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trump card Latest chapter update list


PrologueText Chapter 1 InterviewText Chapter 2 Gao FushuaiText Chapter 3 Structure
Text Chapter 4 Urban Survival ExperienceText Chapter 5 Distributing FlyersText Chapter 6 The First BusinessText Chapter 7 First Cooperation
Text Chapter 8 Respect the ContractText Chapter 9 Big OrderText Chapter 10 InquiryText Chapter 11 A small disturbance
Text Chapter 12 Differences in Three ViewsText Chapter 13 Spending money like running waterText Chapter 14 Yu Ming’s SuggestionsText Chapter 15 Li Fu’s Suggestions
Text Chapter 16 Become FamousText Chapter 17 Borrowing Flowers to Offer GhostsText Chapter 18 PressureText Chapter 19 A Day in the Life of an Investigator
Text Chapter 20 The rooster crows and the ghost retreatsText Chapter 22 Haunted HouseText Chapter 23 Chatting in the Haunted HouseText Chapter 24: All humans and ghosts are wiped out
Text Chapter 24 So that’s itText Chapter 25 Aphrodisiac Bird’s NestText Chapter 26 Yang Dingtian and Cheng KunText Chapter 27 Morality of Friends
Text Chapter 28 Finance CompanyText Chapter 29 Boosting PerformanceText Chapter 30 Married Person’s Family NameText Chapter 31 Information pursuit
Text Chapter 32: Falling shortText Chapter 33 The right path in the world is the vicissitudes of lifeText Chapter 34 Fraudulent GamblingText Chapter 35 Story
Text Chapter 36 KidnappingText Chapter 37 Betting on LifeText Chapter 38 Looking for diamondsText Chapter 39 The record of grievances and feuds between wealthy families
Text Chapter 40 Pig teammatesText Chapter 41 PreparationText Chapter 42 Nothing is difficult if you are boldText Chapter 43 Ace of Spades
Text Chapter 44 Losing Jingzhou by CarelessnessText Chapter 45: Money rather than lifeText Chapter 46 A different kind of hero saves the beautyText Chapter 47 Seeking Revenge
Text Chapter 48: Revenge must be madeText Chapter 49 Everything is the same as beforeText Chapter 50 Two Visits to the HouseText Chapter 51 Relay
Text Chapter 52 Ministry of Internal AffairsText Chapter 53 A small internal turmoilText Chapter 54 The second confrontationText Chapter 55 Young People’s Games
Text Chapter 56 DepartureText Chapter 57 Enemies meet on a narrow roadText Chapter 58 Lip Reading VS EyesightText Chapter 59 Peak Manor
Text Chapter 60 LunchText Chapter 61 ExplorationText Chapter 62 Isolation from the WorldText Chapter 63 Temptation Castle
Text Chapter 64 Key PointsText Chapter 65 DilemmaText Chapter 66 The truth?Text Chapter 67 Second Visit to the Bedroom
Text Chapter 68 The Art of PerformanceText Chapter 69 Hanging StarText Chapter 70 Frog's FeetText Chapter 71 International Independent Investigator
Text Chapter 72 ConfrontationText Chapter 73 Borrowing a mobile phoneText Chapter 74 The key lies in the effectText Chapter 75 Telephone Bidding
Text Chapter 76 Harassment and HarassmentText Chapter 77: 50/50 splitText Chapter 78 Full of loopholesText Chapter 79 The Stolen Oil Painting
Text Chapter 80 SchoolText Chapter 81 Maximizing BenefitsText Chapter 82 OfferText Chapter 83: Slip through the Net
Text Chapter 84 PrizeText Chapter 85: Cleverness leads to mistakesText Chapter 86 Self-controlText Chapter 87 The Murderer Li Fu
Text Chapter 88: Put to DeathText Chapter 89 Technical StaffText Chapter 90: StayingText Chapter 91 Touchstone
Text Chapter 92 WifeText Chapter 93 Li Fu’s IdentityText Chapter 94: MarriageText Chapter 95 Independence
Text Chapter 96 The Funeral of the LivingText Chapter 97 Making a lie come trueText Chapter 98 The trapped beast still fightsText Chapter 99 Austria
Text Chapter 100 ReturnText Chapter 101 Different CustomersText Chapter 102 The Righteous PastorText Chapter 103 Guarding
Text Chapter 104 I am a detectiveText Chapter 105: Suspicion of kidnappingText Chapter 106: First exempt from liability before taking actionText Chapter 107 The ransom is in progress
Text Chapter 108 A rich family has many grievancesText Chapter 109 A Call from an Old FriendText Chapter 110 Divorce in progressText Chapter 111 Li Daitaojiang
