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Chapter 4861 Arrogant

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    Sure enough, Guan Yu's guess was correct. The person Duan Ruxue mentioned was probably someone from Huaxia. Guan Yu had always been certain of this idea.  Here, in fact, this is not the first time Guan Yu has encountered such a situation, nor is it the first time he has encountered something related to China. I still remember one time before, when I went out with Wang Jun, in an inn,  I also saw Hua Xia.  The design and decoration of that inn, and even the way of picking up guests are very similar to those of Huaxia. Guan Yu did not find the owner of that inn in the end, but Guan Yu believed that he must also be a Chinese.  "If there is a chance, I would really like to meet your master." Guan Yu said: "I am very interested in this master's craftsmanship and design." "This is no problem, if Mr. Wan Hong has time.  , you can go to my house to find me, and I will introduce you to you then," Duan Ruxue said very cheerfully.  Jiang Xin looked at Guan Yu curiously from the side, not knowing whether this guy was sincere or fake, so she asked: "Master Wan Hong, why are you suddenly interested in a tailor master? Are you listening?  He said that the tailor master is a woman, so you have feelings? Hahaha, I think it must be true. "This is just a joke. Of course Guan Yu will not be angry, and joked: "Jiang Da.  The lady is really good at joking. I have never seen a tailor, even a beautiful woman. Besides, even if I want to be thoughtful, if Miss Duan, who is so beautiful and beautiful, is standing here, I will be thoughtful.  , It¡¯s not like he went past Miss Duan to find a tailor. " Guan Yu was straightforward and compared Miss Duan with the tailor. That means that even if he wants to be interested in a woman, Duan Ruxue.  Just standing here, if you want to find a woman, you can find it in front of you, so why bother to find a tailor.  When Guan Yu said this, he still made Duan Ruxue feel embarrassed. He didn't know why, but suddenly his face turned red, he lowered his head and stopped talking. He thought to himself, this Young Master Wan Hong is really good at joking.  .  Jiang Xin said: "Hehehe, Mr. Wanhong is right. I'm afraid there is no one in Kyoto who can match Ruxue's beauty." Guan Yu left a message and looked at Duan Ruxue's appearance.  He looked shy, but he didn't say much. After all, Wang Xiaorong and Qiqi were still there. At this time, Guan Yu was not the time to flirt with girls.  "That's natural. Miss Duan's beauty is like a rare thing in the world. I know that my status is low and I can't compare with Miss Duan. So Miss Jiang should not make such jokes casually.  , lest others misunderstand and delay Miss Duan," Guan Yu said seriously.  Duan Ruxue lowered her head and rolled her eyes around, as if she was thinking about something. Chu Fan interrupted and said, "That's natural. Brother Wan Hong is a broad man, with a mind as big as the ocean, and he has already become beautiful.  The confidante is right over there. It can be seen from these two confidants that Brother Wan Hong is very blessed, and there is no one else in his eyes. " Guan Yu was depressed. Chu Fan is really not a good person.  To be honest, is it interesting to expose his old background at this time? However, Guan Yu did not quibble with anything. After all, what Chu Fan said was also true. Here, Guan Yu indeed already has a woman, and he would go out to flirt with women.  If so, it would seem a bit outrageous, and if so, it won't be long before Guan Yu's reputation in Kyoto is no better than Tang Muchen's.  Hearing Chu Fan's words, Duan Ruxue, who had his head lowered, turned and looked not far away, intent on seeing what this so-called Wanhong woman was like.  Next to the banquet table over there, although there were several women of all kinds standing, Duan Ruxue saw two different ones. Qiqi and Wang Xiaorong were circling around the long table. They were already full at the moment.  Because I couldn't eat, my stomach was full.  But they are not far away from giving up these delicious and delicious pastries, so the two of them are having a fist fight. Whoever loses will have to eat a piece of pastry. In this way, they will force their belly.  Duan Ruxue noticed these two different girls from far away. Wang Xiaorong was facing Duan Ruxue at the moment. Duan Ruxue saw this girl at a glance and was sure that she had never seen this woman before.  However, she must be Wanhong's woman.  The appearance of the other party has actually made Duan Ruxue jealous. He feels that his own appearance is not as good as this girl's. It can be said that he is inferior to her. The other party's face and body shape are better than hers. He didn't expect this.  Mr. Hong is really amazing.  Such a woman can also help Mr. Wan Hong.After getting married, I believe that Mr. Wan Hong must be as he guessed, and it is definitely not as simple as it seems on the surface.  As for the petite girl next to her, although Duan Ruxue didn't realize that she was also Guan Yu's woman, she knew that she was also an absolute beauty. Some of the tenderness on her face had not yet been removed, and she still had a trace of it.  A little confused, but she will definitely be a beautiful woman in the future, Duan Ruxue thought with certainty.  Duan Ruxue turned her head back and glanced at Wan Hong, feeling filled with emotion. Just now she knew that she was still blushing and shy, but now she knew that the other party already had such a beautiful woman. It felt like it was too late to meet her.  , Duan Ruxue felt that if she could find some more people who knew Wanhong, maybe she would have become Wanhong's woman by now.  Duan Ruxue shook her head vigorously. She didn't know what was wrong with her. She was just thinking about some random things. It was so rude. She had never been like this before. I really didn't know what happened today.  Why.  When I met Wan Hong for the first time, I felt something was different. Although the clothes on the other person were not very expensive and gorgeous, it seemed that the other person was standing there casually with a look on his face.  A faint smile, but it gives people such a noble dignity.  Duan Ruxue can feel that, yes, it is the kind of innate nobility. This kind of temperament cannot be faked. It is exuded from the inside out. This kind of temperament cannot be learned, so Duan Ruxue  Xue believes that in this Kyoto, this Wanhong's future will be extraordinary.
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