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Text Chapter 603 Beihai Kunyi

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    Chapter 603 "How is that possible!" Listening to what Beihai Rokuro said while crying, Beihai Kunyi and Beihai Dalang, who came here immediately, cried out almost at the same time.  .  Updates so fast.     impossible!  This is what the two of them are thinking at this moment.  They could not accept what Rokuro Beihai said.  Tens of thousands of Sea Clan and dozens of Sea Emperor Clan, are they all finished?  How can this be!  Could it be that it was just because Wang Chen appeared.  However, even though the two of them did not believe it, looking at the empty sea and feeling the breath of death permeating the sky and the earth, their hearts became heavier and heavier.  "What's going on! Tell me!" Taking a deep breath, Beihai Kunyi asked Beihai Rokuro.  "Wang Chen's strength is unparalleled. He killed probably more than ten members of our Haihuang clan by himself. There was also a strong demon who came with Wang Chen, and there was also the demon Jiang Chenyuan that ancestor you met back then.  And Liu Xinyan of the Liu family! "These four people are extremely powerful, especially Wang Chen. He controls the power of the five elements. In addition, the powerful demon clan he brought is probably not as strong as the late Chunyang" While crying.  , Beihai Rokuro slowly told everything that happened after Beihai Dalang's defeat.  These words, every word, hit Beihai Kunyi's heart hard. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? After hearing these words, Beihai Kunyi¡¯s expression turned extremely pale in an instant.  "Asshole" A moment later, Beihai Kunyi roared with a ferocious look on his face.  It seems that what Beihai Liulang said is true.  This matter is not something that Rokuro Beihai can talk nonsense about.  It is precisely because of this that Rokuro Beihai's face is extremely pale at this moment, and he is almost crazy.  These are tens of thousands of Sea Clan members and dozens of members of the Sea Emperor Clan!  What a terrifying force this is?  Such energy is even enough to sweep across the entire northern Xinjiang.  But, now the entire army was destroyed before Black Sea City?  How can Beihai Kunyi accept this?  This brought a huge blow to Beihai Kunyi.  With such a loss, how can Beihai Kunyi not go crazy?  After this battle, the losses suffered by the Ordinary Sea Clan are easy to say.  After all, there are more than hundreds of thousands of ordinary sea people in their Netherworld Sea?  " However, the loss of the Haihuang family is absolutely unacceptable to Beihai Kunyi!  The losses in this battle, combined with those of the Poseidon clan killed by Wang Chen in previous battles, amounted to almost half of the younger generation of the Poseidon clan in Beihai!  It can be said that more than half of the future of the Beihai Sea Clan was destroyed by Wang Chen.  Such a loss is unimaginable.  "Wang Chen! If I don't kill you, I won't give up!" Thinking of this, Beihai Kunyi roared and roared crazily.  "The Beihai clan will not give up until Wang Chen is killed!"  "Where is Wang Chen now!" Beihai Kunyi asked, glaring fiercely at Beihai Liulang.  "I don't know he he seems to have opened a space field! Now now I'm afraid he is killing!" Beihai Rokuro said tremblingly.  Wang Chen¡¯s straight-line display still scares Beihai Rokuro to this day.  At this moment, the murderous intention and momentum displayed by Beihai Kunyi made Beihai Rokuro even more frightened.  Because Beihai Liulang knew very well that Beihai Kunyi was really angry this time.  "Space domain? Okay! Very good! Wang Chen, if you kill my Sea Clan, I will slaughter your Black Sea City! Wait for me to come back and watch me destroy you!" Hearing Beihai Rokuro's words, Beihai Kunyi's face condensed.  , roared loudly.  At this time, Beihai Kunyi almost gritted his teeth when he said these words.  After the words fell, he turned his head and looked in the direction of Black Sea City.  Because of Wang Chen¡¯s appearance, Black Sea City has not yet been destroyed.  Not only that, Wang Chen even destroyed and killed so many people from the Sea Clan, and killed so many people from their Sea Emperor Clan.  