Text Chapter 112 Chasing the Blue and White PorcelainText Chapter 113 Five Dharma and Five Heavens (Fifth update: Xie Meng)Text Chapter 114 Trip to ThailandText Chapter 115 Players
Text Chapter 116 Wilderness Man and WomanText Chapter 117 Mandy (Xie Mengzhang)Text Chapter 118 The Spirit of Contract (Guaranteed Update 1)Text Chapter 119 Team Game (Second Update Guaranteed)
Text Chapter 120 Treasure Hunt (160 monthly tickets plus more updates)Text Chapter 121 The Promoted PersonsText Chapter 122 The Lie GameText Chapter 123: Hijacking (200 monthly tickets for additional updates)
Text Chapter 124 PreconceptionsText Chapter 125 Death StruggleText Chapter 126 Special Training (Part 1) (240 monthly tickets plus updates)Text Chapter 127 Special Training (Part 2)
Text Chapter 128 JoinText Chapter 129 Going Home (280 monthly tickets for additional updates)Text Chapter 130 The Work of the Oil LampText Chapter 131: The First Order of Investigators
Text Chapter 132 Fierce Battle (320 monthly tickets plus more updates)Text Chapter 133 Traffic JamText Chapter 134 Iron Sword CommissionText Chapter 135 Fishing Friends
Text Chapter 136 Suspicion leads to victoryText Chapter 137 PreludeText Chapter 138 Family Love 400 Monthly Tickets PlusText Chapter 139 Feimao Logistics Xie Meng Update
Text Chapter 140 Simulated MurderText Chapter 141 First LoveText Chapter 142 The First Confrontation 440 Monthly Tickets Plus UpdatesText Chapter 143 Gifts
Text Chapter 144 Serial Murder CaseText Chapter 145 Meeting the uncle again (480 monthly tickets plus more updates)Text Chapter 146 InvasionText Chapter 147 Turtle in the Urn
Text Chapter 148: The oriole emerges (520 monthly tickets plus more updates)Text Chapter 149: The trump cardText About some questions (free)Text Chapter 150: Clothes Shopping Shock
Text Chapter 151 The Punishment of Violence (560 monthly tickets plus updates)Text Chapter 152 Morality and LawText Chapter 153 Impossible MissionText Chapter 154 Hiding (600 monthly tickets plus more updates)
Text Chapter 155 New Special Training PlanText Chapter 156 Yu Ming’s PasswordText Chapter 157 Endgame Battle (640 monthly tickets plus updates)Text Chapter 158 Observe Moments and Colors
Text Chapter 159 The Magic StickText Chapter 160: Suspicion of theft (680 monthly tickets plus updates)Text Chapter 161: EventfulText Chapter 162 Mediation
Text Chapter 163 Self-Game (720 monthly tickets plus updates)Text Chapter 164 The Road to Find a RelativeText Chapter 165 Goodbye MandyText Chapter 166 The Wedding (760 monthly tickets plus updates)
Text Chapter 167 ConfessionText Chapter 168 The PunisherText Chapter 169: Ransom Storm (800 monthly tickets plus more updates)Text Chapter 170 Trump Card
Text Chapter 171: A show of forceText Chapter 172 Farewell (840 monthly tickets plus more updates)Text Chapter 173 City-wide mobilization (updated by Xie Meng)Text Chapter 174 Treasure Hunt
Text Chapter 175 Raiders of the Lost ArkText Chapter 176 Luminous Pictures 880 monthly tickets plus updatesText Chapter 177 Update from Xie Meng, a family businessText Chapter 178 Anti-trafficking
Text Chapter 179 StarsText Chapter 180 Recruitment SeasonText Chapter 181 PurposeText Chapter 182: Useless Effort
Text Chapter 183 BurglaryText Chapter 184: Suspicions of BurglaryText Chapter 185: Borrowing Strength to FightText Chapter 186 Newcomers Showdown
Text Chapter 187 Game 1040 monthly tickets plus updatesText Chapter 188 The next gameText Chapter 189 The Invincible PlaceText Chapter 190: Meet the rich man with 1080 monthly tickets and more updates
Text Chapter 191 AuntText Chapter 192 International Black BusinessmenText Chapter 193: Survival on an IslandText Chapter 194 Looking for corpses on an isolated island
Text Chapter 195 CuckooText Chapter 196 Night Events on the Island (1160 monthly tickets plus updates)Text Chapter 197 Catching the ThiefText Chapter 198 The Final Competition
