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Text Chapter 114 Land Gods

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    Chapter 114

    Zhou Cheng also didn¡¯t expect that Hua Taoist¡¯s so-called method was to squeeze himself as much as possible.  ¡÷

    That¡¯s right, it was through extreme squeezing that forced Zhou Zheng¡¯s strength to increase rapidly.

    It¡¯s just that time is urgent and this method may not be possible, so the flower connoisseur is hesitant.

    After receiving Hua Taoist's order, everyone looked at Zhou Cheng with strange expressions.  They didn't know how Zhou Cheng offended Hua Taoist this time, and Hua Taoist would deceive him like this.

    The five people quickly hid themselves, covering their own aura.  For a moment, Zhou Cheng was the only one left at the scene.

    Zhou Cheng was stunned. This was the so-called method of Hua Daoist, but this method was very unreliable.

    He didn¡¯t know when Hua Taoist discovered his secret, and actually knew that he had not used all the power he had.

    When I first modified the game, I really modified all the attributes to an incredible degree.  However, due to the lack of matching skills, the strength that can be exerted is very limited.

    But that was a step-by-step process. In today's crucial battle, the Hua Taoist actually put himself in a good position. As expected, the Hua Iron Rod has never been reliable.

    He really wants to run away. The enemy is very powerful, and there may even be land gods. How can he, a small person, resist it?

    Several extremely powerful auras traveled rapidly from far to near, and soon arrived in front of Zhou Cheng.

    Black robes, all in black robes, the specific faces cannot be seen clearly, but the auras revealed from their bodies all prove that these three people are extremely powerful, no worse than the original gray robed strong men, or even worse.

    "Very good, I haven't seen such a young hero for a long time. If I guess correctly, you are Zhou Cheng?"

    One of the old men in black robes spoke, his voice did not contain a trace of emotion, and it was impossible to hear what he meant.

    "Join the Sky Breaking Alliance. Will you be given the position of Fifth Elder?"

    Another old man in black robe said.

    Zhou Cheng was quite moved when he heard this, but just after thinking about it, he felt it was unreliable.

    "Friend? Or enemy?"

    The last old man in black robe asked.

    Zhou Cheng glanced at the three of them. Their strength was almost the same as that of the old man in gray robe.  However, he knew that the biggest reliance of these three people was the battle formation they formed together.

    "It seems you have chosen to be the enemy!"

    One of them spoke, but as soon as he finished speaking, the three of them showed no sign of superiority at all, and the three of them began to surround Zhou Cheng.

    Zhou Cheng also instantly used his Qinggong to the extreme and began to resolve the joint formula of the three.

    "Is this the Three Talents Formation of Heaven, Earth and Man?"

    After he saw clearly the battle formation of the three people.  But there is no way to break it.

    He kept using the cloud-dispelling palm in his hand, trying to break the opponent's three-talent battle formation with absolute power.

    ¡°It¡¯s really amazing!¡±

    "Very strong!"

    "But if you only have this ability, give up!"

    The three of them were surrounded and the attack was airtight. After a short fight, Zhou Cheng was already a little tired.

    At this moment, Zhou Cheng felt very aggrieved.  He felt like a boss, and these three old men were the ones fighting the boss.  Fighting alone is certainly not an option for them.  But the three men attacked in unison.  Slowly consuming it can also consume yourself to death.

    ¡°Hua Tiegang, you old bastard, I might really be beaten as a boss today.

    The Wuji Mind Technique also began to stimulate life, and the Wuji Qi kept washing Zhou Cheng's muscles, bones, and blood vessels at this moment.

    It was at this time.  Zhou Cheng stopped dodging and stood in the middle of the three, relying only on his hands and feet to resist the three's combined attacks.

    Originally, everyone thought Zhou Cheng was looking for death.  He had just tried to dodge with Qinggong, and he was in an extremely embarrassed state.  At this time, standing on the same spot, he actually began to easily resolve the combined attacks of the three people.

    Huatiegang, who had been hiding, looked at Zhou Cheng standing in the center from a distance, and a proud smile suddenly appeared.

    "I knew there was nothing wrong with this kid!"

    From Zhou Cheng's understanding of the "Cloud-Repelling Palm", he knew that this boy only had a very poor sense of combat, but his own understanding was astonishing.  Just like when he was cornered, he began to try to resolve his own crisis based on the battlefield environment.

    Zhou Cheng, who was fighting, felt a little anxious in his heart, but his whole person was not under his control at all.

