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Text Chapter 887 Never ends

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    With Liu Ziying, Du Qingqing had someone to gossip about. While the two were chatting, they first asked Bao Bao to chat, and then they talked about Henna.  ()Henna is not good news. After being married for so long, she has never been pregnant with a child.  Speaking of Haina, Haina is here. Yu Ming has not seen Haina for a long time. Before Haina and her husband returned to City A to hold a banquet, it happened that he had won the Black Federation, the most proud moment in his life, and then he wholeheartedly assisted his wife in joining the Black Federation.  The work of the Federation, including business trips to South America, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East, went without saying in the past six months. The investigator organization was also very busy. With everyone's help, the prototype of the Black Federation was established.  There are many stories in it. For example, some investigators wanted more rights, and some had conflicts with some organizations. Among them, Adolf was quite extraordinary. He seduced the two daughters of a drug lord. Adolf was almost dismembered, and Marianne went to the meeting alone.  During the negotiation, the drug lord did not want to offend the Black Federation and asked for an explanation. The matter is still entangled. The worst outcome is that Adolf will be castrated. The best outcome is to marry two South American women who are like wolves and tigers and stay in the stronghold for two years.  , which can be regarded as a kind of retribution for him who has been in chaos and abandoned for so many years.  Yu Ming felt bad when he saw Henna dressed up. Hina returned to her fierce and individual style when she was single. Yu Ming approached Zhang Yao and asked: "Henna?" "You don't know? Two months ago, the African plague, Zhang De  He was invited to Africa again, but he was hit by a warlord's bullet and kidnapped by the warlord. Later, Ye Zhan went to Africa to free him. He recovered from his injury more than ten days ago and went to Africa again. The two had a falling out. "  Zhang Yao whispered: "The prospects for the two of them are not good. Zhang De is a man of fraternity and stubbornness. And Haina is used to being spoiled and doesn't like people going against her wishes after getting married. Haina is talking about weddings and so on.  , it was also done according to Zhang De¡¯s wishes, and now it¡¯s for Zhang De¡¯s benefit, but Zhang De doesn¡¯t appreciate it.¡± ¡°Zhang De went too far.¡± ¡°No, this time it was invited by an international health organization because of a tropical infectious virus.  The mutation appears, and Zhang De is going to be escorted by the United Nations peacekeeping force. "I heard that the main problem is that Zhang De is sick and cannot have children. Haina helped him find an old Chinese medicine doctor."  The medicine was given, but Zhang De had some objections to traditional Chinese medicine, so he was unhappy." "Yu Ming came over.  Touching Yu Ming's head: "It's dark!" "" Yu Ming hugged Haina with one hand: "You're white." "I'll deal with that matter first and cooperate with you." "Yeah." Haina  Na wandered up to Li Fu, and then threw Li Fu to the ground with one hand. Li Fu was still in a daze.  Haina shouted and asked: "When will you get married?" "Towhat kind of marriage?" Haina said: "Li Fu. Let's start this ugly talk. After Qingqing is born, if you have nothing to do with Qingqing, the child belongs to me.  "Don't talk about the law with me. I'll sue you for rape in a minute. Don't look at it, Yu Ming. Can you settle it?" Yu Ming thought about it: "These two charges are simple.  "Framing." "Haina, what are you doing?" Du Qingqing pulled Haina away, blushing: "There are so many people." "I will help you make the decision." Du Qingqing said in a low voice.  Several times. I didn't agree. "A hero is short of breath, but a son and a daughter are long in love."  Yu Ming was too lazy to pay attention to these gossips, so he sat on a stone on the roadside outside the villa and lit a cigarette.  The scenery in the middle of the mountain is very good. You can see 30% of the city buildings. Ye Zhan sat next to him: "Thinking about something?" "Where is your mute little loli?" "At home." "Up?" "" Ye Zhan was calm  After a while: "Fuck you." "You, or she?" "Her." Ye Zhan lit a cigarette: "Trouble, this situation is very embarrassing. A girl who likes you is naked and crawling into your bed. Why?  What to do? Reject? How can we meet in the future? If you don¡¯t refuse, you¡¯ll hook her up.¡± ¡°Haha, haha!¡± Yu Ming smiled: ¡°Ye Zhan, admit it, it¡¯s just an excuse. In fact, you want to sleep with her.  , It¡¯s just that there are too many constraints, and you found a very suitable excuse to get it done.¡± ¡°Is the federation stable?¡± Ye Zhan asked, he was not involved in the federal infrastructure construction.  "This federation is different from the original federation. It has no binding force. It just strengthens the rules of the black world." Yu Ming asked: "Do you remember Wenderson?" "That NATO liaison officer?" Yu Ming said: "Listen  Have you ever talked about Freemasonry? " "Oh, I know, it is an ancient elite group that refuses to join without belief. There are Freemasonry in the United States, France, and the United Kingdom. If you want to distinguish, Freemasonry is considered a good one.  Overseas Hongmen once used the symbol of Freemasonry." Yu Ming nodded: "The key point is to reject the useless.Admirers joined, and now there is a global radical Freemasonry. These people come from the black world, and may also be spies from certain countries. They are based in Oceania and already have ownership of the three organizations of the Black Federation.  