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Chapter 697 The world is burned to the ground, Lord Flame of the Seven Sins Fox!

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    A dozen years ago


    "Chu Mu, today we are going to talk about a very noble and powerful soul pet." Chu Tianmang stepped on the pebbles in the river with his bare feet and rolled up trousers.

    Seven-year-old Chu Mu also rolled up his trousers and stepped into the water, but he was shorter, and the river water was almost up to his thighs.

    "What kind of soul pet is it? Is it very powerful? Can I get it?" There was a bit of stubbornness on Chu Mu's immature face, as if he was determined not to be washed away by the river.

    As a result, he stepped on a slippery pebble and fell into the water.

    Seeing that he was about to be washed away by the river, Chu Tianmang reached into the water with his big hand and lifted the soaked Chu Mu out of the water. Looking at his unwilling look, he burst out laughing.  .

    "They are creatures being punished. You are so small now that you can't even withstand the impact of the river water. How can you get it? They can blow you to the sky with just a sneeze." Chu Tianmang smiled and put the wet Chu Mu on the  Behind him, he was carrying Chu Mu as he walked forward along the countercurrent of the river.

    "Creatures being punished, why?" Chu Mu asked doubtfully.

    "Their birth is a sin." Chu Tianmang said with a smile.

    "Is birth a sin?" Chu Mu was even more puzzled. Isn't birth a new reincarnation of life? Why is it said to be a sin?

    Even if they committed sins in their previous lives, shouldn¡¯t all their sins have disappeared after their new life?

    "All life must follow the laws of nature, and there is a strict hierarchy to restrain the life of each class. But they are too powerful, and their birth may lead to a disaster." Chu Tianmang said.

    Chu Mu lay on Chu Tianmang¡¯s back and stared, obviously he had become very interested.

    "In ancient legends, there are seven sins in life. Many highly intelligent races and beings are easily tempted by the source of sin. If any source of sin appears, there will be endless battles. If there is a battle, there will be death, especially for a huge race.  At that time, blood flowed like rivers, and the sky and earth were dark"

    ¡°And among the corpses everywhere, the rivers of blood, and the endless ruins, there will always be a noble fox king, looking at this dilapidated life world with indifference

    "This Lord Fox is the source of all this being burned down. He has brought disaster."

    Chu Mu rested his chin on Chu Tianmang's broad shoulder, blinked his eyes, and thought for a long time before speaking: "Are they ominous disaster creatures? The fights between races should be attributed to the conflicts within their races. Why should the crimes be blamed?"  Did it fall on this fox-lord?"

    "Haha, this is the eighth sin of life. They never face their own problems. You are right. This fox is not the source of sin, but it will appear every time the disaster ends. No one  Know why they appear"

    "Don't you know either?" Chu Mu asked.

    Chu Tianmang smiled and shook his head, and continued: "In ancient times, people foolishly blamed all sins on them, so they are guilty. People even activated powerful seals to seal the power of these seven fox kings  , for them to atone for the disaster they caused, it will take a thousand generations to pay off"

    "A thousand generations, Lord Fox's lifespan must be much longer than that of humans. How many years will it take?" Chu Mu said in surprise.

    "Yes, these seven kinds of fox kings are still atoning for their sins" Chu Tianmang sighed with emotion and continued, "However, even if they are atoning for their sins, even if their power is sealed, they are still very powerful!"

    "Is it more powerful than the Wind-falling Dragon you said last time?" Chu Mu asked.

    "Falling Wind Dragon" When he heard this name, Chu Tianmang suddenly became a little distracted.

    After smiling bitterly, Chu Tianmang said seriously: "Qiang! Although they are both monarchs, they are stronger than the Fallen Wind Dragon. They are well-deserved monarchs! Even if they are atonement, they still have the power to destroy the world.  strength!"

    Chu Mu held Chu Tianmang¡¯s shoulders tightly, and couldn¡¯t wait to learn from Chu Tianmang about this powerful life of atonement!

    Chu Tianmang smiled peacefully and said: "Remember, they are called seven sin foxes! Seven different abilities, carrying seven original sins."

    "Seven Sins Fox!!" When Chu Mu heard this name, he felt his heart was touched. At this time, he really wanted to see the noble appearance of the Seven Sins Fox.

    "The Seven Sins Fox has different names. Only one of them is recorded in the ancient pet book. Its name is - The Fallen Lord Yan of the Seven Sins Fox!"Chu Mu, whose attention was completely focused on Mo Xie, did not notice that when this drop of tear fell, it caused strange ripples in the air and disappeared inexplicably

    And in the special small bottle that Chu Mu kept in the space ring, the amount of Monument Cry increased slightly.

    In fact, Chu Mu has never noticed that the tears on the monument are slowly increasing. Every time Chu Mu's soul and the soul pet's soul are touched, there is an increase.

    ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? When the White Devil became a high monarch, when Zhan Ye was sitting on the mountain of corpses the tears on the monument were quietly adding to the tears of the soul.

    But this time, when Mo Xie¡¯s race changed and he became one of the Seven Sin Foxes, the increase in Beiwei was the largest ever!  !

    (Xiaoyu spent four hours writing this chapter. After writing and revising it, I can barely publish it now Xiaoyu is indeed working hard to make Chongmei more exciting. I hope everyone  Give me more support and encouragement. "Chong Mei" is still hovering around 60. Xiaoyu is not complaining about this ranking, he is just unwilling so Xiaoyu will work harder~~~~~~~~~~~  ~

    ??Also please vote for Xiaoyu and Moye, the Seven Sins Fox, with your monthly votes!  !  !  !  !  ) (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to Qidian ( to vote for recommendations and monthly votes. Your support is my biggest motivation.) (Remember the website address: www.hlnovel.  com
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