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Volume 3: The dragon fights in the wild, its blood is black and yellow Chapter 122: The Holy Emperor through the ages (finale)

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    In March of the eighth year of Tiancheng, Shi Jingtang, who was entrenched in Hebei, saw that the Tang Dynasty was becoming more stable day by day, and that Zhou Wenbo was destroying countless countries in the south. He felt that he had no hope of ascending to the throne again, so he brazenly ceded the Sixteen Prefectures of Yanyun to the Khitan and borrowed the help of the Khitan Taizong Yelu.  Tokumitsu's troops marched south.

    Yelu Deguang, the Khitan¡¯s name is Yao Gu, he is the second son of Yelu Abaoji.

    When he was twenty years old, he served as the general marshal of the world's troops. Abaoji had great hopes for him. Among Abaoji's three sons, he and his eldest son Yelvbei were both loved by Abaoji, but Yelu Deguang was more like him.  's father.  In the first year of Tianzan (922), Taizu of the Liao Dynasty, he was appointed as the general marshal of the world's soldiers and horses. He accompanied Taizu in a series of conquest wars, especially during the southern expedition to Youzhou and the western expedition to Tuyuhun and the Uighurs, with outstanding military exploits.

    In the first year of Tianxian, he accompanied Taizu to destroy the Bohai Kingdom and served as a vanguard to conquer the capital of Bohai, Huhan City.

    On July 27 of the first year of Tianxian (September 6, 926), after the death of Liao Taizu, Yelu Deguang ascended the throne.

    Yelv Deguang Kewei was also a young man who was ambitious and had long had ambitions for the beautiful scenery of the Central Plains. Shi Jingtang's move to cede the Sixteen Prefectures of Yanyun and invite the Khitan to go south to attack the Later Tang Dynasty gave him an opportunity to go south with the strength of the whole country.

    So on March 20, the eighth year of Tiancheng, Khitan Taizong Yelu Deguang personally led 50,000 Khitan elite cavalry southward, and together with Shi Jingtang's 100,000 troops, launched a large-scale attack on the Later Tang Dynasty.

    Later Tang Dynasty Taiwei Fu Yanqing personally led an army of 140,000 to Jinzhou to attack the Khitan.

    The two armies fought against each other for more than 20 days. In the end, Fu Yanqing was defeated by the coalition forces of Khitan and Shi Jingtang, and retreated for more than a hundred miles in a panic. Only about 10,000 people from the 100,000-strong army returned.

    Later Tang Dynasty rested and recuperated for nearly ten years, and now it had more than 100,000 troops. However, after this battle, there were only 20,000 troops and horses left in Luojing, which could not compete with the Khitan.

    After this decisive battle, Yelu Deguang was even more proud, and he wanted to drink from the Yellow River and invade Luojing.

    People in Luo Jing were panicked, and the Later Tang regime fell into a crisis.

    However, at this moment, Zhou Wenbo had already started taking action.

    As early as the end of Tiancheng¡¯s fifth year, after steam engines and trains had been developed, Zhou Wenbo began to order the newly established Railway Bureau to lay railways connecting Xuzhou and Jiangdu Prefecture, Jiangning Prefecture and Hangzhou.

    In the sixth year of Tiancheng, the railway was completed.

    By the end of Tiancheng¡¯s seventh year, the railway had been extended from Xuzhou to Bianzhou.

    By this time, the 50,000-strong Ruhu Army had regrouped and headed north by train to attack the Khitans.

    Zhou Wenbo personally commanded the army, and he was full of confidence in winning this battle.

    Because in his 50,000-strong army, in addition to 30,000 cavalry, there are 20,000 newly trained musketeers.

    The muskets installed by the Ruhu Army were originally ramming and flint guns that appeared in the mid-16th century.

    The flint is clamped on the machine head, and a right-angled medicine tank cover serving as a ignition plate is hinged on the medicine tank. Pull the trigger and hit the ignition plate at any time under the action of a spring, causing sparks to ignite the gunpowder.  This strong structure is sturdy, easy to use and has improved shooting accuracy.

