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Chapter 56 Mark, Seal Breaking

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    "Get rid of all those trash." Wang Keluo said to the other team members with a cruel smile.

    Feng Gu had already told everyone that they were no match for him, so he decisively recalled his soul pets. As the opponent's attacks became more fierce, there were only two or three soul pets left on the field.


    With a sonic boom, the harsh sound echoed in the gravel battlefield. Li Zhi's white-feathered eagle was shot down from the air, and several ferocious soul pets immediately pounced on it!

    Personal strength is entirely determined by the stewards. Li Zhi originally wanted to persist a little longer so that his personal strength could be ranked higher, but he did not expect to be shot down while flying in the air. He hurriedly thought about it.  Spell!  !


    The white feathers were stained with blood and scattered everywhere. After all, Li Zhi's retraction speed was too slow. After his white-feathered eagle fell from the sky, it was torn apart by the claws of the beast!

    Seeing his white-feathered eagle being killed so cruelly, Li Zhi sat on the ground as if he had lost his soul, clutching his head, looking completely desperate.

    Everyone else glanced at Li Zhi, secretly glad that they had taken back their soul pets in time, and at the same time felt sorry for Li Zhi. If they had taken back their soul pets earlier, they would not have ended up like this!

    "Chu Mu, take back your soul pet, you can't defeat them." After Feng Gu put away the rock demon, he said to Chu Mu.  Feng Gu just reminded him kindly, but as he spoke, he was shocked to find that Chu Mu's pale face was covered with sweat!

    Seeing this scene, Feng Gu quickly realized something and turned his eyes to Cao Yi behind him.

    Cao Yi immediately glared at Feng Gu and snorted coldly: "Stop meddling in other people's business and get out of here."

    The anger in Chu Mu's heart has reached the extreme. Cao Yi's soul thought is stronger than his. Now he has been completely suppressed and cannot recite the soul covenant spell at all. After Feng Gu took away his rock demon, the scene  But the only one left was Mo Xie, who had his soul taken away from him!

    "What, doesn't the owner of Moonlight Fox plan to take back his soul pet?"

    "In this case, the longer you persist, the higher your personal strength ranking will be. However, if you don't grasp it well, you may be as miserable as the owner of the white-feathered eagle."

    "It has been controlled by the shadow. No matter how hard you persist, it will be in vain."

    The discussion outside the court soon started, and people¡¯s eyes fell on Mo Xie, the only one left on the court.


    Mo Xie screamed, obviously feeling that Chu Mu was mentally restricted by others!  !


    The sharp fox cry came out, and Moye's silver eyes immediately locked onto the extremely hateful Cao Yi, and the silver hair on his body suddenly fluttered strangely!

    "Want to break free? It's not that easy!" Wang Keluo raised his lips and immediately asked Shadow to strengthen the power of restriction!  !

    "woo woo woo woo!!!!!"

    Moye's silver hair was fluttering wantonly, and the silver moon mark on his forehead actually burst into light. A faint moon-shaped arc of luster shrouded Moye's body. Moye raised his head and roared angrily with the gorgeous moon.  The images are completely overlapped!

    "The seal of Silver Moon Fox is broken!!"

    Everyone in this scene immediately made an uproar, staring at the Moonlight Fox who displayed this weird skill in surprise!

    Seal breaking is a unique skill of the Silver Moon Fox with a moon-shaped mark. Among the many soul pets, only the Silver Moon Fox has this extremely special ability. Even if the strength is much lower than the other party, with this Silver Moon mark,  All mental and demonic restraints can be shattered!

    There is a difference between the Moonlight Fox and the Silver Moon Fox. It is difficult for everyone to understand how the Moonlight Fox can display the unique seal-breaking skills of the Silver Moon Fox!

    Moye¡¯s original bloodline was the Silver Moon Fox. After many racial changes, he became the Moonlight Fox. The Silver Moon symbol on his forehead is the immortal mark of his original identity!

    The shrouded shadow was completely washed away by the silver light. Mo Xie suddenly broke free from the control of the Fixing Soul Seizer, and his body turned into a silver stream of light and rushed towards Cao Yi's position!  !


    Mo Xie¡¯s petite body hit the protective net nearly ten meters high, causing the entire protective net to shake!

    ¡°Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo las on on¡­¡± Mo Xie grabbed the protective net with his claws frantically, wanting to rush out of this prison-like battlefield and tear Cao Yi into pieces!  !

      "Mo Xie, use Moon Shadow, hurry up!!" Chu Mu faced Mo Xie and shouted to Mo Xie with great difficulty!

    Mo Xie never had any doubts about Chu Mu¡¯s orders, so he immediately gave up attacking the protective net. His body suddenly became blurry, and three faint shadows gradually appeared!


    Almost as soon as Mo Xie completed the moon shadow, a ball of flame suddenly exploded where Mo Xie was, and the heat wave rolled outside the protective net!  !

    The glowing fire shadows were moving, and in the burning flames, Mo Xie's other two shadows gradually disappeared, and his true body appeared at the edge of the flames. This ball of flames instantly illuminated Mo Xie's figure extremely red, and even the pair of  The eyes are also dyed a fiery red color!

    "Mo Xie, don't worry about me. He has put a mental shackles on me and I can't recite the spell within ten minutes. Their purpose is to kill you, now you have to do everything you can to protect yourself!" Chu Mu said with difficulty through his heart.  I want to tell Moye!


    Mo Xie, who was standing on the flames, stared at Chu Mu, who was extremely pale. Mo Xie's eyes filled with flames seemed to be burning. He seemed to know that it was impossible to break through the protective net with his own strength, so he turned around calmly.  Attack his soul pet!

    The one who released the flame explosion was the flame tail of the second stage and the first level. At this time, Mo Xie's anger had reached the extreme. His originally gentle and gentle face became extremely fierce, and his eyes were full of murderous intent that flashed coldly!

    At this time, the anger in Chu Mu's chest was also burning. Only Mo Xie was left on the field, and now he had to face the ten soul pets of the opponent's servant!  And if Mo Xie has any shortcomings, Chu Mu will definitely kill Cao Yi even if he uses up all his soul power to use his soul skill - Chong Mei!


    "Captain, leave this last Moonlight Fox to me to deal with." Yanwei's owner glanced at Moye, who was half shorter than Yanwei, and showed a contemptuous smile.

    The Flame Tail has already set its sights on Mo Xie. As it ran, it dragged the long flame tail and rushed towards Mo Xie with great ferocity, wanting to tear the petite Mo Xie into pieces!

    Moye stood there very calmly, maintaining a slightly crouched posture, his body like a long bow ready to be fired!

    "The roasted fox meat should taste very good!" Yanwei's owner smiled cruelly, and commanded Yanwei to spray a stream of blazing flames directly towards Moye!

    The flames quickly ignited the extremely dry gravel, and the red fireball spread across the entire battlefield, burning the protective net red.

    Amid the chaos of fire, Mo Xie¡¯s graceful yet powerful body still stood proudly in the flames, and the silver hair on his body instantly turned into a coquettish bright red!  !

    With the flames dancing around wildly, Chu Lian's state was completely relieved at this moment, and the arrogant and cold second-stage and fourth-stage Moonlight Fox's awe-inspiring aura was once again completely released in the raging flames!  !  !

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