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Chapter 1367 Cloud Realm Protector, Stone Winged Dragon

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    "Of course, it will take some time to tear open the formation eye. I am sure to break it before they arrive, but they will definitely not be far from here at that time." Ye Wansheng said.

    Ye Wansheng was not in a hurry to take action now, but looked at the others with questioning eyes.

    Chu Mu tilted his head and looked at Mo Xie. Mo Xie shook his head at Chu Mu and let out a helpless cry.

    Mo Xie's claws can break through any barrier. It stands to reason that this kind of light net should be able to be easily torn apart, but this light net is special because Mo Xie's seal breaking has no effect on it. Obviously this is not ordinary.  of seal.

    Of course, Chu Mu can also ask Mo Xie to directly attack the web of light and tear it apart with strength.

    Moye can do this, but this will still expose the positions of all of them, and they may also be counter-restrained by the web of light.

    "Then I'll start. Get ready to fight." Ye Wansheng said.

    After saying that, Ye Wansheng had put all his thoughts on the array eye, and as Ye Wansheng gradually damaged the array eye, one of the blue rays of light could be seen flickering.

    The main axis of light flashed, which naturally meant that the location of the light network was being destroyed. The black and brown hunters not far away quickly discovered this anomaly and quickly reported it to Lin Li and Wan Meng.  people.

    As soon as Lin Li, Wan Meng and Wu Zhen walked out of the Xiao family, the black and brown hunter reported the situation to them.

    Wan Mengna¡¯s eyebrows knitted together, and one of the light shafts of the network of light flickered. This must mean that the formation has been destroyed, and the person who will destroy this formation

    "Everyone follow me!" Wan Meng naturally realized something and said to the black and brown hunter beside him.

    With that said, the three of them had already controlled their soul pets and led ten black and brown hunters to fly towards the location where the light axis flickered.


    Ye Wansheng is still working hard on the edge of the web of light. Now there are cracks in the web of light, but at most, little Moye can get through these cracks.

    "They seem to be flying here. They can arrive within a minute." Not far away, Mr. Li ran very fast with short legs in front of everyone.

    One minute is both long and short. When the figure of the dark-brown hunter appeared above the row of buildings, several people became a little nervous. After all, at the speed of the Dominator, this distance was nothing at all.

    The dark-brown figure passed by over the city. The ones flying at the front were Lin Li, Wan Meng and Wu Zhen. These three people glared at them angrily. Obviously, these three people with the most power in Wencheng did not expect this.  There would be someone so bold as to openly resist when they were carrying out the raid. You must know that there are many masters of the Chamber of Commerce and Wu Zhen's men scattered throughout the city!

    "Guys, where do you want to escape? It's better not to touch things that don't belong to you, so as not to lose your life." Wu Zhen appeared in front of them first.

    "You're still wearing a mask. It's not necessary. No one who openly resists us can escape." Wan Meng shook his greasy smile and looked at them with evil intentions.

    The rings of the ten dark-brown hunters glowed at the same time. They knew without further explanation that the dominant level demon spirits were in the hands of these people.

    However, the distance is only one thousand meters, this step away, Wan Meng wants to see where they are fleeing.

    Mu Qingyi watched them approach, and then glanced at Ye Wansheng who continued to tear open the formation eyes, feeling a little nervous.

    The strength of Wan Meng and Lin Li cannot be determined, but Xinjiang leader Wuzhen is an extremely terrifying existence. If there is a real fight, there will definitely be casualties on their side.

    "Let's go!" Suddenly, Ye Wansheng shouted.

    At this time, a gap appeared in the web of light, just enough for a person to pass through.

    Ye Wansheng was at the front, and then Bai Yu, Ghost Jinrou, and Mu Qingyi rushed out of the Net of Light and arrived at the spacious but empty street outside the Net of Light.

    "Where to go!!" Wu Zhen was furious!

    After they left, everyone was forced to the edge of the Light Network. All the dark and brown hunters, including Wu Zhen, launched an attack on Chu Mu, who was the last to leave!

    The skills of the ten quasi-dominators and one vine beast that was close to the medium-dominance flickered, turning into a huge force and blasting towards Chu Mu!

    After Chu Mu glanced at Mu Qingyi who had passed safely, he did not show any timidity towards the energy falling from the sky.

    On his shoulders, Mo Xie stepped on the air and stood ten meters high in front of Chu Mu.

      It is definitely a very rare phenomenon for all the powerful masters to show up. Wu Xu and Wu Chi are now full of questions as to what happened in Wencheng.


    In a spacious street location, Ye Wansheng, driving a colorful magic tiger, ran at the front.

    Ye Wansheng just heard the terrifying scream, and now he felt a pressure coming from his side.

    He turned his head and looked aside, and suddenly found that a huge shadow suddenly shrouded his head!

    The huge and brutal rock head was placed on the high roof, with a pair of violent eyes staring at him tightly, making Ye Wansheng's soul tremble!

    Ye Wansheng is now also a master-level powerhouse, but in his impression, he has never encountered an enemy whose aura alone could make him unable to resist.

    At this time, this stone winged dragon is obviously such a powerful creature that has never been seen before!  !

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