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Chapter 1366 City of Refuge

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    "The Xiao Mansion thought that the female guest had an emperor-level demon pet and had already signed a soul contract." said the black and brown hunter.

    "Well, that guy Xiao Leng actually has some secrets. Let's go and have a look." Wan Meng said.

    Xiao Leng is now considered a businessman, so Wan Meng naturally recognizes him.

    Wu Zhen also took steps towards Xiao Mansion's location, but he left his huge stone winged dragon where it was.


    In the front hall, Xiao Leng stood in the center, looking at the three people walking straight towards him with a somewhat ugly expression.

    Lin Li, the president of the Wencheng Chamber of Commerce, is very familiar with Xiao Leng. The relationship is not considered bad, but it is definitely not a friend.

    The fat Wan Meng is well known to everyone in Yunjing. The vice president of Yunjing General Chamber of Commerce has some contacts with Shenzong, which makes his power even higher than that of the president. He is a cunning, capricious, and  An extremely hypocritical guy who is very difficult to deal with.

    As for the person next to Wan Meng, he is the one who really gives Xiao Leng a headache.

    Jiangtong Wuzhen serves the entire territory and is not subject to the constraints of any local city lord. He has countless masters and huge legions under his command, most of which are stationed in cities or fortresses.

    Wu Zhen¡¯s legion is stationed in Guangtong Fortress, but Wu Zhen spends most of his time in Wencheng, and is one of the most difficult figures to deal with in the entire Cloud Realm.

    The appearance of such a commander-in-chief of Xinjiang in his residence put a lot of pressure on Xiao Leng.

    "Xiao Leng, we heard from my subordinates that you have an emperor-level demon spirit here. Who does it belong to?" Wan Meng asked.

    "President Wan, they captured this demon spirit themselves during their experience in the Guangtong Mysterious Realm. President Wan won't even take care of this, right?" Xiao Leng said.

    "Of course, we can't control this, but can you let us meet this female guest?" Lin Li said.

    Xiao Leng looked troubled and glanced at Ye Qingzi, who was sitting next to him.

    Ye Qingzi recited a spell and summoned the little devil into the hall.

    After the little devil appeared, the three of them showed a bit of surprise. They really did not expect that the beautiful young woman next to them was the owner of the little devil.

    "It's my soul pet. Is there any problem?" Ye Qingzi looked at the three people and said calmly.

    "I don't have a question. I just want to ask about the origin of this demon spirit. As you know, we lost a batch of demon spirits at the auction and scattered them in this city. We need to find them back." President Lin said.

    "Is it possible that among the demon spirits you lost, there were little demon pets?" Ye Qingzi asked.

    "No but as far as I know, the demon spirit we are looking for wants to help other emperor-level demon spirits escape from this city. I think it will appear here, and this emperor-level demon spirit of this lady will  The emperor-level demon spirits have a lot to do with it." Lin Li continued.

    "That's your business. If there's nothing else, I'll leave first." Ye Qingzi said.

    Ye Qingzi didn't need their consent at all, so she passed by these three people and walked towards the Xiao Mansion.

    The three of them all followed Ye Qingzi, and a hint of jealousy could be seen in their eyes.

    The value of an emperor-level demon spirit is already very close to that of a mid-level master. This woman at such a young age actually owns an emperor-level demon spirit, and it is still a pet. How can she not be jealous.

    "Xiao Leng, we are going to continue the search. I hope you won't make it difficult for us." Lin Li said.

    "You can do whatever you want, but don't disturb my family."


    After Ye Qingzi left the front hall and saw that no one was following her, she immediately returned to the ice room.

    Walking into the ice room, Chu Mu, Bai Yu, Mu Qingyi and Princess Mononoke were half suspended from the ground.

    "They were able to detect the demon spirits that had signed a soul contract. They have now continued to search other people in the Xiao Mansion. It should be difficult for the little princess to escape here." Ye Qingzi said.

    Since the dominant demon spirit signed a soul contract with Princess Jinrou and allowed Princess Jinrou to be resurrected in ghost form carrying memories and thoughts, of course they cannot let the dominant demon spirit be taken away.

    Originally, it shouldn¡¯t be too difficult for Chu Mu and Bai Yu to deal with Lin Li, Wan Meng, and Bai Yu.  But now there is an additional Wu Zhenjiangtong, which makes things even more difficult. If he can be named the Jiangtong, his strength must be very strong, and Chu Mu is not completely confident that he can defeat him.

    "What now?" Mu Qingyi looked at Chu Mu.

    ?The guys have obviously touched the web of light, but there is no binding of light. This is somewhat inconsistent with the previous situation where the demon spirits encountered the web of light.

    Mr. Li is also a qualified teacher who teaches and resolves doubts. He knew that Chu Mu had doubts in his heart, so he explained: "Not every position in the formation diagram has power. This kind of position without power is called the eye of the formation."  , the eye of the formation is generally a place where energy and energy meet, forming a quiet area similar to the eye of a storm. The first thing to do to decipher the formation diagram is to find this kind of eye of the formation."

    "Old civet cat, you really know a lot, but I have some bad news to tell you." Ye Wansheng said.

    "You can't crack it?" Bai Yu frowned.

    "No, breaking the formation depends on a bit of luck, especially this extremely difficult formation. It will be easier to enter this kind of formation, and it will be more difficult to get out. The position I just pressed is indeed the eye of the formation, but once I  If you tear open this formation eye, another small formation will be activated. This small formation is similar to a magic signal and will directly tell the organizer that there is a gap in this position."

    "In other words, we can break through this net of light, but our own position will be exposed immediately. It is a bit hard to say whether we can escape next."

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