    Although the flint gun is still an early firearm, its power has transcended an era.

    On May 20th of the eighth year of Tiancheng's reign, the Ruhu Army crossed the Yellow River north and took the initiative to attack the Khitan and Shi Jingtang coalition forces, which were only a hundred miles away from Luojing.

    In this battle, Zhou Wenbo taught Yelu Deguang and Shi Jingtang a lesson.

    The combination of cannons and muskets caused all the extremely brave Khitan knights to die on the way, and almost no one could pass this road of death.

    This unheard-of fighting method made the ignorant Khitan people think that the opponent was a heavenly soldier and general who could summon thunder and lightning to defend the enemy, so their morale was low.

    Yelv Deguang organized more than ten attacks in a row. However, high piles of corpses had been piled up in front of the Ruhu Army's front line, but still no one could pose a threat to the Ruhu Army.

    In the end, Yelu Deguang finally lost his fighting spirit and retreated hastily.

    At this moment, the Ruhu Army cavalry surrounded them from behind.

    The three generals are Qin Zhen, Li Xulie and Xiao Wudi.

    Yes, it was Xiao Wudi. After Xiao Baoer married Zhou Wenbo, he spent almost all day doing nothing in the harem. Zhou Wenbo then specifically allowed Xiao Baoer to train a female soldier of several hundred people, responsible for  Supervising security matters in Jiangning Mansion is half the job of the police chief.

    After going north to pacify the Khitan, Zhou Wenbo finally spoke and allowed Xiao Baoer to go out with the army.

    Xiao Baoer is now over ten years old, and his strength has already reached its peak. When Zhou Wenbo fights with her, he will be defeated every time within thirty rounds, and Xiao Wuxing, Qin Zhen and others cannot be in her hands.After walking out of Shihe, Xiao Baoer at this time can be regarded as the unparalleled and unparalleled general in the world.

    Zhou Wenbo even took out his own BMW Chai Dian for Xiao Baoer to ride. With the help of the divine horse, Xiao Baoer became more powerful and led a group of cavalry to kill three in and three out of the Khitan formation. He was invincible and no one could be his enemy.  .

    The coalition forces of Khitan and Shi Jingtang were already in low morale and retreated hastily. Now they were outflanked by tens of thousands of cavalry from behind, and they completely collapsed.

    Yelu Deguang also tried to command the army and maintain the formation. However, Xiao Baoer had already noticed the banner of the Khitan Khan a thousand steps away. She led an elite cavalry and charged straight at Yelu Deguang.

    With the magic weapon in hand, Xiao Baoer had no fear, but anyone who stood in his way was killed like a melon or a vegetable. The speed of the chasing horse hardly slowed down at all. Xiao Baoer, in full view of everyone, killed the Khitan warriors all the way.  Several lines of defense were organized and rushed in front of Yelu Deguang.

    "I think you and other barbarians are just like selling their heads and ears, so why don't you die quickly!" Xiao Baoer let out a strange cry from under his ferocious mask.

    The Khitan warrior suppressed the fear in his heart and tried to protect his sweat.

    Xiao Baoer was surrounded by enemies, but she was like a tiger rushing into a sheep pile. With a slight wave of the Fangtian Painted Halberd in her hand, she crossed the intersection of time and space and drew a mysterious trajectory.

    The Great Khan of Khitan, Yelv Deguang, was given the title.

    Once Yelu Deguang died, the morale of the Khitans completely collapsed.

    The Ruhu army chased him to the north, and Qin Zhen captured Shi Jingtang with his own hands. The Khitan and Shi Jingtang's 150,000 troops killed 50,000 in battle, surrendered 80,000, and escaped with more than 10,000 people.

    After this battle, Zhou Wenbo led 20,000 musketeers south to Luojing, while the remaining 30,000 cavalry went north to regain the lost territory.

