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Chapter 1888 The Impossible Enemy

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    Liu Binglan didn¡¯t understand why those who were also weepers had to kill each other.

    ??????? Aren¡¯t those who weep for the monument take the lives of others and weep for the sake of gaining more powerful power?

    Could it be that Chu Tianmang would take away Chu Mu¡¯s life for the sake of strength?  This is impossible. If he is really so crazy, there is no need for him to rescue Chu Mu from the black hole abyss when the enemy is in the fortress city in the sky.

    She looked at Chu Tianmang, still a little confused.

    "Do you know what it means to be a strong man of the times?" Chu Tianmang said.

    "What does it mean?"

    "It means that there will be an immortal powerhouse in the human race, the only one besides the Heavenly Palace. Whether it is Shenzong who has an authoritative position in the entire Zhengming Land and Wupan Land, or the Monster Palace with disciples all over the world, the elemental  The sect, or the two great dynasties, must bow to this immortal powerhouse. Leaders and powerhouses in the human field have spent hundreds or even hundreds of years looking for the way to immortality. Not only the people of this era  Leaders, including human leaders thousands of years ago, are also looking for" Chu Tianmang raised his head and glanced at the dim sky, and said bitterly,

    "When countless strong human beings who have been hoarding for thousands of years and long to enter the immortal level once learn that there is a way to enter the immortal level, they will throw away everything and use all means to get it"

    "There are rumors in the Immortal Level that Monument Cry can allow people to enter the Immortal Level. This is not a rumor but a fact. I have no idea what methods those crazy people will use to deal with me, including you."

    Liu Binglan looked at Chu Tianmang who said a lot in one breath.

    Indeed, Liu Binglan did not know this. She knew that Chu Tianmang had the difficulty of not being able to show up, but she did not expect that Chu Tianmang would face a strong man in the entire human field who was so heartbroken for the sake of immortality.

    For a piece of territory, a soul crystal, or a fairy plant, some people can turn themselves into inhumane devils, let alone an opportunity to enter the immortal level!

    "Now, there will definitely be an immortal born in the human realm, either me or Chu Mu." Chu Tianmang said.

    Liu Binglan looked at Chu Tianmang and suddenly felt a little scared.

    Doesn¡¯t this destiny mean that one of them will definitely die?

    For Liu Binglan, this is the cruelest thing, and for Chu Mu and Chu Tianmang, it is the most unbearable thing.

    "That's it, isn't it okay?" Liu Binglan asked.

    Chu Tianmang shook his head and said: "In the past, I also thought that the worst thing was not to be immortal. Chu Mu's current strength should not be able to find any opponent in the entire human field, and I have already killed all the strongest competitors.  No one can shake us in the future. But, I was wrong."

    "The last solar eclipse of this ten-thousand-year roulette has arrived, and the strongest in each era will appear accordingly. I can't guarantee the strongest in other eras, but the strongest ancient dragon in the fifth era is the same as the strongest in the fourth era.  The ancient beast is originally an enemy, and as soon as it wakes up, the first thing it will do is to kill all the Fourth Age Monument Weepers who may threaten it!"

    Liu Binglan was stunned. At first, she thought that the ancient dragon man should be a threat to the New Moon Land, but she did not expect that the ancient dragon man was also related to the Monument Weeper.

    "That is to say, either one of you two becomes immortal and fights against the ancient dragon people, or both of you are killed by the ancient dragon people?" Liu Binglan said.

    Chu Tianmang nodded.

    Chu Tianmang himself did not expect that the Monument Weeper would have such a result in the end

    When he discovered that all this had become an unchangeable fact, there was only one thing he could do, and that was to clear out all the enemies for Chu Mu, and the last enemy on his path as the Monument Weeper would be  No need to overcome.

    "Chu Mu will not take action against me, and I will not take action against him. I have been escaping, but now there is no way to escape." Chu Tianmang said.

    Liu Binglan was silent. Why did things suddenly become so cruel?

    Is this a fateful intersection that one must experience after reaching the pinnacle of cultivation?

    If this is the case, then Liu Binglan would rather they were all ordinary soul pet masters, not having to make choices for the battle between the Monument Weavers, and not having to worry about an unreachable enemy like the ancient Jiao people.

    "Is there no other way?" Liu Binglan asked in a calm voice.


    For a moment, both of them were silent.

    &nbIf it were him, then Chu Mu would rather face the immortal level ancient dragon

    Chu Tianmang¡¯s choice was to escape. When he could no longer escape, he dedicated his life to Chu Mu and allowed him to inherit the strongest position in the Fourth Era.

    Chu Mu¡¯s choice is to fight!

    Even if it is a five-thousand-year-old undead creature!  !


    At this moment, Chu Tianmang's heart began to tumble violently.

    Where did Chu Mu have the courage to contend with an immortal creature?

    Since he knew that he was clearing the way for him and helping him inherit the strongest position in the era, why didn't he choose to accept it calmly?

    Doesn¡¯t he know that even with the combined strength of the two of them, it is impossible to defeat the ancient dragon man?

    "I'm going to the land of the new moon." Chu Tianmang let go of Liu Binglan and suddenly became anxious.

    How could Chu Mu be allowed to face the ancient dragon alone? If the battle really continued, it would be up to him to deal with the five-thousand-year-old monster. He was the true successor of the Fourth Age Monument Cry.  (Remember the website address:
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