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Text Chapter 0662 Finale

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    The private blockade in Japan is still going on. Having suffered such a major attack some time ago, Japan's top leaders have also become ruthless. They risk irritating other countries. They launched a nationwide massacre for a month, and soon uncovered a group of people lurking within the government.  , well-hidden intelligence agents from various countries, the largest number of them actually come from the master, the United States.  [

    Japan¡¯s move angered the American mastermind behind it. The White House immediately mobilized the Pacific Seventh Fleet and blocked Japan¡¯s territorial waters and airspace on the grounds of an exercise. No ships were allowed to enter or exit.  The arrival of the Seventh Fleet was like the Sword of Damocles, which made the Japanese high-level officials who were already unable to do anything because of the series of turmoil half a month ago completely distressed.

    Although Japan had once blocked its territorial waters and airspace half a month ago, it was blocked by its own army to search for terrorists, and it was relatively lenient to ships entering from abroad.  After all, an island country like Japan relies heavily on overseas imports of various resources. Even a one-day blockade can make the situation in Japan uneasy.

    It seems that the United States really wants to teach the Japanese pawns an unforgettable lesson. The blockade lasted for seven days. The tyranny of the world police was undoubtedly revealed. No matter which country's ships were stopped, they were determined not to let them go. This forced the high-level officials of the Japanese government to  When he was about to collapse, he sent someone to meet with the Prime Minister of Japan for negotiations.

    This kind of national-level negotiation should be conducted only by the supreme heads of state of the two countries, and at the very least, the Secretary of State or the Vice President must be present.  The United States sent only one congressman as a special envoy, which was extremely rude, but the Prime Minister of Japan had to give in.  Because of the previous seven days of blockade, the Japanese economy has been brought to the brink of collapse.  The United States will not lift the blockade.  I'm just afraid that riots will soon occur across the country.

    ??And in fact.  Local riots have long appeared in various places. The tense situation has exposed the bad nature of the Japanese people. In the past seven days, there have been no fewer than a thousand cases of smashing, robbery, and rape in Japan every day. If this continues, sooner or later it will turn into a nationwide turmoil.  , shaken to the foundation of the country, negotiation is imperative.

    The negotiation venue is located on a warship.  As for what the content was, outsiders did not know, but the day after the negotiations ended, the Seventh Fleet announced the end of the exercise, lifted the blockade and left the Japanese mainland.

    After this battle, Japan¡¯s vitality was severely damaged. Not only was its face lost in the Atlantic Ocean, but its economy suddenly regressed back to the time when the real estate industry bubble collapsed. The top government officials completely lost their temper and turned into slaves and grandsons.  I believe that for a long time in the future, we will not dare to do what we did before.  Randomly shouting in the international community like a mad dog.

    " However, the Japanese executives who lost face were completely unexpected.  Qin Ge, the culprit who caused them all these humiliations and heavy losses, was transformed from under their noses into a retinue of the special envoy under Ina's arrangement, and left Japan openly and openly on an American special plane.

    This time, Qin Ge finally saw the power of Red Blood. A dignified American congressman was actually held up by Red Blood in one hand.  Even when the American fleet blocked Japan's territorial waters and airspace, there was also the shadow of Red Blood in it. Its influence is so great that it is hard to imagine.

    With Chixue¡¯s help, the plane left Japan without incident and stopped in Hawaii on the way. After completely getting rid of all tracking, Qin Ge boarded the flight to Nancheng and embarked on his way home.

    Originally, he planned to fly directly back to the secret service headquarters in the capital, but considering that there was a mixed-race female killer accompanying him, the bad-tempered young lady would be impatient to kill him, so Qin Ge had to change his mind and fly back to Nancheng first.  Ask Lin Hong to get the encrypted information back and send this young lady away.

    Before returning, Qin Ge did not forget to call his women to ensure their safety, so as not to worry them.  Except for Lan Xiaoqing, who was still in college, Nalan Xi and Li Mengxin thought they were dead. They were all shocked when they received the call.

    Later, when I inquired about it, I found out that the members of the Excalibur team who returned to China after completing their mission thought that Qin Ge died in the big explosion in Tokyo. In order to express their gratitude and praise for their efforts in covering the safe evacuation of their companions, they gave Qin Ge  He held a memorial service, and for the first time, Mr. Wen used his authority to call on all members of the secret service to learn from him, praising himself like Lei Feng. Now he is completely famous among the secret service.

    Hearing that he had been memorialized, Qin Ge was moved and angry. He quickly called Yu Hongjun and asked him to help clarify for him.  Who knew that even Yu Hongjun thought he was dead, forcing Qin Ge to tell all the embarrassing stories about how this guy had half-coaxed and half-deceived him into joining the secret service, so that he could believe the fact that he was still alive.