Text Chapter 199 Return to the city (1,200 monthly tickets plus more updates)Text Chapter 200: Getting to the bottom of thingsText Chapter 201: Recalling the past and thinking about the presentText Chapter 202: Real and fake bombs (1240 monthly tickets plus updates)
Text Chapter 203 Safe HouseText Chapter 204 The game beginsText Chapter 205 Target (updated by Xie Meng)Text Chapter 206: Getting in the car
Text Chapter 207: Good location (updated by Xie Meng)Text Chapter 208: Trip to the Netherlands (1280 monthly passes plus updates)Text Chapter 209: Tracking Suspicions (1320 monthly tickets plus updates)Text Chapter 210 Invitation (1360 monthly tickets plus more updates)
Text Chapter 211: Arrangement (1,400 monthly tickets plus more updates)Text Chapter 212: Intrigue and deceptionText Chapter 213 The Evolving SimonText Chapter 214 You win and I win
Text Chapter 215 VisitorsText Chapter 216 Where is the road?Text Chapter 217 The God of Failure? The God of Fortune?Text Chapter 218 BOSS Visits
Text Chapter 219 HunterText Chapter 220: Fog City HeadquartersText Chapter 221 The BetrayerText Chapter 222 Enumeration Method
Text Chapter 223 Swan Club~SoText Chapter 224 The truth?Text Chapter 225: A mistakeText Chapter 226: Happiness and Pain
Text Chapter 227 BackboneText Chapter 228 Love StoryText Chapter 229 MapleStoryText Chapter 230 Decryption
Text Chapter 231: Encounter on a narrow roadText Chapter 232: Misfortune flows to the eastText Chapter 233 Infernal AffairsText Chapter 234: Targeted Killing
Text Chapter 235 Evil JusticeText Chapter 236: BarrierText Chapter 237 JealousyText Chapter 238 Difficulties
Text Chapter 239 Bed TalkText Chapter 240: Hook?Text Chapter 241 Members of the Tour GroupText Chapter 242 Departure
Text Chapter 243 Father? bodyguard?Text Chapter 244 Old FriendText Chapter 245 MiracleText Chapter 246 Defeat
Text Chapter 247: Arrangement on Independence DayText Chapter 248 On the RoadText Chapter 249 On the roadText Chapter 250 Another Miracle
Text Chapter 251 Everyone has his own opinionText Chapter 252 Moving into the ManorText Chapter 253 Guerrillas?Text Chapter 254 Everyone has their own plans
Text Chapter 255 ProblemText Chapter 256 ExaminerText Chapter 257 AvengersText Chapter 258 Revenge Plan
Text Chapter 259: Starting RevengeText Chapter 260: Secretly Crossing ChencangText Chapter 261 All the way southText Chapter 262 Disagreements and Cold War
Text Chapter 263: UprisingText Chapter 264 RiseText Chapter 265 Return to realityText Chapter 266 A simple introduction
Text Chapter 267 Rich GirlText Chapter 268 NegotiationText Chapter 269: TroublesText Chapter 270 Is the case solved?
Text Chapter 271 Meeting a HeroText Chapter 272: Looking for TrashText Chapter 273 White Collar Crime (updated by Xie Meng)Text Chapter 274 Pursuit
Text Chapter 275: Go straight to the pointText Chapter 276 Joint RejectionText Chapter 277 Who is the most dangerous?Text Chapter 278 Eyeball Economy
Text Chapter 279: Neighboring CountiesText Chapter 280 Weird CountyText Chapter 281 JointText Chapter 282 Fishing
Text Chapter 283 Garden Tour (updated by Xie Meng)Text Chapter 284: Snitch breaks into the houseText Chapter 285 Small Mistakes with Big ConsequencesText Chapter 286 Career End
Text Chapter 287 MapleStoryText Chapter 288 Live Online GamesText Chapter 289 All because of misunderstandingText Chapter 290 Cheating
Text Chapter 291 ConfusingText Chapter 292 PauseText Chapter 293 ConclusionText Chapter 294 The Second Formal Commission
Text Chapter 295 Kidnapping?Text Chapter 296: Stealing a Dragon and Turning into a PhoenixText Chapter 297 Ye Zhan’s PastText Chapter 298: Ye Zhan’s Past (Part 2)
Text Chapter 299 CounterattackText Chapter 300 Profession and RulesText Chapter 301 Eye FightText Chapter 302 Melee
Text Chapter 303 InterrogationText Chapter 305 SuspectText Chapter 306 The suspect stole the axText Chapter 307 Evidence Collection
Text Chapter 308 Dangerous SituationText Chapter 309 TransactionText Chapter 310 The golden cicada escapes from its shellText Chapter 311 Marriage?