    I just kept watching the progress bar of the "Wuji Mental Technique". It won't take long before the Wuji Mental Technique will evolve.  If his prediction is correct, the Wuji Mental Technique will return to a true first-rate Mental Technique.

    ArriveAt this time, the combat power that can be exerted will definitely increase exponentially.  Even if he is no match for the land gods, it is easy to crush these three people.

    "He is comprehending!! He is indeed very qualified. He can still comprehend on such a dangerous battlefield!"

    The old man in black robe said, and at the same time, the three of them began to change their moves, trying to interrupt the opponent's understanding, and finally killed him directly.

    The offensive became more fierce, but everywhere Zhou Cheng was able to resolve it easily.

    "The first-class mental method is complemented by the infinite mental method, and the supreme mental method is achieved!"

    With a crisp reminder, Zhou Cheng suddenly felt that the pores all over his body were relaxed and he felt that his whole body was full of strength.

    After this sound, another prompt sound followed closely.

    "The third-rate Qinggong Flying on Grass hands is induced by infinite zhenqi, and evolves into the first-rate Qinggong Flying on Grass!"

    "The first-class skill Pai Yun Palm is induced by Wuji Zhenqi and evolves into the pseudo-supreme skill Pai Yun Palm!"

    After a series of beeps, Zhou Cheng suddenly felt extremely comfortable and gained control of his entire body.

    The three of them were shocked when they saw Zhou Cheng moving.  Unexpectedly, even though they used their strongest attacks, they still couldn't do anything to the opponent. On the contrary, the bigger the opponent got, the stronger they became!

    They were just thinking about the next step and how to effectively kill each other.

    Suddenly there was a miserable scream, which immediately plunged the entire night sky into panic.

    Zhou Cheng waved his hand gently, and an overwhelming force directly hit one of the old men in black robes.  The old man had no time to dodge, and was killed on the spot with one palm strike.

    When the other two people saw this, they were shocked and ran away.

    How could Zhou Cheng let them get their wish!

    Cao Shangfei, who had advanced to a first-class light skill, reached his peak in an instant and easily killed two people.

    In the blink of an eye, three powerful late stage masters were harvested.  Such a record shocked everyone present, especially the other groups that had just arrived.  Looking at Zhou Cheng sitting cross-legged in the air.  He opened his mouth, but in the end nothing came out.

    Hua Tiegang was also shocked. He knew Zhou Cheng's qualifications and knew that he contained extremely terrifying power, but he didn't expect it to be so powerful.

    It seems that Zhou Cheng¡¯s master must be a land god, and the power hidden in his body is most likely the power of his master.  How else to explain his young age.  Sora has a lot of power, but he can't use it.

    "Protect him!"

    The flower iron rod stopped other groups of people to prevent them from disturbing Zhou Cheng.

    The other groups looked at Zhou Cheng and then at Hua Tiegun, feeling both envy and admiration.

    Zhou Cheng, who was hanging in the air, had no idea what was going on outside. After killing three people, he thought everything would be fine.  But a hint made him both excited and shocked.

    It turns out that after the Infinite Mind Dharma advanced to the Supreme Mind Dharma.  The experience bar, which had been growing slowly, actually increased dramatically.  When the three people were killed, they were prompted to upgrade.

    He is now level 99, with full attribute points.  Go up one more level.  Not just level 100.

    According to his understanding, level 100 is not a land god. Does this mean to tell him that he will become a land god soon?

    With impulse.  Zhou Cheng chose to upgrade on the spot, regardless of whether the environment was safe at this time.

    After choosing to upgrade, his whole body was enveloped in a warm atmosphere.  My whole body feels unusually full, but not uncomfortable.

    At the same time, after he chose to upgrade, the originally digitized attribute points disappeared one by one, leaving only one data, spiritual power.

    Spiritual power?

    Zhou Cheng is a little confused, and his spiritual power is very low now. He has only 30 points of the full 150 spiritual power points.

    "This is?"

    Everyone at the scene felt a huge power emanating from Zhou Cheng's body, and under this power, they had to kneel to the ground, as if they wanted to surrender in front of Zhou Cheng.

    "A land god! He has become a land god!"

    Everyone was shocked, even Huatiegang was very shocked. He was really a land god, just like what was recorded in the literature.

    "Where is the junior who dares to kill my people!"

    Suddenly, a loud bell-like sound came, and it got closer and closer. When they were shocked and prepared to fight back, the opponent had already moved forward.