This is absolutely unforgivable.  Since this is the case, let him Beihai Kunyi eradicate this Black Sea City!  He wants to use the endless blood of Black Sea City to commemorate the losses of the Sea Clan and the Sea Emperor Clan.  "Follow me to slaughter Black Sea City!" Looking at Beihai Dalang and Beihai Liulang beside him, Beihai Kunyi shouted.  After the words fell, his figure flashed,Haikunyi took Beihai Dalang and Beihai Liulang towards Black Sea City.  "Boom" However, the moment Beihai Kunyi and others just rushed out, the world suddenly shook.  "You want to destroy my Black Sea City? You don't have the qualifications!" Immediately afterwards, a cold snort came from the void.  This burst of cold snorts was unparalleled and extremely cold.  Boom After the words fell, in the void, a huge fist suddenly fell from the sky and headed straight for Beihai Kunyi.  "Wang Chen!" Hearing the voice coming from the void, looking at the suppressing fist, and feeling the violent waves of energy, he froze, and a cold light flashed in Beihai Kunyi's eyes.  That¡¯s right, Wang Chen!  At this moment, Beihai Kunyi recognized the owner of the voice. Isn't it Wang Chen?  Hearing this voice, Beihai Kunyi's eyes bloomed with cold light, and murderous intent flashed around him!  "Have you finally shown up? Watch me kill you!" The next moment, Beihai Kunyi roared with a ferocious look on his face.  When Wang Chen returns, he will first kill Wang Chen, the bastard, and then it won¡¯t be too late to destroy Black Sea City.  At this moment, Beihai Kunyi wanted to kill Wang Chen like never before.  He thought about what happened when the Immortal Island was opened, what happened on the Immortal Island, and also thought about how after returning from the Immortal Island, Wang Chen killed people from the Sea Emperor clan, and even his own grandson.  scene.  And now, Beihai Kunyi also thought of the scene where tens of thousands of sea clans and dozens of sea emperors were slaughtered.  Under such circumstances, how could he not be angry?  "Broken!" Amidst the roar, Beihai Kunyi suddenly waved his arm.  Boom The boundless sea waves exploded.  A terrifying wave of energy went straight towards the suppressing fist.  The two energies collided fiercely, and the roar was deafening.  The entire sea surface rolled violently, and powerful air waves spread out in all directions.  Amid the roar, the suppressing fist suddenly collapsed.  As the waves dispersed and the dark clouds dispersed, Beihai Kunyi looked into the void with extremely cold eyes.  At this moment, in the void, aren¡¯t there several figures standing proudly?  Wang Chen, Jiang Chenyuan, Liu Xinyan, Heipao, Wu Jiang!  These five people are clearly listed.  At this moment, when Beihai Kunyi set his eyes on Black Sea City again, Wang Chen returned in time again.  The battle in Shura Hell has temporarily come to an end.  In this battle, Wang Chen, Heipao and others worked fully together on the Shura battlefield to annihilate thousands of people from the Sea Clan and the few remaining members of the Sea Emperor Clan.  Those people's souls have all been swallowed up by the Ten Thousand Ghosts Order, and their flesh and blood have all been swallowed up by King Shura.  What is left behind is a Shura hell dyed red with blood and filled with murderous aura!  At the end of the battle and the Asura Hell dispersed, Wang Chen felt a powerful aura.  The aura belonging to Beihai Kunyi.  This was the scene where he blocked Beihai Kunyi before.  Vomiting  As the qi 'waves "dissipated, when the martial arts figure was clear, the weak Beihai Liulang and Beihai Dalang widened their eyes, and the next moment, I couldn't help vomiting.  Because, at this moment, Wang Chen and others appearing in the sky, how can they still be human?  This is clearly the devil crawling out of hell!  I saw that the bodies of Wang Chen and others were already covered in blood.  Among them, the golden blood contained therein is even more dazzling.  Even up to this moment, blood was still flowing from their bodies.  Not only that, at this moment, the murderous aura emanating from their bodies and their crazy expressions are like Rakshasa coming out of hell!  