Text Chapter 312 Ye MuText Chapter 313: Night NotesText Chapter 314 ExaminerText Chapter 315 Chollima and Bole
Text Chapter 316 Five WheelsText Chapter 317 The Second RoundText Chapter 318 Desert MarchText Chapter 319: Smart Pig Game
Text Chapter 320: Holding back test questionsText Chapter 321 A fish slipped through the netText Chapter 332: Poisoning in progressText Chapter 323: Under Assessment
Text Chapter 324 Final Exam QuestionsText Chapter 325 FaithText Chapter 326: To alert the snake正文 第三百二十七章 挟持
Text Chapter 328: Besieged on all sidesText Chapter 329 Half the truthText Chapter 330 FailureText Chapter 331: Confusing
Text Chapter 332: EscapingText Chapter 333 Xi YaojinText Chapter 334: There is someone outside the worldText Chapter 335 Lie Detection
Text Chapter 336 Combination BoxingText Chapter 337 Ibn’s GiftText Chapter 338 Silver 036Text Chapter 339: Chinese Target Hunting
Text Chapter 340 Returning to ChinaText Chapter 341 Shopping Mall StormText Chapter 342 It turns out to be youText Chapter 343 Eating
Text Chapter 344 GossipText Chapter 345 Dinner PartyText Chapter 346: ResurrectionText: Photo 347: Relative Search Advertisement
Text Chapter 348 New JobText Chapter 349: Gossip you shouldn’t knowText Chapter 350: Bringing in new peopleText Chapter 351 Gambling Town
Text Chapter 352: Catching the CowardText Chapter 353: Entering the VillageText Chapter 354 Fraudulent GamblingText Chapter 355 Search
Text Chapter 356: PersistenceText Chapter 357 Live ShowText Chapter 358 AcquaintanceText Chapter 359 Journey
Text Chapter 360: Failure to raise a godfatherText Chapter 361: Trouble caused by travel expensesText Chapter 362: Interesting Facts about the Haunted House in City CText Chapter 362: Interesting Facts about the Haunted House in City C
Text Chapter 363 Chatting at the Wine TableText Chapter 364: Attitude determines everythingText Chapter 365 UnscrupulousText Chapter 366: Entering the Chinese Market
Text Chapter 367 Fatal InjuryText Chapter 368 Chain ReactionText Chapter 369: Meeting ParentsText Chapter 370 Hunting Zhang Nuonan
Text Chapter 371 CounterattackText Chapter 372 PursuitText Chapter 373 VIP TreatmentText Chapter 374 Tools
Text Chapter 375: Huge CommissionText Chapter 376: If the heart dies, the body diesText Chapter 377 Consignment of Living PersonsText Chapter 378: If you have money, you are a mother
Text Chapter 379 The Liu FamilyText Chapter 380: Standards for StepsonsText Chapter 381 Professional SpiritText Chapter 382 Liu Family Water Gate
Text Chapter 383 Detective DuText Chapter 384 InterviewText Chapter 385 Marginal EffectText Chapter 386 Knowledge Loopholes
Text Chapter 387: LongevityText Chapter 388: Suspicion of theftText Chapter 389 So that’s itText Chapter 390: Operation Gopher
Text Chapter 391 BurdenText Chapter 392 Snake Attack (updated by Xie Meng)Text Chapter 393 InquiryText Chapter 394 Something strange
Text Chapter 395: Death by IncenseText Chapter 396 Goodbye in the JianghuText Chapter 397: Position TheoryText Chapter 398 Final Payment
Text Chapter 399 A strange sceneText Chapter 400 Night Talk (Part 1)Text Chapter 401 Night Talk (Part 2)Text Chapter 402 The Battle of Life and Death
Text Chapter 403: Asking for forgivenessText Chapter 404 The Final MadnessText Chapter 405: Flowers in the MistText Chapter 306 Superfluous
Text Chapter 407 AmbushText Chapter 408: QuiltText Chapter 409 Rice TrayText Chapter 410 Public Enemy
Text Chapter 411 A land outside the lawText Chapter 412 Wandering around the world (Part 1)Text Chapter 413 Wandering around the world (Part 2)Text Chapter 414 I am happy, I exist
