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Text Chapter 1802 Life and Death

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    Yang Luo's face showed an unprecedented seriousness. If the submarine was hit by a torpedo, not to mention it was under a hundred meters of water, even if it was only 40 meters deep, even if they had time to escape in the torpedo tube, no one would  Yang Luo, who is a doctor, understands better how dangerous this is.  Diving medicine has confirmed that if a person rises quickly from the bottom of the sea to the surface, the sudden change in pressure will cause damage to human organs, and the chance of survival is very slim.

    This time it was definitely self-defeating. Not only did he fail to scare the other party, but he was retaliated against. But now Yang Luo has no time to think.

    "Release the bubble, start the main power acceleration, turn left 40 degrees, float up 95 meters, and cast a false target!"

    Everyone was motionless in their fighting positions, but their palms were sweating.

    Ohio-class nuclear submarine, Robert said solemnly: "Cut the torpedo wires and switch to autonomous guidance mode."

    Soon all the sailors heard an explosion, and the shock wave came from the front left.  The sonar also captured the sound of the explosion. Just as a smile appeared on Robert's face, he heard the sonar soldier shout: "Report, my torpedo has been induced and the enemy submarine is rising rapidly. Start accelerating and sail west."

    At this time, the torpedo soldier shouted: "The loading of launch tubes 1 and 2 is completed, the loading of tubes 3 to 6 is completedthe pressurization is completed!"

    Robert was stunned. The enemy did not launch a torpedo to fight back, but instead launched a false target and then floated to avoid it.  Then he slapped his hands hard and cursed in annoyance: "You bastards, they don't have any torpedoes at all." Then he ordered, "Cancel the torpedo launch, float up with the right full rudder, and rush over to me. I must capture him alive."  Those bastards!"

    I-400, the torpedo came almost head-on, slid along the port side until it reached the rear of the submarine, and exploded at a very close distance.  In the huge explosion, the submarine shook violently, and it felt like the river was overturned.  The madman was sweating profusely and was operating carefully.  Now the lives of more than a hundred people on the submarine are in his hands. If he makes a mistake, everyone will be buried under the sea, so the pressure on the madman is very high now.

    After dozens of seconds, the violent shaking finally stabilized, and cheers suddenly sounded in the submarine.

    "Yeah, the torpedo was successfully induced, and we won a round!" Dan Enen waved his little fist hard in the air, and jumped up on his chair in excitement.

    The madman wiped the sweat from his forehead. It can be said that this is the most dangerous time he has encountered since he became a soldier, and he was also the most unable to control his life.

    "Boss, what should we do now? This broken submarine has an underwater speed of only 7 knots, a maximum of 10 knots, and a diving depth of 100 meters. The Ohio-class has a maximum speed of 28 knots and a diving depth of 450 meters. We can't run."

    Li Tao stared at the depth meter and said: "Now dive to a depth of 5 meters!"

    Dan Enen shouted: "The enemy ship is traveling at a speed of 28 knots and is rising rapidly, heading due east!"

    Yang Luo pursed his lips, and a cold light flashed in his eyes: "It seems that the Yankees want to hurt us, and then capture us alive." After speaking, he snorted coldly, "Dane, how long will it take for us to be with the enemy?"  Submarine meeting?¡±

    Dan Enen typed quickly on the keyboard with both hands, and the calculation results came out quickly: "The enemy submarine is currently 31 nautical miles away from us, and is heading towards us at a speed of 28 nautical miles per hour! Our current speed is 10 nautical miles per hour, and it will  Meet the other party in 45 minutes!¡±

    Yang Luo looked at the time, bent down and picked up the two modified depth bombs on the ground and said: "Open the No. 1 torpedo launch tube, Li Tao takes over the command." After that, he turned and walked out.

    "Where are you going?" Dan Enen looked at Yang Luo and shouted.

    Yang Luo said without looking back: "I want the Americans to have a taste of depth charges."

    Li Tao shouted: "Boss, I'd better go!"

    Yang Luo waved his hand and walked out of the command cabin, then found the submersible and put it on, quickly walked into the torpedo room, and waited for the opportunity.

    On the Ohio-class nuclear submarine, Robert received a report from the radar soldier: "Reporting to the captain, the enemy submarine is heading towards us at a speed of 10 knots per hour and is expected to meet the opponent in 40 minutes!"

    The nuclear submarines on both sides were traveling towards each other at corresponding speeds, and everyone on both sides was living in high tension.

    "Report! We will meet in 30 minutes."

    "Report! There are still 20 minutes."

    "Report! There are still 15 minutes."

    Now that the nuclear submarines on both sides were still 10 nautical miles away, Robert heard the radar soldier shout: "Report to the captain, the enemy submarine is five nautical miles away from me, and is heading towards us at a speed of 10 knots, and has not made any other moves!"

    Robert said in a deep voice: "Calculate the depth of the enemy submarine!"

    Soon a report came from the radar soldier: "The enemy submarine dived to a depth of 5 meters and was close to our submarine.Driving in the same direction, the diving distance is 150 meters from each other, and the intersection will occur after 10 minutes and 10 seconds."

