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Text Chapter 886 Moving

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    Thundercloud special police surrounded the dock, and Feiya's cronies were suppressed in the corner to make phone calls. Marianne said in Ji Dong's ear: "Kill that woman, and the Black Federation will not threaten the customs in City A." Ji shook her head: "According to  The rules are that when there are no hostages or police shooting, we must give the other party sufficient time to think about it. " "I just want to tell you that if she surrenders now, I am afraid you will regret it for the rest of your life. She is the last prospective heir to the Black Federation."  Marianne said: "She must die. If you don't take action, my people can only commit crimes in City A." "Yu Ming's plan?" Ji Dong hesitated.  "Yes." Marianne nodded. "His plans never seem to be reliable, buthe hasn't been tricked yet." Ji Dong pressed the intercom and said: "Sniper preparation." "Sniper No. 1 has taken aim and is waiting for orders.  "Sniper No. 2 has taken aim and is waiting for the order." Ji Dong gritted his teeth and ordered: "Shoot." In the sniper scope, the female confidant suddenly raised her hands and raised her cell phone and pistol in a gesture of surrender.  However, the Leiyun Special Police only executed the order and did not interfere with the order. The bullet had already left the barrel of the gun, and the driving force of the two sniper bullets pushed the female henchman's body back several meters.  Ji Dong saw the target hit in the telescope, so he shouted: "The order is cancelled, the order is cancelled, don't shoot." Marianne looked at Ji Dong in surprise: "Is your move too shameless?" The distance to shoot had passed.  Five seconds, okay?  Ji Dong sighed: "I hate myself for being like this, but shamelessness is contagious. It's a disease, and there is currently no cure."  Ten days later, the first official meeting of the Black Federation was held in London.  Mandy, the only person in power in the Black Federation, presided over the meeting. The federal meeting expressed condolences for the deaths of G¨¹nter, Ghost and Fia, and a minute of silence was observed.  Then the person in charge of Feimao Logistics announced that Feimao Logistics had joined the Black Federation as a separate organization, and 22 organizations including Quanpin, Death, Investigator Organization, and North American Cheetah Bounty Hunters announced that they had joined the Black Federation.  The Black Federation designated Black Federation laws, which included that grudges between members of the Black Federation should not bring harm to their families.  The Black Federation President serves a four-year term and is elected by the member organizations.  The Black Federation may not conduct espionage services for any country, and the Black Federation may not provide services for any terrorists.  The Black Federation is not allowed to provide child criminal services In addition, the Black Federation does not interfere with any organizational behavior. The Black Federation has a federal court, and only if both parties agree to the conflict.  The final decision is made by the court.     In general.  It is to concretize the rules of the black world and list the rules in detail on paper.  Do not interfere with the free development of the black world, and do not interfere with the development and destruction of the members of the black federation.  Ensure fairness during the transaction period of federation members, and avoid the situation of gangsters taking advantage of others.  If there are trade frictions between organizations, they can be submitted to the court for adjudication, reducing the chance of resolution by force.  At the same time, the federation manages the death fund. If a formal member of organization a dies, the federation will provide pensions from the death fund to the family of the deceased.  Death Fund Sources Federation members voluntarily surrender a percentage of the organization's earnings to the Federation for escrow.  The Federal Presidential Council will establish a professional investment agency to invest in death funds.  The election of the first chairman of the Black Federation has also officially begun.  Squidward Mandy refused to become a candidate. Among the twelve candidates recommended by twenty-two organizations, Montero, the former chairman of the Investigator Organization, was finally elected as the current chairman with more than 70% of the votes. He will begin to form a chairman committee.  , while arranging elections for black federal court personnel.  The influence of the Black Federation began to expand. There was a reputable service guarantee among the members of the Federation. There were still many organizations that had not joined the Federation. The Black Federation adopted a mild competition system for them, allowing them to see the benefits of joining the Federation, and providing these organizations with business competition.  pressure.  The Black Federation's business has covered almost all areas of the black world, from logistics, killers, money laundering, bounties, investigations, etc., and one-stop intermediary services can be achieved in the Federation.  Interpol also accepts and acquiesces to the existence of the Black Federation. Although the Black Federation will double the pressure on them in combating smuggling and other criminal activities, the Black Federation's soft anti-law purpose is acceptable to them.  The so-called soft resistance to the law means that everyone plays with the law instead of picking up rifles and fighting the police.  As for the United States, special investigator Alice issued an investigation report. The report pointed out that the CIA had carried out many unconstitutional actions. It was believed that there was an independent kingdom force within the CIA. Congress authorized the investigation of the CIA.  