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Chapter 1838

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    The Dark Emperor Demon opened his mouth and showed an evil smile.

    The Dark Emperor itself possesses dark attributes, and when combined with the evil aura of Chu Mu Demon himself, this shadow simulation appears very real. Chu Mu can clearly feel the aura that is comparable to his own.

    It seems that the Dark Emperor does control most of Chu Mu's power.

    The Demon King of Darkness unleashed his dislocated demonic shadow, and flame shadows suddenly appeared around Ning Tianyou's life-blood beast, and a pair of pitch-black claws tore towards the vitals of the life-blood beast.

    Chu Mu looked at the Dark Emperor Demon and found that its moving speed was slightly slower than his own, but this speed was already very terrifying for the life-blooded beast!  !

    The black claws tore down, and the life-blood beast had no time to dodge, and a long wound was immediately torn open on its bloody body!

    The black magic flame burned at the wound of the life-blooded beast and spread immediately from the original long and narrow scar!

    The wounds created by the Dark King Demon have a strong dark corrosive and burning effect. This random claw will make the life-blooded beast miserable.

    The life-blooded beast turned around and spat out a mouthful of blood towards the Dark Emperor. This blood light was easily dodged by the Dark Emperor Demon, followed by another black claw blade. Once again, there was an extra one on the life-blood beast's body.  Wound.

    Ning Tianyou¡¯s face immediately darkened when he saw the life-blood beast being injured twice in a row.

    Ning Tianyou might not be afraid if the Dark Emperor transforms into a little Hidden Dragon. After all, the Little Hidden Dragon has just entered the realm of high immortality. It can cause fatal damage to his own legions, but it may not be able to cause him any harm.  What an impact.

    But what Ning Tianyou didn't expect was that after the Dark Emperor transformed into the demon Chu Mu, his strength would be so terrifying. It was also a high-level immortal. The attack of the life-blood beast could not touch the hem of this guy's clothes. His attack life  The blood beast is difficult to avoid.

    Ning Tianyou's eyes were filled with unwillingness and anger. He glanced at his legion and found that the number of the entire legion was less than 10,000, and more than 10,000 people were being crazily devoured by Chu Mu's little Hidden Dragon.  It certainly won't last for too long.

    ¡°Moreover, a large part of the population is already fleeing.

    "Let's go!" Ning Tianyou said to the life-blood beast very decisively.

    The life-blood beast took a step forward, and its body instantly turned into a blood shadow, flying towards the outside of the city.

    Ning Tianyou chose to evacuate, and it was impossible for the remaining people to have any fighting spirit.

    Under the feet is the Styx River, which is still flowing. There are countless corpses in the Styx River, as well as the ghosts who turn living people into corpses. The remaining legions are trembling and fleeing from Vientiane City.

    Chu Mu had no intention of letting them go and let the little Hidden Dragon continue to catch up and harvest as many souls as he could.

    Not to mention Ning Man'er's hatred for Ning Tianyou, the Dark Emperor Demon Man chased the Life-Blooded Beast tightly, tearing the Life-blooded Beast's body apart with his claws again and again.

    Ning Tianyou¡¯s life-blood beast was very fast and was the first to arrive outside Vientiane City.

    However, when he and his few capable men had just retreated outside the city, several powerful figures appeared on the plain outside the city and blocked them in the outer city.

    "Do you want to just leave like this?" Half-demon Baiyu's body was burning with silver magic flames, and he was suspended in the direction of the group's escape.

    He held up silver flames in his palms and threw them fiercely towards the fleeing legions!  !

    The silver sea of ??flames suddenly sprang up, burning with dazzling glare, sealing all the paths of Ning's retreating legions with flames.

    For a time, there were only two choices before the Ning Legion, either to be swallowed up by the Little Hidden Dragon's Styx, or to have their souls burned to ashes when they crossed this sea of ??silver demonic flames.

    "We are trapped!" Ning Zhuang said to Ning Tianyou from above.

    Ning Tianyou¡¯s face was already livid.

    Ning Tianyou was puzzled by how they could come back so quickly.

    Bai Yu, Liu Binglan, Yu Bo, Ye Qingzi, and Wu Yunlong all appeared in the direction of their escape. Although they had not reached the advanced immortal level, they were more than capable of stopping the escaping Ning Legion. After all, these days  There are several people in the middle level of immortality.

    "Follow me, all immortals, and leave the others alone!" Ning Tianyou suppressed the anger in his heart and gritted his teeth to make this decision.

    At one time, the remaining dozen or so immortal-level experts all flew towards Ning Tianyou.

    If there is no immortal-level strongman in a legion, the legion will be in the center.nbsp; A ball of demonic flames shot up on Ning Tianyou and the Mingxue Beast, quickly burning their entire bodies.

    The life-blood beast and Ning Tianyou screamed almost at the same time. The terrible burning of their souls made them miserable.

    ¡°Brother, stop torturing him.¡± Ning Maner whispered.

    Chu Mu nodded, glanced at Ning Tianyou, and said, "Don't be a human being in the next life, it's not suitable for you."

    After saying that, black flames burst out from Chu Mu's left hand.

    With a casual move, black flames flew into Ning Tianyou's body, instantly replacing the slow-burning silver demonic flames.

    The black flames were fierce and evil, and instantly reduced Ning Tianyou's body and soul to nothing!  !

    In the ashes of the flames, Ning Tianyou's twisted and ferocious face could still be seen, but soon this face completely disappeared.

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