    Robert said: "Pay attention to the pressure chamber department. Immediately pressurize and surface to a depth of 55 meters. The engine department's course and speed will not change. We rush under his belly. I want to teach those damn bastards a severe lesson."  "

    After hearing Robert¡¯s order, all departments took action.  When the diving distance between each other reached a depth of 50, they still drove ahead at full speed

    The distance between the submarines on both sides changed from 10 nautical miles to 5 nautical miles, from 5 nautical miles to 1 nautical mile, and from 1 nautical mile to 1,500 meters

    When the distance between the two sides was only 1,000 meters, Dan Enen shouted: "Li Tao, the enemy submarine's current diving depth is 55, the speed is 28 knots, the diving distance between them is 50, and the two boats will meet at 1 minute 20  Happens in seconds!¡±

    Li Tao also became fierce and gritted his teeth and said: "The dive is 15, everyone should stabilize their bodies, there will be big fluctuations soon."

    "Report, the enemy submarine is diving, the depth is 15, and it is only 40 meters above us!"

    When Robert heard the report, his hair stood up. Are those damn bastards crazy?  The diving depth distance between the two sides is 50 meters, which is already the limit, and now it has reached 40 meters. When the two sides meet, the strong current impacts, and the submarine is likely to lose control due to the impact of the current and fall into the depth.

    "Dive 10 meters quickly!" Robert's voice changed slightly.  Li Tao's actions made Robert, a soldier who had experienced hundreds of battles and had been competing underwater with the nuclear submarines of the former Soviet Union, feel a little nervous.

    "We will meet in 30 seconds!" the radar soldier reported nervously.

    Robert¡¯s face was a little pale: ¡°Everyone, please pay attention, the submarine will be impacted by a relatively strong current!¡±

    When the distance between the two boats was only 500 meters, Dan Enen tightly grasped the armrests of the fixed chair with both hands: "Li Tao, we will meet in 30 seconds!"

    Song¡¯s only little hand was holding the chair tightly, and the other hand kept making the sign of the cross on his chest. He closed his eyes tightly and muttered something.

    But Blood Angel and Hongye were very calm, with their feet nailed to the ground like nails.  Yan Meng and others also found a place to fix their bodies, waiting nervously to decide whether to escape or be buried in the belly of a fish.

    "10, 9, 8, 7 there is a difference of 18 knots. We are approaching the opponent at a speed of 13.5 meters per second." As Dan Enen finished speaking, the boat shook violently, and a terrible sound was heard from the submarine.  The sound of metal grinding made everyone in the boat feel like they were in a strong earthquake.

    Yang Luo felt the submarine shaking violently, then picked up a toolbox weighing fifty or sixty kilograms and climbed into the torpedo tube.

    Three minutes later, the submarine stabilized and the terrible sound of metal friction disappeared. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

    Dan Enen shook his head: "My life has been saved again. If I can go back alive this time, I will burn two more incense sticks for Monk Tang and make more offerings." After saying that, he tilted his head and thought for a while, "Well,  Give him two more pounds of lollipops!¡±

    Yan Meng stabilized his mind and smiled when he heard what Dan Enen said: "Why are you burning incense for Tang Seng? Besides, Tang Seng doesn't eat sweets either!"

    Dan Enen chuckled: "I chanted it to all the gods and Buddhas in the sky. Just when I was chanting Tang Monk's name, the submarine stabilized. Of course, he was blessing me."

    After hearing her words, everyone rolled their eyes.  However, Tang Seng's face is indeed not small if he can get this girl Dan Enen to bring out two kilograms of lollipops.  You know, lollipops are this girl's lifeblood.

    Song Wei jumped up on the chair and shouted: "I also want to give two sticks of incense to that old man Jesus."

    Ohio-class nuclear submarine, Robert ordered: "The submarine turns left, let's do it again!"

    Dan Enen shouted: "Li Tao, the enemy submarine is 700 meters behind me. It is adjusting its navigation direction at an angle of 15 degrees every three minutes and heading towards me."

    "Damn it!" Li Tao cursed fiercely, "The Americans are not done yet. Park the car and levitate it. It will surface in ten minutes!"

    At this time, Yang Luo had already exited the torpedo tube, then he grabbed the side of the boat to stabilize his body, and then let go. Driven by the fifty or sixty-pound tool box, his body began to fall downwards.  As his body fell, Yang Luo felt his chest became tight and felt like he was about to suffocate under the pressure of the strong sea water.

    Yang Luo gritted his teeth, opened the tool box, and threw out the items one by one until his body stopped falling. He locked the tool box again, and then swam hard in the direction of the Ohio-class nuclear submarine.

    The distance of several hundred meters would not be a problem for Yang Luo in normal times.  But under the sea thirty to forty meters deep, even if Yang Luo's body was strong, it was a bit unbearable.??.

    Finally, Yang Luo saw a huge black figure in the water ahead.  Like a huge shark in the sea, swimming slowly.  Yang Luo gritted his teeth and exerted all his strength. It took him more than ten minutes to swim to the belly of the submarine from a distance of tens of meters. Then he threw away the tool box, quickly grabbed the protruding part on the edge of the submarine, and put the modified  The depth charge got stuck on the submarine and the timer was pressed.  Then as soon as he let go, Yang Luo felt as if his body had been pushed hard and began to rise rapidly.  Because the speed was too fast and the buoyancy of the seawater was too great, he could not control his body. The surrounding water pressure made him unable to breathe.  There was no other way, so Yang Luo threw away the oxygen bottle again to let his body rise faster.  Just when he was about to suffocate, a bright light appeared above his head, and then he emerged from the sea with a cry.


    Yang Luo slapped the water hard, roared wildly, blood spilled from the corner of his mouth, then took a big breath of fresh air and swam desperately into the distance.  He must try to stay away from this sea area before the bomb explodes¡ª¡ª635+222653¡ª¡ª>
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