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Volume 9 HP Third Grade Chapter 79 There are many chores in Manqing Courtyard

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    The place where Wang Bo entertained guests was the "Tingliu Pavilion" behind the main hall of Manqing Courtyard.  It is composed of four three-story buildings in the southeast, northwest and northwest, enclosing a 50-foot-wide garden in the middle.  There are more than ten wing rooms on each floor of the Chonglou. The side facing the garden has a window to separate the terrace, so that people in the wing rooms can have an unobstructed view of the central garden.  Compared with the buildings in the south, the Manqing Courtyard is obviously superior in scale, luxury and magnificence.  It is especially different from the elegant, simple, exquisite and beautiful residences in the Jiangnan area.  "Tingliu Pavilion" fully reflects the combination and application of "separation" and "penetration".  It gives full play to a huge, tight and closed feeling of reality and reality.  Although the building is the main body, the central garden is actually the soul, combining the inside and outside spaces into a whole, using limited space to create infinite artistic conception.  There are connected half-corridors on the side of the double tower facing the central garden, which not only enhances the sense of space in the central garden, but also further connects the four double towers together.  There is a large fish pond at the core of the garden, which adds exciting vitality to the space.  The open space around the pool is filled with verdant green grass and artificial streams, which are formed by gravel paths around the pool. From a height, you can see the pleasing pattern formed by the paths and green grass.  When the path reaches the stream, it forms a small arched bridge, making the entire landscape never monotonous.  Whether there is a performance or a duel in the garden, people in the wing rooms on all four sides can watch it at the same time.  It can be seen that Wang Bo really knows how to choose a place.  Lin An and others went out relatively late, and it was already dark by the time they went out.  Knowing that these celebrity gatherings basically don't care about food, Lin An took Ah Qing and ate something hard on the road.  When we arrived at Manqingyuan, each wing of the four triple-layered pavilions was brightly lit, and palace lanterns were hung every few steps along the half-corridor surrounding the garden, making the entire central garden as bright as day. With the noisy voices of people, the atmosphere was hot and boiling.  .  Lin An is now a celebrity after all. The name of Taoist Tiangao is now considered one of the representatives of the Demon Sect. He can teach the same truth, and his martial arts is on the same level as the eight masters of the Demon Sect.  Lin An only brought Ah Qing and two armored men with him this time. Zhao Deyan also had many enemies in the Central Plains, so it was not appropriate to bring him here on such an occasion.  As soon as he entered the backyard, Lin An saw many familiar people.  Ssangyong can cause a lot of trouble wherever it goes, and it seems like something happened this time.  Outside the Shuanglongs in the middle, there were people Lin An knew and Song Yuzhi, who was behind the Shuanglongs, and Dugu Feng, who was already standing on the side.  Shuanglong was confronting a young man. Behind the young man stood two old men. It seemed that his martial arts skills were not weak.  Lin An heard the noise here from a distance, but when he came over, it suddenly became quiet.  Among the few manpower here, the one confronting Shuanglong was Li Mi's son Li Tianfan. It could be said that everyone present had suffered at Lin An's expense.  Seeing him coming, everyone listened and looked at Lin An secretly.  "Hey, what's going on? Are you surrounding the door to welcome me?" Lin An naturally knew what happened. Li Tianfan and Song Yuzhi were engaged, and Kou Zhong and Song Yuzhi didn't know either.  Needless to say, Li Tianfan, who had been cuckolded, couldn't bear it when he saw Song Yuzhi and Kou Zhong together.  As soon as Lin An said these words, Li Tianfan couldn't help it. This guy is a complete second-generation ancestor, and he doesn't even have half of Li Mi's city.  But he also knew that Lin An was not the fault of him, so he curled his lips and pointed the finger at Kou Zhong.  Although Lin An looked to be in his early 20s, almost no one would regard him as a member of the younger generation. Li Tianfan would never provoke Lin An again.  So he set his target on Kou Zhong: "If you don't know the importance of life, you will easily get yourself into trouble!" After saying this, he gave Song Yuzhi a fierce look.  Li Tianfan's words were obviously a threat. How could Kou Zhong be afraid? He was about to fight back when Lin An interrupted: "Oh, it turns out we are fighting for women! Is the little princess of the Song family quite popular? So  Kou Zhong also likes it? "Lin An's mentality is the most typical one of watching the excitement and not taking it too seriously. If there is no conflict, he wants to stir up trouble and create some conflict, not to mention that the two sides are obviously not dealing with it now.  "Master Li and the two Teachers Fu, please give our Manqing Court some face. If you have any issues, please handle them outside the hospital! Master Dichen Sect should stop making trouble. How about just giving some face to a certain person?" a majestic voice said.  Come, although there was a voice, he didn't show up, so I don't know who it is.  Originally he was ready to stop the noise, but at this time Lin An was stirring up trouble again. Seeing that something big was going to happen if he didn't stop it, Wang Bo quickly stepped forward.  Lin An was here to stir up trouble. He would not let go of the opportunity. He would not pay any attention to Wang Bo. He shook his head and said: "What Chishiro said makes sense. Pindao came to see Shang's performance. Just to steal his wife.  