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Text Chapter 5133 Finale Return to China

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    Wang Xiaorong couldn't say a word, she just kept crying.  Such a separation is indeed difficult to let go of. This is the first time in Wang Xiaorong's life that she really plans to leave the Demon Soul Sect, and she feels unspeakably uncomfortable.  In Qiaoyuan District, the Feng family finally compromised after being hit second only to the wolf, and the real Feng family moved out of City A, so Xue Jing felt that Qiaoyuan District was at peace.  The gate of Qiaoyuan District was surrounded by people. This was arranged by Hou Jinshun. When Guan Yu was away for such a long time, he was the one who used people to protect Qiaoyuan District.  Although Qiaoyuan District is like a prison, this is for their safety, so this is the only way. However, for everyone's safety, this is a last resort.  Zhang Han, Lu Mei and others were still playing games in the room as always. Amei and Xue Jing were preparing lunch in the kitchen. They spent their days like this every day. Although it was boring, they had one thought in their hearts to support them.  That is to hope that Guan Yu can come back soon.  "Finally back! My hometown." Guan Yu looked at the high-rise buildings in front of him and the various large and small cars on the flat road. Guan Yu breathed a long sigh of relief.  Looking at all the familiar things in front of him, Guan Yu suddenly felt very relaxed.  However, Wang Xiaorong and Qiqi were dumbfounded.  Seeing the expressions of these two people, second only to the wolf, he said: "You two are surprised by more than this, so no matter what you see or find, don't be surprised. This is another world." "These things can escape."  So fast!" Qiqi said, pointing to the car on the road.  Guan Yu and others were already standing on the streets of Qiaoyuan District at this moment. After restoring the peak strength of the World Master, Guan Yu directly opened the space crack and walked out directly from Yunqingmen and arrived here.  Save yourself those long walks.  "The screams of these monsters are so unpleasant." Wang Xiaorong said. The monster she mentioned was a car, and the screams were of course the car's horn.  Guan Yu smiled slightly, turned around and said, "This is my home." Seeing that there were more than ten people guarding the door, Guan Yu nodded with satisfaction.  Guan Yu is very satisfied with the fact that he can send people to guard this place all the time.  Although there were a few people at the door who didn¡¯t know Guan Yu, they all knew Second Wolf. When these people were about to report to the people inside the house, Guan Yu waved to stop them.  Amei and Xue Jing were sitting in the kitchen having lunch. They didn't know that at this time, someone came in from outside. The automatic doorbell and the fully automatic face recognition glass door opened and made a sound.  Of course, the door was opened after scanning Guan Yu's face. Xue Jing originally thought that the girl was tired from playing games and was going to play in the yard. She accidentally saw the surveillance screen hanging on the wall, and a message suddenly appeared on it.  A human face.  The plate in Xue Jing's hand instantly fell to the carpet at her feet. She was stunned looking at the screen. Amei realized something was wrong and turned around and asked, "What's wrong with you? The plates have all fallen."  "When A-Mei was about to bend down to pick up the plate on the floor, Xue Jing grabbed A-Mei's shoulders, pointed to the screen hanging on the wall with a trembling finger, and said, "A-Mei, look who that person is, am I dazzled?  "A-Mei turned around casually and was stunned. After a while, she shouted loudly: "Guan Yu! It's Guan Yu who's back!" Xue Jing couldn't help but cry.  The two of them hugged each other and cried, but Xue Jing was still a little calmer. She pulled Amei and ran out while crying.  Turning around the kitchen, she suddenly saw Guan Yu standing at the door. Xue Jing and A Mei were so excited that they couldn't help crying. Guan Yu saw the two of them crying like this, and his eyes were a little wet, "I'll be back.  "With Guan Yu's faint words, Xue Jing and A Mei collapsed completely. They ran over and threw themselves into Guan Yu's arms. They burst into tears. This kind of crying was not really painful, but happy.  , as if the treasure that had been lost for many years was finally found, and the inner joy can only be replaced by crying.  People in the room upstairs also ran out one after another. Everyone had tears on their faces and they were crying.  Guan Yu smiled and said: "Okay, don't cry. Don't you invite me to come in and sit down when I'm back?" After several girls had cried enough, they finally managed to calm down their emotions. At this time,  Noticed the two girls behind Guan Yu.  Come on, you know who these two people are without asking. According to Guan Yu¡¯s character, it¡¯s an eye-opener for God to only bring two back after being out for such a long time.  "Are you just bringing two back?" Xue Jing said deliberately, and she also looked behind her to see if it was the door.There should be two more standing, or at least four.  Guan Yu smiled bitterly and said, "Stop making trouble and invite everyone in quickly." Wang Xiaorong and Qiqi were directly filtered out by everyone. Several girls began to work separately, Lu Mei and Zhang Han  After pulling Guan Yu to sit down, Amei and Xue Jing hurriedly went to the kitchen to buy fruits, and some of them beat Guan Yu's back and legs. Anyway, no one was idle.  It seems that as long as Guan Yu comes back, bringing back a few women is no longer the most important thing.  Of course, the second best person is not polite here. After sitting down, he directly took the drink on the coffee table and drank it with a comfortable look on his face.  "It's true that good wine doesn't enjoy such treatment. It's better to be at home." Guan Yu waved and said: "You two, stop standing around and come sit down. I'll introduce you to each other. We will be a family from now on."  "Looking at Guan Yu's clothes, and then at Wang Xiaorong and Qiqi, Lu Mei asked curiously: "Guan Yu, are you going to film a costume drama? And why are you dressed like this?  Come back, are you too intolerant? " "It's a long story. It's God's blessing that I can come back."  Qiqi stood aside and looked at all this in surprise. Neither she nor Wang Xiaorong moved. They were too unfamiliar with the situation here. Both the people and things were very strange and felt very uncomfortable. Except for Guan Yu  , everything is seen for the first time in my life.  Moreover, several women were chattering around Guan Yu, which also confused the two women who had just arrived. Qiqi turned to Wang Xiaorong and whispered to Wang Xiaorong: "Sister Xiaorong, are we in the land of daughters?  ?¡± ¡°I¡¯m confused too,¡± Wang Xiaorong said.  There are two more girls in Qiaoyuan District. They are very unfamiliar here and need to learn many things again. Everyone gets along very harmoniously and enjoys themselves.
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