Text Chapter 415 Before departureText Chapter 416 The Duke of WindsorText Chapter 417 KarmaText Chapter 418 The Devil Calls
Text Chapter 419: BargainingText Chapter 420 Suicide noteText Chapter 421: Posthumous EventsText Chapter 422 Illness
Text Chapter 423: Local SnakeText Chapter 424 Bad news?Text Chapter 425: Gangster PartyText Chapter 426 ko
Text Chapter 427 Saliva FeesText Chapter 428: Lots of doubtsText Chapter 429 Already married to another manText Chapter 430 Meeting at midnight
Text Chapter 431 Pioneering and EnterprisingText Chapter 432 Buying cigarettesText Chapter 433 Belly SlashText Chapter 434: Killing and Art
Text Chapter 435 LockingText Chapter 436: Meeting by fateText Chapter 437 International InformantText Chapter 438: The Prince’s Legacy
Text Chapter 439: Ear cuttingText Chapter 440 Sending Li Fu offText Chapter 441 Interlude (Part 1)Text Chapter 442 Interlude (Part 2)
Text Chapter 443 Little cluesText Chapter 444 Beggars GangText Chapter 445: Going straight to HuanglongText Chapter 446: The black eats the black
Text Chapter 447 SafariText Chapter 448 Three LiarsText Chapter 449 AppearanceText Chapter 450 Meeting
Text Chapter 451 The last oneText Chapter 452 AutumnText Chapter 453: Beating DatesText Chapter 454 Preview
Text Chapter 455: SettlementText Chapter 456: OfflineText Chapter 457 ChallengeText Chapter 458: Taking advantage of the situation
Text Chapter 459 The Great TurnText Chapter 460 FramedText Chapter 461 Things are impermanentText Chapter 462 Joining the gang
Text Chapter 463: Sit back and wait.Text Chapter 464: Cutting off food and grassText Chapter 465 MultimillionaireText Chapter 466: Seizure
Text Chapter 467 TransactionText Chapter 468 Transaction ContentsText Chapter 469 Goodbye PhuketText Chapter 470 Trap Car
Text Chapter 471 The same bossText Chapter 472 Before TravelingText Chapter 473 BoardingText Chapter 474: Landing on the Island
Text Chapter 475 ZombiesText Chapter 476: Inspiring GeneralsText Chapter 477 Knowledge and ViolenceText Chapter 478 Each has its own purpose
Text Chapter 479: Killing IslandText Chapter 480: The Lost ForestText Chapter 481 Poisoning (updated by Xie Meng)Text Chapter 482: Persistence (updated by Xie Meng)
Text Chapter 483 BackdoorText Chapter 484 TargetText Chapter 485 Questions and AnswersText Chapter 486: Losing control
Text Chapter 487 Genius and MadmanText Chapter 488 EggText Chapter 489 SatelliteText Chapter 490: Three against two
Text Chapter 491 MissingText Chapter 492 During the competitionText Chapter 493: Intelligence CompetitionText Chapter 494: Garrison Level
Text Chapter 495 International JianghuText Chapter 496 The Death of the ThiefText Chapter 497: ClarityText Chapter 498 Knockout Round
Text Chapter 499: Borrowing the Knife AgainText Chapter 500 Tropical StormText Chapter 501: There is a murderer hiding in the houseText Chapter 502 Rainy Night (Part 1)
Text Chapter 503 Rainy Night (Part 2)Text Chapter 504 Rainy Night (Part 2)Text Chapter 505 Double kill meetingText Chapter 506: Murder Plan
Text Chapter 507 Meeting of FourText About some recent things related to this book:Text Chapter 508 AppearanceText Chapter 509: Eternal Interests
Text Chapter 510 Enemy or FriendText Chapter 511 PartyText Chapter 512 Everyone has their own agendaText Chapter 513 Unplanned
Text Chapter 514: The RunawayText Chapter 515: ShipwreckText Chapter 516 Yu Ming’s Three ViewsText Chapter 517: Martyrdom for the Country
Text Chapter 518 PioneerText Chapter 519 TriviaText Chapter 520: The Defeated SimonText Chapter 521: Who makes money but not who makes money?
