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Chapter 1899 Soul Contract Repair

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    Chu Tianmang¡¯s words made Yusuo¡¯s eyes flash.

    " Beiwei itself is the purest power in the world, and its attributes are water-like. If Beiwei can refine the energy of these manic red fire suns, it may really be able to absorb all these energies in the shortest time.

    The energy of the solar eclipse is quite huge. It is a huge treasure house. As long as it can be completely refined, it is absolutely possible to enter the immortal level.

    "Bei Qi, give me your Bei Qi." Yu Suo said to Chu Mu.

    Chu Mu took out one of the drops of stele tears.

    This cry is Yusuo¡¯s cry. Chu Mu saw many of her memories through this cry.

    After Yu Suo saw the tablet on Chu Mu's palm, she was distracted for a moment.

    The tears came from her tears. How could she not know the origin of the tears?

    Thinking of the ridiculous things she did with Chu Mu in the Tiangong that day, Yu Suo felt an inexplicable irritation and anger in her heart.

    After calming down her mood, Yusuo asked coldly: "Have you read the memory inside?"

    Chu Mu nodded.

    "Bring it here!" Yusuo snatched the drop of tears out of embarrassment.

    The tears of Beiwei are cold and pure, but Yusuo wants to crush the tears of Beiwei.

    How could she allow her most vulnerable side to be seen by the person she hates the most?

    "The power inside needs me to take the initiative to activate it." Chu Mu stepped forward and slowly placed his palm on the tablet.

    The cold drops of Beiwei were slowly covered by Chu Mu's palms and Yusuo's palms. The temperature of the palms slowly melted the cold drop of Beiwei, turning into warm tears that melted along the palms of their hands until they  of body and soul.

    Yu Suo wanted to take back her hand, but the warm power of the stele cry was being transmitted to her soul, giving her soul an indescribable feeling, like a wound numbing and itching as it healed

    Suddenly, Yu Suo felt something was wrong and hurriedly pulled her hand back, looking at Chu Mu warily.

    Chu Mu didn¡¯t know what happened.

    ¡°Give me all your monuments and tears.¡± Yusuo said.

    Chu Mu was a little hesitant, but Chu Tianmang on the side opened the space ring, and the seven drops of the main tablet immediately floated in front of Yusuo.

    Chu Mu turned around and looked at Chu Tianmang with confusion.

    Chu Tianmang curled his lips and said: "It's impossible for us to decide the winner. You don't want to, and neither do I. Just throw away these tears. Maybe they will play a greater role here."

    Chu Mu thought about it carefully.

    Indeed, it is impossible for Chu Mu to kill his father and take away his Monument, and it is even less possible for Chu Tianmang to harm himself. Keeping this Monument will be a constraint.

    Chu Mu opened the space ring and gave all his treasures to Yu Suo.

    "Ten Drops of the Lord's Monument" Yu Suo was stunned, watching Chu Mu and Chu Tianmang hand all the Ten Drops of the Lord's Monument into her hands.

    You must know that gathering the Ten Drops of Lord Monument Cry means directly inheriting the power of a strong man from the immortal era. Yu Suo did not expect that they had gathered all the Ten Drops of Lord Bile Cry.

    "You should decide the outcome." Yu Suo looked at the ten drops and said with tears.

    "Take it, now the lives of our father and son are almost in your hands." Chu Tianmang said.

    "She wants me to die" Chu Mu added.

    "" Chu Tianmang also couldn't figure out how complicated the relationship between Chu Mu and Yusuo was.

    However, if he had to choose one person to survive between their father and son, Chu Tianmang would rather put his chips here with Yusuo. Since this woman can win over so many strong humans, she is even bold enough to steal the ten-thousand-year solar eclipse.  Energy, maybe she really has the ability to turn things around.

    "You can handle it yourself. I'll go outside and take a breath." Chu Tianmang waved his hand, not bothering to wade into the muddy water. "These Monuments require successors to open them. However, if you directly mix the Monuments into those  In the energy of the restless red fire sun, energy coordination may occur."

    After saying that, Chu Tianmang had already walked outside the gate.

    He paused there, looked back at Chu Mu, and said in his spiritual voice, "Is your relationship with this woman a little complicated?"

    "Well, a bit" Chu Mu said.

    "Haha, I feel like I saw your mother and I when we were young." Chu Tianmang said with a smile.

    "" Chu Mu was speechless. How could it be possible?nbsp;¡­¡­

    At Liangjing Mountain, Chu Mu raised his head and stared at the star map in the sky.

    The huge star map is filled with Tiangong guards wearing white armor. They and their soul pets form a majestic and majestic map that will crush the entire Tianxia City!

    "I have tasted everything, but I have never tasted the blood of the people of the gods in the Heavenly Palace" Chu Tianmang sneered.

    ???????????????????????????¡ªChu Tianmang turned his face sideways and was about to meet Chu Mu with the watch legions of the Heavenly Palace.

    "What's wrong with you?" Chu Tianmang suddenly noticed that Chu Mu's body was glowing with a blue soul-contract light.

    "I don't know either" Chu Mu stretched out his hands and found that there were water stains on his palms, which were warm and warm.

    With this warmth, the broken parts of the soul wound began to heal.

    "Soul pact light? Who are you signing a soul pact with?" Chu Tianmang said.

    "I didn't do anything Bei Qi, it seems to be Bei Qi" Chu Mu said.

    "Are you signing a soul contract with that woman just now??" Chu Tianmang glanced in the direction of Di Sheng Sanctuary and found that the same light as Chu Mu's body was shining there.

    Chu Mu smiled bitterly, the power of Bei Qi was actually repairing his soul contract with Yu Suo!

    Chu Mu has already planned to completely separate from her. There is really no need to connect this soul contract again.

    "What are you doing?"

    "It's better to dissolve the soul contract."

    "Release what!" Chu Tianmang scolded, "She is absorbing the power of Red Fire Yaori. You sign a soul contract with her, and the power of Red Fire Yaori will be transferred to you. You are a fire demon, and the energy of Red Fire Yaori is more suitable for you.  !¡± (Remember the website address:
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