It¡¯s unclear what they want to do, but they have rich financial resources. Montero is worried that they have taken a fancy to the influence and globality of the Black Federation, and may want to control the Black Federation through a milder method.  The current solution is to complete the federal law again and finally implement it completely so that subsequent presidents cannot change it.  Ye Zhan said: "Wenderson is a member of this Freemason?"  " "Well, after my investigation, I found that except for some criticism of atheists, this Freemasonry is good in other aspects. They usually behave well.  Most people are good, but a small group of people are the most radical. They want to take over the Black Federation platform.  Yu Ming said: "In addition, there are traces of hunters in West Africa. They recruit professional soldiers to play survival games. The pioneers contacted me privately and wanted me to investigate."  There is also the silent old Bingxue who has been reorganized. They applied to join the Black Federation in the name of Bingxue. Their current specific status, financial situation, staffing status, etc. need to be investigated to see if they meet the basic requirements for joining the Federation.  ¡± Ye Zhanzan: ¡°I¡¯m so busy that you pull me down.¡±  "    "I'll have a rest.  Yu Ming said: "It's over. The Investigator Organization can't keep volunteering for the Black Federation."  Just because the president of the Black Federation is Montero doesn't mean we shouldn't be treated as vampires.  You can entrust it, just give money.  but.  The selection of investigators will be held next year, and Marianne is really embarrassed to ask me to be the examiner again. Are you interested?  "    "No.  "Ye Zhan shook his head. Yu Ming said: "In more than a year, the vice chairman will start re-election.  " "" Ye Zhan thought for a long time: "Why don't you come to City A to make trouble?  Believe it or not, Ji Dong killed you.  " "Yes, Ji Dong.  Yu Ming greeted: "Miss Du, I have something else to do, so I'll leave first."  " Ye Zhan asked anxiously: "What?  " "The final verdict of Bai Xiaoshan's second trial was pronounced.  Yu Ming said to Ye Zhan: "Get in the car."  "" In the first trial, Bai Xiaoshan was convicted of intentional homicide. The evidence was conclusive and she was sentenced to death. There was some turmoil before the second trial. In order to save her life, Bai Xiaoshan wanted to get something to reach an agreement with the prosecutor, but during the trial, the case could no longer be agreed. Bai Xiaoshan  He promised them that as long as he didn't die, he could help the police. But this matter was reported to the media by an unscrupulous person named Yu. The media immediately asked the police if they could ignore the law for convenience. Police:  This is a matter for the prosecutor and the judge. Of course, the prosecutor and the judge said that they would not be affected and would strictly follow the law. This was a private sentencing and there were not many people in the court. Yu Ming and Ye Zhan came to sit next to Ji Dong.  Dong looked forward and cursed in a low voice: "You bastard, I kindly tell you the trial process.  The bastard actually exposed it to the media.  " Yu Mingdang didn't hear it and said: "Just look at it now.  It's dead.  "    "kindness.  There is no new evidence, no other new things. If the judge changes the sentence, the media will not let the judiciary go.  "Ji Dong looked at Bai Xiaoshan in the dock: "What a beautiful girl, you are so cruel.  " Yu Mingxiao: "Being beautiful or not is not the criterion of her life and death. The criterion of her life and death is because she violated the bottom line.  "A few minutes later, the judge announced that the original verdict would be upheld and the death penalty would be executed after approval by the Supreme Court. "Let's have lunch together.  Ji Dong said: "Ye Zhan, come together."  " "We're looking for volunteers again.  "Yu Ming and Ye Zhan despised at the same time: "Fifty yuan an hour.  " Ji Dong replied: "I'm fifty-five now. It's easy to get approved. Just be satisfied.  " The three of them got in the car, and Yu Ming gossiped: "It is said that Wei Yan is married, to that Bai Fumei?  " "Well, Wei Yan resigned and will leave next month.  "Ji Dong sighed deeply: "He asked me how to choose, a job or a woman.  I said: As the captain, I will tell you the truth.  As a friend, I will tell you, silly boy, what are you thinking?  If you want to be the captain, you have to wait until I die. Even if you become the captain, you still have a mortgage, and with your small salary, the down payment is still far away.  Huang Zhong cannot be resurrected. You cannot bear this responsibility on yourself for the rest of your life.  "    "pity.  " Ji shook her head: "No, it's not a pity.  If civil servants are all social elites, that would be a tragedy for this society.  I very much hope that one day we will be unable to recruit civil servants and no one will want to be a civil servant. We must try our best to retain a person who is not very outstanding.  " Yu Ming thought for a while: "Team Ji, we have a trial next year.  " "" Ji Dong smiled bitterly: "I still have a mortgage, so I don't dare to get sick or change jobs.  Could you please give me less trouble?  ¡±Ji Dong's treat must be for something, the goal is to capture an absconding wanted criminal.  This wanted criminal went to South Korea for a month before he was wanted, and then disappeared.  Everyone understands that your parents may not be able to recognize you after you come back from a month in Korea.  This wanted criminal is not important. What is important is that he is a very powerful witness, so Ji Dong asked the investigators to find a way.  The police station collected a sum of funds for handling the case and reached the minimum commission fee.  