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Text Chapter 602: Horrible

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    Howling and roaring, the air waves surged wildly, and all kinds of lights filled the sky and the earth.  The roar was deafening, the screams were heartbreaking, the cries of ghosts and wolves could be heard everywhere, and the roar of Shura was even more deafening.  This is the scene in Shura Hell at this moment.  The terrifying battle was spreading, and Wang Chen was in the field with all his strength. Even so, under the fierce battle, Wang Chen was still pale, with a trace of blood spilling from the corner of his mouth.  The fierce battle puts a heavy load on the field, which is truly terrifying to the extreme.  If it weren¡¯t for Wang Chen¡¯s soul being so powerful, I¡¯m afraid the realm at this moment would have already cracked open.  Seeing that the realm turned into a hell on earth at this moment, Wang Chen's expression remained extremely cold.  "It's almost done." Wang Chen muttered to himself after not knowing how long it had been.  At this moment, the Shura battlefield was filled with the smell of blood.  The strong smell of blood even reached the point of nauseating, and the sky and the earth were filled with blood as far as the eye could see.  Until this moment, Wang Chen knew that the Shura realm had reached its extreme level and King Shura could appear.  "King Shura." Thinking of this, Wang Chen quickly condensed the talisman.  In the blink of an eye, there was a roar from inside the Shura Gate.  ¡°Dong dong dong¡­¡± Immediately afterwards, bursts of cold and shocking footsteps came.  These footsteps seemed to come from the boundless hell, and every footstep seemed to step into people's hearts.  The sound of footsteps became louder and louder, and the momentum of the air spread across the world in the next moment.  ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????¡­  Even some warriors who were not in the ranks of divine warriors vomited blood and turned pale under this momentum.  Ouch Finally, when a figure rushed out of the Shura Gate, an earth-shaking roar came.  "King Shura." "Noit's King Shura." "The eight-armed Shura King turned out to be the eight-armed Shura King" Seeing that huge figure falling hard on the battlefield, causing the entire Shura battlefield to tremble  , everyone was extremely shocked.  At this moment, King Shura arrived, which made the people of the Sea Clan who were in the midst of collapse feel even more desperate.  Endless Shura, thousands of evil ghosts, black robes, Liu Xinyan, Jiang Chenyuan These powerful existences have already made them unable to resist, and now they are joined by a terrifying and bloodthirsty Shura King. How can people fight with them?  contend.  The feeling of despair filled the hearts of every sea clan at this moment.  All the remaining members of the Sea Clan present were trembling in fear and regret at this moment.  They are afraid and they regret.  Wang family, Wang Chen, Black Sea City Perhaps, these are not the opponents they should offend, let alone the opponents they should covet.  ¡°It¡¯s a pity that they have done this now.  But now, the results they face are extremely cruel.  Looking at the endless blood and broken limbs around them, and hearing the screams that kept coming, the remaining members of the Sea Tribe began to collapse.  Roar And amid the fear of the Sea Clan, King Shura, who appeared on the battlefield at this moment, became crazy.  The terrifying bloody air and the terrifying bloody corpse made the blood in King Shura's body boil.  As he opened his mouth and roared, King Shura devoured dozens of corpses in one bite.  With the nourishment of corpses and blood, King Shura's momentum continued to soar.  With his eight arms dancing, King Shura is unparalleled at this moment.  During this period of hard work, the six-armed Shura King in the Shura Domain has condensed to the level of the eight-armed Shura King. At this time, under the nourishment of blood, the eight-armed Shura King's aura is unparalleled.  Although restricted by Wang Chen's strength, the eight-armed Shura King's strength was limited to the peak level of Pure Yang, but his aura was now stronger than that of ordinary Pure Yang warriors.  Boom The eight arms blasted out at the same time, and for a moment, a whirlwind swept across.  The boundless wind swept out in all directions.  With the strong winds dancing, the endless sea clan was torn into pieces.  The next moment, King Shura opened his arms and charged directly into the crowd.  For a time, the scene became more chaotic and bloody.  Killing, at this moment, killing continues, and withWith the appearance of King Luo, Wang Chen's advantage became even greater.  This is simply a naked and unilateral killing.  At this moment, in the Shura realm, the god of death is coming, and the death scythe is constantly waving down, taking away lives one by one, and the soul is crying "Boom" And just when there is a killing in the Shura battlefield  , above the Netherworld Sea, waves are rolling at this moment.  "Boom" Suddenly, the sea surface swept by waves exploded.  The next moment, a huge figure appeared between the sky and the earth.  "Ancestor Kunyi, this is it. Wang Chen and others are here to kill the endless people of my sea clan. You have to avenge us." After the huge figure appeared, the sea surface exploded one after another, and another one  A figure appeared next to the huge figure.  At the same time, a burst of crying came at this moment.  I saw that the person who said these words was the figure next to the strong man known as Kunyi Ancestor.  "And if Wang Chen were here at this moment, he would definitely be able to recognize it at a glance. This is Beihai Dalang who he had severely wounded and escaped before.  At this moment, the Kunyi ancestor brought by Dalang Beihai turned out to be Wang Chen¡¯s old acquaintance, Beihai Kunyi.  An ancestor of the Beihai Haihuang clan, his strength is unparalleled.  "Where are the people, where is my fellow member of the Sea Clan, where is Wang Chen?" Listening to the words of Beihai Dalang beside him, Beihai Kunyi who appeared here asked with a gloomy face.  Today, the Hai Clan army is attacking Black Sea City. The Hai Clan is sure of victory. However, who would have thought that something unexpected would happen.  Wang Chen, who shouldn't have appeared here, appeared.  Even Beihai Dalang was severely injured and had to escape.  Because of this, Beihai Kunyi rushed here to kill.  His grandson, the endless strong men of his Sea Emperor clan, were all killed by Wang Chen.  Hearing that Wang Chen was here, Beihai Kunyi came here to kill Wang Chen directly.  However, now that they have arrived outside Black Sea City, there is no figure to be seen, which makes Beihai Kunyi frown.  At the same time, the smell of blood permeating the sky and the earth, the golden blood faintly leaking out of the sky and the earth, made Beihai Kunyi's heart sink even more.  A bad feeling began to spread in Beihai Kunyi's heart.  "How is it possible, man? Where is the army of my Sea Clan, and where are the strong men of my Sea Emperor Clan." Hearing Beihai Kunyi's words, Beihai Dalang came back to his senses at this moment, and quickly looked around.  At this glance, he saw a vast sea with no limit to the battle, which made Beihai Dalang's eyes widen.  "Hmph, where is the Sea Clan? Come out here." After glancing around, Beihai Dalang shouted loudly with an ugly look on his face.  ¡°Boom, boom, boom¡­¡± Along with Beihai Dalang¡¯s loud shout, the sea surface exploded one after another.  "Ah" A moment later, a burst of screams came.  "Beihai Liulang." Seeing this figure qualifying, Beihai Dalang's eyes widened.  At this moment, as the sea water exploded, a figure was forced out of the sea.  This is a dilapidated figure. Most of his body is almost destroyed, and his soul seems extremely weak. And this is the Beihai Rokuro of the Beihai Royal Family.  Looking at the dying Beihai Rokuro, Beihai Dalang's eyes widened: "Rokuro, what's going on? Where are the people of my Sea Clan, and where are the strong men of my Sea Emperor Clan." "II" Face to face  Beihai Dalang shouted and asked, Beihai Liulang trembled.  His eyes were distracted, as if he was possessed by a demon, and he was mumbling to himself, but couldn't say a word.  "Rokuro, come to your senses." Seeing such a scene, Beihai Kunyi's face condensed and he shouted in a deep voice.  This roar, the sound wave was like substance, rushing into the ears of Beihai Rokuro who was in chaos.  Boom Sound waves exploded in Beihai Rokuro's mind.  "Puch" In the midst of this sound wave, Rokuro Beihai spat out a mouthful of blood when he opened his mouth.  As this mouthful of blood spurted out, Beihai Rokuro's figure was shaken, and he seemed to have gradually come back to his senses.  The next moment, when he saw clearly the Beihai Kunyi and Beihai Rokuro in front of him, he suddenly felt wow?? burst into tears.  "Ancestor, Ancestor Kunyi It's over. Our Sea Clan It's over. It's all over. Tens of thousands of Hai Clan, tens of thousands of people from the Hai Clan. They're all over. And our Sea Emperor Clan.  A total of thirty-nine people, it's over, it's all over, ancestor, we are done" After seeing Beihai Kunyi and Beihai Dalang clearly, Beihai Liulang burst into tears at this moment.  He crawled to Beihai Kunyi's side almost like crazy and cried loudly.  "What" Beihai Rokuro's words were like mysterious thunder exploding between heaven and earth, which made Beihai Kunyi and Beihai Dalang exclaim with wide eyes.  "Rokuro, what are you talking about? It's over. Our sea clan is over. How could it be how could it be possible" Beihai Dalang's face turned pale. He grabbed Beihai Rokuro's shoulders with both hands and shook them.  "What happened to Rokuro." Beihai Kunyi's face also turned a little pale at this time, and he asked with a trembling tone.  Beihai Rokuro's words made the two of them confused at the moment.  ¡°The Sea Clan is finished, tens of thousands of Sea Clan are finished, thirty-nine members of the Sea Emperor Clan are finished, what is going on.  Beihai Kunyi and Beihai Dalang almost felt suffocated at this moment.  "It's over, our Hai Clan is all over, tens of thousands of Hai Clan Almost all of the tens of thousands of Hai Clan have been slaughtered, Wang Chen, Wang Chen He is simply a devil, he is not a human, he is a devil, he came out of hell  Devil, the blood of tens of thousands of my Hai clan has dyed this sea area red, andand my Poseidon clan, thirty-nine members of my Poseidon clanalmost the entire army was destroyed, Kunyi ancestor, only less than  Five people escaped, including me and Dalang, only seven people survived, and the remaining thirty-two people were all destroyed, a total of thirty-two people." During the questioning of Beihai Kunyi and Beihai Dalang.  , Beihai Rokuro said wailing.  He was crying heartbreakingly at this moment, and his heart was almost broken at this moment.  Fear permeates the entire world of Beihai Rokuro. This book was first published on 17K Novel Network, and you can read the original content for the first time!
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