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Chapter 1688 The War of Independence in Ming City (Part 2)

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    The King of Darkness flew into the distance, and at this time, the white dragon led its glacier world to cover it.

    The glaciers are white, and these glaciers disperse the black rolling clouds. You can see hundreds of ice-white dragons formed by ice and snow surging around the white dragon.

    Headed by the white dragon, other long ice-white dragons made of ice and snow flew through the night sky, magnificently covering the sky above!

    Hundreds of crazy ice and snow dragons roared towards the Dark Sword King. These crazy ice and snow dragons either hit him straight, twisted into a formation, or swept across.

    There are so many ice and snow dragons and their bodies are huge that it seems a bit crowded to accommodate these ice and snow dragons in such a vast area above Zhengming City.

    This time King Dark Shang finally looked at the white dragon. It nimbly shuttled between the huge bodies of the white ice dragons. It grabbed a dozen white ice dragons with its huge claws and crushed them to pieces with a hard squeeze.  end!

    A sky full of ice slag is falling from the sky!  !

    As more and more ice and snow dragons were crushed to pieces by the Dark Sword King's attack, the entire main city of Zhengming was covered with ice and snow, covered with a thick layer of white.

    "Tang Ang, let the city lord support the barrier of Zhengming Main City." Xiao Xu'ang said to Tang Ang in a spiritual voice from high in the sky.

    Tang Ang saw that Bailong and King Anshang were about to have a shocking battle above the main city of Zhengming, and immediately drove the Violent Ghost Lord through the sacred mountain and landed in the main city of Zhengming.



    The shattered ice dragon fell onto the streets of the city, and the entire street was instantly reduced to ruins. The frightened people ran away with their heads in their hands. Even though most of the people living in the city could reach the Dominator level, the battle with creatures of this level would not affect them.  The ability can easily wipe them out.

    Ice and snow fragments continued to fall, and the Dark Sword King fought against hundreds of ice and snow dragons, including the white dragon himself.

    ??The Dark Shang King has an evil and huge body, and the white dragon is strong and powerful. Not long after the two fought in the air, the restless energy uncontrollably impacted the fragile main city of Zhengming, making the entire city crumbling.

    Finally, on the high platform of the main city of Zhengming, a beam of cyan light shot up like a signal.

    Immediately afterwards, countless vines, roots, and flower walls grew crazily in the air, weaving into a plant barrier over the entire Zhengming City!

    "Everyone, look, what is this!" On the street, some people raised their heads and looked at these plants over the city in surprise.

    These plant barriers are as dense as clouds, covering the entire city quickly!

    People have seen plant walls and plant fortresses, but who has seen a giant plant barrier that can envelope a city?

    "Oh my god, will these plants swallow us up?" The residents of the city expressed panic.

    The area covered by plants is too wide. You can imagine that the black sky has completely turned into squirming vines. What a terrifying and shocking picture is this?

    "Don't panic, everyone, this is a city barrier, a plant barrier that protects the main city of Zhengming."

    Under the plant barrier, some air guards saw that the city was in chaos and had to shout in a spiritual voice.

    "Why are you opening the city barrier? Is the main city of Zhengming under attack?" Above the house, a wandering soul pet master who controlled an immortal soul pet grabbed a guard and asked.

    The main city of Zhengming is the main city of mankind. How could such a city be attacked?

    ¡° Moreover, since the city barrier will be opened, this means that there is a certain danger in this city.

    The city barrier has not been opened for hundreds of years, and the dense plant barrier hangs over people's heads. How can people who have never encountered this situation not panic?

    Through the barriers that have not yet been sewn together, people can see an astonishing white dragon fighting against a completely invisible creature in the black sky!

    First there was a solar eclipse, then there was the darkness that made you unable to see your fingers, then there was the earth shaking, and finally even the city barrier was opened. No one would not know that something big was happening, and they have been arguing about when it happened in the main city for so many years.  This kind of thing.

    "Judge Xiao, please end the battle as soon as possible to avoid causing too much chaos to the city." Tang Ang drove the Violent Ghost Lord back to the top of the barrier.

    It can be seen that the main city of Zhengming has fallen into chaos, the inexplicable panic brought by the darkness, the chaotic airflow oscillating in the space, it all seems like a disaster is about to sweep over!

    Xiao Xueyang clicksIt doesn't want to listen to me either.  Now the Judge's Palace has sent out the Ice and Sky Seal. If King Anshang doesn't want to be sealed again, he must return to my Flower Soul Array obediently.  "said the good and evil queen.

    "Are you sure you can control it?" Chu Mu said.

    The Queen of Good and Evil shook her head and said: "I will not let it out easily until it is not strong enough. Moreover, it has been sealed for thousands of years. There must be a lot of diseases in its body and mind. I have to help it adjust, otherwise  I can't stand having a crazy, disobedient fox."

    "Go and take it back, it's about to be sealed." Chu Mu said as he looked at the ice crystals that gradually covered Dark Shang King's body.

    "Don't worry, when it breaks free from this seal, it will hide from me after spending a lot of fighting power." The Queen of Good and Evil said.

    With that said, the Queen of Good and Evil glanced at Chu Mu again, leaned close to Chu Mu, and exhaled like a blue breath and said: "The Dark Sword King is too powerful. You and I must at least reach high-level immortality to be able to control it."

    Chu Mu nodded. There was indeed a distance from advanced immortality, but Chu Mu believed that he could achieve it.  (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to Qidian ( to vote for recommendations and monthly votes. Your support is my biggest motivation.) (Remember the website address:
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