    The following 30,000 infantry have also arrived in Bianzhou and are heading north one after another.

    The battle between Zhou Wenbo and the Khitan had already been watched clearly by the spies sent by Fu Fenghuang.

    Fu Fenghuang saw the ghost-like cannons and muskets of the Ruhu Army, as well as the unparalleled cavalry in the world. Knowing that he could not resist, Fu Fenghuang could only order the soldiers to open the city and meet the enemy.  The hero Zhao Guogong Zhou Wenbo entered.

    Zhou Wenbo led 20,000 troops into Luojing, and then unceremoniously took control of Luojing's defense. Then he went directly to the palace without removing his armor.

    Zhang Jin was demoted by Fu Fenghuang for some reason as early as the sixth year of Tiancheng. He has suffered a lot in the past two years.

    Now, as soon as he heard that Zhou Wenbo had returned to Beijing, Zhang Jin quickly ran out and greeted Zhou Wenbo in person.

    Zhang Jinhu pretended to be a tiger and walked in front, arrogant all the way.

    The guards in the palace could only watch as they walked in, no one dared to stop them.

    Just after turning a corner, Zhou Wenbo had already seen Luanfeng Pavilion not far away.

    However, at this moment, a young woman in palace clothes suddenly ran towards everyone.

    This woman was hiding in the shadows around the corner, so she easily approached Zhou Wenbo. She held a short dagger in her hand, and seemed to be trying to assassinate Zhou Wenbo.

    Qin Zhen, the commander of the personal guards behind Zhou Wenbo, was about to step forward to stop the woman, but Zhou Wenbo was one step ahead of him. He strode forward, easily grabbed the woman's wrist, and with a slight twist, restrained her.  This reckless assassin.

    Zhou Wenbo held the woman in his arms. He had already discovered that the woman was weak and boneless and was definitely not a professional assassin.

    I just don¡¯t know who has such a big hatred against me?

    So Zhou Wenbo turned the woman's face curiously.

    But all I saw was this woman's bright, radiant face, crystal clear, pure and flawless skin, like a pearl of beauty, radiant and rich, moist and subtle. Her graceful and elegant face was full of anger, but cute and tight.

    The tender and smooth skin is white and rosy, and the beautiful black and white eyes covered with a layer of water mist between the autumn water and dark eyebrows make people's hearts tremble.  Her pink neck and chin are as white and flawless as snow jade. Her slender waist and graceful figure make people sigh that if she gains one point she is too fat, if she loses one point she is too thin.

    She is a well-deserved beauty who has conquered the country, but I don¡¯t know who this person is?

    Zhou Wenbo gently turned the fragrant woman in his arms around, then took a greedy sip on her body, and then asked: "I have never met the girl, why did the girl want to assassinate me?"

    The girl was still angry and cursed angrily: "Zhou Wenbo, you are such a hypocrite! How do our Li family treat you, the Zhou family? It can be said that we are extremely benevolent and kind! When my father died, my younger brother succeeded me.  Sir, has Empress Dowager Fu treated you badly? But how did you, Zhou Wenbo?Reported to my Li family?  You rebellious traitor!  I wish I could eat your flesh alive and eat your bones. You will not die well!  "

    In the obedient meaning, this girl turned out to be the daughter of Li Cunyu.

    Zhou Wenbo turned to look at Zhang Jin, and Zhang Jin quickly explained: "This is Princess Li Tianle of Yucheng whom the late emperor granted her. She was born to Empress Liu. The emperor and Empress Liu were very fond of her. After the emperor died, Princess Yucheng became the eldest princess of Yucheng.  ¡±

    It turned out to be Princess Yucheng!

    Zhou Wenbo suddenly remembered the scene when he entered the palace to meet Queen Liu more than ten years ago.

    At that time, in order to please Queen Liu, I specially sent "Tingsongxuan Collection". After reading it, Queen Liu sighed: "Hey, it's a pity that Princess Yucheng is only nine years old, otherwise the Ai family would have made the decision to marry her to you!"

