burning film, and does not have the original splendor, mystery and passion of "Yue Yue Blood", and this does not mean that "Chong Mei" will be inferior to "Yue Yue Blood". Xiaoyu can feel that he  Although progress is being made, Xiaoyu¡¯s books must not swim against the current.

    Therefore, I hope everyone will believe in Xiaoyu and believe that the story written by Xiaoyu, which is always called "Pokemon" by everyone, will never be so childlike, will never be so imitated, and what it shows to everyone will definitely be a brand new strength.  Setting, a brand new summoning field, a mysterious world of soul pets!

    (Well, I suddenly realized that I was a rebellious child, always going to the non-mainstream, and writing about anything I didn¡¯t like)


    Finally, the most important thing is the monthly ticket!  !  !  !

    Monthly pass!  !  !  !  A few strokes and a few paintings made the Qidian masters crazy about it!  !  !

    New book monthly ticket list!  !  !  !  In January, this list was hanging above the head of "Yueyuexue", which became a big regret.

    ??????????????????? Now that the new book "Chong Mei" is released, I ask myself and everyone, what reasons are there for not stepping into it!

    I sincerely hope that everyone will vote for "Chong Mei" with precious monthly votes. Xiaoyu is working hard and has been working hard

    Once again, we urge everyone to fulfill their wish for Xiaoyu on this list!  !  Thank you!  !  !  !  (Remember the website address:
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