You shouldn¡¯t disturb everyone¡¯s enjoyment. Why don¡¯t you two just make an appointment to have a fight?¡± Kou Zhong didn¡¯t intend to follow Lin An¡¯s idea, after all.He and Xu Ziling had suffered a lot from Lin An, and there was no reason to follow Lin An's ideas.  But Li Tianfan was different. The two old men following him were bodyguards sent by Li Mi. Li Tianfan naturally thought that he had an advantage in terms of force, so he directly said: "Okay! As the Taoist priest said, today I will let you go."  Go ahead! Tomorrow at noon in Sanliting outside Luoyang City, I will wait for you to die!" After saying that, he led his men back to the room.  Kou Zhong, who was left behind, gave a wry smile and looked at Lin An and said: "Taoist Master, what do you want to do? Can't you just say no? Now you have been tricked. We can't deal with the double evils of Changbai!" Xu Ziling  He also looked troubled.  It wasn't that they were really afraid of the Changbai twins, but they had their own plans. If Li Tianfan got in the way, their plans would be delayed.  At this time, Kou Zhong had already started to compete for the world, and he also regarded Li Shimin as his biggest competitor. It was natural for the two of them to pay attention to the national jade seal.  If he faced Li Tianfan and suffered any injuries from the Changbai duo, he would be in trouble.  Lin An naturally knew what they were thinking, and curled his lips disdainfully and said: "You don't need to be afraid of those two losers Changbai Shuangjie! Isn't the young lady of the Song family worth taking some risks for you? With this kind of consideration,  Not worthy of Yuzhi! "To deal with men, women are naturally the most suitable ones. Although Song Yuzhi and Kou Zhong always quarreled, they were actually attracted to him.  After hearing what Lin An said, he gave Kou Zhong a hard look and turned away.  Kou Zhong quickly pulled Xu Ziling and chased him.  Lin An happily led Ah Qing and two of his men to his private room. The name of the private room was already attached to the invitation. Even if there was no one to guide him, Lin An had already found his place.  As soon as he entered the room, Lin An closed the door, and the door was pushed open. Dugu Feng walked in angrily, and kept stealing glances at Ah Qing.  "Yo? Isn't this the little phoenix of the Dugu family? Long time no see." Lin An sat down against the railing, looking at the unobstructed view of the dean below, secretly praising Wang Bo for finding a place.  Lin An had indeed expected that Dugu Feng would come to her door. This girl had a bit of a martial arts fanatic temperament, and she was obviously unable to accept being inexplicably defeated by Ah Qing.  Coupled with her extraordinary background and strong martial arts skills, Dugu Feng is somewhat pretentious. The last time she was defeated after drinking, it is likely that she wants to challenge again.  The purpose of Dugufeng's visit was indeed not beyond Lin An's expectation. He ignored Lin An's questions and looked at Ah Qing sitting on the other side and said, "Fight with me!" Ah Qing glanced at her and turned back.  Looking down at the yard, he didn't answer at all.  When it comes to being crazy, Ah Qing is even crazier than Dugu Feng. Having seen Dugu Feng make a move once, Ah Qing can basically know her details. Even Dugu Feng's Biluo Hongchen movement technique, which she only used for a few steps, is in Ah Qing's eyes.  There are no secrets anymore.  Ah Qing had absolutely no interest in doing something like beating a child with Dugu Feng.  "If they were to fight against each other, it would be enough to kill him with one sword. Dugu Feng was really unworthy of sparring with others and being their sparring partner.  Ah Qing's attitude obviously angered Dugu Feng. If he didn't have weapons in his hands, he might have become violent by now.  "Are you looking down on me?" Dugu Feng's tone was cold, obviously she was really angry.  "You can't beat me. It's too boring to fight with you." Ah Qing didn't even look at Dugu Feng, and his tone was extremely calm, but to Dugu Feng's ears, it sounded slowly sarcastic.  Dugu Feng is the only treasure of the Dugu Clan after all. How could she be so angry? Even though she didn¡¯t have a weapon she was good at, she still took action.  She made a mistake and rushed towards Ah Qing. Unfortunately, there were two armored men between her and Ah Qing.  As the number one master of the younger generation of the Dugu Clan, Dugu Feng is also one of the best masters of the younger generation in the entire martial arts world.  Her abilities are not inferior to those of Huanwan and others, but compared to Du Fuwei and Ren Shaoming, who have been transformed into immortal beings and have stronger fighting power than in life, she is still slightly inferior.  Each of the two armored men was a step ahead of Dugu Feng. Even though Bi Luo Hongchen's movement skills were really superb, Dugu Feng still had to stop when he was blocked by two masters in the small box.  Ah Qing, who had looked bored for a long time, was now severely offended by Ah Qing, the proud little phoenix of the Dugu Clan.  Just when Lin An was thinking about how to avoid this female man, an angry shout resounded throughout the Manqing Courtyard. From the sound of the voice, he knew that it was Kou Zhong who was causing trouble again.  "Where is Shangguan Long! Zhu Yuyan picked you to be the undercover agent of the Yingui faction in Luoyang. It should be a while, but you dare to come up immediately and fight to the death!" PS: Today is a holiday after all. Although I don't believe in Jesus, all Western holidays are not suitable for hooking up with girls.  It doesn't make much sense to me, but since it's the holidays, I still have to spend more time coding and reading to comfort my book friends.  2 more are sent, ???Just give me some recommendation votes.  I have been busy for a while, so I will update more!
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