    ¡° Ten years have passed in a blink of an eye. I didn¡¯t expect that after ten years, I would have the chance to meet the legendary Princess Yucheng.

    She is indeed a magnificent beauty.

    Zhou Wenbo was stunned, but his eyes were fixed on Princess Li Tianle of Yucheng. Li Tianle tried to struggle bitterly, but how could he break free from Zhou Wenbo's iron arms?

    At this moment, Zhang Jin coughed twice.

    When he saw Zhou Wenbo come to his senses, Zhang Jin said softly: "The Queen Mother is not willing to make decisions for the Princess Yucheng. In addition, the Princess Yucheng is unwilling to get married. Now she is still waiting to be married!"

    A person like Zhang Jin, who is exquisite and clear, has already seen the thoughts in Zhou Wenbo's mind.

    Zhou Wenbo smiled and said: "Princess Yucheng, Queen Liu has decided on the marriage between you and me ten years ago. Today is not too late. I, Zhou, will definitely fulfill the engagement and will never be a betrayal!"

    After finishing speaking, Zhou Wenbo took the rope, tied up Princess Yucheng, and then handed her over to the care of Qin Zhen behind him, while he went straight to Luanfeng Pavilion.

    In Luanfeng Pavilion, Fu Fenghuang, who has dominated the world for nearly ten years, is dressing up in the mirror.

    She was like a woman who was about to get married, dressing up over and over again for fear that her lover would be dissatisfied. However, a closer look in her eyes revealed that she was already determined to die.

    "Fenghuang'er, I'm here to see you!" Zhou Wenbo stepped into the pavilion and whispered.

    Fu Fenghuang turned around, with a mixture of joy and resentment on his face, but finally turned into calm.

    Zhou Wenbo sighed softly, the woman in front of him was the one he had to bear the most in this life.

    In order to escape the fate of being buried after Li Cunxu's death, Fu Fenghuang had this bad relationship with Zhou Wenbo. However, after Li Cunxu's death, their son ascended the throne, and Fu Fenghuang fully expected that Zhou Wenbo would be honest.  The son who assisted the two of them, who would have expected that Zhou Wenbo has been using Fu Fenghuang all the time, so that he can become the true dragon emperor.

    The imperial power is so tempting that even if it is his own son, there is no possibility of giving it up.

    Imperial power is so cruel that even father and son, even lovers, will break up because of it.

    "You want to take this world from our orphans and widowed mothers, and I'll give it to you! I just ask you, how will you treat our son!" Fu Fenghuang finally spoke.

    Hearing that Fu Fenghuang was so calm, even terrifyingly calm, Zhou Wenbo had an ominous premonition in his heart, but he still replied calmly: "I plan to marry you as my concubine and adopt Li Jizi as my adopted son! Although he will not be able to inherit the throne in the future  , but I will definitely protect him from prosperity and wealth for the rest of his life!"

    When Fu Fenghuang heard this, he nodded slightly: "I hope you won't forget what you said today!"

    Zhou Wenbo was overjoyed when he heard this. Fu Fenghuang seemed to have accepted him. He was about to step forward, but suddenly found pink blood flowing out of the corner of Fu Fenghuang's mouth!

    Zhou Wenbo was shocked!

    Fu Fenghuang coughed up a large mouthful of blood, and his face had turned pale, but suddenly a beauty that did not belong to ordinary people bloomed: "Zhou Wenbo, I have been lucky enough to know you in my life, and you have become so wonderful, but I have also seen it wrong.  Youyou have great talent and will definitely become a great hero. I am here to congratulate you in advance!"

    Zhou Wenbo had already run to her side, anxiously trying to save her.

    "Don't waste your efforts! I have already taken the poisonous wine in advance, and I will die no doubt!" Fu Fenghuang lay in Zhou Wenbo's warm arms, looking at his favorite lover with an expression of hurt.  The person who is deepest in himself.

