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Chapter 57 One vs. Ten

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    At the moment when the powerful aura that was three levels higher than Yanwei spread, it suppressed the flames for a while. Mo Xie's charged body stepped on several flames, and his body turned into bright red flames, rushing towards Yanwei with lightning!

    The use of the secret attack instantly doubled Mo Xie's speed, and it took less than a second to cover a distance of ten meters!  !

    Mo Xie's body was still burning with flames, and a gorgeous long shadow of the flaming fox suddenly appeared in the distance of ten meters. At the end of the long shadow, fire light and cold light intertwined!  !

    Neither the owner of Flame Tail nor the onlookers outside the field would have expected that a moonlight fox would be immune to the flames of Flame Tail, and would jump out directly from the scorching flames to launch the most powerful attack.  !  !

    The blade light flashed away, and a wound appeared on Yanwei's neck with unusual accuracy. A deep blood line immediately appeared on Yanwei's long neck!  !  !


    The bright red blood splashed out in the firelight, spraying everywhere!  !

    As Yanwei¡¯s body slowly fell down, the surroundings of the originally noisy battlefield instantly became quiet, with horrified eyes staring at Yanwei who was killed instantly!

    Cruel, decisive, sharp, cold and arrogant, what everyone saw at this time was no longer the weak and petite sixth-level moonlight fox before, but a blood fox that trampled on flames, had noble hair, a handsome body, and an awe-inspiring murderous aura!

    "Second stage and fourth stage!!!"

    Without the obstruction of the firelight, and with only a corpse at his feet as a foil, Moye's form was completely exposed to everyone's sight!

    "Eighth level, this Moonlight Fox has actually hidden the strength of the eighth level. No wonder he was so strong in the previous battle!!"

    "It's not right. Even if it's the second level and fourth level, how can this moonlight fox have the power to break the seal, and how can it be immune to flames, unless this moonlight fox has been trained by the soul crystal But there is no such thing as a soul crystal."  How can you have it!"

    After silence, various voices sounded inside and outside the venue, and everyone turned their attention to the soul pet master who controlled the Moonlight Fox!

    The owner of Yanwei, looking at the dead Yanwei, the arrogance and contempt just now disappeared, leaving only a face of disbelief and eyes full of fear of death!

    "This Moonlight Fox is a little weird, you guys come together!" Wang Keluo also frowned. He thought that this battle would be resolved soon, but he didn't expect that they would also lose a soul pet in this situation.  !

    Indeed, Mo Xie's burst of strength was so sudden that no one expected that a second-level and first-level Flame Tail would be instantly killed!

    Liu Zhen's warriors realized that fighting alone, except for Wang Keluo's shadow, could possibly confront this powerful moonlight fox. It would be very difficult for other people's soul pets to defeat this strange moonlight fox. The souls of several people at the moment  Pet attacks at the same time.

    Chu Mu was unable to move, and now he could only direct Mo Xie to fight through his mind. He realized that the opponent's soul pet was going to attack Chu Mu, and he became even more anxious. However, what he needed most now was to stay calm!

    "Mo Xie, run around the protective fence!" Chu Mu glanced at the restless gravel ground and immediately said to Mo Xie.

    Moye also realized something and immediately ran away, quickly dodging the pursuit of those soul pets.

    "Boom!!! Boom!!! Boom!!!!!!"

    When Mo Xie ran, extremely sharp vine thorns suddenly stabbed out from the ground, like a sharp long sword thrust out!  !

    Moye¡¯s body kept changing positions while running, and he passed by the sharp points of the vine thorns several times, which shocked the people outside the field!

    "Damn it, this cunning fox!!" The owner of the Thorn Demon looked at the Moonlight Fox and cursed secretly.

    ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Moonlight Fox was unscathed by such a dense thorn attack, its dodge ability is ridiculously strong!

    Chu Mu and Mo Xie had encountered the blood vine demon in the jungle. The attack of the blood vine demon's blood vine thorns was much denser than that of the thorn demon. Attacks of that level could only cause some scratches on Mo Xie's body, and this  How could such a slow and sparse attack hurt Mo Xie!

    "Moye, change position!"

    Mo Xie was originally running around the protective fence to distance himself from the three besieging soul pets. About halfway through the entire battlefield, Mo Xie suddenly used the protective fence to use his strength and jumped up high!  !


    Below Moye, the Nidokai's heavy body hit the protective net hard, and a strange metallic sound suddenly sounded!

    And Moxie directly obtained theAn exquisite arc was drawn over Duogui's body, and he escaped the impact magnificently. Suddenly, there was a sigh of relief from both inside and outside the stadium!  !

    After landing lightly, it suddenly ran towards the center of the battlefield. As it ran, its figure immediately became blurred, and three evil moonlight foxes could be vaguely seen galloping across the gravel field!

    ¡°Whoosh whoosh whoosh!!!!¡±

    The barbarian dog can't tell which one is the real moonlight fox, let alone resist its attack!

    Three figures passed directly by the bewildered Barbarian Dog. The ninth-level Barbarian Dog did not react at all, and a line of blood suddenly appeared on its body!

    As if it had been disemboweled, the intestines in the barbarian dog's abdomen were exposed, and its painful wails immediately spread throughout the battlefield.

    "Using the dodge skill Yueying to attack, this Moonlight Fox's combat ability is no ordinary abnormal!"

    Seeing that his soul pet had been severely injured, the owner of the barbarian dog turned pale instantly. He recited a spell without hesitation and took his soul pet back into the soul pet space.

    Ten soul pets were besieging them. Under such circumstances, Moonlight Fox actually defeated two opponents. This momentum instantly raised the atmosphere of the entire battle arena!

    "Why hasn't the owner of Moonlight Fox taken back his soul pet? He has already killed a flame tail and dealt with the barbarian dog. He must be in the top ten in terms of personal strength!"

    "The soldier still has no intention of taking it back. Could it be that this kid wants to fight ten!"

    Before, people inside and outside the field thought that Chu Mu didn't take back Mo Xie because he just wanted to hold on for a little longer so that his personal strength could be ranked high. However, as the battle continued, people were horrified to discover that this Moonlight Fox was not like  Instead of persevering and supporting, he is like a wise fox hunter, circuitously and fiercely dealing with the opponent's many soul pets, looking for the best opportunity, and hunting ferociously!  !

    One against ten!  !  How could this kind of momentum calm thousands of people in the entire arena!  The decisive murderous intent has shocked the entire arena!  !  (Remember the website address:
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