    Returning to Nancheng to retrieve the information locked by the encryption program from Lin Hong, Qin Ge discussed with Yi Na the transaction of the first batch of spiritual energy honey, and then spent a brief day with Lan Xiaoqing and Nalan Xi. Qin Ge  So he hurriedly hurriedIn Beijing, the virus vaccine seized from the Yamato base was sent to the epidemic prevention center.

    Because of the timely injection of vaccines, many virus-infected people, including Li Mengqing, were finally saved. Although Qin Ge almost died on his trip to Japan, he moved Li Mengxin and Li Mengqing and finally won their hearts.

    The members of the Excalibur team who were going to Japan were very excited when they heard the news that Qin Ge was alive. Under the leadership of An Shiguang, they met to celebrate at the Bishuitian Club in the capital. The respected Wen Lao also attended after hearing the news.

    The Li sisters accompanied Qin Ge to the appointment. During the dinner, they met Nalan Ronnuo and Situ Buer. Situ Buer became jealous when he saw the close relationship between Li Mengxin and Qin Ge.  Nalan Ronnuo took the opportunity to bewitch, taking advantage of Situ Buer's jealousy of Qin Ge, and proposed that both parties work together to deal with Qin Ge. The first step would be to start with the women around him, and target Nalan Xi's Zifeng Group.  .

    Nalan Consortium and Dynasty Consortium jointly mobilized 20 billion funds to attack Zifeng Group in the stock market, attempting to annex Nalan Xi's industry in one fell swoop and cut off Qin Ge's arm.

    Fortunately, when he was in Nancheng earlier, Qin Ge introduced Yina to Nalan Xi, and received strong financial support from the Red Blood Organization. Nalan Xi strategized, laid out a series of design methods, and used shopping malls to let the Nalan Consortium and  The Dynasty consortium failed to steal the chicken but lost the rice, and the Zifeng Group became the big winner with the last laugh.  The capital scale has increased several times.

    Not willing to suffer losses in the capital market.  Situ Fuji and Nalan Ronnuo combined their efforts.  Prepare to use the connections between the two companies that have been in business for many years to use official means to suppress the Zifeng Group and restore the disadvantage.  However, Qin Ge, who had been prepared for this, saw through it and used his trump card to ask Mr. Wen to come forward. This shocked a large number of officials who were closely related to the Situ family and the Nalan family. Li Mengxin took the initiative to ask Ying to use the power of disciplinary inspection.  Many provocateurs were uncovered, causing Situ Buer and Nalan Ronnuo's plan to abort again.

    Ina, who went to England with the encrypted files, soon received good news. She actually met Shirley, the daughter of the hacker Poseidon, and successfully unlocked the dynamic encryption program and saw the contents of the files.  Unfortunately, the file did not record the information about the real culprit who hired a hunter to kill Qin Ge's father. But the good news is that there was a set of strange passwords hidden in the file. Based on Shirley's familiarity with her father, she cracked it and discovered that it was actually a hidden killing platform.  ¡¯s backdoor program, where she meets her long-lost father Slater.

    It turns out that Slater has been trying to escape from the hidden killing control.  Unfortunately, his legs were broken and he couldn't escape from the hidden headquarters.  He had no choice but to pretend that the snake was doing the job of hiding and killing him while waiting for opportunities.  When Qin Ge and Lin Hong invaded the hidden killing platform, Slater realized that this was a great opportunity, so he hid a set of secret background codes he set up on the hidden killing server in files and encrypted them with his best dynamic encryption program, hoping that  The person who obtains the document can use his signature procedure to find his daughter and tell him that he is still alive.

    With Slater as an internal agent, the list of members of the Hidden Killers was exposed one after another. After receiving the spiritual energy honey, the Red Blood Organization's strength was greatly improved. In order to avenge its shame, the Red Blood Organization launched an all-out attack to assassinate the Hidden Killing members around the world. A series of  The bloody killings took place in corners invisible to ordinary people.

    After this battle, although Hidden Kill was not destroyed, his vitality was severely damaged and he was no longer able to cause trouble to Qin Ge. Chixue returned to his position as the leading killer, and his cooperation with Qin Ge became even closer.

    After concentrating on resting for more than half a year, Qin Ge regained his strength and successfully broke through to the third level of innateness, greatly increasing his strength.  But not long after, Qin Ge suddenly received a call from a mysterious person. The other party actually kidnapped Han Qiaoqiao, who was working as a volunteer in Africa, and asked him to go to a certain country in Africa.  Although people around him repeatedly dissuaded him, Qin Ge finally set foot on Africa without hesitation in order to save his woman.

