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Chapter 696 The battle between the three main pets

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    Within the sealed space

    Xia Guanghan stood there, his whole body wrapped in a cold air. You could see the pale skin on his face trembling, and his eyes revealed a strong anger!

    "You are crazy. If you open the seal, hundreds of carved stone guards will pour in. How can you deal with it?" Qin Ye said angrily when he saw Xia Guanghan making such an inexplicable move!

    Xia Guanghan is indeed trying to open the seal. He can ignore Chu Mu's life and death, but the Nine-tailed Flame Fox is what he wants to get with all his heart!

    "Isn't it just a perfect leader-level nine-tailed flame fox? You can buy it for just a little money. Even if it is special, is it more valuable than the White Nightmare and the war beast Mo?" Qin Ye said.

    "What do you know!" Xia Guanghan was in a bad mood, and his words were not polite at all.

    Qin Ye didn¡¯t know at all that it was a soul pet that had continuously mutated. This soul pet should have fallen into Xia Guanghan¡¯s hands now, but he never thought that it was the only one that didn¡¯t fall into the trap!  !

    This result immediately made Xia Guanghan feel dizzy and almost drove him crazy!  !

    His eyes swept across the three of them coldly, and his eyes became vicious and vicious!

    ¡°You all go to hell!!¡±

    The Nine Nether Demonic Flames sprang up from Xia Guanghan's body, and the cold air suddenly enveloped the entire narrow sealed space. Its momentum completely overwhelmed the White Devil and the White Devil Princess!

    This is a White Nightmare with an intermediate Nine Nether Demon Flame!  !

    Xia Guanghan's face was ferocious, and his anger was burning like the Nine Nether Demon Flame!  !

    Finally, the White Nightmare appeared. It was a peak monarch-level tenth-level White Nightmare!

    "The Peak Monarch!!!"

    Ye Qingzi, Ye Wansheng, and Princess Jinrou looked horrified. It was already very difficult for them to deal with high-level monarch-level soul pets, let alone the peak monarch-level White Nightmare!  !


    The white devil standing next to Ye Qingzi suddenly let out a shrill cry!


    The white devil's arrogance slowly increased. Even though he was only a high-level monarch, facing Xia Guanghan's peak monarch-level white nightmare, the white devil had a strong aura of violence and stared at this fellow creature with strange eyes.  The soul pet shows no weakness at all!  !  !

    "Little bastard, you can survive thanks to me, Xia Guanghan. Now you want to make a mistake in front of me?" Xia Guanghan stared at the white devil and said with disdain and boredom.

    After finishing speaking, Xia Guanghan issued an attack order to his White Nightmare!

    The intermediate level Nine Nether Demonic Flames are more powerful than the White Devil's Nine Nether Demonic Flames. The soul-burning power cannot stop them from penetrating into the soul even if it has defense.

    The intermediate Nine Nether Demonic Flames are darker than the low-level Nine Nether Demonic Flames of the White Devil. When these two kinds of demonic flames collide in the sealed space, you can clearly feel that the White Devil's demonic flames are suppressed by a certain amount.

    And soon, the intermediate Nine Nether Demonic Flames passed through the white devil's body, burning the white devil's arm and leaving a darker mark on it.

    The white devil has no scruples. It keeps turning the resentment in its body into its own strength to enhance its own strength!


    Seeing that Xia Guanghan had stood up, Qin Ye quickly locked his eyes on Zhan Ye, who was covered in black, and a smile appeared on his face.

    From the look in Zhan Ye¡¯s eyes, Qin Ye could see the challenging meaning of this soul pet. It was obvious that this Zhan was also challenging himself, the royal Mo Ye who challenged him!

    "You still want to have a contest? Anyway, I have plenty of time to help you. I hope you don't disappoint me. If you do, your life will not be saved." Qin Ye also recited a spell!

    Dark aura began to fill the air, and this energy was even stronger than the dark aura of some soul pets from the elemental world. If it weren't for the beast-type soul covenant on the summoning pattern, anyone who saw this dark power would think that Qin Ye  The summoned one will be a dark elemental soul pet!

    Among the soul pet patterns, a more majestic war beast Mo Ye slowly appeared. The armor of this royal Mo Ye was more shiny and black. Standing in front of Zhan Ye, the difference in appearance between the two was very obvious.  Got it!

    "The royal family Mo Ye is mighty and strong, and his armor is extremely black. Such a soul pet obviously has a naturally good bloodline."The special lineage of Fate Law does not allow it to die in such a humble way!  !

    "Moye, racial mutation!! Let these enemies who want to kill us pay with their lives!!!!"

    Only when facing an enemy that is impossible to defeat will the mutated blood in Mo Xie's body boil.

    Originally, Chu Mu planned to let Mo Xie deal with the blood beasts in the blood beast altar alone, so that Mo Xie could change in this battle and reach the level of a quasi-emperor.

    What he is facing now is an enemy that is a hundred times more powerful. Although he knows that even Mo Xie's mutation will be difficult to defeat them, Chu Mu will not despair because of this. He can step into the quasi-emperor and let countless monarchs bury him and Mo Xie together.  ,enough!

    The Nine Nether Demonic Flames on Chu Mu's body turned into a ring of demonic flames, with Chu Mu as the center, and spread out in all directions!

    There are hundreds of carved stone guards around, scattered on each of them. Chu Mu's Nine Nether Demonic Flames can't hurt them at all, but this ring of demonic flames can make these carved stone guards temporarily blind!


    Mo Xie, who was covered in blood, raised his head arrogantly at the moment when the pale demonic flames swept over him, and let out a fox cry from the depths of his soul towards the black sky!  !

    "Ohh Ohh ohh!!!!!!!!"

    This soul-trembling voice echoed over the black immortal city for a long time, as if it had some kind of evil power. When the voice penetrated into the low sky, the sky suddenly became strangely distorted!  !


    Chu Mu¡¯s soul is rapidly sublimating. This is the sign before Mo Xie¡¯s race changes!  !  !


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