    "The land god actually became a land god at this time. In this world, I am the only land god. Junior, die!"

    With the voice of the black shadow, he began to bombard Zhou Cheng who was being upgraded.  While others realize what happenedWhen something happened, he had already fallen to the ground.

    "Be careful, it's the Great Elder of the Potian Alliance, Zhan Potian!"

    The flower iron rod withstood Zhan Potian's blow, and he immediately felt that his internal organs were shattered. If he hadn't been hanging in one breath, he might have died.


    Because Mo Beibei was far away and too weak, he couldn't get into Zhan Potian's eyes.

    Seeing that she was about to join in, Zhan Potian waved his hand, and Mo Beibei's whole body flew backwards, and soon fell to the ground and passed out.

    Feeling the pressure from Zhou Cheng, Zhan Potian was shocked and said: "What's going on? Why don't I dare to face him? I am a land god, I am a land god. He is just a new land god, how could he  It puts so much pressure on me!¡±

    "If he is looking for death, he must not be allowed to live. I am the only land god in the world!"

    After saying that, a fierce offensive bombarded Zhou Cheng.

    Zhou Cheng naturally knows everything about what is happening in the outside world, but now he is out of control.  He was shocked when he saw the power that was about to hit him.  I can't hide now, and I won't become the most miserable land god.

    "Fortunately, it was resolved easily!"

    Zhou Cheng felt relieved and began to observe the black shadow!

    "Level 99?"

    what happened?

    Zhou Cheng noticed that this black shadow was only level 99, which was the same as his previous level.  Then why is he a land god at level 99?

    Is it possible that this guy is not a land god at all, but that he is infinitely close to a land god, and at the same time he exerts his power to the extreme, so that others mistakenly think he is a land god?

    The upgrade is completed, reaching level 100. Thank you for your support of "Legend of Martial Arts". Please look forward to the subsequent versions.

    Zhou Cheng was stunned when he heard this voice. What happened?

    But now he no longer bothered to study what was going on. Taking control of his own power, Zhou Cheng instantly blocked the black shadow's offensive and did not give him any chance. He immediately pointed a finger lightly, and a sharp golden light flashed across, instantly blocking the black shadow's attack.  Black shadow penetrates.

    Heiying felt the injuries on his body and stood there stupidly, unable to believe what he was seeing.

    "This, what kind of power is this?"

    Zhan Potian was stunned. He was a land god, but he did not have such power.

    Zhou Cheng noticed that under the golden light of his finger, his spiritual power finger dropped by five points.

    "This is the power of land gods!"

    After saying that, Zhan Potian fell to the ground, his face full of unwillingness!

    After becoming a land immortal, Zhou Cheng looked at the people in the Special Bureau who suffered heavy casualties, shook his head, and directly used spiritual power to treat them.  As long as there is still a breath of air, under the influence of spiritual power, they will almost always be resurrected with full health and full health.

    A month later, Zhou Cheng walked into the Urban Construction Bureau building and received a call from Wei Yao. On the phone, Wei Yao happily told Zhou Cheng that she had just been promoted and became the HR of Huashi Group.

    After hearing this, Zhou Cheng encouraged her and said that I would cook some food at home to celebrate.

    Since the last war, after Zhou Cheng single-handedly defeated all the major masters of the PoTian Alliance, including Zhan PoTian, ??the Special Bureau devoted all its efforts to annihilate other forces of the PoTian Alliance.  For a period of time, the Breaking Sky Alliance suffered a devastating blow.  Naturally, Zhou Cheng does not need to participate in these matters. A week ago, Chief No. 1 came in person and had a brief exchange with him. Zhou Cheng officially became the ultimate guardian of this country.

    Although Zhou Cheng was ready to play the human world, he was still a little depressed when he remembered the previous reminder.

    The full level is one hundred, so to speak, there will be no further progress after the end.  Moreover, the improvement of spiritual power is also very slow. Even if you practice crazily, you can only increase your spiritual power by five points a day.  Fortunately, he has verified that even if his spiritual power is zero, he does not have no combat effectiveness, but has combat effectiveness equivalent to level 99.  He also understands that the reason why land gods are superior to everyone lies in their spiritual power.

    "It's a pity that the game I played back then was "The Legend of Martial Arts". If this was "The Legend of Martial Arts", I don't know how much my strength would have improved.  It may not be impossible for Pangu to open the sky!  (To be continued, please search Piaotian Literature. The novels will be better and updated faster!
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