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Chapter 58 War Aura, Show of Strength

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    "One against ten, it's really ridiculous. The next second you will be dead without a single body!!" Wang Keluo felt the atmosphere inside and outside the court began to rise because of the moonlight fox, and there was a kind of anger as if all the light had been taken away.  Immediately command the shadows to lock on Moye!

    Moye was in a running state, and his shadow was cast by the light. As a dark aura surrounded the shadow, a dagger-like black object suddenly appeared and suddenly plunged into Moye's rapidly moving shadow!  !

    A strange phenomenon occurred. When the black shadow dagger was nailed to Mo Xie's shadow, Mo Xie's body seemed to be nailed, and the movement stopped suddenly!

    "Shadow Nail!!"

    The strange skill appeared again, making everyone present look horrified.

    Dark type soul pets can be said to be relatively rare, and the dark type skills are extremely weird, making it very difficult to defend against them!

    Seeing this scene, Chu Mu did not panic and glanced at the battlefield calmly.

    "Mo Xie, use flames to attack the shadows!" Chu Mu said immediately.

    Mo Xie¡¯s body was fixed, but its magic could still be used. Soon Mo Xie locked onto the shadow-like soul pet, and the silver eyes suddenly burned with bright red flames!

    The firelight shone in the gradually dimming battlefield, and the scorching flames hit the turbid shadow creature very accurately, and a red burn suddenly appeared on the shadow body!

    "Bah!!!!" Shadow let out a strange cry, and his body became a little sluggish, as if it was about to be turned into nothing by the scorching heat of the flames!

    "Yamang, this moonlight fox has the ability to control flames!!!"

    "Am I right? It seems to be really Yanmang"

    Such eye-catching flames flickered, and once again there was a burst of surprise inside and outside the stadium!  Many people had previously wondered how the Moonlight Fox could be immune to fire, but now they were extremely shocked to see it perform its fire skills with their own eyes!

    The Moonlight Fox is a combination of the beast system and the demon spirit system. There is no trace of flame blood in its body. Under normal circumstances, it is impossible to possess the ability of fire. It will obtain the fire attribute. The only possibility is that the Moonlight Fox has been trained through soul crystals.  , and successfully increased the fire attribute!

    The price of a soul crystal, even a first-level soul crystal, is ridiculously high, and the training may not be successful. No one expected that a soul crystal would be successfully trained during a battle between the players.  And a soul pet that has mastered the ability of fire!

    Whether it is the opponent, one's own side, or the superior leader of the Blue Nightmare Demon Island, their expressions at this time are extremely shocked. An ornamental soul pet, whose racial level is almost close to the low-level slave level, has been domesticated to this level.  To such an extent, the boy who stood indifferently on the sidelines for a moment became the focus of the entire stadium!


    "It seems that the strongest ones are chosen between Chu Mu and Zi Shen. Wang Keluo has a relatively strong soul pet, but there are still big flaws in its use." The island owner said slowly.  .

    Several other sub-island owners also nodded, and they could all see that the strength of this young man's Moonlight Fox was much higher than that of soul pets at the same stage.

    And Cao Yi, who used his soul power to control Chu Mu's spirit, turned even more pale. He originally thought that Wang Keluo's shadow could easily kill the fox, but now he was actually injured by the flames!

    Although he had all kinds of strong jealousy and intrigue towards Chu Mu, Cao Yi had to admit that Chu Mu¡¯s Moonlight Fox was indeed ridiculously strong!


    "Let your wolf attack! Why are you still standing there!!" Wang Keluo saw that his shadow was injured, his calmness and confidence completely disappeared, and he couldn't control his emotions and yelled at the warrior next to him!

    The warrior who controlled the wolf suddenly woke up. The flames of the Moonlight Fox had indeed subdued everyone just now, and even these warriors were a little distracted.

    After the shadow was traumatized by the fire element, the black dagger on Moye's shadow immediately turned into a cloud of black smoke and Moye regained his freedom.

    But just as he regained his freedom, the wolf appeared in front of Mo Xie, its sharp claws directly hit Mo Xie's body, and used its tearing claws!

    Moye's slowly fluttering hair suddenly had a special luster. The soft hair became extremely tough the moment it withstood the attack. The tearing claws of the eighth-level wolf scratched across Moye's body, but only left a mark on Moye's body.  A shallow wound!

    The second-level velvet fur greatly improved Mo Xie's defense. The eighth-level wolf's tearing claw did not completely hit Mo Xie and could not cause much damage to Mo Xie!

      "What's going on? How come you weren't injured? The wolf was clearly hit."

    "Second-level velvet fur! Thisis this still a moonlight fox?" People with strong observation skills immediately discovered the problem.

    The shock of the flames had just subsided, and a new round of horrifying sounds swept across again. The deacons and servants could not believe that this creature was a moonlight fox!

    The difference in racial level is reflected in the growth of combat parts to a certain extent. Speedy demon spirit soul pets like Moonlight Fox have very poor defensive skins. Even if they reach the third level, it will be difficult for them to grow to the second level. If they have the qualifications  Even worse, reaching the fourth stage has not yet reached the second level.

    When the Moonlight Fox reaches the second level and the fourth level, its defensive fur reaches the early stage of the second level. Unless the Moonlight Fox keeps feeding the soul core of a defensive soul pet, this situation is simply impossible!

    Chu Mu did not conduct a precise test on Mo Xie's qualifications, but Chu Mu knew that Mo Xie, who had a racially mutated bloodline, was absolutely extremely gifted in all aspects of attributes. Without such potential beyond ordinary moonlight foxes, how could he continue to do so?  to carry out racial mutation!


    The eighth-level wolf raised its claws, and its wolf eyes stared at Mo Xie with a blank look on its face. Perhaps in the eyes of this wolf, its claws should successfully tear open the body of this little thing

    After being attacked, Mo Xie's anger immediately turned towards the eighth-level wolf. His second-level and fourth-level aura was completely released, completely suppressing this creature that was larger than his own body.

    "Mo Xie, don't fight back, use secret attack and run!!" Suddenly, Chu Mu's thoughts rang out.

    Although Mo Xie was very angry at the wolf, he didn't hesitate at all to Chu Mu's order. He ignored the wolf and quickly ran towards the edge of the battlefield!

    Almost when Moye left his original position at twice the speed, a howling whirlwind suddenly swept past the wolf's position. Moye's tail had been caught in the whirlwind, but he was able to escape from the range of the whirlwind.  , but the eighth-level wolf let out a scream and was thrown high into the sky!

    ¡°Ah woo woo!!!¡±

    The wolf was thrown directly to an altitude of five or six meters by the cyclone. When the cyclone swept over the protective net, the wolf's body also hit the protective net hard, and then fell heavily to the ground, covered with blood!

    "Asshole, how do you control your wind elf!" The owner of the wolf went crazy and pointed at the owner of the wind elf with great anger and cursed!  (Remember the website address:
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