Text Chapter 522 NailsText Chapter 523: Drawing fire from under the cauldronText Chapter 524 ProstitutionText Chapter 525: Mother is getting married
Text Chapter 526: Mixed in South AmericaText Chapter 527 Japanese FriendsText Chapter 528 Mahjong NegotiationText Chapter 529: Having both sides
Text Chapter 530: Human and Hemp UnityText Chapter 531 OnoText Chapter 532 Warring States PeriodText Chapter 533 Flying a Kite
Text Chapter 534 BiddingText Chapter 535: Going deep into the tiger’s denText Chapter 536 ConfrontationText Chapter 537 Freedom
Text Chapter 538 Sitting on a mountain and watching the fight between tigers and tigersText Chapter 539 The golden cicada escapes from its shellText Chapter 540 Transporting BoxesText Chapter 541 Messenger
Text Chapter 542 The Rebellion of the Five Powers (Part 1)Text Chapter 543: Rebellion among the Five Powers (Part 2)Text Chapter 544: RuinedText Chapter 545 Uninvited (Updated by Xie Meng)
Text Chapter 546: Seeking DeathText Chapter 547 SelfText Chapter 548 Dinner PartyText Chapter 549: Stealing a Dragon and Turning into a Phoenix
Text Chapter 550: MistText Chapter 551 Meeting an acquaintanceText Chapter 552 Dangerous PlaceText Chapter 553: Differences in Thoughts
Text Chapter 554: Fake SonText Chapter 555 AnxietyText Chapter 556 Airport Meeting (Part 1)Text Chapter 557 Airport Meeting (Part 2)
Text Chapter 558 Search and Rescue (Part 1)Text Chapter 559 Search and Rescue (Part 2)Text Chapter 560 New Generation PlanText Chapter 561 Night Visit
Text Chapter 562 NegotiationText Chapter 563 Things are different nowText Chapter 564 High-Level MeetingText Chapter 565 Gift
Text Chapter 566 Rich BusinessmanText Chapter 567 ConfrontationText Chapter 568 LockingText Chapter 569 Uninvited Guest (Part 1)
Text Chapter 570 Uninvited Guest (Part 2)Text Chapter 571 Decisive Victory in City A (1)Text Chapter 572: Decisive Battle in City A (2)Text Chapter 573: Decisive Victory in City A (3)
Text Chapter 574 Decisive Victory in City A (4)Text Chapter 575: Decisive Victory in City A (5)Text Chapter 576: Decisive Victory in City A (6)Text Chapter 577 Decisive Victory in City A (7)
Text Chapter 578: Decisive Victory in City A (8)Text Chapter 579 Self-worthText Chapter 580 Engagement (1)Text Chapter 581 Engagement (2)
Text Chapter 582 Engagement (3)Text Chapter 583 Wedding (4)Text Chapter 584 LabaText Chapter 585 Undercurrent
Text Chapter 586 EscortText Chapter 587: ShirkText Chapter 588 Posted here and ended hereText Chapter 589 The Bad Good Cop
Text Chapter 590 The hungry wolf is comingText Chapter 591 Liu Mang’s IdealText Chapter 592 PreparationText Chapter 593 Inspection
Text Chapter 594 Qualifiers (Part 1)Text Chapter 595 Qualifying Round (Part 2)Text Chapter 596 Qualifying Round (Part 2)Text Chapter 597 Tianhai Hotel
Text Chapter 598: Stealing the MachineText Chapter 599 The first questionText Chapter 600: Prison VisitText Chapter 601: Ultimate Goal
Text Chapter 602: Tacit Understanding and UnityText Chapter 603 Murder CaseText Chapter 604: The storm is about to come and the wind fills the buildingText Chapter 605 Who is it?
Text Chapter 606 Points Life and Death CompetitionText Chapter 607 Goose GooseText Chapter 608 MadmanText Chapter 609: Hunting for Goose
Text Chapter 610: Old HeartText Chapter 611 K City BattlefieldText Chapter 612: Chasing the clues and finding the personText Chapter 613 Experimental Bomb
Text Chapter 614: Close CombatText Chapter 615 Police BattlefieldText Chapter 616 ReviewText Chapter 617: Planning
Text Chapter 618 ApproachingText Chapter 619 No Red LineText Chapter 620: Replacing the fake with the realText Chapter 621 Rich Yu
Text Chapter 622 A first exploration of Jiulang MountainText Chapter 623 Coal MountainText Chapter 624 The fragrance disappears and the jade diesText Chapter 625 The winner represents justice
Text Chapter 626 The New HeirText Chapter 627 Submission Time (Part 1)Text Chapter 628 Submission time (Part 2)Text Chapter 629 Spring Festival Banquet
Text Chapter 630 InterludeText Chapter 631: Prelude to DestructionText Chapter 632 Searching MountainText Chapter 633 Treasure transport tactics?