    After Zhou Wenbo heard this, he suddenly picked up Fu Fenghuang and slapped her hard on the abdomen.

    ¡° Then Zhou Wenbo pushed and pulled, and Fu Fenghuang reflexively vomited.

    A stream of green liquid mixed with gastric juice and blood was spat out on the ground.

    "The poisonhas penetrated deeply into the blood and bone marrow. The immortalis hard to save!" Fu Fenghuang smiled softly and said, "Be kind to me.Weour sons!  "

    Zhou Wenbo was unmoved and took out the Supreme Wine Flask.

    The next second, Zhou Wenbo opened Fu Fenghuang's mouth and frantically poured the tiger bone medicinal wine from the pot into Fu Fenghuang's mouth.

    After it was full, Zhou Wenbo massaged Fu Fenghuang's waist and abdomen again, and inserted his slender fingers into Fu Fenghuang's throat to make her continue to vomit.

    After doing this three times in a row, and after Fu Fenghuang vomited out only clean gastric juice, Zhou Wenbo once again asked Fu Fenghuang to drink the tiger bone medicinal wine in one sip, and then carried the unconscious Fu Fenghuang to the bed.

    At this moment, * suddenly ran in.

    "Miss!"* screamed in surprise when she saw Fu Fenghuang, whose life or death was unknown.

    "Don't scream! I have already taken first aid measures. Whether she can survive or not depends on her!" Zhou Wenbo stopped Fu Fenghuang's movements.

    In the next three days, Zhou Wenbo has been sitting next to Fu Fenghuang, presiding over the overall situation and stabilizing the situation in Luojing.

    All the imperial doctors have been invited to check on Fu Fenghuang's condition.

    What Fu Fenghuang drank was the most poisonous Hedinghong, and the amount was not small. He was already certain to die.

    However, Zhou Wenbo responded well and made Fu Fenghuang vomit out most of the poisonous wine. He also used the mysterious tiger bone medicinal wine produced by the system to save Fu Fenghuang, which kept Fu Fenghuang alive.

    However, no one of the imperial doctors can say whether Fu Fenghuang will wake up or when he will wake up.

    Zhou Wenbo¡¯s face was as dark as water, but he remained calm.

    But what made him happy was that the product produced by the system was indeed extraordinary. After only seven days, Fu Fenghuang woke up.

    It was a night, and Fu Fenghuang said quietly: "Is this the underworld?"

    After Zhou Wenbo was awakened, he said with a smile: "Yes, right after you died, you assassinated me with a poisonous blade, and I will go to hell with you!"

    Fu Fenghuang was furious: "The one who deserves to be killed, I sent her out early, but who knew she would assassinate you!"

    Zhou Wenbo gently took Fu Fenghuang into his arms: "Now you and I have become mandarin ducks with the same destiny. Now that we have arrived in the underworld, we should be husband and wife and forget everything about our past lives!"

    Fu Fenghuang leaned in Zhou Wenbo's arms: "Since you are dead, what is there to argue about? To tell you the truth, I admire your courage! If you don't die, you will definitely be able to rival the Qin Emperor and the Han Dynasty, leaving a legacy in history.  A great name that countless future generations admire, he became a holy emperor!"

    Zhou Wenbo smiled and said: "I want the country and the mountains, and I want the beauty. Even though I am dead now, I can have a beautiful woman to accompany me. I will have no regrets in this life!"

    The two embraced each other passionately, and all the barriers that had developed over the years seemed to disappear.

    However, after a long time, Fu Fenghuang finally came to his senses: "Why are you and I so hot? Why do I feel like this place doesn't feel like the underworld!"

    Zhou Wenbo then lit the oil lamp beside the bed.

    Fu Fenghuang looked again and saw the two of them lying on the big bed in Luanfeng Pavilion.

    Fu Fenghuang pinched Zhou Wenbo hard.

