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Chapter 1637 The whereabouts of Naihehua

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    The far northeast is a barren Gobi, and further away is an endless desert.

    And in the place where the desolate Gobi and the desert border, this place can be described as desolate, but there stands a lonely heaven monument!

    No one knows which heaven monument this is, and even many people in the human realm do not know the existence of this heaven monument.

    Wearing long clothes and white hair, a man with a young face but aged eyes stood under the Heavenly Boundary Monument, his pair of deep silver eyes looking up at the Heavenly Boundary Monument

    The surrounding desert became distorted, and a cruel altar appeared in front of him.

    The silver devil was summoned by the world, and it greedily walked towards an indescribably beautiful woman.

    The space was distorted again, and the silver devil turned and left, leaving behind a soulless woman. She lay on the cold altar and never woke up.

    This scene has always been lingering in his mind. Even if he turns into a demon and is sealed in ice and snow for twenty years, he can't forget it

    He would see it in his sleep, and think of it when he was meditating. However, he didn¡¯t know why what he saw this time was so real, as if the past things were happening again before his eyes. Even though he knew it was just an illusion, his heart still surged with boundless excitement.  anger!

    Bai Yu's demonic nature is stronger than Chu Mu's. Once he falls into killing, he cannot control himself.

    At this time, the silver flames turned into flames of resentment and anger sweeping through his heart, and the sky was inexplicably covered with torrential demonic energy, as if it was going to crush the heavenly monument.

    Suddenly, a cool feeling came from the palm of my hand.

    All Bai Yu¡¯s emotions dissipated in the coldness, and the memory hallucinations in front of him slowly dissipated, and his eyes turned into a monument to heaven and the vast Gobi Desert.

    "Have you seen what happened before?" came a soft voice.

    Bai Yu nodded. Seeing Bai Jinrou's face that was very similar to his wife's, his mood gradually became calmer. He showed a smile of relief and subconsciously wanted to reach out and touch her cheek

    However, his hand stopped midway, and Bai Yu felt sad again.

    "This heavenly boundary monument allows me to see the past" Bai Yu said.

    "Ah? Isn't this the same as Chu Mu? Is his father also a weeper?" Princess Jinrou said in surprise.

    "I don't know." Bai Yu shook his head.

    Bai Yu has no tears. His tears have been frozen for twenty years. Sadness, regret, and anger can only add a heavier chill to this layer of ice, and only warmth can make this layer of ice.  When the ice melts, there will be tears only then.

    "It is said that the strongest race was shackled with a layer of racial shackles because they violated God's will. This shackles made their descendants have to bear the punishment of the crime, and it will last for a thousand generations before they can complete the atonement." Princess Jinrou  Said quietly.

    Bai Yu vaguely wondered where he had heard this legend before, and after thinking for a while, he said, "It's the Seven Sins Fox."

    Princess Jinrou was stunned.  The story of the strongest race mentioned on the Heaven Monument coincides with the legendary Seven Sins Fox. Could it be that the strongest race refers to the Seven Sins Fox!

    "The legend of the Seven Sins Fox is only spread in our New Moon Land. It is possible that other Monument Weepers learned this information and turned it into a legend to spread it in order to better find clues. Take a look at the above  What else did you write?" Bai Yu said.

    "Yes." Princess Jinrou nodded, and her light body floated higher to the heaven monument.

    Not long after, Princess Jinrou floated back. She seemed to have discovered something and looked a little excited.  In the northern forbidden area of ????the land, Chu Mu told me that there is indeed a Thunder Lord there, and there is also a huge formation valley."

    "It matches. Where are the other shackles?" Bai Yu asked.

    "One is in the Demon Tomb, which is the former habitat of the Seven Sins Fox Emperor. There should be a similar formation valley there."

    "There is another place that is competing for the location of the main city!" Princess Jinrou said very excitedly, as if she had discovered some shocking secret, "That is the habitat of the Seven Sin Fox King of Light!"

    The King of Light of the Seven Sins Fox!

    This is a creature whose strength has reached the realm of quasi-immortal and low-level immortality even though it is burdened with heavy shackles of sin!  !

    If there were no shackles, then the race level of the Seven Sins Fox King of Light should be the peak immortal level!

    The race levels of the five immortal legends are just inaccurate."Who took it away?" Bai Yu asked hurriedly.

    What Bai Yu wants now is clues!

    "A soul pet master, he is an immortal master with superb medical skills, but he also has a nickname called "the one who refuses to save anyone until he dies." The old man said.

    "Please tell me this person." Bai Yu said seriously and sincerely.

    "This man is very famous in the land of Zhengming. You can find out by just asking around. He is an immortal master with superb medical skills and is nicknamed "He Will Not Save Death." You know, in order to improve his strength, he even dared to look at his son.  Die" the old man said

    Bai Yu's heart sank, there are people in this world who can be so cold-blooded and ruthless.

    "Go find him. He has a weird temper. He might be willing to save your daughter. If I guessed correctly, he should be in the Xuanmen Immortal Sect now." The old man said.

    "Thank you." Bai Yu said.

    "Grandpa, you just said that a person from the New Moon Land came to ask you about Naihe Hua. Who is this person?" Princess Jinrou asked curiously.

    "A person who wants to resurrect his son and his dead soul pet, but unfortunately he doesn't even have the soul of his son and the soul of his soul pet. It is impossible to resurrect this kind of death" (To be continued. If you like this work,  You are welcome to come to Qidian ( to vote for recommendations and monthly votes. Your support is my biggest motivation.) (Remember the website address:
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