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Chapter 1916 Just in time, there is someone to kill

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    "However, are you prepared to be traveling for a long time, to be tired from practicing, to not be playful, and to not be able to see us for a long time?" Chu Mu asked seriously.

    Ning Maner was a little embarrassed and whispered: "I want to see my brothers and sisters often."

    "It doesn't matter. If you don't want to do it, no one will force you." Chu Mu said.

    Ning Man'er shook her head and said seriously: "I want to do something for them. My sister is also a very powerful immortal master now. She must not want to see this in other places except our territory.  Dirty air. My brother is always practicing and always running for us. What we can do is to help more people in the name of our brother and let them respect our territory and respect all of us, so that we will not  There will be another war"

    "No, there will be no war in the New Moon Land." Chu Mu said.

    Now, who else dares to launch a war against the Crescent Land?

    Ning Maner said seriously: "Brother said, we must learn to be independent. We can't always let brother protect us. Moreover, this is what I want to do most."

    Hearing Ning Man'er's words, Chu Mu was also touched in his heart.

    ¡°If¡­I suddenly leave one day, they can take good care of themselves.

    Ning Man'er was right. Chu Mu stroked her cheek, nodded and said, "Well, then go do what you want to do."

    Ning Man'er smiled, and her smile was so pure that it made people's hearts melt.

    Chu Mu did not have such a pure kind heart, but he protected the girl with a heart that contained no impurities.

    Whether it is Guangyue Palace or Ning Man'er's power of the World Master Tree, they may not be able to completely change the entire human land that is gradually declining, but what they have done will give those who are confused between darkness and light a glimmer of hope.

    As long as there is hope and faith, the world will not continue to fall.


    Chu Mu didn¡¯t fly very fast. He also wanted to know how much change there had been between humans and the earth during the period when the solar eclipse arrived.

    In many cities, Chu Mu saw the female disciples of Guangyue Palace. There were not many of them, but they silently did what they could.

    Chu Mu was thinking in his heart that Yusuo, who had no news at all, was doing the same thing as these female disciples in some remote city.

    After all, when she was a girl, she stubbornly wanted to save people.

    Several times Chu Mu wanted to use his soul to sense where Yu Suo was.  With his current strength, it should be easy to find Yusuo.

    But when he thought of her bored, cold, arrogant, and angry face, Chu Mu gave up the idea again. Others had finally become clean, so it was better not to cause trouble for her. There was no need for him to bear her cold face.


    Arriving at Ming Ming City, Chu Mu found that everything in Ming Ming City was in order, and there was no such ugly appearance as he saw along the way.

    It seems that Xia Yin controls this private territory very well.

    "I just take care of myself." Xia Yin smiled self-deprecatingly, expressing that he was powerless against everything in the outside world.

    "It's good to be able to take care of yourself." Chu Mu said.

    Nowadays, even Shenzong cannot stay alone. It is indeed rare for private territory to be so strictly controlled.

    Xia Yin smiled modestly.

    In the past, Xia Yin always joked with Chu Mu and spoke more casually.

    But now Xia Yin is really under pressure to speak in front of Chu Mu. After all, the person standing next to him is the only undead powerhouse in the human realm. It can't be described as a human or god. Even if he remains calm, he will eventually be restrained.

    Chu Mu was the last to arrive at Ming Ming City. There were fifty-six leaders in the world, and they were all present this time.

    Those at or above the deputy lord level of the eight major forces all have leader-level strength. They account for two-thirds of the total human leaders. The remaining one-third are more or less connected with these forces, and most of the rest retire or work alone.  .

    Among the fifty-six people, Chu Mu knew Prince Ning, Xiao Xu¡¯ang, Sect Master Xiao, Tang Ang, the old Sect Master of the Immortal Sect, and the Sect Master of the Dark Sect¡­ in total, there were less than ten.

    For the others, Chu Mu had only heard of their names, but had never seen them in person.

    After Chu Mu entered the immortal level, most of the leaders had directly or indirectly visited the northern territory. If Chu Mu didn't see them, it was Chao Lengchuan who was responsible.

    Chu Mu also had an impression of these people, but couldn¡¯t remember who they were.

    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?A lot of cleanliness.


    ¡°That¡¯s all Chu Mu said. What they do is up to them. Anyway, if Chu Mu hears some bad things about them, then he should prepare a banquet to entertain his hunting group.

    In fact, Shenzong only needs these words from Chu Mu. Leaders and leaders are equal. Only when someone like Chu Mu, who is completely above them, speaks out, will they really know how to restrain themselves and really do something.  personnel.


    "Chu Mu, the royal family asked me to give this to you." Xia Yin hurried to Chu Mu and handed a letter with a faint light to Chu Mu.

    "Is it finally here?" Chu Mu murmured to himself.

    Invitation letter from Heavenly Palace!

    They already know that they stole the energy of the solar eclipse and entered the immortal level through this energy. So will this be the Hongmen Banquet?

    Even if he is, now that he is standing with the Demon Ancestor and Emperor Huang Quan, they should not dare to do anything to him casually.

    It doesn¡¯t hurt to go to the Heavenly Palace again. Just in time, there is someone to kill.

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