    Zhou Wenbo hugged Fu Fenghuang harder.

    "Phoenix, I will never let you down again in this life! If there is any truth, the sky will strike with thunder!" Zhou Wenbo swore to the sky.

    Fu Fenghuang struggled twice, and finally buried his head under the pillow, acting like a turtle with his head shrinking.


    On the first day of the first lunar month of the ninth year of Tiancheng, Emperor Li Jizi of the Later Tang Dynasty abdicated the throne to Zhao Guogong Zhou Wenbo, who was known as Aizong of the Later Tang Dynasty in history.

    Zhou Wenbo changed the name of the country to "Qian", changed the name of the country to Tianming, and took the meaning of Tianming.

    The capital is Luojing.

    Zhou Wenbo replaced the original chaotic constitution with the political system that had already been formed in Tiance Mansion, and Cui Hao became the first prime minister of the Daqian Dynasty.

    Zhou Wenbo generously awarded meritorious officials. Zhuge Yu, Li Mutang, Cui Hao, Lin He, Li Xulie, and Xiao Yunfeng were granted the title of Duke. Qin Zhen, Hua Qing, Duan Shichen, Liang Zhen, Wang Yuan, Lin Yun, Song Tianbiao, Fu Dinghai, and Yu Wenhe  All the others were granted the title of marquis.

    Make Fu Fengzhen the queen.

    Li Wuyou, Xiao Baoer, Fu Fenghuang and Zhou Ehuang were awarded the titles of Noble, Shu, De and Xian.

    The rest, including Li Tianle, Jin Ling, Mrs. Huarui, and Guo Wei's daughter Guo Yuan, were all concubines.

    There are a total of thirty-six people in Zhou Wenbo's palace, all of whom are stunningly beautiful and captivating the country.

    In the first year of Tianming, Xiao Wudi defeated the Khitan in Beijing.

    In the eighth year of Tianming's destiny, Li Xulie wrote a poem about Goryeo.

    In the twelfth year of Tianming, Li Zhen, the navy marshal of the Daqian Empire, pacified the Japanese country.

    Twenty Years of Destiny, Southeast AsiaThe barbarians were either transformed into kings, or were all slaughtered, and all returned to the rule of the Daqian Dynasty.

    In the twenty-fifth year of Tianming's reign, King Zhou Chengwei of Qin, the son of Zhou Wenbo and Xiao Baoer, led an army of 200,000 to defeat the Arab coalition in Baghdad and beheaded tens of thousands.

    In the twenty-ninth year of Destiny, the Third Fleet of the Daqian Imperial Navy arrived on the west coast of America via Japan and Hawaii and began stationing there.

    At this time, the national power of the Daqian Empire was booming. For thirty years, the people lived and worked in peace and contentment. The entire Daqian Empire had more than 100 million people. So the Daqian Emperor Zhou Wenbo organized the people to immigrate to North America.

    In the forty-second year of Tianming, King Zhou Chengwei of Qin attacked Rome.

    Zhou Wenbo exported culture to the outside world. In all the territories he conquered, the people had to learn Chinese and the Chinese language. Railways were built extensively to connect transportation, and there were millions of armored men to maintain the rule of this huge empire.

    In the fifty-sixth year of Destiny, Zhou Wenbo, the founding emperor of Daqian, died at the age of eighty-one. Fu Fengzhen¡¯s fifth son, King Zhao Zhou Chengde, who was forty-three years old, came to the throne.

    Zhou Wenbo¡¯s temple name was Taizu, and it was called Qian Taizu in history. By the time Zhou Wenbo died, the Daqian Empire had a total area of ??74 million square kilometers and a population of 680 million, making it the largest empire in history.

    Zhou Wenbo, Taizu of Qian Dynasty, is recognized by all Chinese people as the most holy emperor in history, and is recognized and respected by hundreds of millions of people.

    ¡¾End of the play¡¿(To be continued. Please search Piaotian Literature, the novel will be better and updated faster!)
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