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Chapter 117 The initial thoughts of Chongmei Structure

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    ¡°Alas, why does everyone have to think about Pokemon?  I have watched Pokemon, but I haven¡¯t watched too much. There are more than fifty episodes, plus a few theatrical episodes. When I was writing this book, I originally planned to watch it, but I was afraid that after watching too much, a lot of my thoughts would be taken away.  So I didn¡¯t go to see it

    Most of the soul pets in Chong Mei are original creations. There is an encyclopedia of soul pets listed in it. The main materials are drawn from Western monsters and Eastern mythical beasts. There will be some distorted images. Most of them are already in everyone's mind.  Some images of the baby were chosen through some one-sided descriptions, so that the appearance of the soul pet was completely distorted

    Mo Xie¡¯s early appearance is Nine Tails. The image of Nine Tails is relatively popular, so you can imagine it yourself. The later blueprint is closer to the Chinese mythical beast Red Flame Beast. There are similar pictures, so you can look for them yourself.  The Thunder Dream Beast of Night is based on Dragon Chao Feng, the upper body of Nightmare is based on Western Fire Demon, Mo is also a black war tiger, and is based on Manticore Leopard in "Is God", and the Ice Sky Elf is the image of the air element in "Invincible Heroes"  , the figure is just slimmer.  The Demonic Tree Warrior is also the guarding wood demon in "Invincible Heroes".

    Well, everyone tries to think of soul pets in a three-dimensional and real way. The styles of charming soul pets are generally: sharp, mighty, wild, divine, flamboyant, handsome, evil, dark, cruel, and violent.  , mystery, horror, etc. If when watching Pet Charm, all you think about is the soul pet of the Q version of Pokemon it will be weird when you read it, because the appearance of the soul pet in the later period will become more and more like the above.  The styles listed

    Actually, I would like to point out that the real model of Chong Mei is Heroes, not Pokemon.  The same thing as Pokemon is that you can catch soul pets in the wild and the owner does not directly participate in the battle

    In fact, if you learn "Diplomacy" in Invincible Heroes, you can get new units. When playing the big picture, this is a must-learn skill for heroes. And I like the feeling of conquering units in this way, so after a more reasonable process  Transformed into the current subdued soul pet.  At the same time, the hero in Invincible Heroes does not participate in the battle, but only releases magic and controls the battle situation, which is also borrowed from Chong Mei.

    The style of Chong Mei is actually similar to the novels written by Xiaoyu. It lacks the upgrade mode and fights monsters, and has more three-dimensional reality. Most of the descriptions are from God's perspective, so the sense of substitution may not be strong, but it looks like  It will be very visual and give everyone more room for imagination.  This way of writing may be related to my preference for watching movies and reading books (remember the website address:
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