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Chapter 539 Strength, Spirituality, Wisdom

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    The Wind-Binding Spirit let out a painful groan, and its limbs and body twitched obviously.

    Suddenly, a burst of black chaotic wind swirled around, transforming into countless black wind sickles, waving in all directions towards the wind-binding spirit!  !

    Mo Xie's long silver tail was continuously cut off by the wind sickle. Just when he was about to cut off the tail of Mo Xie's body, Mo Xie very decisively loosened the binding of the Wind Binding Spirit and jumped several times in a row to get out of the attack range.  Jump out.

    ¡°Swish, swish, swish!!!!¡±

    Mo Xie was too slow to dodge, and the black Chaos Wind Scythe sliced ??open Mo Xie's body, leaving three distinct bloody traces on Mo Xie's body.


    The Wind-Binding Spirit stood up staggeringly, and its clear eyes were now covered with a layer of black chaotic wind. This change made people feel a kind of dark coldness and anger.

    Chu Mu stared at the somewhat swaying wind-binding spirit, secretly surprised at the defense and perseverance of this soul pet.

    Mo Xie¡¯s Wusu Flame Fox is an eighth-level soul skill. Although it is a single-target attack skill, its power can definitely reach level nine under the moonlight effect.

    This kind of attack would severely break several bones and muscles even if it was Shen Yicheng's strong Bloody Abyssal Beast that was bound up.

    The Wind-Binding Spirit is so petite, and in Chu Mu's opinion, it has unparalleled wind control capabilities and a movement speed comparable to that of a demon spirit, so its defense must have certain shortcomings.

    However, judging from the appearance of the Wind-Binding Spirit at this time, the Wind-Binding Spirit has not directly lost its combat effectiveness. On the contrary, its fighting will is even stronger. It wants to fight Mo Xie to the end!


    Moye raised his head and let out a long cry. At this time, a shadow slowly drifted from the edge of the battlefield, unknowingly covering the entire battlefield and making it darker.

    "Wuwuwu~~~~~" Mo Xie let out a complaint. The cover of dark clouds meant the disappearance of the moonlight. Without the moonlight, Mo Xie's strength would drop by several percent.

    Chu Mu raised his head and glanced at the dark clouds that appeared inexplicably, and sighed helplessly. Sure enough, something unexpected happened. Without the moonlight, Mo Xie's combat power returned to the lower monarch. This situation was very unfavorable for Mo Xie.  .


    Wind-binding spirit seemed to feel that the enemy's strength was weakened by the disappearance of the moonlight, and immediately let out a long groan, controlled the cold wind, and began to launch a series of wind-based skill attacks on Mo Xie.

    Mo Xie's dodge ability and speed decreased accordingly, but Wind-Binding Spirit's wind skills would not be reduced due to the injuries on its body. The endless black chaotic wind swept past, and Mo Xie's body gradually gained a lot of energy.  The wound, the silver hair was dyed with bright red blood, contrasting with the burning crown flame around the body.

    "The situation is very pessimistic" Ye Wansheng shook his head.

    "This wind-binding spirit belongs to a relatively strong category among mid-level monarchs. Chu Mu's Mo Xie's combat control has surpassed that of ordinary soul pets. If it were replaced by another soul pet of this stage and level, I am afraid that the combo attack would reach the wind-binding spirit."  Fengling doesn't even have a chance." Ye Qingzi finally expressed his opinion.

    "Chu Mu's nine-tailed flame fox needs moonlight. If it loses moonlight, wouldn't it mean that it has no chance of winning?" Chu Ning said.

    This series of attacks by Wind Binding Spirit in the later stage caused very direct damage to Moye, and Moye suffered more and more wounds. If this continues, Moxie's combat effectiveness will definitely be affected to a certain extent due to these injuries and the loss of blood.  .

    Ye Qingzi shook her head and said softly: "I have never seen Chu Mu's Mo Xie lose to a soul pet whose strength is within one level of difference when his attributes are incompatible."

    "This fox can compete with the Zhan Ting Wu Beast. One day, it will be released so that the Zhan Ting Wu Beast and the fox can develop fighting feelings." Ye Wansheng said.


    Dodging, getting injured, and over and over again, the Wind-Binding Spirit once again completed the realm of wind. This time, the Wind-Binding Spirit did not give Mo Xie any chance to get close to it. Mo Xie could only run across the entire battlefield

    Judging from the battle situation, after losing the moonlight, Moye was passively beaten from beginning to end, without using any attack skills.

    However, Mo Xie's silver eyes were not distracted at all. No matter how many scars he suffered now, no matter how little chance he could find in the current battle, his eyes were focused on the Wind Binding Spirit from the beginning to the end.  Calm and wise.

    Moye's battle is a combination of strength, spirituality, and wisdom. This is the first step from Moye to a first-level Moonlight Fox.From the beginning, to now, the eight-stage high-level nine-tailed flame fox has gradually developed the most perfect fighting method during the entire process of growth, transformation and transformation!

    Precisely because of this kind of fighting ability, Moye can be invincible even with the same strength!

    The eighth-level high-level monarch wind-binding spirit possesses the powerful power of wind and the spirituality of harmonious demon spirits, but that's all. It lacks combat wisdom. Even if Chu Mu does not command Mo Xie to fight, Mo Xie will get along with Chu Mu.  The subtlety of the process will also be higher than that of the Wind Binding Spirit.

    The manifestation of combat wisdom lies in Mo Xie's current state. No matter he is at an advantage or disadvantage, he must be able to remain calm and collected at all times.

    Even though Wind Binding Spirit's wind field is powerful, it will eventually reveal its flaws, especially after it has withstood such a strong attack from Mo Xie Wusu Flame Fox. It is impossible for it to be as invulnerable as before. What is needed most at this time  Just when the Wind-Binding Spirit shows a slight flaw, give it a fatal blow and end the battle completely!

    Chu Mu did not have any command over Mo Xie. In fact, Chu Mu had already seen several flaws that could break through the Wind-Binding Spirit's defense, but Chu Mu believed that Mo Xie would be able to discover them too!

    Suddenly, a smile appeared on Chu Mu¡¯s face.


    At the same time, Moye let out a cry, and in the harsh wind of chaos, its silver crown flame body burst out instantly, and disappeared in the blink of an eye


    Two streams of bright red blood splashed inexplicably in the black chaotic wind. This was the blood on Mo Xie's body, but this injury was nothing to the victory of this battle!

    Phantom!  !

    Having passed through the field of wind at the cost of minor injuries, Moye's figure quickly transformed into five!

    The strong wind was raging, and three of the five shadows that Mo Xie had just transformed into were quickly torn into pieces by the wind-binding wind, but Mo Xie's true body was not hit.

    Crown Flame Claw!  !

    The red color and the bright red color are intertwined. Mo Xie's spiritual and powerful body passed through countless attacks from the Wind Scythe. The claw blade broke the air and passed through the Wind Binding Spirit's body!

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