    Arriving at the designated place, Qin Ge finally met Han Qiaoqiao, who had been away for a year. At the same time, he also met the mysterious people who kidnapped her. They turned out to be the leader of the hidden killings, the powerful Dark King of Dzogchen and Mutoi, who had disappeared for some time.  Ichiro.

    Faced with the strong attack of two innate Dzogchen experts and a large number of elite hidden killers, Qin Ge tried his best to lead Han Qiaoqiao to break out of the encirclement and fled to a nearby US military base. He detonated the missile depot and killed a large number of elite hidden killers, severely injuring the Dark King and Wu.  Ichiro Fujii, just before the explosion, Qin Ge used the Grandmaster's Manual and Han Qiaoqiao to leave the explosion range in time and escape.

    At the same time, the red-blooded elites headed by Ina's father took advantage of the opportunity when the leader of Yin Kill was restrained by Qin Ge in Africa, and launched a strong attack on Yin Kill's headquarters. They eradicated Yin Kill's sworn enemy in one fell swoop and rescued the man who had been providing intelligence.  Slater.

    Knowing that their lair had been destroyed, the Dark King and Ichiro Mutoi frantically pursued Qin Ge regardless of their injuries.  In order to protect Han Qiaoqiao, Qin Ge led two innate Dzogchen enemies to the depths of the desert alone, and almost died in a foreign country.

    Fortunately, when Chi Xue took over as leader, he had known Old Man Tianluo for many years and promptly informed Old Man Tianluo who was traveling around the world. At the critical moment, Old Man Tianluo fell from the sky and killed the two injured Xiantian Dzogchen.Qin Ge was seriously injured and dying.

    However, facing the deathbed counterattack of the two innate Dzogchen Dzogchen, Qin Ge also suffered an unprecedented heavy blow. His consciousness fell into a coma and slept for three months. In the end, he relied on his strong will to survive. It was a blessing in disguise, and he stepped into the hospital with half a foot.  The state of innate great perfection.

    Not long after Qin Ge woke up, the entrance to the ancient martial arts world that had been closed for some time was finally opened. The long-lost Mr. Han returned to Nancheng, bringing with him a middle-aged man who was poisoned by a strange poison, hoping that Qin Ge would help him.

    Qin Ge discovered that this man was very similar to the martial arts maniac he had seen in the capital, so he asked Li Mengxin to invite Wu Meier to Nancheng. Later, she also recognized that the patient was her father and asked Qin Ge to  To save her father, she actually promised that as long as Qin Ge could save his father, she would be willing to give him her life.

    After a lot of effort, Wu Xingkuang was finally dragged back from the hands of death. From his mouth, Qin Ge finally learned about his father's past.

    It turns out that his father, Qin Yuanfeng, was a disciple of the Jidao Sect, a giant in the ancient martial arts world in his early years. Later, he was favored by Master Sanjue and accepted as his disciple.  Although Master Sanjue uses spear skills.  He is famous for his three unique skills in legwork and medicine.  However, his attainments in music, chess, calligraphy and other aspects are not low.  In addition to Qin Ge's father, Wu Xingkuang and his eldest disciple Xiao Cheng, there was another female disciple who taught Danqing, Situ Fuji's aunt Situ Jingyue.

    Situ Jingyue admires Xiao Yuanfeng, but Xiao Cheng is obsessed with this junior sister. Xiao Yuanfeng does not want to affect the relationship between the same disciples. Although he also has a good impression of Situ Jingyue, he has always maintained restraint. This triangle relationship has been entangled for a long time.  Until twenty years ago.  Not long after Master Sanjue passed away, it happened to be a competition in the ancient martial arts world. The Jidao Sect hoped that Xiao Yuanfeng would fight on behalf of the sect. Xiao Yuanfeng, in order to repay his kindness in teaching the art, agreed to participate in the battle on behalf of the Jidao Sect, and he rode Juechen straight into the finals.  In the first battle, his opponent turned out to be Situ Jingyue's brother, Situ Jingfeng.

    In order to win the championship, the Situ family approached Xiao Cheng and promised to marry Situ Jingyue and cooperate with Xiao Cheng.  He poisoned the soup given to Xiao Yuanfeng by Situ Jingyue.  In the finals, Xiao Yuanfeng lost his fighting power due to poisoning.  Unfortunately, he was defeated by Situ Jingfeng, but his last blow still severely injured his opponent. Soon Situ Jingfeng died of his injuries.

