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Chapter 115 Emerging from the pupa, the ancient soul pet

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    "What happened, where is Yang Zheng?" The man named Yang Lengcang said calmly.

    "Wewe met that boy from the Chu family on this prison island. He repeatedly ruined our good deedsMaster Yang Zheng must have chased him" Yang He said with some inarticulate speech.  .

    The most terrifying person in the Yang family is not Yang Mancan, the eldest son of the head of the Yang family, nor Yang Mantian, the second son of the head of the family, but Yang Lengcang, the second son of the second head of the family. Yang Lengcang's strength is definitely among the top ten in the Yang family, and  He is a serious and gloomy person, and almost no one has ever seen this guy smile.

    Yang Lengcang¡¯s coldness is known to the entire Gangluo City. This guy is even more unscrupulous and has a heart as cold as stone!

    Of course, what makes the soul masters in Gangluo City stay away from him the most is Yang Lengcang¡¯s tyrannical strength. Yang Lengcang is a nine-minded soul master.

    Unlike most soul masters, Yang Lengcang's three soul master-level soul pets are all commander-level, and the combat power of his soul master-level soul pets is also quite amazing. The commander-level soul pets of some soul pet masters may not be him.  The opponent of a warrior-level soul pet.

    The blood-winged three-eyed beast controlled by Yang Lengcang at this time has reached the sixth level and fourth level, and its talent is a bit higher than Yang Zheng's blood-winged three-eyed beast.

    The sixth-level and fourth-level leader-level soul pet has quite terrifying combat power. However, this is not Yang Lengcang¡¯s strongest soul pet.

    Yang Lengcang also owns a sixth-level and eighth-level terrifying wolf!

    The Dire Wolf is a high-level commander-level soul pet that is covered in black. It belongs to the same wolf clan as the Dire Wolf, but its combat power is much stronger than the general-level Dire Wolf. It may be like Yang Zheng's fifth-level ninth-level blood-winged three-eyed beast.  If you can't stand in front of Yang Lengcang's dire wolf for three minutes, you will be torn into pieces!

    In addition, Yang Lengcang also owns a seventh-level and fourth-level blood beast.

    Being able to cultivate a warrior-level soul pet to the seventh-level and fourth-level, its combat power is enough to compete with most of the sixth-level commanders. Even though it is a warrior-level, it should not be underestimated!


    "You mean, that kid owns an evil flame six-tailed demon fox, and its combat power is comparable to a commander-level soul pet?" Yang Lengcang asked.

    "Yes, Master Yang Lengcang, and there is also a Night Thunder Dream Beast, which is probably at the beginning of the fifth stage. It seems that the battle is not weak." Yang He hurriedly controlled the Blood Winged Double-Eyed Beast and led Yang Lengcang towards the giant insect chrysalis.  Flying above.

    ¡°What a waste, a barely surviving boy can force you into this!¡± Yang Lengcang said.

    Yang He shrank his head, and said with a smile on his face: "Master Yang Zheng should be able to deal with it, but when Master Yang Lengcang comes, you don't even need to summon your main pet, you can easily deal with it."  Take care of that kid easily."

    The two piloted their blood beasts and flew over the giant insect chrysalis, and soon saw a large piece of burning cloud silk.

    "Master Yang Zheng may have solved it" Yang He glanced at the somewhat chaotic battlefield and was trying to save some face for Yang Zheng.

    However, at this moment, a trembling cry suddenly came from high up:

    "Yang Lengcang, save me quickly!!!"

    Yang He¡¯s words immediately stopped, and Yang Lengcang reacted quickly, and immediately drove the sixth-level, fourth-level blood-winged three-eyed beast to the heights!  !

    "Blood hurricane!"

    Yang Lengcang immediately ordered his blood-winged three-eyed beast.  The powerful wings of the Blood Winged Three-Eyed Beast flapped suddenly, and the frequency became very fast!

    The bloody wind began to fly wantonly, and suddenly a powerful whirlwind with a height of more than 20 meters suddenly appeared, suddenly lying between Yang Zheng and Mo Xie who was chasing Yang Zheng!

    "Moye, come back!"

    Chu Mu realized the power of the bloody hurricane and immediately told Mo Xie to give up the pursuit.

