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Chapter 538 Mo Xie VS Wind Binding Spirit (Part 2)

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    Mo Xie stood there calmly, his silver eyes glowing with the demonic light of a nine-tailed fox, letting the violent wind released by the wind-binding spirit blow against its body.

    The silver hair was blowing wantonly in the strong wind, and the evil aura on Mo Xie's body was invisible when he was still. It collided with the monarch's wind aura of the wind-binding spirit, making the entire battlefield filled with messy demons.  gas.

    "Mo Xie, attack with death!" Chu Mu said.

    The most critical factor in fighting a wind-type soul pet is distance. Although the wind-binding spirit has strong melee capabilities, if you want to truly defeat the wind-binding spirit, you still have to get close to it. Otherwise, no matter how strong Mo Xie is, he will not be able to reach this far.  The opponent of the war monarch.

    "Whoosh!!!" Moye's silver figure disappeared instantly, and its movement trajectory could be vaguely seen in the black chaotic wind.

    The anger of the wind-binding spirit gradually turned into a terrifying chaotic wind storm. The extremely solid battlefield ground frequently showed traces of these chaotic winds. Mo Xie dodged in front of this group of monarch soul pets who perfectly combined attack and long-range attack.  It's very difficult to get close


    The powerful hurricane formed a huge arc with a height of nearly 100 meters, forming a hurricane wind wall that was almost impossible to overcome. No matter how fast Moye was, he could not reach the distance where he could attack the wind-binding spirit.

    At this distance, any wind skill of Wind Binding Spirit can pose a threat to Mo Xie. Mo Xie can only rely on his own speed to continuously move within a 70-meter radius of Wind Binding Spirit.

    The strong wind was raging, and all kinds of wind skills swept across. There was almost no calm area between Mo Xie and Wind Binding Spirit. This powerful wind attack could not find any breakthrough no matter how fast it was.

    The lethality of high-level chaotic wind is very strong. The four people on the seats looked at the wind-binding spirit who was constantly using wind skills. From their point of view, the wind-binding spirit completely had its own chaotic wind domain. In this area,  In the domain, no creature can even get close to it, but it can move freely in this windy land and attack the targets it locks at will.

    "The power of almost every wind skill reaches level eight. With such intensive attacks, even a huge army of soul pets cannot get close to the wind-binding spirit. Mid-level monarch-level wind soul pets are so overbearing.  !!¡±

    "Chu Mu's Mo Xie is fast enough, but the wind domain of Binding Wind Spirit is almost impeccable, and there are no flaws in the connection of skills. A truly powerful wind soul pet is almost invincible once it establishes a foothold!  "


    "Mo Xie, Nine-Tailed Fan!!" Chu Mu said.

    Finally, Chu Mu found a small gap between the two fierce hurricanes. Chu Mu had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time, and immediately let Mo Xie use the fastest dodge skills.

    Mo Xie¡¯s nine silver tails rolled up in the chaotic wind. In the psychedelic state, Mo Xie¡¯s body disappeared under the tail, like an illusory image

    Between the extremely small gap between the two hurricanes, a soft figure can be clearly seen passing through the edge of the hurricane and appearing behind the two hurricanes almost instantly.

    "Passed through!!" Chu Ning immediately shouted excitedly. To deal with this kind of soul pet from the elemental world, as long as he can pass through the series of long-range skills it has arranged, he has absolute hope of getting close to the wind-binding spirit and fighting against the wind-binding spirit.  The wind spirit deals fatal attacks.

    "The Wind Binding Spirit shouldn't be a static soul pet, right?" Ye Qingzi said.

    "Don't all soul pets in the elemental world move very slowly?" Chu Ning asked.

    Anyone with common knowledge about soul pets knows that the truly terrifying thing about soul pets in the elemental world is the powerful lethality of their long-range skills. As long as they are given enough distance, even soul pets with higher strength will be defeated by their violent skills.  Beaten and bruised all over.

    The skills of these soul pets are highly lethal, but they also have a fatal weakness, that is, their melee capabilities are extremely poor, because they do not have enough time to chant spells at close range, let alone use any skills that pose a threat to the enemy.

    According to Chu Ning¡¯s understanding, as long as Chu Mu¡¯s Mo Xie breaks through the Wind Binding Spirit¡¯s domain and launches a series of attacks on the Wind Binding Spirit, the battle will be almost over.

    In the past, Chu Mu also had this understanding of soul pets in the elemental world, but after seeing the battle between the wind-binding spirit and the Linyin beast, his ideological realm improved a lot.

    As soul pets of a high racial level such as the intermediate monarch level, the reason why they can stand at the high end of the soul pet circle is precisely because they are born with powerful attributes and abilities, and it is almost impossible to find their weaknesses!

    "Binding Wind Spirit is a wind soul pet,"Fifteen tails tied the Wind Binding Spirit and dragged the Wind Binding Spirit to the ground.


    The five nine-tailed flaming foxes were like five silvery cold sculptures. They fell heavily to the ground, and the flames on their bodies suddenly shot up, with a majestic and domineering momentum!  !  !


    Forty-five tails are pulling outwards fiercely. Although the Wind-Binding Spirit has no bones, the skill of the five foxes to dismember the body is extremely damaging to a delicate Wind-Binding Spirit like Bing Feng!

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