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Chapter 1714 Giant Bones and Ice Body, Obliterating Heaven Seal!

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    Chu Mu has never seen any creature with the ability to be immune until now.

    The so-called immunity means that attacks of that attribute have no effect on it. Chu Mu has only seen this ability in books, but he has never seen any creature that can be completely immune to attacks of a certain attribute, especially at the same time.  level.

    Chu Mu's black demonic flames can erupt with extremely high incineration effects, and the silver demonic flames can continuously burn the enemy's soul, leaving its soul in a state of gradual weakness and continuous pain.

    Since this iceberg monster is immune to all fire elements, it seems pointless for Chu Mu to use fire element skills to attack it.

    At the moment, Chu Mu luckily lost the black and white demonic flames on his body and used the power of the alien and dark elements to deal with it.

    "Young Master, its defensive ability is also very strong, and it is one or two times thicker than Wu Yunlong's dragon scales." Old Li said.

    High-level ice races rely on their superior bloodline, and it is almost difficult to find their weaknesses to attack. Just like this extreme ice beast, it is completely immune to fire-based skills. As an elemental soul pet, it has comparable  Due to the terrifying defensive power of rock creatures, Wu Yunlong's sharpest dragon horns could only barely break through the ice armor on it.

    "The Dark Demonic Sword of Heaven and Earth!"

    Chu Mu kept a certain distance from the Extreme Sky Ice Beast. When he held up his palms, the thick darkness around him quickly condensed into a dozen dark demon swords!

    The Dark Demon Sword is an evolution of the Heaven and Earth Demon Sword Array skill. Considering that the effect of the demon flame cannot cause damage to the Sky Ice Beast, Chu Mu did not add the effect of the demon flame to this skill, but it was fully infused with the power of darkness!  !

    Dark attacks have never considered the opponent's defense, and it is even said that the dark attribute is the nemesis of this rough-skinned creature.

    A dozen dark demon swords stood around Chu Mu, with dark bodies, cold aura, and weird sword patterns!

    Under Chu Mu¡¯s control, a dozen dark demon swords flew out at the same time, whizzing straight towards the position of the Extreme Sky Ice Beast!

    The Jitian Ice Beast's body is so huge that Chu Mu's attacks are not aimed at all and can always hit the Jitian Ice Beast.

    "Puff puff!!!!!!!!!!"

    ¡°More than a dozen dark demon swords all landed on the chest and abdomen of the Jitian Ice Beast, and the blade of the demon sword penetrated deeply into its armor.

    It can be seen that there is a circle of black corrosive power spreading at the location where the demon sword is pierced. The spread of more than a dozen dark demon swords is extremely fast, quickly corroding the ice-armored skin on the chest and abdomen of the Jitian Ice Beast.  Black, as if poisoned.

    Wu Yunlong cleverly seized the opportunity, flapped his wings fiercely, and his body turned into a blue light!  !


    Wu Yunlong flew past the body of the Jitian Ice Beast, and slashed hard with his outstretched sharp claws. The ice armor and its claws made a harsh sound like metal friction!


    After sweeping across with a claw, Wu Yunlong turned around fiercely, and hit the Jitian Ice Beast with its long iron chain and hammer-like tail!

    This blow happened to land at the claw mark. You can clearly see countless fine cracks appearing between the chest and abdomen of the Jitian Ice Beast. These cracks spread from around the gorgeous claw marks!

    Wu Yunlong's attack also appeared to be extremely domineering. After Chu Mu's dark power had a slight corrosive effect on the Jitian Ice Beast, these consecutive blows shattered the Jitian Ice Beast's armor, exposing its true skin.  , you can even see some deformation of the skin and bones of the Jitian Ice Beast, which is the powerful damage caused by the powerful dragon tail just now!

    Wu Yunlong caused damage to the Jitian Ice Beast. Chu Mu saw that the position of the Jitian Ice Beast had become weak, and his palms directly turned into claws.

    With a palm strike from the void, the space claws flew straight towards the abdomen of the Jitian Ice Beast.

    Speaking of its abdomen, the abdomen of this Extreme Sky Ice Beast is completely equivalent to a huge mountain screen. The range of Chu Mu¡¯s space claws has been very wide, but it still seems weak when it is printed on this guy!

    Chu Mu recited the incantation again. This time the incantation was a bit long, and the accumulated space power sliced ??the space diagonally left and right!

    An angular space cutting blade flies out with power, and you can vaguely see countless space sword blades and space knives spinning and flying in this angular shape at extremely fast speeds!


    The sound like metal cutting came out again, and the space cutting was crazily shattered on the body of the Jitian Ice Beast, and the Jitian Ice Beast?Stronger cold air surged in, and thick frost began to form on Chu Mu's body.

    "Young Master, just give up when you see fit. There is no place for this guy to stay in his body." Old Li hurriedly reminded Chu Mu.

    No need for Old Li to say anything, Chu Mu also knew it was time to run away!

    If he is really going to be frozen in the body of the Jitian Ice Beast, then as long as the Jitian Ice Beast does not die, Chu Mu will have no hope of getting out in this life.

    The space was almost frozen by the cold air, and Chu Mu could not teleport out directly.

    In the pitch-black area, there was only one gap with light. It was the wound that Chu Mu and Wu Yunlong jointly opened on the body of the Extreme Sky Ice Beast. Chu Mu used ghostly steps and flew towards the bright place.  go.

    "Woooooooooooooo!!!!!!" Han Qi whimpered, and Chu Mu's skin began to freeze.

    Once a fire attribute creature is frozen by this biting ice, it will cause great trauma to the body. At the same time, Chu Mu also felt that his soul was being invaded by ice!  (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to Qidian ( to vote for recommendations and monthly votes. Your support is my biggest motivation.) (Remember the website address:
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