Looking at the people who looked like Shura and feeling the terrifying smell of blood and murderous intent, Beihai Rokuro and Beihai Dalang almost collapsed.  "Ah" Compared to Beihai Rokuro and Beihai Dalang, Beihai Kunyi was stunned for a moment after seeing this scene, but he quickly came back to his senses!  He roared madly.  Beihai Kunyi is crazy.  His eyes were red, his long hair was dancing, and veins on his forehead exploded at this moment.  "Wang Chen, I'm going to kill you!" Beihai Kunyi roared with a distorted face.  He knew that the blood on Wang Chen and others was all??The blood of their Sea Clan is the blood of their Sea Emperor Clan.  The murderous aura and evil spirit on their bodies are all condensed from the innocent souls of the Endless Sea Clan and the Poseidon Emperor Clan.  Wang Chen and the others¡¯ hands were already stained with the blood of the Sea Clan.  This is unforgivable.  "Kill!" Amidst the roar, Beihai Kunyi flashed and headed towards Wang Chen to kill.  "Hmph, you're looking for death!" Seeing Beihai Kunyi coming to kill, the black-robed man standing next to Wang Chen condensed his eyes and snorted coldly.  After the words fell, the black-robed figure flashed, ready to fight against Beihai Kunyi!  Today at this time, Hei Pao is also furious.  In this day, he killed countless lives.  Even though the energy consumption at this moment is huge, even though the black robe is originally a person who is greedy for life and afraid of death.  However, under such endless killing, the blood in his body had already boiled.  The demonic energy is rolling!  The black robe was like a wild beast at this moment.  He desires more killings.  He is also eager to show more powerful strength in front of Wang Chen.  Therefore, when he saw Beihai Kunyi coming to kill him, Heipao did not hesitate and prepared to respond.  Even though Beihai Kunyi is powerful, in the face of such a sea clan, Black Robe is still not afraid!  What¡¯s more, behind him stood Wang Chen, Jiang Chenyuan and others.  He believed that he would be fine.  If you don¡¯t earn such a favor now, when will you wait for it?  "Wait!" However, the moment the black robe rushed out, Wang Chen, who was standing next to him, shouted in a deep voice.  "I'll do it!" Then, in the confused eyes of the black robe, Wang Chen said lightly.  Beihai Kunyi?  Looking at the charging Beihai Kunyi, Wang Chen's eyes narrowed slightly!  Does Beihai Kunyi just appear now?  Just in time.  It is naturally a good thing to play in black robe.  However, at this moment, Wang Chen was preparing to do it himself.  Today, he will use his own strength to make the Sea Clan completely tremble.  The Haihuang clan killed many people, but Beihai Kunyi was the first among the Haihuang clan who had a name.  Even if Beihai Kunyi is powerful, so what?  Wang Chen is not afraid!  ??This battle, he, Wang Chen, took over.  "Boom" Thinking of this, Wang Chen no longer hesitated, nor gave the black robe any more chance to speak. He flashed his body and charged towards Beihai Kunyi.  "Boom" The momentum of the whole body opened up, and the power of wood and fire merged. The resulting power of wood and fire set off endless wind at this moment.  "The Heavenly Emperor's Fist!" Amidst the roars, Wang Chen directly used the Heavenly Emperor's Fist at this moment.  At first, Wang Chen was afraid of Beihai Kunyi because he failed to grasp the power of the Five Elements.  How is it now?  Wang Chen wanted to see how powerful Beihai Kunyi was.  ¡°Boom¡­¡± The Heavenly Emperor¡¯s fist was blasted out, and red light filled the space between heaven and earth.  Wang Chen's body turned into a stream of light, carrying endless momentum, distorting the space, causing the world to collapse.  Boom A powerful wave of energy exploded, and the fire spread raging.  At this moment, Wang Chen seemed to have transformed into an ancient beast with a wide mouth and rushed towards Beihai Kunyi.  The battle between Wang Chen and Beihai Kunyi began at this moment in the silence of heaven and earth.  As soon as the battle started, the heaven and earth were shaken with unparalleled momentum.  This is destined to be a more fierce battle.  ¡ª¡ª16353+dsuaahhh+25481881¡ª¡ª>?¡­
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