Text Chapter 634: OolongText Chapter 635 AlarmText Chapter 636 TrackingText Chapter 637: Stalker
Text Chapter 638 Don’t judge a hero by his success or failureText Chapter 639: Tunnel WarText Chapter 640: Knocking on the Mountain to Shock the TigerText Chapter 641 Sharpshooter
Text Chapter 642: PersuasionText Chapter 643 TrustText Chapter 644 Falling outText Chapter 645 Digging a hole
Text Chapter 646: A pit within a pitText Chapter 647 No one is perfectText Chapter 648 To die or not to die?Text Chapter 649 The Impossible Possibility
Text Chapter 650: Past Events in City AText Chapter 651: ExcavationText Chapter 652 RatText Chapter 653 Negotiation
Text Chapter 654: All in all (Part 1)Text Chapter 655: All in all (Part 2)Text Chapter 656 The First Young Master is ApproachingText Chapter 657: The End of the Mystery (Part 1)
Text Chapter 658: The End of the Mystery (Part 2)Text Chapter 659: Catching the InsiderText Chapter 660 Private DomainText Chapter 661 Letter from the Earl
Text Chapter 662 Hidden SecretText Chapter 663 The EndText Chapter 664 Trivia and GossipText Chapter 665 The Mask Reappears
Text Chapter 666 Judicial RecordsText Chapter 667 Goodbye MessengerText Chapter 668: Envoy LevelText Chapter 669 Information Exchange
Text Chapter 670 Password AssassinationText Chapter 671: Unkindness to the Ming DynastyText Chapter 672 MirrorText Chapter 673 Reunion after a long absence
Text Chapter 674 The World of LiesText Chapter 675 The real murdererText Chapter 676 GoodbyeText Chapter 677 A small test of one’s skills
Text Chapter 678 Serious NegligenceText Chapter 679: Spider’s Anti-Terrorism (Part 1)Text Chapter 680: Spider’s Anti-Terrorism (Part 2)Text Chapter 681: Seeking the Dharma
Text Chapter 682 The TruthText Chapter 683: PreconceptionsText Chapter 684 Asking for helpText Chapter 685 Escape
Text Chapter 686 Account BooksText Chapter 687 Birthday GiftText Chapter 688 Fox and FoxText Chapter 689 Politics, Rules, and Positions
Text Chapter 690 House PurchaseText Chapter 691: Meeting of the Four ElitesText Chapter 692: Scum or Angel?Text Chapter 693: Vengeance
Text Chapter 694: CollusionText Chapter 695 Two monthsText Chapter 696 ReviewText Chapter 697 Integration
Text Chapter 698 HelpText Chapter 699 The other side of MandyText Chapter 700 FameText Chapter 701 Top Ten Cities
Text Chapter 702 InterestText Chapter 703 The Lone RangerText Chapter 704: Brainless?Text Chapter 705 Sandwich Cake
Text Chapter 706 PatientText Chapter 707 Black FederationText Chapter 708 PitText Chapter 710 Pure goodness does not exist
Text Chapter 711 War and Peace (Part 1)Text Chapter 712 War and Peace (Part 2)Text Chapter 713 War and Peace (Part 2)Text Chapter 714: Acknowledge your mistakes and admit them (Part 1)
Text Chapter 715: Acknowledge your mistakes and admit your mistakes (Part 2)Text Chapter 716: Searching for PersonsText Chapter 717 Friends become rivalsText Chapter 718 The Third Warning
Text Chapter 719 Looking for FatherText Chapter 720 Black SpiderText Chapter 721 BettingText Chapter 722 True Meaning
Text Chapter 723 Metal Mixed PoisonText Chapter 724 X VirusText Chapter 725 Counterattack PlanText Chapter 726 Waiting
Text Chapter 727 TrampText Chapter 728: Lure the snake out of its holeText Chapter 729 HuntingText Chapter 730: Different Bedfellows (Part 1)
Text Chapter 731: Different Beds and Dreams (Part 2)Text Chapter 732: Different Bedfellows (Part 2)Text Chapter 733: Falling short of successText Chapter 734 Travel
Text Chapter 735 CaptureText Chapter 736 True or FalseText Chapter 737 Hell Mode (Part 1)Text Chapter 738 Hell Mode (Part 2)
Text Chapter 739 PermissionsText Chapter 740: Borrowing chickens to lay eggsText Chapter 741 ControlText Chapter 742: Light