    Mo Xie's body had already rushed towards the blood evil whirlwind, but when the evil flames on his limbs suddenly shot up, Mo Xie jumped into the air, passing by the edge of the terrible little blood evil hurricane, and quickly used the crisscrossing clouds to  Si jumped back to Chu Mu.

    "Yang Lengcang, you you came just in time, hurry up, help me kill this kid, he he killed my blood-winged three-eyed beast!" Yang Zheng, who was driving the sixth-level blue bird, panicked.  He fell beside Yang Lengcang in confusion.

    The blue bird's body was already covered with scars, and it stumbled when it flew down. Yang Zheng's body was even more charred, and he was in an extremely embarrassed state.

    "You have really brought shame on our Yang family. A barely alive kid can beat you like this!" Yang Lengcang scolded unceremoniously.

    Yang Zheng was obviously a little afraid of Yang Lengcang, but when faced with Yang Lengcang¡¯s words, heA cold smile.

    Killing a person with potential is the most interesting thing for Yang Lengcang, because it can reduce the threat to himself!

    "Where else can you escape?" Yang Lengcang recited the spell, and suddenly an even more terrifying aura swept through him!  !

    The sixth-level and eighth-level terrifying wolf appeared in front of Chu Mu¡¯s Thunder Dream Beast of Night, blocking Chu Mu¡¯s path. After Chu Mu, it was even blocked by the seventh-level blood beast!

    "Yang Lengcang, don't be in a hurry to kill him. Let him summon the Evil Flame Six-tailed Demon Fox first. Otherwise, we have to wait for his soul pet space to disappear naturally before his Evil Flame Six-tailed Demon Fox appears." Yang Zhenghe  Yang He had already arrived, and Yang Zheng hurriedly reminded Yang Lengcang.

    "You don't need to say it!" Yang Lengcang said coldly.

    Chu Mu moved faster, recited a spell quickly, and directly took the Night Thunder Dream Beast back into the soul pet space. He glanced at the three Yang family members, and revealed an evil smile.

    "You can still laugh, hum. After taking away your soul pet, I will definitely let you taste life worse than death!!" Yang Zheng said viciously!

    ¡°That¡¯s right, we must not be lenient because we were wasted here for so long.¡± Yang He immediately agreed.

    "It seems that God's will is to destroy the Chu family. If you didn't meet me, you might compete with me in the future, but it's a pity" Yang Lengcang's cold face showed a bit of disgusting arrogance.

    "But it doesn't matter, everyone in your family already thinks you are dead, and you only lived for more than three years"

    Chu Mu looked at Yang Lengcang, who had a hypocritical face, and his expression did not change much. Years of killing had allowed Chu Mu to remain calm even when facing death.

    "Do you think I brought you here just to let you watch this scene?" Chu Mu looked at the hypocritical Yang Lengcang, then glanced at the ferocious-looking Yang Zheng, but said slowly.

    "Then thank you for bringing us to such a treasure house," Yang Zheng immediately laughed, obviously feeling that all this was a foregone conclusion.

    "There is no need to thank you. You will go to Hell and Underworld first to prepare for the reunion of your Yang family members in the underworld. The only glory of death for the three of you is to be killed by an ancient powerful creature!!" Chu Mu  His tone suddenly became unusually cold.

    As soon as Chu Mu finished speaking, a strange aura was suddenly released from the giant insect chrysalis under their feet!  !  !

    The giant insect chrysalis was wrapped in white silk and was extremely thick. It was in a semi-solid state when it was originally wrapped, but now it has completely solidified. However, just when the aura that could make the surroundings become deathly silent was released, this giant insect chrysalis unexpectedly  Peeling starts from the outside!  !  !

    A big piece, a big piece, like a piece of white mountain rock shattering, crashed into the vast white forest!  !  !

    "Boom!!! Boom!!!!!!"

    When the white solid shell crazily smashed down, the entire huge insect chrysalis shook tremendously, and cracks like earth cracks appeared on this huge insect chrysalis!

    As if the peeling off was too slow, a more terrifying energy suddenly exploded from the inside of the giant chrysalis. The whole chrysalis buzzed loudly, and more cracks appeared outside the shell, as if it was about to burst open.  !  !  !

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