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Chapter 1713 Fierce Battle with the Extreme Sky Ice Beast

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    While the smell of blood aroused the murderous intent of the Crescent Navy, it also kept irritating the iceberg monsters covered in steel and ice armor. Their originally red eyes became even scarier, and the ice and snow changed under their control.  It became a murderous weapon, constantly streaking across the bodies of the Crescent Marines.

    The severe cold air shrouded the seamen, and the effect of the extreme ice made the sailors' bodies become extremely stiff and brittle. You can see that many sailors' soul pets were struck by the iceberg monster, and their limbs and bodies were directly blown to pieces.

    With more and more injured members, Ye Qingzi summoned five soul pets at the same time and almost never stopped in treating and assisting in the battle. What she had to do was to protect the lives of these New Moon sailors to the maximum extent!

    On the other side, the disaster of ice and snow continued even further. This was an immortal-level battlefield. Chu Mu and Wu Yunlong were now surrounded by ten immortal-level iceberg monsters. The Extreme Sky Ice Beast relied on its huge body to keep moving.  He controlled the ice meteorite to hit Chu Mu and Wu Yunlong.

    "Wu Yunlong, you deal with it first, and I'll clean it up." Chu Mu said to Wu Yunlong.

    Wu Yunlong nodded, and his blue cloud-like wings suddenly opened!

    The strange iceberg bird above his head was directly knocked out by Wu Yunlong. We must know that Wu Yunlong is the overlord of the sky. What qualifications do these fragile iceberg strange birds have to hover above Wu Yunlong's head?

    Wu Yunlong flew into the roaring sky of ice and snow. The frequency of its wings flapping became extremely fast, and the surrounding airflow rotated with the power of its wings!


    A dark blue hurricane formed in front of Wu Yunlong, and all the ice falling from the sky was swept up by this dark blue hurricane!  !


    Wu Yunlong roared high, and the dark blue hurricane that shattered the ice meteor twisted his body and swept towards the Extreme Sky Ice Beast!

    The extremely celestial ice beast remained motionless, allowing the hurricane to run over it.

    The thick ice and snow covering its body was shattered by the hurricane. After the ice and snow slipped away, the skin of this extreme ice beast was exposed!

    This skin is like ice-colored rock, and it looks no different from most glaciers, but the thick ice turtle armor on its back has extremely sharp ice spikes standing on it!

    Judging from the size of a human, these ice spikes are like sharp peaks, and these ice spikes appear densely in rows on the back of the Jitian Ice Beast. You can imagine how terrifying this monster will be when it goes on a rampage.  !

    Wu Yunlong's hurricane only lifted the snow all over the monster's body. At this time, the body of the Jitian Ice Beast was completely exposed. The huge momentum and ferocious nature were enough to crush a person's heart.


    The extremely celestial ice beast roared endlessly, sleeping for thousands of years. It had almost forgotten what it was like to kill!

    It has thousands of years of anger and resentment accumulated in its huge body. It is unwilling to surrender at the feet of others. After waking up, it will take back everything in the ice and snow world, and let ice and snow rule the entire world!

    This land was originally covered by ice and snow, covering two-thirds of the area. Wherever you go, you will see wonderful glacial scenery and comfortable cold temperatures.

    However, after a deep sleep, this land completely changed.

    The scorching sunshine that makes it irritated, the green and eye-catching plants everywhere, and even the wind blowing are carrying heat. Can a world without ice and snow be called a world?  How can we breathe without the coolness of ice and snow in the wind?

    Thousands of years later, this land made the Jitian Ice Beast extremely irritable and angry. What made him even more irritable was that this land that originally belonged to him actually fell into the hands of humans. There were these little dust-like creatures everywhere.  Human beings have their cities everywhere, but his ice and snow clan has to stay in this limited northern ice forbidden area!  !

    This is intolerable. When the Ice and Snow Tribe prospered, these humans were just the lowest level of sojourners. Why should they occupy this territory and become the masters?

    It keeps roaring, just to tell these humans that it wants to take back the territory that belongs to it!  !

    The Extreme Sky Ice Beast has very high intelligence, and it can see that the humans in front of it are the current rulers of this territory.

    As long as they are killed, the next struggle for hegemony is just a matter of time. Sooner or later, ice and snow will cover every piece of land!  !

    The eyes as red as a cave are staring angrily at Wu Yunlong who dares to challenge its majesty. It has been petrified for thousands of years. The wild war intention in the Jitian Ice Beast's heart is not cold-blooded at all. On the contrary, what it desires most now isChu Mu stepped back a little, dodging an ice ax thrown by the monster that split the air!

    "Young Master, the damage done by the magic flame skill to it is almost negligible." Old Li's voice floated out.

    The power of the two demonic fire dragons just now is not inferior to Wu Yunlong's full blow, but after hitting the Jitian Ice Beast's head, the Jitian Ice Beast was not injured at all. On the one hand, the defense of this monster's ice armor is extremely strong.  On the other hand, the restraint of this attribute is too serious!

    "The Jitian Ice Beast's attributes are extremely cold, and fire skills are almost ineffective against it." Mr. Li added.

    This is why Chu Mu wanted to call Wu Yunlong on purpose. His attributes were really suppressed. Without Wu Yunlong¡¯s help, this battle would be a real headache.  (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to Qidian ( to vote for recommendations and monthly votes. Your support is my biggest motivation.) (Remember the website address:
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