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Text Chapter 113 The pressure brought by the land gods

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    Chapter 113

    Although it was expected that the Breaking Heaven Alliance would arrive again, it was so massive that it really surprised Zhou Cheng.

    Not to mention Zhou Cheng, even Hua Daoist found it incredible.  On the surface, there are only three elder-level masters dispatched by the Sky Breaking Alliance this time, and there are dozens of first-class masters.

    It can be said that the force dispatched this time is almost half as high as that of the Sky Breaking Alliance.

    When Hua Taoist found Zhou Cheng, his face had long lost its previous frivolous attitude, which seemed to ignore everything.  His eyes are full of solemnity, and when he speaks, he often thinks twice before speaking slowly.

    At the same time, Hua Taoist also told Zhou Cheng that the other two groups from the Special Bureau had also arrived urgently.  The Breaking Sky Alliance operates in secret. Although they appear to be a martial arts sect, their behavior is characterized by an extremely strict organizational style.  And judging from their usual style of acting, the Special Bureau has a mission, and every time they act, they have ulterior secrets.

    The Special Bureau is responsible for the safety of the entire country and the entire nation. Naturally, it is extremely concerned about a force that has risen very quickly and is extremely powerful, such as the Sky Breaking Alliance.

    ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.mb. Out of the way, she briefly talked to Zhou Cheng about the situation and came to a small secret building. It was also the first time for Zhou Cheng to meet several other masters from the fifth group.  The five groups of people also welcomed Zhou Cheng, a newly joined comrade.  Of course, deep down, there is also a higher thought.  Who told Hua Taoist to praise Zhou Cheng as rare in the sky and unparalleled on earth?  It makes other team members lose face.  The original intention of the florist was to stir up internal competition.  Especially knowing that Zhou Cheng has too little actual combat experience.  Therefore, the delusion arouses the competitive mentality among them, allowing them to learn from each other and improve each other.

    "Okay, what ideas do you have and how do you want to communicate can be resolved privately. Now let's explain the next task!" The flower Taoist was not excited because it had aroused the competitive mentality of both parties, and he still looked sad.

    A few people exchanged polite greetings and became completely quiet.  Just listen to Hua Taoist say: "The Breaking Sky Alliance is coming this time with an unknown purpose. So the most important thing for us now is to investigate and find out what the Breaking Sky Alliance wants to do by sending so many experts here. But we can't take it lightly.  The PoTian Alliance has been trying to find the treasure left by the Japanese invaders, and it has gone through a lot of trouble. Now that the treasure has not been obtained, the PoTian Alliance will definitely not give up.  You must be extremely careful and never act alone.¡±

    "What kind of strength do the three elders have? Are they all the same as the old man before?" Zhou Cheng asked, he must not care about this matter.  If among these three elders, there is the elder who is said to have become a land god, then Zhou Cheng thinks he can find a place to hide.  Not to mention how rich the opponent's combat experience is.  But in terms of force, he is already a land god, but he is still far away from the opponent.

    "Well, they are all in the late stage of marrow cleansing, and don't forget that the Breaking Heaven Alliance is the best at fighting in battle formations. Even if one of these three elders is selected, they are all top-notch masters. In terms of individual strength, perhaps one of us  Only Zhou Cheng and I have the strength to fight against each other. But if the three of them form a Champa, they may be able to exert the power of the land gods, so we have to be careful and pay attention.

    Thinking back on the battle formations of the Sky-Breaking Alliance that you have encountered, you can really increase your strength significantly.  Now there are three masters in the late stage of marrow cleansing. If they say that person forms a formation, it is impossible to say that they can really exert the strength of the land gods.

    When he thought of this, Zhou Cheng frowned unconsciously.

    "If that's all, we still have the strength to fight. Although the three of them are strong, Zhou Cheng and I can still resist for a while. Coupled with the arrival of the other two groups, there is no problem in winning this battle. If this  Even with the strength of the Breaking Alliance this time, there is actually no need to worry. With the strength of our special bureau, it is not impossible to win over them, but I believe that the final victory will be ours.  Tianmeng came with such a big fanfare this time, they should know that no matter how strong they are, they can't compete with the country's violent organs, but why are they so high-profile, so we have to be careful." Hua Taoist said here, no.  Go on.

    Everyone else has already understood what Hua Taoist meant, and he has made it very clear.  Although the Skybreaking Alliance is strong, compared to the Special Bureau and compared to the country, it is still far behind.  They dispatched three elders this time. If they really want to cause trouble, the country is fully capable of keeping them.  Moreover, this situation is also known to the Sky Breaking Alliance.  If this is the case, why would they still do this? This is obviously meat bag beating a dog.  There is not a fool here, and they naturally think that this is probably the power shown by the Sky Breaking Alliance on the surface, and maybe there is a stronger strength secretly.  Especially the recently rumored land gods.

      If the land gods were really dispatched this time, they couldn't imagine what the result would be.  Maybe even if they all explain it here, they may not be able to touch even a single cent of the land gods.  And it is very likely that they will all die heroically.

    "Team leader, are land gods really invincible?" Team member Mo Beibei asked in a low voice. She was also the only woman in the five groups.  Of course, it would be more accurate to say girls.  Zhou Cheng didn't know Mo Beibei's age, but judging from foreign trade, he was probably not even twenty years old.  But his strength cannot be underestimated, and he has reached the bone forging stage.  With such strength, it is obvious that he was born into a powerful family or sect.  Otherwise, it would be impossible to have such strength at such an age.

    Mo Beibei's words are also what everyone is concerned about. If the land gods are really invincible.  Then they will only have a dead end, and they haven't even discussed it at all.  Even if the land gods did not come this time, as far as the hostile relationship between the Breaking Sky Alliance and their special bureau is concerned, the land gods are enemies rather than friends with them. Once they meet, it will definitely be life or death.

    "Land gods, these four words deeply stimulated Zhou Cheng.  He is now at level ninety-nine. According to their levels, he is in the late stage of marrow cleansing.  According to his estimation, the so-called land gods should be level 100.  Although my experience is increasing little by little now, the speed is too slow.  Even the year of the monkey and the month of the horse may not always be filled.  Therefore, land gods are still quite far away for Zhou Cheng.  It's just that I am quite far away from the land gods, but I will definitely offend a force that has land gods.  From the beginning, or in other words, from the moment he got the secret of the treasure from the people in black, he had already offended the Sky Breaking Alliance to death.

    Seeing everyone's solemn expressions, Hua Taoist thought about the pressure brought by the land gods to everyone. He thought for a while, thought of something, hesitated, and said somewhat unconfidently: "It's not that there are no ways, it's just that'(To be completed  Continued. Please search Piaotian Literature, the novel will be better and updated faster!)
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