Text Chapter 743: Losing controlText Chapter 744: HeartText Chapter 745 ProfessionalsText Chapter 746: Wedding Gunshots
Text Chapter 747: Make mistakesText Chapter 478 The Rightful OwnerText Chapter 479 The Black GroupText Chapter 750 Argument
Text Chapter 751 IdealText Chapter 752 Climbing a tall building (Part 1)Text Chapter 753 Climbing a tall building (Part 2)Text Chapter 754: Climb a tall building (Part 2)
Text Chapter 755 Observation DeckText Chapter 756 One hour (Part 1)Text Chapter 757 One hour (Part 2)Text Chapter 758 Special Investigator
Text Chapter 759: Travel to the CapitalText Chapter 760: People become better with ageText Chapter 761 StatementText Chapter 762: Heart War
Text Chapter 763 StubbornnessText Chapter 764 Another old foxText Chapter 765 Inside the FortressText Chapter 766 Father-in-law
Text Chapter 767 Death of Du LeiText Chapter 768 SuspectText Chapter 769 Obstacle ClearanceText Chapter 770: Different Bedfellows
Text Chapter 771 Sudden SituationText Chapter 772 Unconventional AssassinationText Chapter 773 Yellow CommissionText Chapter 774: Before dying (Part 1)
Text Chapter 775: The moment of death (Part 2)Text Chapter 776: Airport pick-up incidentText Chapter 777 AppointmentText Chapter 778 Cooperation
Text Chapter 779: Always Ready Safe HouseText Chapter 780 HidingText Chapter 781 The confusion between truth and falsehood (Part 1)Text Chapter 782 The confusion between truth and falsehood (Part 2)
Text Chapter 783: Internship TroublesText Chapter 784: Deliberate and intentional (Part 1)Text Chapter 785: Deliberate and intentional (Part 2)Text Chapter 786 Funeral
Text Chapter 787: Palace FightText Chapter 788 Rich WomanText Chapter 789: Tit for Tat (Part 1)Text Chapter 790: Tit for Tat (Part 2)
Text Chapter 791: Tit for tat (Part 2)Text Chapter 792 Living SpaceText Chapter 793 The Boss’s WifeText Chapter 794 Ordinary Life
Text Chapter 795 The TruthText Chapter 796 Follow-upText Chapter 797 Black WeaponText Chapter 798: Ye Liang’s Hot Pot (Part 1)
Text Chapter 799: Ye Liang’s Hot Pot (Part 2)Text Chapter 800 Night Talk (Part 1)Text Chapter 801 Night Talk (Part 2)Text Chapter 802 Goal (Part 1)
Text Chapter 803 BanditsText Chapter 804: Seizing FoodText Chapter 805 Internal AidText Chapter 806 Another domestic aid
Text Chapter 807 The GhostText Chapter 808: Finding TroubleText Chapter 809 AmbitionText Chapter 810 Gathering in City A
Text Chapter 811 AttackText Chapter 812 InvitationText Chapter 813: ImprovisationText Chapter 814 Preparation before the meeting
Text Chapter 815 There is no eternal enemyText Chapter 816 True or False?Text Chapter 817 Unexpected RejectionText Chapter 818 General
Text Chapter 819 PoisoningText Chapter 920 Not NervousText Chapter 921: InterestsText Chapter 822 Radicals
Text Chapter 823 Proposal (Part 1)Text Chapter 824 Proposal (Part 2)Text Chapter 825 Public Appearance (Part 1)Text Chapter 826 Public Appearance (Part 2)
Text Chapter 827: Competing? (Updated by Xie Meng)Text Chapter 828: Predisposing DiseasesText Chapter 829: An ambush by strange soldiersText Chapter 830 Physical conflict
Text Chapter 831 The picture is poorText Chapter 832 Sword FingerText Chapter 833 Making a DecisionText Chapter 834: Trapped Beast
Text Chapter 835 Desperate SituationText Chapter 836: Must KillText Chapter 837 Murderous IntentText Chapter 838 Choice
Text Chapter 839 The DeadText Chapter 840: Side AttackText Chapter 841: Punishing the HeartText Chapter 842: Setting up an ambush
Text Chapter 843 Decisive Battle (1)Text Chapter 884 Decisive Battle (2)Text Chapter 885 Decisive Battle (3)Text Chapter 886 Moving
Text Chapter 887 Never ends   
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