Yu Ming patted Ye Zhan on the shoulder: "Examiner, you have a question for next year. Chasing wanted criminals in disguise." Ji Dong's eyes lit up, he ordered another pot of crayfish, and began to get close to Ye Zhan.  Ji Dong is still Ji Dong, and life is still the original life. ?¡­ ?How are the others?  After Yan San disappeared for four months, he finally contacted Yu Ming, who recently went to Russia and became an aide to a corrupt official.  The current plan is not only to help corrupt officials make money, but also to take him further in his political career. Yu Ming went to visit him, but the bastard still played with women.  But I¡¯m getting old, and I¡¯m a little out of my depth.  Nie Yuanzi finally found out that Chu He was ill. She applied for transfer to Brazil and became a fucking anti-drug technical support liaison. Her work was very light.  However, she can accompany Chu He on the final journey, and her other half is temporarily unaccounted for.  Marianne slowed down the pace of reform after many meetings.  Limit the number of investigators in the organization to sixty.  In addition to work, she still works, and her personal life may not be considered until the chairman changes.  Montero became the first chairman of the Black Federation and had almost no living space of his own. He had to face countless tasks and problems every day.  These are things that might scare some people away, but Montero enjoys them.  In terms of private life, Montero met the woman he loved in the restaurant in France.  It was love at first sight with a 28-year-old widow with a net worth of hundreds of millions.  Venn¡¯s radical behavior was impeached. He voluntarily admitted that he had been Fia¡¯s informant and hoped that everyone could forgive him.  At the same time, he withdrew from the Chairman's Committee.  In the final vote, he remained with the Investigators.  Poison Spider and Molly have officially divorced. They are called husband and wife in North America and are very famous.  But the poisonous spider finally left the black world.  I chose the teaching profession and taught Chinese in a school in Canada.  Little Spider fell ill and left the criminal world, and eventually died after treatment failed.  Black Spider officially became a cyber security consultant hired by the Pentagon. The Rangers of the Knights of the Round Table were eventually arrested in a Nordic country because their faces were exposed. The country refused extradition requests from many countries. A butcher in this country was sentenced to 21 years and sued for prison because he did not have a game console.  Court.  Life in jail wasn't hard, and Ranger was eventually sentenced to three years in prison.  While in prison, he received countless love letters from all over the world.   "My dear, do you know where the back door is now?" "Where is it?" "In the hands of the blood spider." "Isn't the blood spider dead?" "The blood spider is not sick. It has been arranged in New York.  Jin Chan's plan to escape. How could Ghost and Gunte be willing to kill Blood Spider? Simon, a bastard, has no limits to his innocence. Last time I asked him and Nie Yuanzi to control the back door, Blood Spider contacted Simon. With the help of Blood Spider.  , everything went according to my plan until Feiya died. Then the blood spider took away the back door. The worst thing is that Simon became a solid ally of the blood spider, calling itself the Blood Fire Alliance, and was recruiting new people to rebuild the spider."  "Haha, Simon, Blood Spider, are actually very interesting people. Without them, wouldn't your life be boring?" "Because of them, I will leave tomorrow, because the Blood and Fire Alliance has sent a warning letter to City A.  "They will do some bad things in City A." "You are right, they are bastards." "Simon also left me a set of passwords, which are four playing cards: the ace of spades and the seven of hearts.  , K of Diamonds and Four of Clubs. " "What does this mean?" "Ak47, City A seized a batch of weapons smuggled from Russia to the Philippines, but I definitely have nothing to do with this batch of weapons." "Why?  I have tricked Simon in some way, and Simon will definitely use the same trick to trick me first." "Dear, are you sure?" "No, but I have laid more than a dozen landmines. Simon met me.  I have always been unlucky, hehe. Let me tell you quietly, when I eliminated Feiya, I asked Nie Yuanzi to create a small backdoor. I had to be on guard against others, even if they didn't come, this time.  Just catch them all." In Iceland, Yu Minghuai sat on the artificial grass and admired the beauty of the sky with Mandy in his arms.The beautiful Aurora does not need too many words to describe their love and life, because at this moment they all think that they are the happiest people.  There are many things to do tomorrow, but at least today belongs to them.  The black world will never disappear. Yu Ming is still very young and has a long way to go (Complete book) ps: Thank you for your support over the past year. Although I have been very busy recently, I will try my best to release the new book next week.  Hope you all like it.  ps2: In view of the fact that most readers are tired of urban eyesight and have a high voting rate for Xianxia, ??we have abandoned "Shang Wang" and rewritten Xianxia (the title of the book has not yet been decided). If you have any comments and suggestions, you can leave them in the book review after the new book is published.  message.  PS3: After the new book is opened, there will be a supporting building. Interested friends can sign up in it. There is no guarantee whether you will live or die.  PS4: Thank you to new and old readers for supporting the new book.  (To be continued)
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