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Chapter 2266 Returning Carnage

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    Chapter 2266 Returning Carbine Xiangshan took people back to the city bureau. He didn't notice that two guys drove away halfway.  One of these two people was helping the old lady, and he saw that the old lady's family background was not that simple.  "Xiao Guozi, you said there is something fun, what is it?" Lu Jianle tilted his head and looked at his good brother Guo Jin.  Guo Jin said: "You'll know in a minute." "Shit!" Lu Jianle scolded, "Don't come here, tell me quickly. You took me away halfway. If Xiang Bureau knew about it, he would definitely be dead after returning.  A scolding. "Guo Jin said: "That community is very interesting." "Which community?" Lu Jianle said, "Can you finish the sentence at once?" Guo Jin rolled his eyes.  He said angrily: "You know how to pick up girls all day long, are you thinking about shit?" Lu Jianle was not only not angry, but also very proud. He wiped his temples with his hands gently, "How about picking up girls?  Dude, I picked up another girl last night, and she was a model. Her figure, her face, those big balls" Lu Jiale gestured on his chest as he spoke, "I tremble every step I take!" Guo Jin!  He scolded: "Model? It's probably a bus, whoever catches it gets on. Sooner or later you will get AIDS and die on a woman's belly." "You are jealous, you are definitely jealous." Lu Jianle said with disdain  He curled his lips and said, "Xiao Guozi, as far as I know you are still a virgin. Why don't you go to Jinhe Entertainment City with your brother tonight and find a girl to lose your virginity?" "Get out!" Guo Jin said, "I tell you.  , Jinhe Entertainment City has a big problem, you'd better not go there again, especially not to have contact with people in the entertainment city, otherwise you will definitely be in trouble in the future." Lu Jianle said: "Don't worry, I just go there to have fun, people.  They won¡¯t take a fancy to a little policeman like me.¡± After saying that, he waved his hand and said, ¡°I¡¯m off topic, let¡¯s talk about your business. Which community is it?¡± Guo Jin was really helpless: ¡°The old community we just went to.¡± Lu Jianle thought about it.  Then he thought: "There is a problem in that community? Why didn't I see it?" Guo Jin said: "Because there is something wrong with your IQ." Lu Jiale said: "Go away, so many people, including Xiang Bureau, didn't see the problem. Could it be that  They all have IQ problems, but you don't?" Guo Jin chuckled: "Let's not talk about IQ, let's talk about that old lady, it's not simple, it should be that her family background is not simple." Lu Jianle asked: "Living in that shabby place.  There is nothing simple about this place." Guo Jin shook his head: "The clothes that the old lady is wearing are from Ralph Lauren, the world's number one customized clothing brand. I don't know how much the clothes are worth, but they are definitely not me.  Or you can afford it." "Fuck!" Lu Jianle said, "No, since the old lady is so rich, why does she live in that shabby place?" Guo Jin said, "There are many reasons for this, such as the old lady.  My wife is used to living there, and the old neighbors are familiar with it. Especially as people get older, it is normal for them to be reluctant to leave the place where they have lived all their lives.  Go back and look at the old lady's clothes!" Guo Jin gritted his teeth and said, "I really want to spit on your face. Why should I go back and look at the old lady's clothes?" "Then you go back and fuck me?  Lu Jianle asked. Guo Jin said: "I suspect that the guy who posted the photo lives across from the old lady and is quite familiar with the old lady, so I want to go back and take a look. Maybe there is something interesting waiting for us."  "
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