Regarding the attitude of the black federation, the United States emphasized that they will strengthen international cooperation to combat transnational crime.  G¨¹nter, Ghost, and Fia were not mentioned in the report.  Since then, the series of impacts brought by the Five Power Rebellion to the black world have finally come to an end.  But where there are people, there are rivers and lakes, and no one knows when and in what form the next storm will occur.  However, everyone believes that existence is reasonable and the black world will never die.   ?¡­?In December, City A was already very cold, and at this time Du Qingqing moved to a new home. Du Qingqing was carrying a big belly, and Li Fu held his hand on the side. The two looked at Yu Ming, Ni Qiu, and Ye Zhan.  Three coolies moved.  Ye Zhan was indignant: "Why do I have to help?" Yu Ming resisted a chair and replied: "Because you lost the bet." "She was able to guess correctly twice in a row out of thirteen cards." Ye Zhan burst into tears:  "You really can't bet with this kind of woman." Ni Qiu said: "Master Ye, you were betrayed." "Huh?" Ye Zhan asked.  Ni Qiu said kindly: "Yu Ming looks at your cards, and then gestures behind you." Ye Zhan looked at Yu Ming angrily: "Are you fucking cheating?" "You want to take advantage of others when you curse." Yu Ming despised: "No.  No cultural quality." Ye Zhan looked outside the villa and gloated: "Wow, your father is here." "Nani?" Yu Ming looked out the window and saw Mr. Du and Liu Ziying coming out of the car.  Holding a child in his arms, he enthusiastically held an academic discussion with Du Qingqing on the issue of pregnant women.  Mr. Du is definitely not here to watch the fun, he is here to give gifts, a truck of furniture, and a dozen workers at the same time.  Now the three coolies were relieved. Each of them took a chair and sat at the door to rest.  After Liu Ziying came over and greeted the three of them, she said to Ming: "Yu Ming, I haven't seen you for a long time. Where have you been in the past two months?" "A lot of rubbish." Yu Ming looked at the little girl in Liu Ziying's arms, um,  It's a little more pleasing to the eye than Zhang Nuonan's.  Liu Ziying asked: "Where is your wife?" Yu Ming replied: "In Iceland, she took my father-in-law and mother-in-law on vacation in Iceland. It's winter and it's not too cold." "Are you pregnant?" Liu Ziying asked long-winded.  "It's been more than a month." Yu Ming said.  "Congratulations." Yu Ming smiled: "Thank you." "A boy or a girl?" "The doctor said they are twins." Yu Ming replied.  Liu Ziying was pleasantly surprised: "Ziping." "Here he is." Mr. Du hurried over.  Liu Ziying said: "Go to Iceland another day to see Yu Ming's daughter-in-law, they are twins." "Okay." Mr. Du agreed, this is a small matter.  "Who is Miss Du Qingqing?" A man came out of the car holding a box.  Du Qingqing took a few steps forward and said: "I am." "Hello, Feimao International Express, please sign for it." Ye Zhanhan asked: "Is Feimao so blatant now?" Yu Ming explained: "Feimao  Mao Logistics has registered a company called Feimao Express. Legal items can be delivered by Feimao Express. There is no difference in English. The last time the Romanian police focused on cracking down on illegal smuggling logistics, they seized three pieces of mail from Feimao Express.  The goods in the mail were damaged, and I was compensated for US$800,000. In fact, my prodigal mother accidentally broke the jade, and then I registered a Feimao Express to deceive others.  The lawyer sued them. After completing the order, I gave Feimao Express to Feimao Logistics. They forgot that there is indeed Feimao Logistics in this black world, but it is an illegal organization. I opened a legal one.  Cats are completely legal and there is no infringement. "Wow!" Du Qingqing exclaimed, and Liu Ziying and Zhang Yao came forward and said, "Wow." Mr. Du and Li Fu looked confused.  Is it just a necklace with sapphires?  Or isn't it just a metal necklace with stones?  Men don't understand women.  The metal was platinum and the stone was sapphire. It was very beautiful. Ye Zhan's eyes shone: "Oath." "Oath?" everyone asked.  Ye Zhan nodded: "In the Middle Ages, wars broke out frequently. A nobleman was about to lead an army. His best friend gave him this sapphire and told him to come back alive. The nobleman came back, but his friend was dead, so the nobleman sent him the sapphire.  The sapphire is made into a necklace, named the Oath. In fact, I doubt that these two are gay. No matter what, the necklace has been redone many times, but the sapphire is still a sapphire. This is a good thing, at least two.  One million euros, who is so generous?" Yu Ming frowned: "Mr. Du gave me 30,000 yuan of furniture, it shouldn't be Mr. Du." Mr. Du gritted his teeth: "Three hundred thousand, I have the invoice, so I sent it.  Three hundred thousand after 30% off. ""Who is that?" everyone asked, Du Qingqing searched over and over for the express package, but there was no clue.  Yu Ming looked around and found nothing. The only one who could give away gems so generously was the visionary.Tianqi 036 whose money is like dung.  After 036 joined the Knights of the Round Table, the Knights of the Round Table's firepower increased greatly.  Two months ago, a South American rich man purchased European virgins from the black market and took them back for his enjoyment. Due to violation of the basic rules established by the Black Federation, although it is not a Black Federation organization, the Black Federation Alert announced the matter to member organizations and listed child trafficking organizations as  blacklist.  Ten days later, the Knights of the Round Table invaded the rich man's manor and took the rich man's head. Fifteen days later, five people from this organization were hunted down and executed by the Knights of the Round Table.  For a time, the Knights of the Round Table became famous in the Black Federation.  (To be continued)
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