    After the martial arts competition, Xiao Yuanfeng had to give up his martial arts due to a strange poison that had no cure. He thought that Situ Jingyue had poisoned him, so he left the ancient martial arts world in frustration.  Afterwards, Situ Jingyue learned the truth and regretted it. She resolutely turned against her family and wanted to find Xiao Yuanfeng. However, with the help of Wu Xing Kuang, he came to the secular world and wandered around. Finally, he settled in Jiangping and lived an anonymous life.

    Knowing his father¡¯s past, Qin Ge speculated that his father¡¯s death was closely related to the Situ family, and even the rise of the hidden killing organization and Japan¡¯s Dawn Project were closely related to the Situ family and Xiao Cheng.  Because after the special service investigation, it was discovered that Mutoi Ichiro sneaked into China not to spread the virus, but to take the virus from somewhere. There are signs that the way to take the virus was the entrance to the ancient martial arts world deep in the Qinling Mountains. He was just leaving  At that time, he was accidentally discovered by the ancient martial arts people guarding the entrance and started a fierce battle, breaking the container sealing the virus, causing the virus to leak near Qinling Mountains.  Afterwards, Qin Ge gave the traditional Chinese manuscript obtained at the Yamato base to Wu Xingkuang for identification, and he also recognized it as Xiao Cheng's handwriting.

    After Yina learned of Qin Ge¡¯s speculation, she mobilized Chixue¡¯s intelligence network to investigate and found that the period when the Situ family was developing the fastest coincided very well with the rise of Hidden Kill.  Moreover, a large part of the reason why the Situ family has grown from obscurity to a business giant in more than ten years is because its competitors always die inexplicably in various accidents.

    All signs began to point to the Situ family as the mastermind behind the assassination. Later, the evidence provided by Slater also proved this. According to the internal information of the assassination provided by Slater, the hunter's assassination of Qin Ge's parents was not for hire.  It was ordered by the leader of the hidden killer, Dark King. This is why Qin Ge asked Lin Hong to steal the hunter's employment information, but found nothing.

    When Slater released the photo of the assassinated leader Dark King, although this man was well hidden and not many people knew him at home and abroad, he still could not escape the pervasive investigation of the Secret Service.  Qin Ge found out immediately that this person was the old housekeeper of the Situ family.

    The truth was finally revealed. Qin Ge was determined to avenge his parents and eradicate the Situ family and Xiao Cheng, but was stopped by a group of women around him.  News came from the ancient martial arts world that the Situ family became the biggest profiteer in the fierce competition for Yuan Jingshi mineral veins some time ago. It was in the limelight and took the opportunity to attract a large number of ancient martial arts masters to its banner. There are three in Xiantian Dzogchen alone.  Coupled with the Situ family's own background, I am afraid that there are no less than ten innate Dzogchen in charge. With Qin Ge's strength, rashly starting a war with such a behemoth is tantamount to throwing an egg against a stone.

    In the end, Qin Ge was persuaded, and secretly made up his mind to cultivate to the Innate Perfection as soon as possible, and then kill his enemies with his own hands.

    Although it is currently unable to shake the Situ family in the ancient martial arts world, QinHe decided to attack the secular foundation of the Situ family, spending tens of billions to publicly offer rewards on major killer platforms, and put a clear price tag on the secular members of the Situ family, 10 million for ordinary members, 50 million for direct members, and 10 million for core members.  100 million, the head of the family 500 million Such a large amount of bounty caused an uproar in the killer world. The major killer organizations were like sharks smelling blood, gearing up to fight for this big piece of cake.

    With the announcement of the reward, the good days of the Situ family in the secular world have come to an end. They have to hire a large number of bodyguards and live in fear every day.  Even so, the members of the Situ family still suffered heavy losses. The members of the clan abroad were basically killed by killers. Even in China, where the environment was relatively strict, there were still core members like Situ Fuji who were targeted by killers.

    If it weren¡¯t for his excellent ancient martial arts cultivation.  He had been killed by a killer long ago.  Even so.  He was still seriously injured and disappeared from people's sight.  According to the gossip in the capital, it seems that Young Master Situ had his thing cut off by a killer and became the last eunuch in the capital, and he has never been able to see anyone again.

    After Qin Ge learned the news, he readily paid the bounty to the organization behind the killer according to the price of the core members.  And he said, if anyone can cut off Situ Jinglei.  He also gave bounties according to the specifications of the family head.

    This move can be said to be ruthless. After this announcement, the male Situ tribe became the most popular people. They can encounter all kinds of romantic encounters every day. Whenever they go out, there are countless beauties to accost and seduce them. It is really enviable.  However, these male Situ tribesmen stayed away from these beautiful blessings that came to their doorsteps.

    Because they also received this announcement, a few uncontrollable tribesmen believed in these beautiful blessings. As a result, not only did their heads disappear, but the treasures below that were passed down from generation to generation were also cut off, with both big and small heads flying off.  That's terrible, even more exaggerated.  Many male tribesmen have since developed phobia of women and can only take the path of homosexuality.

    Facing the endless assassinations by killers, Situ Jinglei had no choice but to find senior officials he knew to come forward and use the power of the state to deal with these killers.

    But when those officials who were very close to him on weekdays received his call, they either went abroad or had an accident and were admitted to the hospital. They expressed their helplessness and their tone was surprisingly consistent. Situ Jinglei was so angry that he threw  Many mobile phones were broken.

    Realizing that the situation was over, Situ Jinglei had no choice but to cut off his wrists, prepare to sell all his properties, and lead his tribe back to the base camp of the ancient martial arts world.  Nalanxi, who had been well prepared, took the opportunity to suppress the Situ family's industries, and then acquired a number of high-quality industries at prices close to cabbage. Zifeng Group also grew rapidly and became the leading business leader in the country.

    As Situ Jinglei ran back to the ancient martial arts world in dejection, the noisy hunting operation had to end, and the country once again returned to the peace of the past. However, it is not difficult for those who are interested to discover that this calm is just the calm before the storm.

    After cultivating for a period of time, Qin Ge finally entered the realm of innate perfection. He achieved breakthroughs in both medical and alchemy master skills, and successfully used the "Eighteen Good Fortunes" at the highest level of "Seizing the Yin and Yang Needle" to revive his mother who had become a vegetative state.  And refined a kind of elixir that can make it easier for ancient warriors to advance to the Great Perfection of Innateness, allowing Mr. Wen who has been trapped at the third level of Innate Perfection for many years to achieve his wish and advance to Great Perfection. With this elixir, he has absorbed a large number of masters and started his revenge.  plan.

    Qin Ge led the conquered elites from the secular world into the ancient martial arts world. As a master, the old man Tianluo heard that his apprentice wanted revenge. He didn't know what method he used to get Chixue to send a large number of gold medal killers to accompany him. He even went out of his way to invite five  With the help of an old friend who was in the Xiantian Dzogchen realm, the group arrived at the Situ family's base camp in the ancient martial arts world.

    The war is about to break out. Both sides have reasons for destroying the other side. If they don't fight, it will be over. If they fight, only one side will survive.  The Situ family occupies a favorable location, and the twelve Xiantian Dzogchen restrained the ten Xiantian Dzogchen invited by Qin Ge. The others used the poison provided by Xiao Cheng to set a trap, causing Qin Ge's side to suffer heavy losses.

    Fortunately, Qin Ge was prepared to refine a large number of detoxifying pills, detoxify them in time, and use the high-yield missiles hidden in the Grandmaster's Book to blow up the Situ family's lair, causing heavy losses to the Situ family.

    With so many elites from the secular world entering the ancient martial arts world, it is natural that other sects in the ancient martial arts world would know about it, but the situation was not clear yet, so they hid on the sidelines and watched.  After seeing that the Situ family was at a disadvantage, some sects from aristocratic families that had always had a bad relationship with the Situ family could no longer hold back and joined in the killing.

    Although the Situ family was powerful, it was no match for all forces and was finally wiped out.

    Qin Ge captured Xiao Cheng alive, wasted his cultivation, and used the Yin-Yang Seizing Needle to take away his six senses and sensory functions, leaving him unable to speak, eyes unable to see, ears unable to hear, nose unable to smell, and tongue unable to  Taste, losing consciousness of everything around me, feeling like I'm in a strange placeIn the boundless darkness, he was eventually frightened to death by panic.

    Qin Ge, who had avenged his great revenge, finally decided to get married under the supervision of his mother who was eager to have grandchildren. However, there were seven brides on the wedding day. In addition to his childhood sweetheart Lan Xiaoqing, cousins ??Li Mengqing and Li Mengxin, Nalan Xi  In addition to Han Qiaoqiao, Wu Meier also fulfilled her original promise and became Qin Ge's woman, and the last bride was Ina, the eldest lady of the Red Blood Organization.

    At the beginning, old man Tianluo and Ina's grandfather had an agreement to marry the heirs of future generations. Some time ago, old man Tianluo went to Chixue to invite soldiers to avenge Qin Ge. Ina's grandfather brought up the old matter again and agreed to send troops, on the condition that  He had to marry Yina, so old man Tianluo agreed on behalf of Qin Ge, so Qin Ge had another wife.

    After getting married, Qin Ge bought an island and lived a happy and free life with his seven wives.

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